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“ There are three types of e-commerce solutions. At Edana we always take the time to analyze your business in its entirety and develop a 100% customized solution adapted to your needs whatever the technology used. Here is a detail of the three types of solutions. ”
  –  Benjamin, Co-Founder of the Agency

A low-cost start-up solution that limits growth

These are the famous platforms like Shopify with which it is possible to create an online store without programming knowledge (in theory, because to make effective stores it is still useful to know how to code a minimum in HTML, CSS and JavaScript). It is a solution that allows to reduce development costs, that’s why more and more agencies provide this type of solutions to their clients. They can create a beautiful e-commerce site in record time, which allows them to make a very interesting margin even if the solution is not efficient or even disabling for the customer, we understand but this is not the logic of Edana because we want the success of our customers above all. It is important to understand that a Shopify solution (or other shop builder) has serious disadvantages being totally unavoidable, which many providers will be careful not to share with their customers.

The first is that you are not free to have your store. It says you own it (yes you are the legal owner of the texts, images and domain name of your store that’s where the trick lies) but you can’t migrate it out of the system, you are locked in for life with the provider (Shopify in this case). The only way out is to rebuild everything from scratch with a free solution, which costs money and destroys your SEO and a lot of the marketing efforts you have made. The second disadvantage lies in the hidden costs of this solution: basic subscription, subscriptions for additional plugins without which your store will never be able to sell, and finally additional fees applied on each of your sales. These fixed and variable rents that the provider enjoys often amounting to several thousand or even tens of thousands of francs per month for large stores explain why the solution is closed and prevents any exit to a free solution.

For very small budgets it remains all the same a solution allowing to launch when it would not have been possible otherwise but in all other cases it is clearly to be proscribed. If an agency sells you a Shopify solution as the magic formula, optimized and efficient you should flee immediately.


An agile, high-performance solution designed for growth

It is PrestaShop, WooCommerce or Magento. It is the most chosen solution by Swiss and international companies, whatever their size. It offers everything that the Shop Builder can offer but goes much further while remaining 100% free. Such a solution is hosted by the customer on his own server, which belongs to him, and he will have his store entirely at his disposal ad vitam aeternam. Moreover, the solution is entirely adaptable to the needs and specificities of each activity. Indeed, unlike a Shop Builder that only allows you to customize the appearance of the store, a CMS allows the agency that creates it to edit the entire code, which allows you to really optimize it to sell. This solution being free, the management costs of a successful store are lower compared to a Shop Builder and the company is not blocked. On the other hand no transaction fees are added to the bank fees applied on each sale, this variable fee less offers more scaling possibilities in terms of marketing.

Finally, the stores we build based on CMS are much more efficient than those built on a Shop Builder from an SEO point of view because they do not restrict the possibilities of on-site optimization. Indeed, the e-commerce brands that work apply specific SEO solutions that it is impossible to apply on a site built with a Shop Builder. This makes all the difference from a marketing and customer acquisition point of view.

Another crucial point, the speed of loading, it is infinitely faster on a CMS once optimized in depth for the simple reason that a store designed with a Shop Builder like Shopify does not allow you to get rid of unused modules (for a considerable part of them it is only possible to camouflage them at the front-end and so they still load in the background which slows down performance, this is irreparably linked to the solution used to allow rapid customization without advanced technical knowledge).

To start on a sound footing and enjoy a truly high-performance solution the CMS is therefore the solution that is naturally required.


A solution for demanding SMEs and large corporations

This is the must-have, it’s about developing an e-commerce solution entirely from scratch. To do this we use the most advanced technologies and development frameworks on the market and build a solution from scratch. This is a solution reserved for the most demanding companies and projects with a large budget. This solution is often adopted by companies wishing to create an original e-commerce platform that goes further than the classic functionalities found in an e-commerce site and/or requires a perfect and very advanced integration with the company’s information systems (via dedicated and proprietary APIs for example). Leaving on such a solution also ensures the most complete control over each of the processes making up its merchant platform.

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