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How could you improve your business with Business Process Automation?

How could you improve your business with Business Process Automation?

Importance of Business Process Automation

Business process automation can help you to eliminate all the issues that would otherwise make you waste your time and resources. Generally, with automation solutions, you resolve many tasks without humans. If you require a human mind for certain tasks you can use your team, but if you have a complicated situation you can just reduce human intervention and use a wide range of digital solutions.

Nowadays businesses frequently use many different options in order to successfully digitalize and improve their environment. They use different automated systems, industrial robots, artificial intelligence, and many more.

Time Is Money

Time is important for companies and is associated with many factors that are crucial for success. Time is money, so when you are wasting your time that means that you are wasting your resources as well.

In this case, with business process automation you’ll be able to do tasks more quickly. Your team members will take care of other tasks that need the human mind to be accomplished successfully. So, you are saving lots of time and money with this option.  


Increased Profits

Using business process automation can help you to go through different processes more quickly and create value as well for your customers. You get more work done in a short amount of time with good quality and almost no mistakes, so of course it automatically means that your chances of increasing your profits are better.

Higher Productivity

When you’ll start actively automating different processes in your company, you’ll see how certain events are connected and bring you profits. You just need the right strategy to make sure that this chain won’t be disrupted. Because when you do everything correctly you can automatically ensure that you’ll have higher productivity and many other benefits as well.  

Also, consider the fact that, unlike humans, machines can do many tasks at once, don’t tire easily, and do everything with fewer errors. Your team members can be more flexible and take care of the work that needs different approaches and innovative solutions, while the rest of the job will be done by machines. Many tasks will be done with minimal resources and you’ll improve your efficiency as well.

Minimized Errors

As mentioned before it can minimize errors and delays for you. Because of that business process automation technologies are used by many different types of businesses. For example, manufacturing industries can automate and manage processes that are related to order processing and product line process, and be more sure about their product quality as well.

Financial industries could automate billing processes and improve risk management. In the banking industry customer onboard processes, credit check processes, and many other aspects can be automated. While your machines will take care of certain tasks with minimized errors, you’ll be able to take care of everything else that needs human workers.

Better Standardization

Another gain for your business is related to standardization. Managing this factor will definitely help you to improve your business. Everybody uses different, original, and unique approaches while dealing with certain tasks. It’s understandable because we are humans and that’s exactly how it should be. However, standardizing certain processes will help you to constantly have great results.

For example, for your company, you might want to automate processes that are related to product delivery or marketing research. Your team members might find different approaches to deal with these processes, but with business process automation you’ll be able to make these processes work with certain standards. The biggest benefit of it is that you’ll be more sure about how everything can be accomplished and will have no doubts about the final results.

Recordings About Every Process

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, with business process automation you can record every step that you are taking and every solution that you are using. You’ll be able to monitor what’s happening and improve your administrative control as well.

Records will help you to communicate with your team members better. You can tell them what went right or what went wrong and guide them through different scenarios.

Improved Customer Experience

With business process automation you are changing and improving many factors in your company. You are more flexible, constantly maintain quality and efficiency, your products and services are better, and many more. So of course customers start feeling better about your brand and gain more loyalty toward you.

What You Have to Consider for BPA

Automating lots of processes can be a very beneficial option, but you have to consider many things before you start working on them. Keep in mind that there are many tasks that need to be done by your team members. Automating everything or automating processes that don’t need automation at all would be very bad for you.

This solution can be used to deal with tasks that have a high volume, are time-sensitive, and require the intervention of numerous people. Also, after automating several processes you should check their progress and make sure that everything is working effectively for you.

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How does AI complement RPA?

How does AI complement RPA?

The Role of RPA and AI in a Digital World

In order to move forward in this digital world, it’s necessary to enrich your company with different tactics and digital solutions. One of the solutions that makes navigation easier in the digital world and aids numerous industries with digital transformation is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Robotic process automation software can aid you with rule-based actions and help you to improve various business operations.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a widely known option as well that has helped companies to move forward and accomplish numerous tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) in most cases is a great aid for RPA software and can tremendously increase business efficiency. Both of them together can make seemingly hard goals more achievable. Even repetitive tasks are accomplished better. They can help you to define new ways of achieving customer satisfaction and sort out numerous other factors for you in the most cost-effective ways.

