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How much do Swiss web design Agencies Charge for their Services?

How much do Swiss web design Agencies Charge for their Services?

Your Website is a Crucial Part of Your Company

A well-designed website is crucial for your company. Successful web design will help you to achieve success and become an industry leader. Your website is the representation of your company in the online realm. This type of online presence should be able to showcase all the advantages and benefits that your company can give to your customers.

When you’ll talk about this with your Swiss Web Design company you’ll be able to determine what are the most important factors for you and how you can achieve your goals. You might discover certain aspects that didn’t seem important to you before but could be very beneficial for you.

Factors That Are Important for Web Design

Every company has different requirements based on its goals. But several important factors have to be always considered while working on Web Design. First of all, your web design is the reflection of your brand and can help you establish a strong brand identity. Every element, color, and image that is displayed on your webpage can have a great influence on what people will think about you.

You should look through colors to determine what are they associated with and how they could benefit you, then you have to determine what kind of layout will be suitable for your webpage, choose fonts and typography, and make sure that your website is accessible to everybody and has a good user experience.


The price of Showcase Website with Swiss Web Design Company

In Switzerland, the prices of web design are generally high. First of all, just talk with your Swiss company to determine more important aspects for you.  In Switzerland, showcase websites can be done for 700- 30 000 CHF. The price range is huge, but that’s what you’ll come across more frequently. Just keep in mind that the options that start from 3 000 CHF give you better results. Edana has done a showcase website for the Swiss organization –Éducation Inclusive, you can check now how their digital image was redesigned to improve the company’s image and customer experience.

The price depends on the size of the site, the number of pages, features, etc. If you’ll provide them with more elements, for example, something related to design, the cost will be lower. A good Swiss web design company will always consider what you want to do, but on top of that, they can let you know what you need as well. So find a company that can help you to accomplish what you want and can advise you as well.

Mobile Applications and Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile applications and PWAs are generally very beneficial for companies and cost a lot as well. But, the pricing starts from 15 000 CHF and it mostly depends on the complexity and functionalities that you require.

Just think about what kind of application you need. You might need one that will be compatible with Android and iOS and will be more simple. You might require an option that would have a unique design and features and would be more complex. Think about what you need.

For example, École Moderne is another organization based in Switzerland, that needed a mobile application for Fide Exam candidates, to help people learn the French language. An entire team of business consultants, designers, engineers, and developers worked together to finish the project successfully.

Graphic and Video Prices

When it comes to graphics, the prices mostly start from 2 000 CHF. The price might change based on what are your requirements. As for the creation of short videos, the minimum price is 3 000 CHF.

Everything depends on what needs to be done. Make sure that you’ll go through every detail with your company to avoid misunderstandings later because these processes consist of many little but crucial details.

Basic Web Design

Some websites need more complexity, some need less. It depends on specific companies and their target audiences. In this case, your business will have a simple web design, and the minimum price will be 700. But what you have to consider is that at this price you won’t have a strategy, your web design won’t be good, and might be even damaging to your company’s reputation. It could be based on poor templates as well.

You might hear that it’s unique but even simple research will show you that it’s not true. So a basic and cheap web design that you can do for only 700 CHF is not a good option. If you’ll see it somewhere be careful because you might be spending an extra 700 CHF on nothing.

Intermediate Web Design

In this case, the design is more unique and generally, the website is more performance-driven. It might have an additional content management system as well or any other system that could be useful for your company. Basically, it contains every element that is essential for a good website.

Generally, when you want a good web design the minimum that you need to pay is 3 000 CHF. You can be sure that it’s a good option and will give you results. Anything under 3 000 CHF needs consideration, especially if it’s closer to 700 CHF.

Advanced Web Design

Advanced web designs cost at least 20 000 CHF. This type of website has more advanced features. You have a better strategy, quality, and unique design. Your Swiss agency will do coding for you because it’s a very important part of the website that can be seen by search engines and social media sites. You’ll have all the features that you and your target audience might need.

