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Why Queries are Important for Productive B2C Communications?

Why Queries are Important for Productive B2C Communications?

Queries are NOT Boring

Sometimes companies avoid using queries, because they think it’s boring and annoying for the customer. Well, actually we can do something to make it not boring and not annoying at all. Keep in mind, that your communications determine the big portion of your business success.

Queries are actually great to gain customer driven data and improve your bugs based on what the customers might be upset about. So, let’s get over with making excuses for not creating queries and review the benefits.

Don’t Force Questions on a Customer

Now, there are certain types of queries which can get very annoying! Especially those shoved up our noses when we don’t really have time for them. Do you ever experience that university query pressure? You just have to answer the question no matter what you are trying to do.


That’s something we clearly don’t want to do to our customers. For a more civilized way of requesting a query-you can send them by E-Mail. Now, keep in mind, that an uninterested customer will just choose answers no matter the concept or the question itself.

This will help you focus on the customers which actually want to give you feedback on your activity and products/services. The other customer that was never interested might not even come back to your website only for the sake of avoiding the very questions.

Keep the Questions Short and Clear

We don’t really love the long questions with backup concepts which are unclear. In fact, we don’t even know how to answer a question clearly when we don’t really understand it. The point is, to make sure your questions contain simple words in smaller amounts.

It’s better to break down one complex question into three and offer the ABC answering platform, than making it all look like a scientific research. In this case more quantity wins.

Add Some Visuals

A modern customer doesn’t really engage with any content that is visually boring. If your query looks like an Excel Spreadsheet, it’s very likely your audience will get bored and leave the query before even submitting the answers. So adding a bit of color at the very least won’t hurt.

Make the Purpose Clear

Have you ever wondered in the middle of a specific action-what’s the point? To avoid this attitude towards our query, make sure you state in the very beginning what you need it for. First it motivates to not just start, but to actually finish the questions. Also, it wouldn’t be too bad to insert small reminders into the questions themselves.

For example, let’s say you have an app. You have quite a base of customers right now and wonder what might be perfected to make it easier to use. Consider starting the query with: “Please participate in the Query and let us know-how can we improve your app experience”.

After a few questions you can ask something like this: “Which color scheme would you prefer for better visual experience?” Emphasize the factor of user experience and remind your customer that this is being done for them in the first place.

Improving your Communications

All the data that you can gather from such questionnaires will greatly help your communications with the customers. After all-it’s an obvious statement that you care about your customer’s experiences and you genuinely wish to see them again visiting your digital or physical service space. All you need to think of-is more creative and fun ways to conduct a query and also-ask yourself before publishing one-would I myself finish this query if I were a customer?

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How Reevaluating Front-End And Back-End Development Can Boost Your Website?

How Reevaluating Front-End And Back-End Development Can Boost Your Website?

Front End Dev. Basics

The front-end development involves the aspects of a website your user actually sees. Also this specific software development style is referred to as Client Side, which implements all the graphic design elements meant for Call to Action purposes.

To build the basic visuals of your website you need a front-end developer. So, just like every other field, front-end has constant updates so make sure you get the one who goes with this rhythm. Not implementing modern tools could cost you losing potential customers.

Back End Dev. Basics

As the front-end dev. Is the so called client side, back-end development is known to be the Server-Side and you can’t see it but you do experience it. It stores and organizes data, and makes sure everything on the visual sphere actually works and is functional.

The back end dev. Works simultaneously with the front end, upcycling and recycling information to be presented later as a web page. When you interact with the website, your browser sends a request to the back end, which returns information in the shape of front end material that the browsing platform can sort out and display.


Re-Evaluate Software Development

Clearly, reforming your software engineering strategies time by time is very important for your over-all success in digital presence. Well, if you already have a functional website that seems to be working just fine and having a regular base of users-you might ask yourself if you actually need any reforming or re-evaluation.

Well, examples of retail companies like Amazon, or retail banking obviously show us that investing in your software development only increases the profits. Modern customers surely appreciate a comfortable navigation on a website and a shorter, less-annoying loading time-frames.