The Power of Intelligent Automation (IA)

One of the most widely known solutions in the business world is known as Intelligent Automation. It’s impossible to skip this topic when AI and RPA are mentioned. Because, IA is a powerful combination of AI, RPA, machine learning, etc. It plays a great role in digital transformation as well.

Numerous cases highlight the fact that AI is the perfect complement to RPA when you want to have more improved automation. This combo can help you to simplify numerous processes. Their interaction in IA is the power that drives changes and improves numerous processes. So you can be sure that this solution will help you to become more productive and efficient.


Increased Efficiency Based on New Digital Capabilities

AI as the digital representation of human-like cognitive capabilities, can help you to solve numerous problems and make you more efficient. As for the RPA, it’s a great solution to seize important and beneficial opportunities. Having more digital solutions, including RPA and AI, will help you to increase your efficiency and run operations in a cost-effective way.

For example, imagine that you are using tools that can act as virtual assistants and are able to quickly respond to customers. With the benefits of RPA and AI, this process along with many other processes would be better and would help you to move forward with new digital capabilities. There are numerous companies that use RPA bots along with many other RPA tools to increase their productivity.

Extracting, Validating, and Processing the Data

Data is always a very important aspect for many companies. Business data would be able to show you any kind of information about your company and operations. But extracting, validating, and processing data that could consist of many statistical aspects, sales numbers, and many more, could be confusing and needs to be carefully handled. The combination of AI and RPA can help you to understand more about your data and aid you with any processes related to it.

Production and Supply-Chain Management

How AI and RPA drive beneficial changes can be seen in many other aspects of the company as well. By using their combination you’d be able to gain another digital solution for yourself. You’d be able to automate numerous processes and would make them more efficient as well. Also, this combination is a great way to improve your production and supply chain management as well.

For example, with AI and RPA, you’d be able to predict supply and demand and act accordingly. As mentioned before it’s a good solution for dealing with data as well, it can help you to sort out any errors. Overall, it will help you to run different processes more smoothly, like different financial services, order entries, and fulfillment.

Improved Customer Experience

Besides being able to reward you with more accuracy, efficiency, and productivity, they can help you to enrich your customer service and customer experience as well. On top of that, all of these goals are achieved in the most cost-effective way. Using different digital solutions to deal with your target audience and to understand their needs and requirements is always a good idea.

In this case, communication would be more effective between your company and customers. You could make them more loyal to you and improve your products and services as well based on their feedback. Using these options will help you to improve all the above-mentioned aspects along with many others.

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What are the best content collaboration software?

What are the best content collaboration software?

Benefits of Content Collaboration Software

Content collaboration software is a crucial component of the digital world. It’s focused on creating different ways to improve the workforce and productivity. The benefits of collaboration are great, but if during the working process, you’ll use different computer systems and enhance cloud collaboration as well, you’ll take another great step toward success.

Your team members would be able to work from anywhere but still share important information with each other with great speed and security. Collaboration brings you solutions that are great for problem-solving as well. Team collaboration or any form of collaboration that you can achieve with this solution and other operating systems as well will help you to do many business operations effectively.

AWS WorkDocs

AWS WorkDocs, also known as Amazon WorkDocs is a secure content collaboration system that can help you to share information and create connections with numerous teams together. It’s a high-quality, fully managed platform with very rich digital content.

This software is very secure and comfortable to use. All the teams from the company can be connected, and access to files will be possible offline and online as well from any place and any device.



Box is another great solution that can help you to simplify your work. Box is a trusted solution for many leading companies because it provides users with good security, and seamless collaboration, and lets them make their workflows move faster.

For example, one of the companies using this option is Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley as the global leader in financial services helps numerous people and businesses to build and manage wealth to reach their financial goals. With Box API they are able to upload any documents and receive notifications about that. They feel more secure that way and can improve their customer experience as well based on all the benefits Box provides them with.