For example, you might be interested in database integration, e-commerce functionality, etc. Having more advanced web design will give you a huge boost in your sales and conversions. The prices can be higher than 20 000 CHF as well, it’s not surprising. But it’s better to speak with your Swiss web design company to determine a clear answer about the budget that you’d need. Just keep in mind above mentioned suggestions to avoid “solutions” that could only waste your time and money.

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Best Platforms for Royalty-Free Content for your Brand’s Showcase Website

Best Platforms for Royalty-Free Content for your Brand’s Showcase Website

Benefits of Royalty-Free Content

Many industries try to get a hold of different images, videos, and songs and then use them for their posts or campaigns. Trying to use any image or video that goes well with your content and could highlight your massage is a very good step, but there are several important points that you have to consider.  

Downloading any creative asset is easy, however, using them without permission could be risky for any company. Royalty-Free Content is a solution that makes sure that the artists are compensated and that the company can use their assets.

Using royalty-free content is a great advantage for any company, especially if they are trying to create projects with different music, and need different images or videos. This way they can freely use every asset in existence and use them to their advantage.


Pictures are important for lots of brands and they actively use them for their websites. So to leave a good impression on the target audience it’s important to have high-quality pictures. Pexels is the stock photo platform that has been developing nonstop for years now.

It has a search tab where you can search for pictures using different keywords. The quality of the pictures is great and you can download them freely in various sizes. The platform has stock video content as well.


Pixabay is another great platform, that besides photos can offer you graphics, vectors, and illustrations as well. The quality of the pictures and videos is great, also you will have lots of options. This is a vibrant community of creators where you’ll always be able to see numerous videos, music, and images for your website.



Unsplash is a well-known platform as well, however, it’s unique because it seems like its pictures are part of an art collection. Pictures can be searched via different categories or keywords. In terms of sizing the image, they don’t have many options, however, their collection is so impressive that lots of customers use it.


Video marketing is important for lots of companies. When customers are interested in a certain product or want to buy something they are searching for videos that are related to it. Pexels and Pixabay can provide you with lots of video options as well, but there is also Dareful which could help you out with your brand’s showcase website.

It has many different options, including time-lapse, slow-motion, and looping videos. Most of the videos are short and can be downloaded quickly. You can use videos commercially or edit them. You just need to create an account, registration is free.


Artlist is a royalty-free music platform that has high-quality songs and all of them can be downloaded without any issues, you can find some great sound effects there that are updated regularly. Also, it has advanced filtering options.

Royalty-Free Content for your Brand’s Showcase Website

Companies actively and successfully use royalty-free content while working on different projects. When you’ll have a certain marketing strategy you’ll be able to navigate yourself more easily through different platforms.

You can let the customers know about your products or services with the help of royalty-free content. You can do a variety of cost-effective tasks for your website, social media, and advertising. Images and videos have almost replaced text, they gain attention first and leave a bigger impression on customers, so using the resources that Royalty-Free platforms contain is beneficial for any brand.

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What is Cloud Computing and how can it benefit your Website?

What is Cloud Computing and how can it benefit your Website?

Benefits of Cloud Computing

To put it simply cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet to offer faster innovation and flexible resources. Computing services include servers, storage, databases, software, analytics, networking, and more.

Lots of companies use cloud computing services for several important reasons. Cloud computing gives the business more flexibility, you can quickly scale resources and meet new business demands.

You don’t need much capital and on top of that cloud storage gives you the possibility to make the data available from any location at any time. This way you aren’t tied to specific locations or devices.

Another benefit is the advanced security that cloud computing can provide you with and also it helps you to prevent losing data. It has specific backup features for that.

Cloud Computing and Company Management

Cloud computing is a model that allows on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources that can quickly provide the company with desired results without interacting too much with different service providers.

