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“ At Edana, our team is carefully designed to deliver results to the highest standards. Composed mainly of senior engineers and experienced multi-specialists, we value personalized support, in-depth understanding of our customers’ objectives and collaborative working. Together, we develop excellent software for sustainable growth in the digital age. ”
  –  Jonathan, Co-Founder of the Agency

The Key to Software that Meets Needs and Demands

In software engineering, our Product Owners are responsible for understanding the needs and objectives of each customer, while defining the vision and essential functionalities of the business application or software created. They occupy a central position in the planning, prioritization and management of the development backlog, ensuring that our digital solutions meet customer expectations and market requirements, while adhering to the highest standards.

Head of unit:

Senior Product Owner

Software Quality Assurance Specialists

Our Quality Assurance (QA) engineers are responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of the software we develop. They carry out rigorous tests to identify errors, bugs and performance problems, while ensuring that the software they develop complies with quality standards and industry best practices. Our QA specialists play an essential role in continuously improving software quality and reducing the risks associated with faulty functionality.

Head of unit:

Head of Quality Assurance

User Experience and Interface Specialists

Our user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are responsible for creating exceptional and appropriate user experiences. Our UX designers focus on ergonomics and ease of use, while our UI designers bring the user interface to life with a clear, visually appealing design. This approach guarantees software that delivers an optimal, enjoyable experience for all types of users.

Responsable d’équipe:

Senior UX/UI Designer

Software Architects

Our software architects play a key role in the development of our customers’ software by designing the overall architecture, analyzing requirements, choosing appropriate technologies and creating suitable architectural models. They ensure consistency, validation and collaboration with the development team, while keeping abreast of technological developments. Their expertise guarantees well-structured, scalable software that not only meets specific project requirements, but also security and integration constraints within the customer’s eco-system.

Head of unit:

Software Architecture & Security Specialist

Software Engineers and Developers

Our software engineers and developers are key professionals in the development of business applications and software. They are responsible for the design, coding, implementation, maintenance and optimization of software and applications. They also focus on engineering, architectural design and software development lifecycle management. Their combined expertise guarantees high-performance, well-designed software products that meet project requirements and specifications.

Head of unit:

Senior Software Engineer

DevOps Engineers

Our DevOps engineers ensure collaboration between development and operations teams for continuous deployment and efficient management of the software infrastructure. Through automation and performance monitoring, they promote the smooth integration of new functionalities while ensuring system stability. Their key role is to promote a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration and communication to deliver high-quality software products faster and more reliably.

Head of unit:

Senior DevOps Engineer

Data Analysts

Our Data Analysts play a key role in software development, working closely with developers to analyze data and create relevant models and reports. Thanks to their skills in data analysis and interpretation, they help to make informed decisions throughout the development process. Working with the team, data analysts help improve software performance, efficiency and quality by identifying trends, gaps or opportunities for optimization. Their expertise contributes to enhancing the value of software products by offering solutions based on solid data.

Head of unit:

Senior Data Engineer

Software Security Engineers

By protecting applications against vulnerabilities and potential attacks, these experts guarantee the security of sensitive data and user confidentiality. Their role is to conduct security audits, identify code weaknesses and implement proactive measures to prevent security breaches. Thanks to their expertise, our software security engineers enable the Edana agency to deliver reliable, secure software that complies with industry security standards.

Head of unit:

Software Architecture & Security Specialist

System Administrators

By configuring, maintaining and optimizing IT infrastructures, these experts guarantee the stability and availability of servers and development environments. Their role also includes managing updates, backups and resolving technical issues to ensure smooth operations within the development team. Thanks to their expertise in system administration, system administrators ensure a high-performance, reliable and reactive development environment, promoting the creation of high-quality software and customer satisfaction.

Head of unit:

Senior System Administrator

Database Engineers

Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the databases used by applications and software, these experts guarantee data integrity, performance and security. Their role is to optimize database schemas to ensure rapid information retrieval and query efficiency. They also work closely with developers to ensure that data is well structured and accessible according to the software’s needs.

Head of unit:

Senior Database Engineer

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