Digital Transformation of a Geneva-Based Tri-Pole Mittelstand

Member of the Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy of Geneva, Filinea Sàrl employs about forty collaborators spread over 3 poles and offers services to various departments of the State of Geneva. Their missions of accompaniment and training fulfill a crucial function within the local social fabric. The management of Filinea contacted Edana with the aim of carrying out a digital transformation of its activities. From strategy to implementation, our consultants, UX designers and software engineers orchestrated the change that allowed Filinea to improve its performance, optimize its data processing and increase the quality of work of its employees.

Organizational Readiness Assessment and Strategic Audit

Before proceeding with the exécution of a digital transformation it is important to understand the possibilities and costs related to this operation. Our consultants have therefore analyzed Filinea’s internal structure and assessed its level of readiness for a digital transition (digital readiness assessment). The strategic points and needs were highlighted in order to implement the appropriate solutions.

Filinea is an organization with several poles and works with various partners and mandates, including different services of the State of Geneva (the Service of Protection of Adults, the Children Justice Court, the Service of Protection of Minors, the Disability Insurance, the Justice Court of Protection of Adults and Children). It was therefore crucial to understand each of its specificities in order to accompany it in its transition.

Design of a Dedicated, Multi-Channel and Secure Business Solution

Edana’s technology experts have brought to life the software previously designed by our multi-specialists to meet Filinea’s needs. Its back-end is based on a modern, robust and secure framework. The code structure follows a “factory pattern” logic for optimal scalability and maintenance. The database engine and its architecture allow for optimal data handling regardless of the user load. The front-end, based on modern and flexible technologies, allows a perfect adaptation to a multitude of terminals, thus ensuring a fluid handling by the teams whatever their situation (in the office, in the field or in the home office).


Software Engineering for Operational Excellence

In order to optimize key processes and thus increase operational performance, an organization must know how to leverage technology and task automation. This is what our strategists, UX designers, software engineers, coders and system administrators have contributed to by working closely together to digitally transform Filinea.

Dynamic Dashboards for Direct Access to Key Performance Indicators

Data is the key to success because it allows to track the performance of a company, make better decisions and report on the different steps of its value chain. Our UX designers and software engineers have therefore designed various interfaces dedicated to statistics. Filinea’s management now has a real-time and secure access to the company’s key performance indicators and benefits from a total transparency on its internal processes.


A Private and Secure Environment to Protect Your Data

As computer attacks intensify, it remains crucial to protect data and processes against intrusions, extortion and criminal activities in general, especially for a company like Filinea, which processes sensitive data. Our system administration and IT experts have therefore built a tailor-made software and server environment optimized not only for technical performance but also for increased IT security. Firewalls, data encryption, anti-virus protection and security of the code as well as the hosting environment have been implemented to protect Filinea against these risks of primary importance.

Custom Intelligent Workflows

When conducting operations, it is essential that key processes can be carried out smoothly and optimally. That is why our software development specialists have designed workflow systems for Filinea based on wizards that are intuitive to use. The company’s employees thus benefit from an ergonomic solution that facilitates their daily work.


A Scalable Solution

An organization’s needs never stop evolving over time. It is therefore important to develop customized tools that are truly capable of evolving rapidly, which is unfortunately not the case with the pre-built solutions proposed by most market players. This is why Filinea has chosen to have its own custom-made solution designed by our teams and capable of evolving continuously for lower extension and maintenance costs.

An Experience Adapted to a Heterogeneous User Typology

A business application must facilitate processes for each type of user who will use it. Whether it’s a custom workflow or a simple system, it’s important that the user experience and navigation flows are perfectly adapted to the expectations and needs of each user. It is therefore crucial to take into account their profiles and habits in terms of digital technology use. This is what our user experience specialists have done in order to design unique and efficient experiences that go to the core. Research was conducted and a high fidelity model was produced in close collaboration with Filinea’s management to ensure a seamless implementation.

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