Numerous companies use Cloud Computing because this way they have access to a huge network, and more resources. It’s basically connecting technology, service, and application and gives the company self-service tools. The benefits of Cloud Computing could give any company a great advantage.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are several types of Cloud Computing. The first one is the Private Cloud, which is dedicated to only a single company and works on its needs and goals. A private cloud is considered one of the best solutions for businesses that might have dynamic or unpredictable computing needs.

Also, we have Public Cloud. For example, everybody knows how Amazon Web Services have certain computer resources, customers have access to those resources with the help of the internet. So Public Cloud users share their resources.

Hybrid Cloud is another option that can be used. In this model private cloud is connected to the public cloud infrastructure. It’s suitable for businesses that have highly dynamic workloads or just deal with big data processing.

There are numerous well-known companies that are providers of cloud services. For example, Azure is one of the largest cloud service providers and is part of Microsoft Corporation’s Intelligent Cloud business. Basically, it’s a cloud computing service that can support several operating systems, tools, databases, and more.


Cloud Computing Benefits for Web Development

Websites that were developed with cloud computing are faster and more easily accessible. Besides having numerous resources that companies can use to their advantage, another reason why they find it comfortable to use is that they can cut down their costs when they are trying to make improvements on a webpage.

Your website can be easily accessible from any location and let’s not forget that it will help you to control your business. You’ll be able to monitor sales growth and develop important business strategies.

With Cloud Computing your website can become more productive. Most companies are able to finish their tasks more quickly with the aid of this model.

Cloud Computing gives the company access to numerous new tools, using the latest tools will help the company to respond to the market demands immediately, and employees can become more productive as well because they’ll have all the available tools to do their job quickly and effectively.

Companies Successfully Using Cloud Computing

Apple made a big revolution in the entire world of technology when they developed Siri, a virtual assistant that can imitate humans, help users, and communicates with them. Cloud receives the requests of different users and then responds to them.

Pinterest is one of the prominent social networking sites that has been using cloud computing for a very long time. The cloud adapts to traffic levels, so even during big site traffics Pinterest works very productively.

Another company that has been using cloud computing successfully is eBay, they’ve been experimenting a lot with different technologies and have been actively using them while going through major projects.

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User-Friendly WordPress Web-Plugins

User-Friendly WordPress Web-Plugins

Benefits of WordPress Web-Plugins

WordPress Web-Plugins have many benefits that lots of companies and developers use actively. Mostly it’s an additional tool that can make working less time-consuming. Plugins are designed for almost every function, for example, to have the options of different languages on a webpage.

They are reliable since they are updated regularly and are secure to use. However, they should be administered and chosen well, based on specific requirements, to avoid the chance of them clashing with each other.

How to choose a WordPress Web-Plugin?

There are lots of options and all of them have their function and significance. You should be able to see how well you can use it to get desirable results and how well it works with plugins that are already installed on your webpage. The full picture is very important for quality and functionality as well.

To enhance the experience of the customers it’s important to research how each of them work and which ones are more useful for your webpage. Still, there are lots of options that make the customer experience interesting and informative.


Attracting Target Audience and Checking Progress

Without search engine optimization tools no webpage or company would be able to achieve any goal. To explain simply Yoast SEO ensures that your webpage will attract the target audience and you’ll have more people visiting your webpage.

The company needs to know what makes the customers interested and why they are searched for. Google Analytics helps you to see the most important analytics, check the visitors, click rates, etc.

WP-Super Cache is another plugin that is used frequently because it optimizes the loading of your website and handles heavy traffic, so the webpage will be able to continue working without any delays.

Backup and Security

WP-Backup makes sure that the data on the webpage won’t be lost and will be properly backed up. It’s secure and frequently used. Another safety measure is WP-Optimize, which cleans up the website of any spam comments and makes sure that the webpage will be secure, presentable, and will have high standard performance again.