Like we’ve exemplified in previous paragraphs, both front and back-end development are equally important for your web-mobility. Let’s also keep in mind, that you offer your software as a product as well, alongside with physical product presented on a website in virtual form as photographs or 3D models.

Website functions and designs are only getting fancier day by day, so no wonder if your users stop using a website solely because of its poor interface aesthetics. And you surely don’t want your internal and external links to navigate users to wrong landing pages for the sake of your SEO rankings.

Server Security

One of the primary reasons individuals tend to select certain platforms for, is their security. Let’s put it this way-if your server’s security is not set up to its maximum and an individual is to insert their confidential information for your data-base to make simple interactions-it’s less likely they would conduct the action on an un-trustworthy platform.

In one of our articles we have already discussed the Alibaba data-breech, when CC card informations were stolen from the data base and surely it was because of poor server security. Most likely, you don’t want such a thing happening to your website, so make sure to keep the security intact.

Software Development Program Languages

For both, front end back end development there are specific program languages that we also call coding. Make sure your web-developer knows at least some of these to make sure you get a high quality software with strong design and server.

Front End Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Back End Languages

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL

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How Can You Make Your Web Content More Accessible?

How Can You Make Your Web Content More Accessible?

Accessible Content Basics

You might have read many articles defining accessible content as the one with simply higher reach. But, in this article we shall re-define the term Accessible. Making highly accessible content involves adding tools to your web-development which will let your content be diverse and affordable for individuals with certain disabilities.

Inclusivity is one of the current high moral systems every modern enterprise must share. Leaving specific individuals out, especially when your company budget CAN afford implementing accessibility systems, is simply unforgivable.

Modern Era Talking

Maybe back in the days, like decades ago it was considered a tragedy to have any specific disability. But, current technologies help us get that attitude out of our systems and it’s impossible to neglect the wide prospers of possibilities.

In fact, the term “Disabilities” itself might soon be out of our vocabulary, because we design our products and content be in reach for anyone who’s interested right? So, in next paragraphs let’s review all those possibilities right in front of our noses.


Accessibility Tools

  • Screen Reader Simulators
  • Voice Navigation Systems
  • Accessibility Testing Tools
  • Tables

Screen Reader Simulators

Screen Reader Simulators mostly support the audience who experience Dyslexia, Color Blindness or Blindness in general. The beneficial tools provided by this service are:

  • Optional Text Reading Aloud
  • Keyboard and Mouse Navigation
  • Skipping to Preferred Content

Screen reader simulation helps with regulating the UV pressure that can affect your eye-sight. Also, such simulators can also help you as a web-developer or web-designer to experience everything your viewer is going to experience.

This will help you correctly adjust the settings of implemented tools to create a comfortable environment for all viewers of your content. Let alone sparing the time of endless scrolling and skipping to what’s more important for your user’s experiences on the website.

Voice Navigation

Voice navigation is a great tool considering how much the digital assistants can do nowadays. Alexa of the Amazon is a great intelligent house element we all wish to have.

In this case, implementing web-qualities that enable Amazon and Google assistants to access voice records on your webpage are a great option.

Sign Language In Video Content

Multilingual content is often only considered as connected with regular textual content. But, when it comes to your video content-especially live videos it’s simply very considerate to include the panel for sign language.

Now, you might think that adding CC only to your content is enough, but it’s not really. Imagine how annoyed you’d be if the dialogues in a video are going so fast you cannot really keep up with the CC. Pausing the video every time for simply figuring out the context sounds quite annoying doesn’t it?

Accessibility Testing Tools

Quite sadly there are not too many tools that check the accessibility scores of specific websites. Such tests are generally AI driven. Well, it does make sense after all, because artificial intelligence can audit accessibility through objective lenses according to the current standards.

Instead of manual checks by an individual who might not be able to completely relate to users’ issues, don’t hold back on using AI assistance in this specific audit process. This process is also known as E2E automation. Meaning end to end automation testing.


In summary, accessibility with modern technology is not too much of a difficult task. What it takes is additional customer research with more specific criteria and re-evaluation of your web-development strategies to respond to your customers’ needs without exceptions.

