Turning Social Media Channels into Growth Drivers

Manor Centers contacted Edana for strategic guidance. Their digital marketing campaigns through social media channels needed a clearer direction. The management also wanted to be able to rely on a reliable analysis in order to make the right strategic decisions regarding their communication plan. A multi-disciplinary team of experts was formed internally and took charge of the mission. They conducted an in-depth audit of the brand’s digital channels and then established strategic and operational recommendation that would allow Manor Centers to achieve their various objectives.

A Data-Centric Approach

For an audit and strategy to be effective, it must be anchored on reliable data. After discussing the objectives with the client, our consultants defined the key performance indicators and data points to be studied, whether internal or external. The analysis methods were also selected in order to guarantee results that were consistent with the expressed needs.

  • Data points
  • End-to-end analytics
  • KPI

A Precise Internal Analysis

Our experts built a state of the art, a clear and accurate picture of the state of the Manor Centers’ Instagram and Facebook channels. Various metrics were captured and studied. Audience structure, reach of posts and a multitude of other parameters were reviewed, providing the foundation for a proper audit and marketing strategy.


A Powerful Internal and External Benchmarking Tool

Within the analysis phases, our team of specialists conducted an audit consisting of comparing the evolution of various internal data points and allowing to identify trends and growth rates. An external benchmarking was also carried out in order to compare the performances and the particularities of the brand with those of its direct and indirect competitors.

A Targeted External Analysis

The market was screened to determine relevant players to compare Manor Centers to, both locally and internationally. This external analysis allowed our team to aggregate data on the target audiences and the structure of the marketing strategies deployed by industry players on social media channels.


A Reliable Strategic Reading Grid

Our team built a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats matrix to help Manor Centers better understand their environment and make the most appropriate decisions in terms of social media marketing strategy and plan. To this end, a battery of indicators were analyzed and different sources were cross-referenced in order to reinforce the relevance of the data and the conclusions obtained.

A Strategy and Solutions Adapted to the Objectives and the Market Reality

Based on the data collected and analyzed, our experts formulated recommandations and proposed strategic paths adapted to the objectives expressed by the management of the Manor Centers. Solutions taking into account the real context of the market and the communication trends and relational modes between the brands and their audiences. Different concrete solutions were discussed and strategic and operational recommandations were provided. Visuals were also produced to illustrate the marketing solutions and give a powerful direction to the brand’s image on social networks.

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