Content-Aware Sidebars

This type of plug-in enriches the webpage and makes sure that you’ll be able to create unlimited sidebars, depending on your needs. You can create a post sidebar, a page sidebar, or a category sidebar.

There are lots of options that could help you make the navigation on the webpage easy, a sidebar navigation menu would help the customers to search for desired information easily.

Visual Composer for WordPress

Visual Composer transforms absolutely everything on the webpage. It helps you to add columns, image galleries, videos, etc. It’s a great way to create professional web pages.

After starting from scratch you have a chance to create any design with your creativity. Also, visual composer insight tools give you directions among numerous options, to find out the best scenarios for yourself regarding the structure and design.

Social Media

WordPress has numerous plugins for social media that ensure that the customers will be able to find the company on social media and share the webpage contents as well. Social media is very important for business so those types of plugins are used frequently.

You have a chance to combine social feeds from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and create a social wall. Make people shop from your Instagram on your site or automatically send scheduled publications to your social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

Important Updates

Another interesting plugin is frequently used during a webpage reconstruction. Lots of companies use SeedProd for example. When your webpage is under reconstruction or maintenance you can notify your customers. Basically, you’ll “hide” your website for some time and make it visible only when the reconstruction will be done.

After choosing specific plugins, that are well suited for your webpage and going through different options, you can consider that most of your work is done.

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The Benefits of WordPress Website Building

The Benefits of WordPress Website Building

Building a WordPress Website that Grows with you

The most interesting point about WordPress Website Building mechanisms is its simplicity and flexibility. Numerous small businesses and even Fortune 500 companies use WordPress to build their web pages.

WordPress gives any company a great opportunity to create a webpage in simple ways to share their work and grow the audience as well. Any company can go through numerous styles and choose the one that fits their requirements the best.

You can add any design and colors to your webpage, and showcase your portfolio, services, and products. Engage the audience while delivering more news to them and if necessary use the payment blocks that are accessible via WordPress again. So you can be as flexible as possible and make it work for you.

Manage your WordPress Website with ease

Adding new photos, and posts can’t be anymore easy. The guidelines are simple; the structure is easily understandable. You’d be able to manage the webpage from any computer and also since it’s a self-contained system, no additional software would be required for many activities, like adding a new blog post.

The benefit of WordPress is simplicity, it’s so well-designed, clean, and simple that search engines read the content more easily. You can use additional tags as well to enhance search engine optimization efforts.

It’s simple, can be easily used, and you can use any unique design or any tools presented in WordPress to make your brand look more unique and interesting.


WordPress, a Content Management System

WordPress as a content management system and website-building tool offers a range of companies numerous features, that make the whole system stand out from other competitors.

It’s being improved on a daily basis and what brings comfort to the customers is the stability of quality and flexibility that it never fails to offer to customers. Regular updates that WordPress has to go through give any business a chance to completely change their webpage and the whole content if they want to. You can adapt the system to any of your needs.

This browsed-based software makes management very easy and contains numerous templates to make the webpage straight away interesting and attractive for customers. However, WordPress has numerous additional tools that make everything more effective.

WordPress uses plugins that increase the functionality of the webpage. For example, you can add contact forms and shopping carts and make them function with high quality.

One of the most important tools is a plugin for SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization and makes sure that the brand content is easily accessible all over the internet.

What’s more important it can be used well with mobile phones, so whenever the customer will have a chance to browse the webpage via mobile phone, they won’t get confused and will still recognize the attractive structure of the company’s webpage.

WordPress gives the users chance to monitor their progress as well through the dashboard. All the promotions and general performance of the webpage are visible there.

Website Security

WordPress uses lots of security plugins to ensure that data will be protected. Strong login passwords and updating WordPress regularly are important as well. It is important to follow proper guidelines to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

WordPress in Use

Since WordPress is full of different options and templates, many industries actively get involved with it to showcase their many goals in simple ways.