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How Can Low Code Platform Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

How Can Low Code Platform Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

How Does Low-Code Work

Low-code and no-code platforms are the examples of visual software forms that offer business owners and starter developers to manipulate application components to their desire, wire them as a union and create mobile or web apps.

Low-code and no-code development helps you to quickly build an application or a website in case of time shortage without using complicated and time-consuming coding. They can also allow you to create a trial application before actually launching it as a project.

If you still have little knowledge about programming languages but want to show your front-end developer what you wish your website to be like approximately-this is a great tool.

What’s The Difference-Low Code

So, basically, low-code platform requires users to know at least minimal amount of programming language, but luckily-far less than what’s required from a professional developer. The low-code platforms are generally only used when time’s really tight and enables the developer to deliver applications in a shorter deadline.


Non-professionals with minimal programming knowledge can freely use low-code tools to develop simple apps with easy functions, especially if they are looking for a way to create a website for their small shop for example.

What’s The Difference-No Code

Relatively to the explanation of low-code development, no-code is exactly what it says to be. Professional IT specialists just don’t need to use no-code development platforms. They are for business owners with no knowledge of programming languages whatsoever. A platform that offers this service can be considered to be Of course there still is some knowledge required to obtain the domain name for example, but if you want a quick link to showcase your works for example-no-code development is your emergency call.

Benefits Of Low/No-Code Platforms

Surely, time-management is a pro feature to this development style. It’s quite a life-saver, especially when you have the need to constantly update your user interface design to keep up with your audience’s needs. You can’t make them wait for too long. Or, if the application offers services that are quicker in time than the competitors-apology emails about functional issues won’t help and might make your reputation suffer quite a bit. The given platforms also provide quick problem-solving alternatives.

Bugs That Still Need To Be Fixed

Due to the very benefit of being so easy to use, if used by a company’s professional IT-this could create problems with generating data. This Low and No-code development platforms are time-emergency tools, not the ones you use on regular basis. If you don’t want to have big issues with generating and automating your data, try not to get too used to this platform.

Another con to the long-term use of these development platforms could be the trouble of using certain metrics in order to scale the website performance professionally. Well, sure the platform is fun, but would we even need the knowledge of programming languages if this platform was to do everything for us?

Popular Low/No-Code Platforms

Low Code Development Platforms

  • Appian
  • Claris FileMaker
  • DWkit
  • Google AppSheet
  • Looker 7
  • Mendix
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • OutSystems
  • Robocoder Rintagi
  • Wix Editor X
  • Yellowfin 9
  • Zoho Creator

No Code Development Platforms

  • AppGyver
  • AppSheet
  • Appy Pie
  • AWS Honeycode
  • Betty Blocks
  • Bubble
  • Carrd
  • Glide
  • Gumroad
  • Kissflow
  • Memberstack
  • Nintex
  • Notion
  • Outgrow


Well, all in all-low and no-code development platforms are actually useful and demonstrate the inclusivity in the digital world. It says that you don’t have to be a pro IT just to make a simple website. As a concept it’s great and very helpful, but as a professional tool-not the best one to recommend.

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How Can You Optimize Your Conversion Rates To the Full Capacity?

How Can You Optimize Your Conversion Rates To the Full Capacity?

CRO Definition

CRO-conversion rate optimization involves the actions regarding increase of leads converting into customers through mobile applications and websites. Now, this might sound a bit complicated from the beginning, but we will review the process step by step and how you can achieve maximum conversion rates in the digital environment.

Effective Methods

Just like every other strategy, CRO also has its methods which are approved to be functional compared to the others. Here is the list of the ones you will want to take a closer look at:

  • Additional Pop-Up On a Website
  • Removal of unnecessary form fields
  • Testimonials, reviews and logos
  • Remove Distractions
  • Easy Initial Steps
  • Additional Third party sign up service
  • Stronger CTA copy
  • Live chat integrated to the website

Now, in the next paragraphs, let’s review some of these Conversion Rate Optimization methods.


