Branding agency Switzerland

Branding agency Switzerland

We make your brand unforgettable, powerful and effective.

We make your brand unforgettable, powerful and effective.

From strategy to design, our pluridisciplinary team of branding experts build powerful brands that generate long-term growth for our clients.
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The Creative Branding Agency
that Makes Your Brand Impactful

With over 15 years of experience in the digital sector, our team supports Swiss companies in their development, whatever their size. From the independent to the leader in its sector. From strategy to execution, our branding services make you unique and impactful.


Entrust Your Brand Image to Experts

Edana offers branding, graphic design and video communication services tailored to your industry. Our branding strategists develop your visual identity, your branding strategy and implement the most effective solutions to enable your company to make a real difference in its market.


We create the foundation for your brand and set a tone that resonates with your target audience and attracts followers. We communicate with this new audience and develop a relationship that converts them into consumers and then loyal customers.

  • Market study and positioning
  • Definition of values
  • Naming strategy
  • Brand guidelines / brand book
  • Strategic support

Visual identity

The visual aspects of a brand can leave a strong impression, and we all know that first impressions are crucial. We work with you to articulate your visual identity, design your logo, brand imagery and custom iconography.

  • Graphic charter
  • Logo, e-signature, iconography
  • Business cards, Brochures
  • Videos and commercials
  • Multi-supports

360° communication

Our team is composed of branding, graphic design, UX, marketing, digital and technology specialists. Our transversal skills allow us to orchestrate effective branding and rebranding that generate value through a multitude of channels.

  • Multi-channel solutions
  • Multi-specialist team
  • Completely customized
  • Holistic approach
  • Swiss quality

The Art of Crafting a Fascinating Brand Together


Creating a successful, impactful brand requires a particular process. At Edana, we follow a unique method that we’ve devised through years of working with brands from different industries.

Our branding system consists of a customer-centric approach based on both people and data. Every project begins with a strategic phase, during which the brand’s positioning and identity are worked out by a team of multi-specialists who have mastered the art of tailor-made solutions and meticulous research. This is followed by the production and design phase, during which the identity is applied to various media. Finally, the elements of the brand and its strategy are implemented within the eco-system of the organization and its operations, sometimes involving major structural and management changes. Each project is unique and requires special attention.

« Entrusting the Positioning of Your Brand and the Elaboration of Your Image to Specialists is the Key to Success »
–   Benjamin, Co-Founder of the Agency


They Are Team Leaders For Our Branding Projects

Their advanced skills and multi-sector experience enable them to guide our customers to success. They are not only responsible for their teams, but also for the success of your project.

Caroline Badel

Creative Director

Stéphane Mottiez

Senior Brand Strategist

Alexandra Pasquier

Senior Graphic Designer

Olivier Gubéran

Senior Market Analyst

Entrust Your Image To Our Team of Experts. Make a Real Difference.

Entrust Your Image To Our Team of Experts.
Make a Real Difference.
Our multi-specialists make your brand incredible
Let’s discuss your goals now

What our Clients are Saying

« We entrusted our rebranding to the specialists at Edana, and the result is impeccable. Working with them is a pleasure…

… we are an NGO and we realised that our image had to be managed like a brand. We needed a redesign of our website and so we entrusted this as well as the design of our logos and brochures to the Edana agency, which was a real success. »

Communication Manager


« The team is attentive, insightful and pleasant. They are an extremely competent partner who can be counted on…

… we run a hotel and a lot of our communication with our customers is via the internet. Recent upheavals have accentuated this and we have reacted by going more digital. We entrust Edana with our SEO, advertising and design of all our marketing materials with incredible results. »

« Their branding experts are excellent. They have developed our brand image to a result beyond our expectations…

… a brand’s logo and visuals are the first thing customers see. So it seemed obvious to us to have them designed by professionals in the field. Edana designed our strategy and all the elements of our graphic charter with the utmost professionalism. »



Let’s Talk About You

A few lines are enough to start the conversation! Write to us and one of our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your branding agency apart from other specialist agencies?

Our multi-specialists stand out for their in-depth expertise of the Swiss market, as well as their understanding of the country’s cultural and linguistic subtleties. Their know-how enables them to create memorable, impactful brands that meet the specific needs of your company or organization. Our strength also lies in the fact that we’re not just a branding agency, we’re a full-service consultancy and agency with a large number of clients and over 15 years of multi-sector experience. When you work with our experts, you benefit from a solid, results-driven partnership, as well as a holistic strategic and creative approach to developing your brand.

How do you create unforgettable, impactful brands?

Our team uses a holistic approach that combines an in-depth analysis of your company or organization, your market and your target audience, using a variety of tools and frameworks. We work closely with you to understand your vision, values and objectives. Using solid positioning strategies, distinctive visual elements and powerful messaging, our branding experts create a coherent brand identity that stands out from the competition and generates long-term value.

Discover the Edana Method

How do you measure brand performance?

Our branding specialists use key performance indicators (KPIs) and analysis tools to assess your brand’s performance. They can monitor metrics such as brand awareness, audience engagement, lead conversion and sales growth indicators. By analyzing this data, they can provide you, where necessary, with detailed reports and recommendations for optimizing your brand’s performance. Their results-driven approach enables you to measure the impact of your strategies in a precise and tangible way.

How long does it take your team to create a complete brand identity?

Creating a powerful brand identity can vary depending on the complexity of the project and your specific needs. Our strategists and branding specialists follow an iterative process that includes research, competitive analysis, concept creation, visual development and implementation. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to create a strong, impactful brand identity. Our specialists work closely with you to produce a result that enables you to achieve excellence. Depending on your brand’s specific requirements, the timeframe may vary.

Entrust Your Brand Identity to Experts, Contact Us Now.

Managing the brand image and communication of companies of all sizes is our speciality. Let us know your expectations and needs. A Design and Communication Expert will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote tailored to your specific situation.


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