Microsoft News gives out regular updates about Microsoft and uses WordPress to tell stories about the company. The same can be said for the Harvard Gazette and The White House website.

Those simple examples highlight how different institutions use WordPress’s full advantage. The most important point is to know how to portray your company, what’s your biggest advantage and how you want it to be visible on the webpage. WordPress does all the hard work in the simplest of ways.

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Top 5 all-time templates for Effective Web-Design   

Top 5 all-time templates for Effective Web-Design   

Importance of Web Design and what makes it Good

Web design is an essential part of any business and is more than just making everything good-looking. It can greatly improve the image of the company or do the opposite.

Since it’s the face of the brand everybody feels free to judge the company based on how they are presenting themselves. It’s essential to show the brand personality to the target audience straight away.

The first impression is always important; that’s why the web design should create a sense of credibility. It should be welcoming, approachable, should be capable of securing loyal customers, and powerful enough to be easily distinguished from competitors.

Good web design principles

Strong user experience (UX) is one of the most important elements for customers. The company should make sure that navigation through the website is easy and the information easily accessible. So UI/UX and then the whole design of the webpage should be attentively done.

The most important information should be always at the front and visible to everybody. Customers want quick navigation through the webpage and easy access to the most vital information in the shortest amount of time. And everything must be done for both mobile and desktop devices.

Choosing videos, and pictures that have good quality is important, and so is the copy, since not many people will take the webpage seriously if they see that the writing contains many jargons. Also, not everybody reads full content at first, implementing creative headlines and sub-headlines will make them more inclined to show interest.

Since numerous templates are created for different companies, we’ll talk about a few of those options which could be rewarding.


Salient Theme

The Salient Theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme that’s great for many different types of web pages. It’s good to build corporate sites, portfolios, etc. It’s well designed, powerful, and responsive solution, that gets constantly improved. It’s easy to gain attention with Salient Theme’s attractive and aesthetic web design.

You have lots of freedom to create the design that you always wanted, it has numerous template collections that work very well for lots of industries. With this version, it’s easy to achieve high speed and good performance, get unlimited color options for your design, and multiple blog styles and layouts as well.

Avada WordPress Theme

The Avada Website Builder helps you to set up lots of improvements and consist of many important elements. The boundaries are almost limitless. You have endless unlimited design options and numerous website layouts. It contains advanced search options as well.

Even Microsoft uses Avada theme, their Visual Studio subdomain is built on that. Many different companies, management services, travel agencies, and universities use this theme for web pages.

Grotte. Woocommerce WordPress Theme

Grotte considerably improves the marketing strategy for many web pages. This theme is mostly used for shopping sites or to promote different products, but it’s so well-built and pleasant that most of the customers who use it are always filled with a memorable experience.

It’s very responsive, works from many devices, and has this very unique “Buy For Me” feature that lots of people enjoy and find interesting.


It’s a very creative and minimal multi-purpose WordPress theme that’s used by lots of companies. Besides having many options, one of the best parts is how each of them is so well designed for many industries.

For example, this theme can be used for many businesses, blogs, shops, cafes, and hotels. There are lots of Cryptocurrency web pages built on this theme as well.


Every company knows about the importance of visual impact. Most companies require different designs based on their goals. Slope is a multipurpose WordPress theme that suits the needs of numerous modern startups and new companies. It can help you to create a new face for your brand as well.

Importance of Choosing the best Web Design for the Company

Above mentioned options are used by numerous countries and all of them have a certain style that will be attractive to different types of customers. However, there is always a chance that with your creativity you’ll make any template work for you.

It’s important to decide what you want and start looking for options that would help you. It’s hard to find the best option but having a clear purpose will let you see how your ideas can be arranged in your web design.

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MVP in Software Development: Why is it Important for Businesses?

MVP in Software Development: Why is it Important for Businesses?

A successful software product will cost money to develop if the process is time-consuming. The drawn-out process usually causes developers to lose focus on the original goal of the product, forcing them to delay delivery deadlines and squander time on expensive issue fixes.