Third Party Sign Up

It’s great if your user will sign up on your platform with a specific username, but unless you offer a mobile application as well-it’s less likely for the customer to do so. We are very irritated as customers remembering all usernames and passwords for multiple websites.

So, why not make it easier and access almost all of these websites with one party? For a clearer example, when you go to almost any website, like for example-you have an option to create an account on the website or sign up/in via Google or Facebook.

That is exactly the third party sign up. The best part is, an issue regarding the password and remembering it is bound to be completely minimized.

Pop Up Ads

Now, generally pop-up ads are not our favorite thing as the digital audience and we tend to use swearing words sometimes if the ad distracts us from something very interesting. Instead of making this additional feature a distraction (which you ought to remove by the way) make sure to generate it smart at the right period of time or space of the UI.

What we mean can be exemplified like this: Let’s say you have a great showcase website with the blog extension. As a customer is scrolling through one of your posts-the pop up occurs right in the middle of it! Generally, the middle of the article contains most functional information, so distracting your viewer will only irritate them.

Maybe putting this add somewhere after 2/3 of the article would be smarter. The basic information has already been spoken of and by the conclusion before the reader exits your blog, they have a higher chance to check out your offers in the pop-up ad.

Live Chat Integration

It can never be extra to speak about the importance of live communications on every platform your brand is available on. Especially your very own website! Sure, to make it a little easier for yourself, you can also use AI chat-bots for solving smaller technical issues which will only transfer the customer to a service rep if AI data was insufficient.

CTA Copy

CTA-also known as call to action copy is a primary prompt for the viewer to engage with the communication channel you’ve chosen for a specific case. For example, CTA copy could be as simple as “Subscribe to our channel today!” Also, it could be a one-time offer that can only be accessed through a specific communication medium.

Additional Strategies

  • Text Based CTA with blogposts
  • Add lead flows on your blog
  • Test your landing pages
  • Optimize high-performing blog-posts.

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Useful Digital And Physical Channel Options In Retail Banking

Useful Digital And Physical Channel Options In Retail Banking

What Is Retail Banking

Retail banking is also widely known as consumer banking as well. It basically involves the financial services to the individual customers rather than business. Let’s say it’s a B2C communication, but bank instead of business. Through retail banking an individual customer manages their money, access credits, and deposit money securely.

Retail Banking Channel Options

There are actually loads of ways retail banking can be classified. Your simple visit to an accountant in the bank is a form of retail banking. Easy as that. But, let’s discuss some more popular and widely used retailed banking services.

Possibly the physical channel we all use is an ATM. And also, the most physical is can get. The ATMs are literal cabins you enter and conduct all financial activities through it according to your wishing.

As for Digital Channels, here we have more variety of popular services, it can be mobile consultation as well. Yet, something with a completely digital concept is internet and mobile banking.

Quite honestly, mobile banking is very comfortable, you just need internet and you’re safe to manage your finances anywhere in the world.


Digital Credit/Debit Cards

Now, in many parts of the world, digitally involved Banks have offered their consumers the option of digital CC Cards with beneficial cyber security services.

This account type is great for managing the finances you don’t want to spend yet, or simply don’t know what to do with. It’s quite scary to risk losing money, especially when we connect our cards to apps like Taxi or Delivery services. Not to mention all the shopping websites we might have forgotten inputting our card information into.

The comfort of a digital account is, that it doesn’t require attaching the card at all, it’s a virtual card on its own. So, you can just swiftly transfer the exact amount that you need on it whenever you need. In other cases, you can just leave it nullified. Or in another case-transfer the finances you want to not accidentally over-spend and safely swipe your physical card.

Digital Interactions

Back in the days, only mobile calls were the fastest ways to interact with the bank staff to figure out what was going on your bank accounts. Now we have chat-bots, digital consultants and casual video calls in case of necessity. In certain countries of the world you can have the video-call with the bank’s credit manager if you cannot make it to the physical destination. Chat-bots are just great and time-saving in case of a small issue that can be automatically fixed. The inbox about updates on you mobile-bank account are a form of effective communication as well.

