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“ At Edana, our web development team is made up of experienced senior engineers and multidisciplinary specialists. We value personalized support, in-depth understanding of customer objectives and close collaboration. Together, we create excellent web sites and applications for sustainable growth in the digital age. ”
  –  Jonathan, Co-Founder of the Agency

Web Project Manager

The Web Project Manager is a key member of our team at Edana. Responsible for managing and coordinating web development projects, he or she ensures that every stage is successfully completed, from inception to final delivery. Working closely with the development, design and strategy teams, the Web Project Manager ensures that projects are delivered on time, on budget and on target. His or her key role is to ensure smooth communication between all stakeholders, and to ensure that projects are executed seamlessly and efficiently, delivering high-quality web solutions for our customers in a competitive environment where only excellence will set you apart and generate performance.

Head of unit:

Senior Web Project Manager

Quality Assurance Specialists

The position of Web QA Specialist at Edana is essential to ensure the quality and reliability of our web development projects. Responsible for carrying out rigorous testing, Web QA Specialists identify errors, bugs and performance issues, ensuring that the applications and websites we create meet quality standards and industry best practices. Working with developers and the project team, they play a key role in the continuous improvement of site and application quality, and in reducing the risks associated with faulty functionality. Their expertise helps ensure that our web projects are reliable, efficient and fully meet our customers’ expectations.

Head of unit:

Head of Quality Assurance

Experience and User Interface Specialists

Our UX Designers focus on ergonomics and usability, while our UI Designers bring user interfaces to life with visually appealing designs. Working closely together, they ensure that our websites and web applications offer a fluid, intuitive experience for users, while reflecting our customers’ brand identity. Their combined expertise guarantees aesthetically pleasing and functional designs, optimizing user engagement and satisfaction with products developed by Edana.

Head unit:

Senior UX/UI Designer

Front-End Web Developers

Our front-end web developers play an essential role at Edana, designing the user interface of web sites and applications. They implement cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (including popular libraries and frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.js) to create interactive and responsive experiences. They are also proficient in Node.js. Thanks to their mastery of front-end development techniques, they guarantee cross-platform compatibility and site usability on different devices and browsers, offering users a fluid and attractive online experience.

Head of unit:

Senior Front-End Developer

Back-End Web Developers

Our Back-End Web Developers play a fundamental role in managing the technical side of websites and applications. They use a range of web technologies such as PHP, Node.js and Python, as well as popular frameworks such as Django, Symfony or Laravel. They are responsible for setting up high-performance databases, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, and creating robust web services using RESTful APIs. Thanks to their expertise in back-end development, they ensure the security, stability and efficiency of Edana’s web sites and applications.

Head of unit:

Senior Full-Stack Developer

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers at Edana facilitate the development, testing and deployment of websites and applications by implementing continuous integration, delivery and deployment practices. They manage cloud infrastructure with services such as Infomanial, Linode, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud and other partner solutions and data centers. They use tools like Docker and Kubernetes to orchestrate containers, ensuring fast, reliable deployments. Their collaboration with development and operations teams ensures optimal user experience on the platforms we design and maintain for our customers.

Head of unit:

Senior DevOps Engineer

Web Security Experts

Our website and application security experts at Edana play a crucial role in protecting sensitive data and ensuring system confidentiality, integrity and availability. They carry out regular security audits, identify potential vulnerabilities on our customers’ sites, applications and servers, and implement advanced security measures. Their expertise ensures that the web sites and applications we create and maintain for our customers are resilient in the face of emerging threats. Their work contributes to building end-user confidence and maintaining our customers’ reputation in a secure online environment.

Head of unit:

Software Architecture & Security Specialist

Database Engineers

Our Database Engineers play a central role in managing, optimizing and securing the databases used by the websites and applications we create. They design and implement high-performance, robust database structures, using systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Oracle, according to the specific needs of applications and websites. These professionals also ensure regular data backups, as well as optimal database availability and performance, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable user experience on the websites and applications we create and manage.

Head of unit:

Senior Database Engineer

System Administrators

Edana’s system administrators ensure the management, security and performance of the web servers and operating systems that underpin the sites and applications we develop for our customers. They ensure the continuous availability of online services, while protecting data and quickly resolving any problems that may arise. Their expertise helps ensure a smooth, reliable and secure user experience on all platforms. Data security is also partly managed by these experts, since they manage the software suites installed on our customers’ private and dedicated servers, including firewalls and other defense mechanisms against intrusion and attack.

Head of unit:

Senior System Administrator

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