Taking baby steps by achieving modest targets and slowly acclimating over time seems more logical. Because it is easily controllable, scalable, and can be finished with the utmost emphasis, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in software development is essential for strategically aligning the project.

MVP in Software Development

The term “MVP software development” refers to software that has the bare minimum features necessary to make a product viable, i.e., it meets the criteria to provide the product with its essential functionality. Although some people mistake it for a wireframe or an early proof of concept, it refers to the product’s first release, which is complete and has no additional features.

The legitimacy and success of later versions are based on the foundation, which was constructed, tested for functioning, and successfully delivered. The final application will also be based on user input and experience. As a result, MVP helps with the product’s phased rollout, which significantly lowers the likelihood of failure and saves money and time. 

Through an iterative process of construction, measurement, and learning, changes based on customer feedback and requirements may be included, guaranteeing that the market’s demands are fully satisfied. 


Benefits of  MVP in Software Development

  •  Quicker release.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to wade in slowly. The foundations of MVP design stay the same. Only once your product’s core feature has been effectively introduced can you release your product with ease and speed.

MVP enables you to launch the product more quickly and start forming connections with your target market. This can lay a strong basis for success in the future.

You may prevent expensive mistakes by confirming that there is a real need for your good or service early on. Exactly this is what MVP does.

  • Performs the role of a mini product or service tester

Starting with a minimal viable product helps the team stay focused on the core features and benefits of the product and software. By using this approach, you can save expenses, mistakes, and dangers by a factor of ten. Based on the customer feedback and product research, you may create a suitable business strategy that operates and is financially feasible.

In other words, you don’t need much money to hypothecate the product. Making it clear and uncomplicated, and leaving out undesirable and unnecessary features, avoids procrastination among your team.

The MVP reduces rework by making it simpler to find and fix errors and problems in software development. Software with multi-layered functionality makes it challenging and time-consuming to locate issues and fix them, forcing you to miss deadlines.

  • The product changes as it is presented.

Later phases of software development can be prepared for by creating a minimal viable product (MVP). By developing an MVP with a focused approach to the core functionality, you provide opportunities for future enhancements and improvements based on user input. Regular product feature updates not only increase the value of the product but also improve the experience for end consumers.

With MVP’s constant expansion, you may benefit from emerging technologies as they become available. It will maintain your goods relevant and contemporary in the cutthroat market of today.

  • Ensure that the product and the audience are compatible.

It is a horror to discover the fact that we are creating or creating something that no one wants. Therefore, creating a marketable product becomes crucial. Early software design should be used to test the viability of the product. It is simpler to create a balance between the offers of the product and the needs of the end-users by ascertaining the consumers’ requests.


MVP prioritizes strategy and analysis over development. You put your theories to the test to ascertain the product’s relevance and end customers’ needs. Businesses then modify the idea following their customer base to produce a useful product that may then be enhanced to become outstanding. The most practical strategy for any start-up or product company is the MVP.

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Methods To Understand The User In Web Design

Methods To Understand The User In Web Design

You may wonder what users think when they come to your site. What you care more about is how they experience it, whether they are satisfied or not. ‘What could you do to keep people on your website and how can you do it?’ ‘ are the primary concerns here. You need to know what can be made to engage the target audience, such as using rhetorical questions (to name but a few). Developing a user experience with visual elements, functionality, buttons, and overall layout are just a few examples.

Users Must Understand the Purpose of the Website

It might be tough to attain simplicity at times! It’s great that your site uses the latest inspirationally written introduction… But what exactly does it do? The essential point here is to properly educate your audience about the sort of products or services you offer. 

It is useful to share and explain crucial information as well as specifics such as price or categorization. Don’t commit the typical error of writing unnecessary information until you’ve gotten to the purpose. Whatever you add or discuss should only contribute to increasing the readability and comprehension of what your brand offers. Straight to the point – simple… There will be no more long-winded, useless, and inefficient wording.