Citrix is another great solution that can help you to work from any device easier. You’ll see many features that can help you to work the way you want. Because all the aspects included in the Citrix collaboration platform are focused on helping organizations improve information-centric and collaborative factors. The main goal is to make your company more competitive and productive in the digital world.

This software is very easy to use, and very secure. It gives you more visibility in document sharing and can detect any issues or delays. You can be sure that critical information will be shared between team members effectively and securely. The price that you’d have to pay for this software solely depends on the features that you’d like to use. Also, you can use discounts as well on certain occasions.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox is a name that has been famous in the cloud storage space for a very long time and for very good reasons. Its new features and solutions are great for bigger enterprises. With its tools, you can keep everyone in your company organized and provide everybody with the information that is crucial for them. It can help you to transform your company, and increase your productivity. Its main goal is to help you do anything that you want with the full power of your team.

Google Suite

Google Suite is also known as G Suite and it includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, and many other options to help you work better. You’ll have many familiar tools here which of course will help you to understand everything more easily. You’ll be able to connect and collaborate with your team members and suppliers effectively.

It has several plans. You can even have a free trial at the beginning. The selection of paid plan solely depends on what type of business you have. The options that you’ll see are called the business starter, business standard, and business plan.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office emerged as one of the first solutions for collaboration. Over the years it gained many features that are well-suited for different enterprises. Core features that you can use with this option include Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others.

Besides that, it’s very comfortable to use and can fulfill any of your needs and requirements. It can be used from any major platform and device. This is a solution that can help you to effectively go through digital transformation and progress.

Choose the Right Content Collaboration Software

All the options that you read about are very beneficial. But this is just a small list. In order to achieve success, it’s important to use the kind of collaboration tools, computer programs, and digital solutions that will lead you to effective collaboration.

You need to check the specific features that the software has, security management solutions, and many other factors. So go through your options carefully and use the assistance of professionals to determine what is the best solution for you.

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How and why digitalize your product development process

How and why digitalize your product development process

Importance of Digitization

Digitization truly has impacted the world in a very unique way. The development of modern digital products changed every industry in one way or another. With digitization, you’d be able to redefine how to leverage tools, people, and processes in your company. You could improve your customer experience as well and create new business models.

After understanding what digitization refers to you’ll understand how you can give everything the kind of digital form that could be beneficial for your company’s development and success.

Innovation in Product Development

Digitalizing the product development process is a great way to gain a competitive advantage. When a company goes through the digital transformation process successfully it can innovate and improve more aspects. For example, in order to improve the product development process, you can use many technological solutions. With machine learning, AI, IoT, cloud, and different digital platforms you’d be able to turn simple concepts into a high-quality product more easily and quickly.

So digitalizing the product development process is beneficial because it helps you to finish certain tasks more easily and makes you more productive. In order to execute this plan you’ll have to use the kind of digital solutions that would be more suitable for you. There are numerous options that you could use. For example, you could try out Digital Twin Software in order to improve your products.


Innovative Uses of Tools and Technologies

Nowadays, it’s impossible not to hear terms like digitalization and digital transformation. All the solutions seem to contain the word digital. You’ll hear from many market leaders about how leveraging digital business processes and the benefits of digitalization seem to be the base of sustainable development.

Because of the many advantages of digital technologies that can be used now, all companies that want to become industry leaders have decided to fit their processes and actions into a digital format, in order to speed up the process of moving into the more innovative path. On this path, they’ll be able to successfully create a digital version of their company that can fulfill all the development goals with different digital devices.

Improved Productivity

Using all the new tools, technologies and software would be very hectic and confusing. Especially at the beginning. But all you need at the beginning is to know how you can use all the new additions in your company, how everything could be organized and the rest will be done by machines.

For example, you could automate administrative processes. This way you’ll do everything more quickly and you’ll eliminate mistakes as well. AI and machine learning are great options for testing. You could even use specific software to control the whole product lifecycle. This way you’d spot any changes or issues immediately. You’ll get new products on the market faster and make better business decisions.