The Benefits Of Retail Marketing-Personal Banker

It feels almost luxurious to have your personal banker right? But, it’s not really. Since people have started using their CC and Debit Cards far more actively, mobile communications have become far more common and so have the personal banker services. Or should we say personal accountants.

When you use your bank’s services frequently enough and have a good credit record, it’s quite likely for the bank to assign you with a specific status (like loyal customer) and offer to assign you a personal accountant.

This Bank Employee has closest communication with you and informs you about the details of your financial offers-like Credit Cards or loan percentage changes. We’ve come very far with retail banking and it’s getting more comfortable gradually.

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Improve Your Cloud Services For Better Leads And Conversion

Improve Your Cloud Services For Better Leads And Conversion

Cloud Service Explained

Basically, cloud services are the ones you offer your customers via internet or application. It has got three main types: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platforms as a service (PaaS) and last but not least-Software as a Service (SaaS) which we have more detailed explanation about in our previous article. Digital world is expanding continuously and so are the product varieties. As for one of the digital products, we shall review modern, most popular digital products.

Applications And Digital Products

One of the most popular digital products we have seen so far, was Step N’ application. Now, the fun thing about this product is how It stuck to the perception of a customer. This application is a great example of cloud service. Customers bought literally virtual sneakers, which were either for walking or running.

The idea of an app was to encourage fitness lifestyle into a daily routine. In fact, some customers got so used to walking at least, (running is still not the favorite activity), that they started moving on foot even without an app. If someone told us we would buy sneakers we can’t wear, we might have laughed but, here we are!


Digital Art And Cloud Services

Possibly, you are guessing what we are talking about right? It’s NFT again! Now, here we can discuss the platform as service as well. Now, that NFTs have acquired the function to be even passes to certain events, such websites as and have become platforms as a service. NFTs themselves are products, which artists sell on these platforms according to specific standards and regulations. Isn’t it marvelous, how far digital marketing has come?

Cloud Services And Data

Now, that we have discussed general cloud products, let’s go back to the cloud services more specifically. The cloud services have a lot to do with optimizing and unifying your data. Great example of that is Google Cloud. Here’s how it works-google cloud offers us services such as: computing, digital storage management, networking, big data work, machine learning and of course cloud management and security. All of those mentioned above are the cloud services in general.

Most Commonly Used Cloud Services

There are certain services every company and business needs for their digital workspace. Now, let’s name some of them you can find in almost all businesses:

  • IaaS, PaaS and Saas
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Services
  • Test and Development
  • Cloud Storage Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Big Data Analytics and Updates

Data Backup

You must have noticed that all apps such as, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram offer data backup. That’s the cloud service almost every individual has the benefit of having on their regular smartphones. If there was no backup, imagine all the texts and photos being lost-especially the ones you cherish as precious memories. Well, even though the service is so robotic, funny how it is still connected to very human emotions.

Your Daily Cloud Services

Doesn’t matter if you have a business or not, there are services we use daily which are cloud service. Remember the storage management component? Don’t we all have either Apple iCloud or Google Drive? That’s a simple and perfect example of how exactly this service looks. Well, if you want more storage, you add by purchasing it. Somewhat of a trick or treat to encourage your purchasing instincts.

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SaaS Marketing For Higher Profit Rates Of Your Software Business

SaaS Marketing For Higher Profit Rates Of Your Software Business

SaaS Basics

SaaS abbreviation deciphers as-Software as a Service. This marketing strategy is basically a great tool for building awareness about your software and to later pretty much sell it. SaaS marketers are vital teammates of your company, especially for product-focused business development. This marketing strategy ensures that you actually bring your product on the market, position it and create visibility of your SaaS organization.

Promote Remotely

Alongside with the benefits mentioned in the paragraph above, SaaS marketing has a very specific focus on promoting, generating and maintaining leads for products mainly based on subscriptions to SaaS products. In this case, businesses sell their products in digital form, such as cloud-based apps with consistent updates and additional functions.

