Swiss business model consultants

Swiss business model consultants

We develop future-proof innovative business models.

We develop future-proof innovative business models.

Our experts offer support across all challenges along your innovation path. From problem identification until go-to-market, we serve you as a sparring partner and create your innovative business model.
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Your 360° Digital Strategy Agency in Switzerland and abroad

With more than 15 years of expertise in the digital and marketing sector, our team accompanies all types of Swiss and international companies and organizations in their development. From strategy to implementation, we deploy ingenious and adapted solutions for results in line with your growth objectives.


Strategies, Business Model, Data. Our Specialists Transform You

Edana is a digital consulting firm specialized in 360° growth strategies. We support organizations of all sizes in Switzerland and internationally. Our experts build your business plan, study your market and implement innovative strategies to help you grow.

Opportunity analysis

Our experts study your market, your target and identify opportunities, risks and solutions for growth.

  • Market and trend studies
  • Marketing and target analysis
  • Research and data-science
  • Fundraising strategy

Disruptive business model

We develop your business plan, your strategies and an innovative business model to make you the leader of tomorrow in your industry.

  • Business Plan, corporate & finance
  • Innovation path & development cycles
  • Problem solving & optimization
  • Development of MVPs

Future-proof strategies

Our multi-specialists design disruptive strategies through testing, agile design processes and business intelligence.

  • Adaptation to market trends
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Long-term growth strategies
  • Digital transformation and pivot

Building the Leaders of Tomorrow’s Digital World


We create tomorrow’s industry leaders through our innovation and business model consulting services. Our holistic vision and solid experience in the digital space enable us to support our customers in achieving their long-term goals.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes strategists specialized in business consulting, data collection, processing and analysis, marketing, management, branding, innovation and technology. They analyze your market and your objectives, carry out meticulous research, make precise calculations, establish scenarios and plan your growth taking into account your specific conditions. Accompanying our customers towards strategic and operational excellence is our business.

« Innovating and Developing Strategies Tailored to Your Context is the Only Way to Succeed. »
–   Benjamin, Co-founder of the Agency

You Need a Future-Proof Business Model and Roadmap

You Need a Future-Proof Business Model and Roadmap
Our experts build them
Let’s discuss your objectives and specifics now

What our Clients are Saying


What Our Clients Are Saying

« Being surrounded by specialists allowed us to target the right markets with the right strategy…

… with plans to expand our business internationally, we called on Edana’s expertise to develop our business plan based on detailed market research and to build and implement our growth strategies in these new markets. Working with experts helped us make the right decisions. »

Board member

Managing Partner

« Edana has enabled us to achieve a favorable position in our market and to increase our net margins…

… even before designing our growth strategy and customer acquisition solutions, Edana’s experts developed an innovative strategy and business model for us based on solid market research and analysis. This clearly changed everything for our business. »

« Working with Edana to develop our startup’s business model has been very rewarding…

… Edana has been a true one-stop shop for us. Their experts helped us develop our disruptive business model, our digital strategy and implemented the commercial actions necessary to bring us to market. We highly recommend them to all entrepreneurs looking for new horizons and growth. »



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Strategy is the lifeblood of business. The race for innovation and the battle for growth started long ago and to win it, you need a solid foundation for your business plan. Foundations that can sustain your expansion and allow you to grow sustainably. Contact our experts now to undertake and innovate efficiently.


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Your 360° digital agency and consulting firm based in Geneva. We support a demanding clientele throughout Switzerland and create tomorrow’s industry leaders.

With over 15 years of multi-sector expertise, our multi-disciplinary team orchestrates tailor-made solutions adapted to your specifics.

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