Better Collaboration

With more technologies in your industry, you can improve communication between different teams who might be physically far away from each other or just might need constant correspondence. Information about any changes that will be done and might impact any other department could be shared more quickly. Improved communication and collaboration between different team members will have a positive influence on the product development process and will help you sort out other aspects as well in your organization.

Increased Speed to Market

Now, this happens to be one of the biggest interests that any company could have. Digitalization is the quickest and safest way to reach that goal. When you are implementing different tools and processes in your company, you give yourself a chance to speed up the process of delivering new products to the market.

In order to have a stable and good connection with your target audience you could even test your products and get the feedback very early. You could make the changes immediately and finally create a product that meets and satisfies all the needs that your customers might have.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

All the above-mentioned processes make sure that your relationship with customers will be improved. You can gain their interest and loyalty and make them stay with you for a very long time. Basically, when you are showing them that you have all the tools that can develop high-quality products for them in a short time, and if necessary can make immediate adjustments as well, they see the power in you and start thinking that you are reliable. So you can most definitely improve your productivity and also make them see your company in a better light.

Save Money and Become More Profitable

With different technologies, you can gain more benefits and advantages. They will positively influence your long-term goals as well. Most of the money is needed at the begging of the whole process. After equipping yourself with all the necessary tools you can save money and get the profits that you gained from your investments in the digitalization process. Define your goals from the beginning and discover with professionals what are the best solutions for you.

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Cloud-based ERP in digital transformation

Cloud-based ERP in digital transformation

Importance of Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud-based ERP can play a great role in digital transformation and can help you gain a great competitive edge. It’s basically the brains of the company that can provide you with advanced functionalities that would be very beneficial for you. It’s another additional component that can help you successfully go through digital transformation and make you stand close to the leading companies in your industry.

Nowadays companies deal with many challenges. Besides delivering certain products and services to their customers, they have to do it very fast, constantly try and improve them, be more reliable, etc. Then they deal with numerous partners for production, distribution, sales, and support. Managing a business could become chaotic without software that could help you with these processes. That’s exactly why you would need a cloud-based ERP.

Setting the Stage for Digital Transformation

Upgrading the business landscape is important in order to move forward. In this case, ERP can help you to advance your digital transformation, drive strategic changes and integrate important technologies into your company.

For example, it could be successfully used in the manufacturing industry as well. It could control numerous manufacturing operations that are related to staff, inventory, etc. It can manage, track, and monitor any aspect and every step that is related to the manufacturing process.


Improved Security

ERP can help you with innovation, and transformation and can help you to improve your company for the better. It can help you create the kind of long-lasting results that you’ll benefit from for a while. But one of the biggest advantages is that you can use the benefits with confidence. You are very secure with ERP, have better access to your data, and generally, you know that your business data is well protected.

Improved Communication

Cloud-based ERP makes communication very easy. All the departments from the whole organization can freely connect to each other and share necessary information. On top of that, all of them use the same source of data. You can add other applications as well here if you think that they are necessary for your business or might be beneficial in the future.


Another benefit is related to your system and how it can be set up. You can set up the system in a way that will make working easier and more understandable for you. You can basically configure any aspect to make them more suitable for you.

Try out this with different processes and documents and make sure that every aspect of your company makes you and your team members more comfortable. Use AI, machine learning, or other solutions if they can help you to deal with certain aspects.

Better Usability

Cloud-based ERP might seem complicated at the beginning, but in fact, it’s very easy to manage. First of all, the user interface is very simple. Implementation is easy as well. You won’t need guidance from different IT teams if there isn’t something drastic happening. You just need to understand the basics, see how it will fit into your strategy, and then you can use it without any complications or assistance.


After some time, all the companies start thinking about expanding their business and going past the borders where they took their first steps. Digital transformation is the key here. It can equip you with numerous tools that would aid you in this journey.