Users scan the page rather than reading the articles

In today’s world, there is no escape from vast amounts of material and data online in a digital age.  Most visitors want to get to the core of a text’s content in seconds. If they cannot, the information is frequently ignored in favor of a competing website that can. 


Users don’t read the information on your website, they do a thing known as skimming or scanning, and it involves filtering and searching for key ‘trigger’ terms to identify the required and relevant information. Style your layout according to user behaviors, which commonly results in logos in the top left and the search bar or icon on the right. Effective headlines orient visitors to each part and aid them in determining where they will find the information they want.

Persuade them to spend their valuable resources and time reading your information. Draw people to the site with visual and textual clues, as well as CTAs that use approachable language to build a voluntary desire to continue reading!

Pay Close Attention to All Pages, not only the Homepage

Let’s pretend that numerous people have been directed to certain portions of your website via links. If they want to view other portions of the site Will you let them get lost and question themselves? Certainly not. Always build a consistent and user-friendly layout. 

This encourages simple navigation around the site, resulting in more time spent researching your offerings. This method can also help you enhance your client retention and lead generation plus conversion rates. It’s a huge win for everyone!

If it is not essential, do not reinvent the UI elements

It’s pointless to add unnecessary stuff to complicate things further. Instead, keep things graphic and bold. Set an engaging tone and prioritize quality rather than quantity to attract users to your website. Maintain consistency across all pages and areas of your website to remind visitors that they are all part of the same brand! This eliminates consumer confusion.

You may always include a hoverable ‘how to?’ tiny help guide that compliments the real-time navigation experience. It saves time, increases efficiency, and generates more interest from clients or readers. 


Just remember to provide the material in a relevant way using ordered layouts. Furthermore, engagement tactics such as interactive graphics improve both the user experience and awareness – which is essential! This may change the reach of your business, especially if you use well-placed CTAs and even tools like live chat. Finally, process tools produce excellent outcomes regarding user experience(UX). Your ultimate objective is to welcome, inform, retain, and promote visitors to your website. You can achieve this by putting all of the suggestions above into action!

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Five Mistakes in Web Design You Should Avoid

Five Mistakes in Web Design You Should Avoid

It’s no secret that website design goes hand in hand with usability. The question is, what makes a good website? Most people know that a website needs to be attractive, but there are other things you can do to make it more effective.

Of course, the ultimate test is whether it increases conversions or not. Here are five common mistakes to avoid while creating a website, so they can increase their conversion rate by 10% or more.

Optimizing for search engines isn’t necessary 

New visitors will be unlikely to find if your website isn’t optimized for search engines.

Why is this a web design mistake? Because SEO (search engine optimization) is too important to ignore. Without it, your site will be unlikely to attract new visitors simply because they can’t find it on search engines.

Your website needs to be easy to find but also rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs). This means it must have a good description and title tag, it needs to be optimized for mobile devices and it should have relevant keywords and no broken links.

Not thinking about adding contact information

We’ve all been there: you’re looking for a company on the web page, and all you can find is its name and address. You can’t even tell if they have a phone number or email address because it’s buried so deep in their site. And then when you finally do find it — or don’t — it’s hard to remember what it was.

If this happens to you, try adding an “About Us” page to your site (or at least offer visitors a way to quickly find out more about your company). This will help users find out who you are, where you’re located, and how to contact you.

Another great way to make sure people know how to contact you is by adding a privacy policy page or terms of service page (TOS). These two pages should be easy for users to find through a search engine and understand before they send any personal information over the Internet.


Overloading your site with ads

If you’re going to use ads on your website, make sure they are relevant and not too many. Too much clutter can distract users from what they came for, which is your content, and worsen the user experience. Also, make sure the ads are placed properly so they don’t look like they could be ads themselves! 

