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“ At Edana, our branding team is made up mainly of experienced senior specialists with a wide range of skills. Our focus is on personalized support, in-depth understanding of our customers’ objectives and close collaboration. Our passion for innovation and commitment to excellence enable us to respond to each customer’s unique needs, while delivering creative, high-performance branding solutions. ”
  –  Benjamin, Co-Founder of the Agency

Brand Strategists

Our brand strategists play a crucial role. Using their expertise, they carry out an in-depth analysis of the market, the competition and the organization’s values to develop a solid and distinctive brand strategy. By identifying unique opportunities and aligning corporate values with consumer expectations, our brand strategists create a solid foundation for a powerful and memorable brand identity. Their thoughtful, strategic approach helps position our customers successfully in the marketplace, while strengthening their presence and fostering long-term growth.

Head of unit:

Senior Branding Strategist

Project Manager

The project manager plays an essential role in our team. He coordinates branding projects by planning, organizing and supervising tasks such as market research, competitor analysis, visual identity creation, marketing content writing and campaign implementation. Thanks to his expertise in project management, he ensures smooth and efficient execution, while helping account managers maintain transparent communication with customers and meet deadlines. His leadership and anticipation of challenges contribute to the success of our branding initiatives, delivering superior results that truly reinforce our customers’ brand image.

Head of unit:

Senior Project Manager

Graphic Designers

Responsible for creating visual elements such as logos, communication media and packaging, our graphic designers play an essential role in building our customers’ identities. Thanks to their creative talents and mastery of design tools, our graphic design experts bring our customers’ brand image to life, capturing their essence and communicating effectively with their target audience. Their expertise helps create striking, memorable and unique designs, which reinforce our customers’ reputation and success in a competitive environment.

Head of unit:

Senior Graphic Designer

Market Analysts

Thanks to their in-depth market and trend research, our market analysts provide invaluable insight to effectively guide our customers’ brand strategy. By identifying market opportunities and gaps, they help define strategic approaches that set our customers apart from their competitors. Their expertise in data analysis also provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions and optimally positioning our customers to attract and retain their target audience. Thanks to their rigorous work, our branding team is able to create customized, high-impact strategies that generate positive, lasting results for our customers.

Head of unit:

Senior Market Analyst


As creators of visual content, our videographers play a key role in creating captivating and powerful videos for our customers. With their creative talents and mastery of production techniques, these experts are responsible for creating videos that reflect our customers’ brand identity and communicate effectively with their target audience. Working closely with our art direction and strategy team, they ensure the visual and narrative coherence of the videos produced, reinforcing our customers’ brand image and enabling them to stand out in the marketplace.

Head of unit:

Creative Director


Our copywriters are responsible for writing powerful messages, evocative slogans and captivating advertising copy. They play a key role in communicating our customers’ brand identity. Thanks to their creativity and mastery of language, these marketing experts succeed in conveying effective messages that resonate with the target audience. Working closely with our design and strategy team, they ensure overall consistency in our customers’ communications, reinforcing their brand image and enabling them to connect meaningfully with their audience. Copywriters’ editorial skills are an invaluable asset in creating impactful, memorable solutions that generate consumer interest and engagement.

Head of unit:

Content and Neuromarketing Specialist

Public Relations Experts

Our public relations managers manage relations with the media and partners, and play a strategic role in promoting our customers’ brand image. Thanks to their expertise in communications and crisis management, our PR experts work to raise our customers’ profile while ensuring positive media coverage. By developing effective media strategies, they help shape the public perception of our customers and build a solid, credible reputation.

Head of unit:

Senior Marketing Strategist

Branding Consultants

As external collaborators, our branding consultants provide invaluable expertise in developing or enhancing our customers’ brand image. With their outside perspective and expert eye, they offer innovative ideas and strategic recommandations to strengthen our brand identities. Working closely with our in-house team, they help create customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

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