So if you want to expand your business, going through digital transformation with the help of cloud-based ERP would be great. ERP would help you to share important data across different business units and global enterprises without any issues.

Powerful Analytics

Analytics are important to determine how far you are progressing and generally what’s the everyday life of your company. ERP will let you see in real-time how different areas of your business are performing right now and can help you predict future outcomes as well. You’ll be able to measure any aspect that you were interested in to determine what are your strengths and weaknesses.


If your business isn’t agile, the chances of success will be decreased for sure. Agility is a concept that seems to cover many areas of businesses and its existence or non-existence decides a lot. With cloud-based ERP you’d have better access to data that would help you to make quick and accurate business decisions. On top of that, your team members would be able to work from anywhere.

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Advantages of Electronic Data Interchange for your business

Advantages of Electronic Data Interchange for your business

Importance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Digital transformation is the basis of success now. One of the components that could help you to successfully digitalize your company is to use solutions related to electronic data interchange. EDI is basically a standard format that is used to exchange business information between two organizations electronically.

It’s a great option for replacing paper-based documents. As for the necessity of replacing paper-based documents, it’s beneficial because this way your organization could save time and get rid of costly errors. EDI can help you to improve your efficiency, productivity, and your customer experience.

EDI Shortens the Supply Chain

EDI is suitable for many different companies, no matter what’s their size. One of the biggest advantages is that it can shorten your supply chain effectively. It can help you with document management and allows you to send and receive different documents more quickly.

You can understand more easily as well what products you might need to buy. You have a better understanding of everything and are able to take care of numerous tasks. You can shorten your supply chain and make better decisions.


Increased Transaction Accuracy

While using electronic data interchange it’s no wonder that your transaction accuracy will be increased as well, because EDI deals with numerous documents for you without delays and human errors.

This type of automation could help you to save lots of money for your company and increase the chances of having more international partners. You’ll know for sure that while dealing with them with the aid of EDI you’ll work more productively with them.

EDI Enables Transaction Tracking

Another benefit of EDI is related to transaction tracking. It’s important for companies because this way you could monitor more essential factors of your company.

You’d know if the documents were sent in time and in the correct directions, if they were properly received, etc. Overall, you’ll know with this digital solution exactly what’s going on in your company.

Reduced Costs

EDI brings many benefits to you. Since it’s eliminating the use of paper from your company, you won’t need to spend your money on printing, postage, or any other aspect that could be related to papers.

Also, you can save money on other operations, like you’d be able to reduce information processing costs. When you use the principles of EDI correctly, you can reduce costs and increase your effectiveness.

EDI Improves Communication

Companies deal with many different types of audiences on daily basis. For example, you have to communicate with your customers, suppliers, etc. Unlike traditional communication, many aspects are improved with EDI which makes communication easier and more effective.

Also, generally, it can help you to improve your customer experience as well. Because EDI makes sure that your products and services will be delivered to your target audience properly, which automatically improves your customer experience and makes you more visible on the market.

EDI Improves Security

Electronic data interchange is valuable because it can improve your security as well. It can aid you with all the necessities that are required to improve the security of document interchange.

Also, it can record all the transactions. You’ll be able to monitor everything better and make sure that everything in your company is operating according to the rules. Also, recording transactions can aid you as a verification tool against fraud.

Reduced Paper Usage

Reduced paper usage is a great way to reduce your costs, it can help your staff as well because generally organizing papers require more time, and also, it has a great effect on the organization’s environmental impact as well.

Using Edi to Smoothly Run Your Business

Electronic data interchange is frequently used by many different organizations. For example, it has numerous advantages for the retail sector. It’s a very competitive sector but EDI makes many tasks easily manageable and can help you to save money as well.

In the finance sector, EDI is a common but welcome addition. Because it allows companies to have an access to many financing channels that are secure and also can sort out many different types of documentation.

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Advantages of CI/CD Pipeline 

Advantages of CI/CD Pipeline 

Importance of CI/CD Pipeline

In today’s world, every company needs a software or platform that will aid them in their digital needs. The base of success mostly depends on digital transformation and all the benefits that can be gained from this process. Besides the products and services that you have, you’ll need software that will be useful for your employees and customers as well. CI/CD pipeline is a solution that can help you to accelerate software delivery and improve your business.

CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous delivery) create an environment for you where all of your team members will be able to work towards certain goals. The key factor of this pipeline is related to the use of automation to deliver higher-quality code faster. The automated pipeline can effectively eliminate all the errors for you. It has numerous advantages that could help you to boost your business and improve your performance on market.

Reduced Time-to-Market

In the highly competitive environment where all the businesses exist, it’s important to find more solutions that could help you to be more competitive. One of the main goals of the CI/CD pipeline is to ensure that users will get specific software quickly. You need to know more about your customer needs in order to adopt or create more innovative features for your company. CI/CD pipeline can aid you very well in this process.

You’ll be able to go through changes easily and quickly. You’ll be able to respond to new trends better, and take care of any pain points when they’ll emerge. The path that products have to go through from their production to market availability will be full of more advantages for you.


Reduced Risk and Better Development

When you are able to release some products more rapidly you can become more competitive and improve your development process as well. This kind of activity can help you to understand more about the market, competitors, etc. You’ll be able to test your products as well.

You’ll know that whatever you are doing can be checked for usability. So you won’t waste the time on the aspects that won’t benefit you in the future. With CI/CD pipeline you’ll observe the whole software development lifecycle better and will easily spot and isolate any code issues that might not be good for you. This aspect can help you to improve your productivity.

Reduced Costs

With CI/CD pipeline you depend more on automation and the chances of human intervention in specific tasks are lower.  You can save your time and money while developing and delivering high-quality software. Automation is the key factor that can help you to reduce your costs as much as possible while still maintaining quality and efficiency. For example, CI/CD can automate deployment mechanisms and testing processes for you along with many other processes.

Smoother Path to Production

CI/CD pipeline can let you see all the pain points that might hinder your progress and will let you deal with them immediately. You can add automation for tests, environment creation, or deployments to make every step consistent and repeatable. Basically, you can optimize every stage to make important processes more effective.  With the benefits of the CI/CD pipeline, you can ensure that you’ll have a smoother path to production and improvement.

Better Code Quality

Companies go through different options to find solutions that can help them to enhance their code quality. CI/CD pipeline can shorten the code-change-result cycle, make sure that the code can be easily fixed, and aid you with numerous other advantages in your development process.

Rapid Feedback Cycle

CI/CD pipeline can help you to get feedback immediately. It can let you understand more about the software development phases and give you feedback about the aspects that could become obstacles in the near future. This feedback, along with user behavior data and the key performance metrics will be very useful for you.

You’ll be able to use the information that you got from this process for better decision-making. You’ll know what works for your organization and how you can improve your products.

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The use of value stream mapping for your software delivery

The use of value stream mapping for your software delivery

Importance of Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is frequently used in software development. It gives the company chance to optimize its software delivery processes. For example, VSM is successfully used in manufacturing industries as well, like Toyota. Almost every company appreciates value stream mapping because it can help you to see your needs clearly and lets you understand more about the critical areas for your development. The complete guide of value stream mapping could help you see the path which will help you to grow.

Using VSM in Organizations

Optimizing the development and delivery processes is critical for many software organizations and decides their future success. It can help different organizations to keep up with digital transformation as well. Customer demands and trends are always changing and the best ways to adapt to those changes come from digital transformation.

Value stream mapping could help you if you require complex software and could aid you in the development process as well because the software development process isn’t easy to manage. You’ll be able to match your performance and business outcomes with each other better.


Continuous Improvement with Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping can be very beneficial for software delivery because it can show you all the inefficiencies in ideas or production. Also, you’ll be able to finish your work more easily and quickly. Basically, you’ll be mapping all the processes to visualize what is really happening to determine the next steps. That’s why VSM can help you with continuous improvement.