It’s important to think about what you want people to do when they visit your website and then figure out how you can achieve those goals through design and content.

Not paying attention to website loading time

Having a slow loading time is one of the most irritating things you can experience when visiting a website. It’s not just annoying, it’s bad for business. You’re losing out on potential customers and money.

It’s important to keep the loading time under control by using the latest technologies and keeping your site up-to-date with the latest, good web design trends.

Not prioritizing user navigation

This is a classic one, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just that you’re making the site harder for your users to navigate — you’re also making your content less accessible to them. If users have trouble navigating your site, they’ll be less likely to find the information they need or want. And if they do find what they were looking for, it will take longer for them to get there.

One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is by having a clear hierarchy of menus and submenus so users know where they are and where they can go next. This will also help visitors find their way around quickly when they come back because it’ll look familiar.


There’s a lot to consider when you’re creating a website, and if you want to avoid the common mistakes that so many others make, then you should be aware of some basic principles around web design. Each mistake listed here is one that you’d be wise to avoid. With any luck, they’ll help give some clarity as to how and why things go wrong when making websites, so you won’t follow in their footsteps.

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Importance of Progressive Web Applications in modern Web Development

Importance of Progressive Web Applications in modern Web Development

Meaning of Progressive Web Applications

PWA stands for Progressive Web App, which is an application built like a classic website, to be more precise PWA is created using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but it is almost impossible to distinguish them from native apps, that are built with particular programming languages. 

Progressive web applications include some special features they are all installable as classic apps on the home screen, They can be used offline and you can continue your work from where you last left off. 

One of the most important differentiating features of a progressive web app is that it’s much faster and easier to build than native apps because PWA takes advantage of the vast web ecosystem.

Why is Progressive Web App important?

Apart from the fact that Progressive Web App is much cheaper than native applications and easier to create, It has many more advantages, which is why large companies switching to PWA. 

Let’s take a closer look at why progressive Web App is so important. Start with the fact that it works as successfully as classic applications. Another benefit is that they work with many different screen sizes and that PWA is updated independently without visiting the Play store or App store. 

Because they are built with web technologies, they are easily discoverable in search engines. Also, it has a low maintenance cost and is very lightweight, so it is simple to install. 


Examples of PWA 

Since it is possible to create progressive web apps for iOS and Android software simultaneously, the popularity of PWA is increasing. More and more large companies choose to develop a progressive web application for their product. Let’s see how successfully these businesses use progressive web applications. 


To provide an accessible, convenient online ordering experience for all customers, Starbucks created a PWA. With the ability to work offline, Starbucks PWA allows its users to customize orders, browse the menu, and add items to their carts, and all this, without an internet connection. Once online, customers can see prices and order their food and beverage.

Because PWA is 99% smaller than the Starbucks native app, it quickly became a customer favorite and doubled the number of daily online orders.


The new BMW Progressive Web App truly amazes people with its high-resolution images and videos. Also, despite this quality, its loading time is quite short it is 4X faster than the old app. 

Since the PWA was launched there has been a 4x increase in the number of people clicking from the home page to the BMW sales site and a 50% increase in mobile users. 


As Uber expanded into new markets, the company decided to build a PWA. The Uber PWA is designed to make car booking possible on a low internet connection, and 2G networks. Uber’s new progressive web app is ideal for users who don’t have high-speed and modern devices. 

Most importantly, the Uber app offers users a similar experience to the native app, although its loading time is much shorter and starts in just three seconds on a 2G network.

Listing examples would take us too far because many modern and everyone’s favorite applications such as Pinterest and Spotify are created with the PWA system.

The Wrapping up 

Because progressive web applications are still new, they are not yet fully integrated and trusted. But when you have a little time and want to create an application for both iOS and Android, which will work quickly and at the same time without much weight and will also be able to function properly even without the Internet, then PVA is the best choice.

A significant advantage that progressive web applications have is that they can be used in any industry, from games to delivery services.

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