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With over 15 years of experience in the digital sector, our team supports Swiss companies in their development, whatever their size. From the independent to the leader in its sector. We design websites and e-commerce applications that really make a difference in their market.


Our Specialists Create Reliable and Efficient Merchant Sites

To generate sales, an e-commerce site must be designed in a specific way. At Edana we are experts in online sales, multi-channel marketing and web development. We bring to life the merchant solution you need to sell in Lausanne, nationally or internationally.

Tailor-made sales solution

To generate sales, your e-commerce solution must be adapted to your market. Our specialists will take care of it.

  • Expert advice and support
  • Made-to-measure realization
  • Unique and customized solutions
  • Future-proof investment

Strong, safe and ergonomic

We design e-commerce websites and applications according to the most advanced standards in the industry. Intuitive and powerful solutions.

  • Modern and secure technology
  • Complete & simple administration panel
  • Reliable online sales solution
  • Reactive, scalable and adaptable

Optimized to sell and grow

Our marketing team collaborates with our UX-UI designers and developers to create your sales tool. A tool that creates growth.

  • Optimized order flow
  • UX and UI designed to sell
  • Compatible with omnichannel selling
  • Designed for sustainable growth

What our Clients are Saying

« Thanks to Edana agency our e-commerce is efficient and adapted to our business model…

… having the need to sell not only to Swiss customers but also to a European target, we decided to redesign our e-commerce site in order to make it more efficient and more adapted. To do so, we mandated the experts of Edana and the result is excellent. »


Sales Manager

« We really enjoyed working with their experts to design the most effective merchandising solution possible…

… our company sells a wide range of products online across different countries and we needed to transform it into a solid platform capable of selling effectively through different marketing channels. Thanks to Edana’s specialists this is now a reality! »

« A very serious agency which accompanied me from the beginning to the end for a result exceeding all my expectations…

… my business is in a market segment that is relatively difficult to penetrate and I wanted to surround myself with the best people to give my project every chance to succeed. Mandating the Edana agency was for me an assurance to get a merchant site really able to sell and really built according to my needs and my visual identity. I recommend their services to all demanding entrepreneurs. »


Your Project Deserves to Succeed. Contact Our E-Commerce Experts in Lausanne.

« Our Goal? To design the E-Commerce Solution that will create value for your business. »
–   Jonathan, Co-Founder of the Agency


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of e-commerce technology is right for my business?

There are three different categories of online sales technologies. Choosing the wrong one can be very disabling for a company. This is why we advise our clients from the very beginning of their project.

Discover the 3 types of e-commerce technologies

What are the issues to be mastered during its realization?

When creating an e-commerce site that can sell, it is important to consider certain points strategically. Among them are customer experience across a variety of mediums, scalability and scalability, and marketing strategy.

Discover the main challenges to successful e-commerce

What are the mistakes not to make in e-commerce design?

Every project has pitfalls to avoid and the e-commerce sector is no exception. It is crucial to perfectly identify them in order to succeed in this sector. This is why our team always accompanies its clients from A to Z so that they can obtain an online sales tool capable of generating the growth they deserve.

Discover the dangers to avoid in e-commerce design

What is the average time to create a commercial website?

The average time required to build an e-commerce website varies relatively significantly depending on various factors such as the sales strategy on which it is based, the e-commerce technology used, the size of the product catalog and the features to be implemented. Each merchant project is therefore unique if only by its target and ambitions.

In any case, an agency that would propose the realization of an e-commerce site (even a small one) in less than a month would not be recommendable, it would clearly be the sign of a botched project. Indeed, a large number of e-commerce agencies operate a business strategy that leads them to reduce the quality of websites produced significantly to maintain interesting margins. The sites thus produced, although sometimes aesthetically successful, do not create the expected commercial performance because the most complex issues have been put aside.

At Edana we have expertise forged from over 15 years of experience in the field and place our clients’ success at the very heart of our business. We care about their long-term prospects and provide them with services that match their ambitions, which makes all the difference.

Want to Invest in a Powerful E-Commerce ? Contact Our Experts.

To be able to sell online efficiently it is crucial to have a website that is truly adapted to your business and optimized to generate profits. This is exactly what we do at Edana. Our unique know-how and our multi-disciplinary experience in the distance selling sector allow us to accompany our clients towards success in Lausanne but also throughout Switzerland. Contact us now to discuss your needs.


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