Improvement of Software Delivery with Product Value Stream

Product value streams pay more attention to customers. In this case, organizations can work in a customer-centric and cost-effective way. Making products that can be successfully used by your customers is the greatest goal for companies. Software delivery itself is about getting a software product to customers, and it ends with the purchase of certain products. So considering everything related to customers is important.

While trying to improve your software delivery it would be great to have a value stream per product, application, or service. Seeing and analyzing everything in detail will help you to identify strategic ways for your improvement. In the long run, you can achieve a lot. You could eliminate delays, improve the quality of software delivery, reduce costs, etc.

Flow Framework for Software Delivery

Flow framework has great importance for software delivery. According to this framework, all the units of value that flow through a software product value stream are called Flow Items. There are different types of flow items, including features, defects, risks, and debt.

For example, the flow item could be a feature that will deliver new capabilities for certain products, or it could be related to any solution that could eliminate the defects in products to improve their usage.

Measuring Flow

There are numerous metrics that could help you to accomplish numerous tasks, but selecting the ones that can help you to measure your software delivery is important. In this case, different flow metrics could be very beneficial for you, because they will help you to measure software-related work better. There are several important flow metrics that can help you out a lot.

For example, the flow velocity can help you determine if the value delivering is accelerating or not. You can also use flow efficiency, flow time, flow load, and flow distribution. As a final result, you’ll be able to determine what are the reasons for slow or great software delivery, where you need to make strategic investments for future improvement, and generally, you’ll understand how software delivery could impact quality and costs.

Value Stream Management in Software Delivery

It’s clear that value stream mapping could play a significant role in software delivery. It’s a solution that can help you determine how you are performing and how you can develop yourself. With value stream management you can bridge a gap between your business strategy and technology delivery. Growing and being successful is a goal that every company had in the past and will have in the future as well. This is a solution that can help you understand better what’s happening and can help you to move in the right direction as well.

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How could the Manufacturing Sector utilize Extended Reality?

How could the Manufacturing Sector utilize Extended Reality?

Importance of Extended Reality (XR)

The modern world is a mix of numerous physical and virtual aspects. That’s why businesses that want to leave a lasting impression on the modern world try their best to reach digital excellence. In this case, with the help of extended reality, you’d be able to discover new ways of interacting with products, services, and people.

It refers to a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. So XR is another great solution for your business that can reduce the difference for you between the real and digital worlds. XR can help you to deliver unique experiences, it can provide your users with more realistic views, can help you in employee training, and can help you to deal with your data more easily as well.

Three Technologies Related to Extended Reality

Extended reality is related to three unique technologies. Augmented reality can show you certain objects in your natural environment, it’s using small virtual elements that can be implemented in your reality.  Virtual reality shows you a reality that is entirely digital. Mixed reality is a mix of real and digital worlds. This type of reality is based on advancements in computer vision, input systems, and cloud computing, along with others.

Extended Reality in Manufacturing Industry

Generally, manufacturing industries benefit a lot from extended reality. It can help lots of professionals in the industry to benefit more from complex technologies and tools. With XR you can create better processes that will help your employees and will reduce risks in your factories. It can be used to speed up time-to-market as well, can help you with product development processes, and many more.


Training and Guidance with Extended Reality

People who work in manufacturing industries work on various machines on daily basis. They need specific knowledge in order to safely and efficiently use different tools. Training employees takes time and could be expensive as well. But with XR you can train your employees, guide them and do it in a more cost-effective way. You can make them use MR and AR glasses, this way they’ll be able to understand more about their environment and the technologies. Also, they will be able to accomplish certain tasks with fewer mistakes.

Better Maintenance and Repairs

With extended reality, you can improve many processes in your industry. It’s important because even one single aspect could have a huge influence on a whole line of production. For example, Japan Airlines is actively using VR and AR tools for customers and airline mechanics as well. They are able to improve their efficiency and maintenance staff as well. The devices that they are using can help you to receive information via visuals and audio guides as well. This solution is used in car companies as well. For example, engineers at BMW can identify more easily which cars need repair or have small problems.