Physical VS Digital

The physical products are mostly one-time purchases in comparison to SaaS marketed products which offer continuous growth of intangibility and rent-worthiness.


Subscription services are more of a long-run type. In this case, let’s set an example. Say, we have an application of delivery services and we offer our customers to subscribe to our Prime service, which offers free delivery for a whole month in return to a monthly fixed fee. This prime package is exactly the one which undergoes SaaS marketing.

Before You Implement Your SaaS Strategy

Prior to executing your SaaS strategy, make sure you spend some time working on it. Might seem simple at a first glance, but there are some details to take into consideration. The fundament of almost any SaaS plan is to overall analyze the goals desired to achieve and relative objects with targets. Specific tactics come into play when planning SaaS. The SaaS marketing strategy mainly depends on your company’s current position on the market. Yet, regardless of any stage, here are certain things you must focus on:

  • Critically consider your credibility as the expert of your field.
  • Raise your brand awareness AGAIN.
  • Re-Confirm your products functionality on the market.
  • Re-establish your true costs and refresh your leads.

What Is Product/Market Fit Indicator

Basically, Product/market fit is a primary indicator for investor reassurance. This is necessary to refresh when you gain a higher amount of customers compared to the ones you started with. There are several components to be focused on and here is a brief example to some of them:

  • Optimize your marketing channels. Make them fit for new customers as well.
  • Explore new channels, you might have never thought some of them could be useful.
  • Reduce your acquisition costs by functional use of traffic, leads and quality analysis.
  • Improve on-site experience for your landing pages.
  • Maximize your PR quality to stay at the top of your B2C communications game.

Golden Words-Free Trial

In SaaS marketing world the term “free trial” is possibly the most popular and effective one at the same time. In physical products it is similar to offering free samples of certain products in smaller sizes. So, let’s say NYX Cosmetics offering a small version of their product as a free sample and Netflix offering you 1-month free trial is pretty much the same strategy. One fits the physical product and the other-digital one.

SaaS Trick Or Treat

In previous paragraph we have mentioned a free trial. Now, free stuff is what customers love so much and well, we all do. No question about that. Have you ever thought of making your application free, but still gain certain profits? Here is where ads come into play! There are many websites and applications which have an alternative of functioning without subscriptions. But, the trick is ads. Well, you have a choice-slower access to certain benefits and waiting for ads or opting for a treat as a subscription and get rid of that annoying 30 second countdown.

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Why Is Brand Management Software Important For Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Is Brand Management Software Important For Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

ABC Of Brand Management Software

Basically saying, brand management software helps you as an owner of the business, to regulate the overall messaging strategies of your brand. We also call this brand communications, which are spread into various channels and forms-such as visual and textual or animation. Your digital marketing strategy cannot possibly go too far without making it organized properly. A little bit of chaos is forgivable, but don’t make it a habit.

Brand Management Components

The communications of your brand start from the very logo of your choosing to the cornerstone content you consistently post for visibility. In one of our articles we are discussing the cornerstone content benefits in further details. And, clearly modern business has to have strong digital communications-desirably connected in their functionality and core concepts. Without proper management software your communications are more likely to become a mess.

Find Your Match

Surely, different businesses need different management software. It would be somewhat silly if bakery business and architecture company were to have the same management platforms considering the difference in their purposes. Now, the question is, how do we choose the fitting management platform for our brand? There are specific things you must keep in mind and we shall discuss them in detail in the next paragraph.


Basic Elements Of Fitting Software

So, when choosing the software of your desire, take these aspects into consideration: challenges of your brand (current ones of course), figure out where your users lack accessibility to your physical and digital communication (emphasizing digital communications in this case), and last, but not least-consult with your IT department on their involvement in your digital communications’ quality.

Don’t Count, Invest

Brand management software is an element in your digital marketing you don’t want to be counting every penny for. What we mean, is that you should not seek making an economy on this aspect of your digital marketing tools.

Invest your budget and if you happen to find the best possible platform, don’t go on scrolling through more low-budget versions. Let it be pricy if necessary, because as far as this affects your brand’s communications-it will later affect your customer engagement and conversion rates and finally-on sales and profits.

Design Management

Design is one of your holy grails of B2B and B2C communications. The best part about brand management platform is, that through design coherent with the platform you’ve chosen can define the perception of your company to your will. Changes happen quite quickly and we just need a management platform for timely updates.

Brand Assets

We’ve already emphasized, that a brand owns more than just content and just a logo. A brand is the persona with values and views that make it so relatable to customers.

Harmonically, all these assets and aspects deliver the experience and emotion which leads to further connections. To provide this experience constantly and consistently. A marketing team is exactly the one responsible for creating all these assets in afunctional, strategic and consistent manner. Clearly, all the assets mentioned above are easier and more effective to be managed through your platform.

Transparent Access

If you happen to have several teams working on a specific project together, make sure to have them certain access granted to the brand management platform. It is clearly not easy, especially when you’ve been working with the platform solely, but for better teamwork and inside-company communications-try to trust your teams more.

This doesn’t ultimately mean to give access to relocate, reschedule and almost rebrand, but basic level interventions on the platform will most likely do no harm. Trust is the key when multi-managing the platform.

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Why You Must Own a Showcase Website for Your Brand?

Why You Must Own a Showcase Website for Your Brand?

Showcase Website For More Visibility

Visibility of your brand affects all the other assets you need for successful business maintenance.

Before everything-presentation promotes your product and plays a huge role in further sales as well. Imagine this like a fashion Runway. Even most famous designers participate in seasonal fashion shows, or hold ones of their own to showcase their designs, create the WOW effect and later sell it to the target customers.

At High Visibility You Still Need Showcase Website

Now, just as we mentioned above-even most famous designers don’t sleep on runway shows and make sure to never leave a design without an extra pair of eyes watching it. Even if your brand has high visibility already, updates happen continuously and those are to be showcased equally. We all want to have a good look at the product before we click the checkout button.

To have more visibility on the internet, you need to create a showcase website. It is part of your brand communication strategy and it is beneficial to make your brand known in your sector of activity as well as to find new customers.

Showcase Website For Services

Showcasing services might seem a little bit more difficult than presenting the goods. Yet, if you get really creative it’s just as easy.

Now, let’s say you have a delivery service and you need a showcase website. Generally, what delivery service offers as bare minimum is timely delivery and safe one of course. We don’t want to deliver broken packages right? What you can do for your showcase website is to concentrate on customer-generated content and video content.


Customer Generated And Video Content

Using feedbacks of your customers from social media platforms is a great way to showcase your services. One benefit is, that those comments are public either way, most obviously the customer won’t risk sharing their confidential information on a global platform. You can basically screenshot those feedbacks and turn them into infographics. Of course, before using them, take a good look at the comment regarding any confidential classified information.

As for Videos, recording your working process or the one of courier’s will keep your activity transparent, thus forming a trust bond between you and your customer.

Showcase Website And Sales

The main purpose of this type of website is to create first impression, desirably the positive one. The trick to this website is to not say even a word about sales in the beginning. Just present how awesome you are as a brand and how useful your offers can be.

From the showcase website you can add the extension to transfer a potential customer to your online shop.

The question of How Much It Costs will pop up in a customer’s head and considering you’ve already presented your product as a certain niche, price expectations will be just as adequate.

Design Has To Pop

Design will do a lot for you when it comes to the showcase website building. In one of our articles we are speaking about the UI friendly design for your web development (mobile and web applications) in more detail.

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to spice up the outlook of your traditional website which serves sales and engagement, but never decided to risk on it-this will be a great opportunity to give freedom to creative workflow.

Of course, you must not forget to go according to the brand-book and make the aesthetically matching color-choices, but you can opt for different usage of landing page space for the very least. So far as the purpose of your website is different, you can also give another font a try which also goes well with your primary fonts.


Not only is a Showcase Website so productive for your digital marketing strategies, it can also give you a good time to experiment and use the customer research statistics in a whole new style. This just might serve you as additional source to research customer behavior via the CTR rates on the platform. Basically, showcasing can be a fun experience alongside with being profitable.

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