Rapid Product Development

You can experiment and discover a lot with the help of extended reality. After discussing ideas with your team, you can use extended reality to evaluate them. It’s a frequently used solution in the modern world because it can help you with product assessment and can help your customers in the decision-making process as well. After creating a basic model of your product, with help of extended reality you can evaluate all of its aspects. For example, you can use augmented reality to see certain products in your room and understand how it really looks in the real world.

Remote Customer Support

When customers seem to struggle with certain products and require assistance from technicians, it’s easier to use XR technologies. For example, during these kinds of situations, technicians would be able to use different XR equipment, like smart glasses, to check products and evaluate what’s wrong with them without changing their location. Remote customer support would help you to deal with multiple customers at once. You won’t waste your time and resources and will be more productive this way.

Better Data Analysis

Data is an important aspect and plays a great role in the improvement of the digital environment. XR has the capability to evaluate customer behavior and their experiences via different tools. Like XR tools can determine how customers are connected to certain items, what makes them buy certain products, and what kind of content attracts them.

After gathering this information, it will be easier for you to determine how you can change or improve certain processes. Your company would be able to change everything for the better and go through the kind of transformation that would make them more competitive in a modern, digital world.

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Which data to use for your Digital Transformation

Which data to use for your Digital Transformation

Importance of Data for Businesses

Data has esteemed value for companies and it can be seen in many real-life examples. For example, Amazon and Netflix have frequently shown others how data could play important role in understanding clients and improving business. There are certain algorithms as well that can monitor the data on customer behaviors.

The importance of data is great but there are numerous aspects that have to be considered. There are many different types of data that you can use for your digital transformation. Since digital transformation is an extensive process and requires full mobilization from your side, it’s important to consider not one but several types of data to have as much information as possible. It will help you to deal with many obstacles very easily.

Internal Data

Internal data is related to the inner world of the company. It’s about any internal function and performance. To put it simply, all data that can be found in a company’s database is considered internal data.

In this case, you’ll be able to understand more about customer behaviors, sales figures, marketing expenses, social media trends, etc. After gathering and analyzing the information you’ll be able to have more clear ideas about what are your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll be able to decide which aspects would aid you in digital transformation.


External Data

External data can include anything that crosses the borders of the company. The kind of information that you’ll be looking for will depend on your company. For example, if you own an agricultural company it would be good to know more about weather-related data, it will help you to plan different processes. External data in this case is limitless and can benefit you greatly on your way to digital transformation.

Time-Stamped Data

While going through the digital transformation you should pay great attention to time. It’s essential for customer experience. Google is paying special attention to this metric as well. You need to know how long it takes to load a page, or how long customers stay on your webpage. Being more efficient and quick is necessary, it’s a great advantage that aids you in this transformation. It can help you to gain customer loyalty and can help you to go ahead of your competitors.

Open Data

Pay attention to everything that you might come across on Google that is related to your interests. There are lots of sources that you can use to get more official information from big industries. It’s basically everything that’s freely available. Additional sources of information will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Big Data

Big data is frequently associated with data science as well. The rise of big data helped numerous fields to evolve, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To put it simply big data is very large and complex data sets.

It comes from many different sources. Some examples are customer databases, transaction processing systems, etc. Since many businesses are adopting more complex systems right now, this kind of data can be beneficial along with others.

Real-Time Data

Real-time data is another option that could help you in your digital transformation. It provides you with information that can help you to predict the future. It can be used for navigation, tracking, and financial trading as well. In any case, with the information that you can get here, you’ll be able to analyze your environment better and will be able to make better decisions for your future.

Organize Data for Digital Transformation

There are numerous types of data that can help you on the path of digital transformation, separately and together as well. But everything needs to be structured and organized. When you are making plans for your future, make sure that you’ll have everything written down. It will help you to identify important points that could help you in the future.

Analyze all the information that you’ll get carefully to generate desired results. Data has impacted the lives of many businesses. With correct actions, you can ensure that this impact will be beneficial for you. Incorporate these different types of data into your business and you’ll be able to see how many great steps you can take toward digital transformation.

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