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Online Presence in Digital Marketing

Online Presence in Digital Marketing

Online Presence Management & Digital Marketing

In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a small local business or a global corporation, your ability to effectively manage your online presence and embrace digital marketing strategies can make or break your success. The internet is where people turn to search for information, products, and services. Having a robust online presence ensures that your business is discoverable by your target audience. Without it, you risk being overshadowed by competitors who are online.

A well-managed online presence helps build credibility and trust with your audience. An active and engaging digital footprint, including a professional website and active social media profiles, conveys that your business is legitimate and reliable. Additionally, digital marketing channels provide an avenue for direct engagement with your customers. Whether through social media, email marketing, or interactive website content, you can foster a community of loyal customers and address their needs and concerns promptly.

In most industries, your competitors are already online. To stay competitive, you must be present where your rivals are. Furthermore, an innovative and strategic digital marketing approach can give you an edge in a crowded marketplace. Also, you’ll be able to use many cost-effective options, allowing you to reach a wider audience without breaking the bank. The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Staying current keeps your business relevant and appealing to tech-savvy consumers. Embracing these options is a necessity for long-term success in the digital era.

Make Your Digital Presence Appealing: The Art of Online Attraction

In the vast realm of the digital universe, your brand’s online presence is one of the most crucial factors that you should be interested in. As consumers increasingly turn to the internet to discover, engage with, and make purchasing decisions, making your digital presence appealing is paramount.

Your website is often the first point of contact with your audience. An attractive, user-friendly design with clear navigation can entice visitors to explore further. Also, never forget that content is king in the digital realm. Whether it’s your website copy, blog posts, or social media updates, high-quality, informative, and engaging content establishes your authority and captures the audience’s interest.

Utilize eye-catching visuals and multimedia elements. Maintain a consistent brand identity across all online channels. This includes your logo, color scheme, and messaging. Cohesiveness builds trust and recognition. Ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. Easy navigation, quick load times, and mobile responsiveness are key to keeping visitors engaged.

In order to make your digital presence stronger actively participate in social media platforms where your audience is most active. Share valuable content, interact with your followers, and create a sense of community. Additionally, encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and testimonials. Positive feedback from peers can significantly impact the perception of your brand.

Optimize your online content to improve search engine rankings. Higher visibility increases the chances of attracting organic traffic. In today’s digital landscape, an appealing online presence is the gateway to building brand loyalty, attracting new customers, and thriving in a competitive marketplace. Investing in a well-crafted and engaging digital presence will create a strong foundation for success in the virtual world.


How to Set Up an Online Presence for Your Business

First of all, define your goals. What do you want to achieve? Whether it’s increased brand visibility, lead generation, or e-commerce sales, defining your goals is the first crucial step. Keep in mind that since the website is one of the first things that almost all consumers check, it has to be well-designed, user-friendly, and reflect your brand identity. Ensure it’s mobile-responsive, as mobile usage continues to rise.

Populate your website with high-quality, relevant content. This includes informative product descriptions, engaging blog posts, and compelling landing pages. Additionally, manage and maintain active profiles on social media platforms relevant to your business. Consistently share valuable content, interact with your audience, and use social media as a two-way communication tool. Use SEO guidelines as well to be easily discoverable by search engines.

Maintain consistency in your branding, messaging, and content across all online channels. Stay updated on industry trends and be ready to adapt your strategies to stay competitive. Establishing a compelling online presence takes time and effort, but the benefits are well worth it. It allows you to reach a wider audience, engage with customers, and build a strong brand reputation.

Use Performance-Based Digital Marketing Plans for Productive Online Presence

To maintain a productive online presence in a digital world and achieve your business goals, it’s essential to implement performance-based digital marketing plans. These strategies emphasize tangible results, efficient resource allocation, and continuous improvement. Performance-based marketing focuses on measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly impact your business objectives. Whether it’s website traffic, conversion rates, or return on investment (ROI), you can precisely track the metrics that matter most.

Additionally, with performance-based marketing, you allocate resources to channels and campaigns that are delivering the best results. This ensures you get the most value for your marketing budget. With this type of strategy, you’d be able to analyze data in real time and refine your marketing efforts to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Performance-based marketing ensures your digital strategies align with your business objectives. You’re not just spending money on marketing; you’re investing in your desired outcomes.

Ultimately, performance-based marketing is designed to deliver a higher return on investment. Your marketing dollars are allocated to areas generating tangible results, maximizing your ROI. By measuring, adapting, and focusing on what works, businesses can build a strong and sustainable digital presence.

How can Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords Boost your Online Presence?

In the digital realm, the power of keywords cannot be overstated. They serve as the connective tissue between your content and your target audience. When strategically used, both long-tail and short-tail keywords can significantly boost your online presence. They are another effective solution that you should pay attention to.

Long tail keywords are specific, often longer phrases that people use when searching online. These keywords are highly targeted and reflect the searcher’s intent more precisely. For example, “best DSLR camera for landscape photography” is a long tail keyword.

They have several important benefits. First of all, long tail keywords match the user’s specific query, increasing the relevance of your content. This often leads to higher conversion rates. Long tail keywords typically have less competition, making it easier to rank for them in search results and also, they have a higher Click-Through rate (CTR).

Short-tail keywords, on the other hand, are broad and general terms. They are typically one to three words in length, such as “camera.” They have a broader reach and can attract a large audience to your content. Ranking for short-tail keywords can improve your brand’s visibility and overall authority in your industry.

To boost your online presence, it’s essential to strike a balance between long-tail and short-tail keywords. Create a mix of content targeting both types of keywords. Long tail keywords are excellent for in-depth articles, while short tail keywords can be integrated into broader, informative content. Also, short-tail keywords may signify informational queries, while long-tail keywords often indicate a desire for specific information or solutions.

We Orchestrate Your Growth With a Strategy Tailored to Your Specifics

The right digital marketing strategy and plan make all the difference in terms of results. At Edana, we have a unique approach that allows our clients to grow quickly and sustainably according to the objectives set by their management.

Digital marketing encompasses a dynamic array of strategies and channels to engage potential customers and foster brand success. It leverages market research to understand consumer preferences and behaviors.

Search engine marketing, a pivotal component, ensures visibility in online searches. From social media marketing to print marketing, it encompasses various types of marketing to reach the target audience. Marketing campaigns, part of the marketing mix, are designed to resonate with consumers and influence their decisions.

In the digital realm, promotion includes integrated marketing communications, ensuring a cohesive message across multiple channels. In a world where marketing refers to more than just advertising, digital strategies are instrumental in establishing a robust online presence and connecting with the right audience and Edana can help you with that.

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AR Try-On Filters are the Future of Online Shopping

AR Try-On Filters are the Future of Online Shopping

Importance of AR Try-On Filters in a Digital Age

AR try-on filters are not new in the commercial sector. Many particular firms, especially e-commerce sites, are intimately familiar with this option.  AR try-on filters have transformed the way businesses engage with their customers. These interactive filters allow users to virtually try on products, from clothing to makeup, providing a unique and immersive shopping experience.

Customers can engage with brands in a fun and memorable way, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The popularity of AR try-on filters can be directly linked to sales. When customers can visualize how a product looks on them before purchasing, it instills confidence and reduces the likelihood of returns. Additionally, the rise of social media platforms has further propelled the popularity of them.

Users can seamlessly access these filters on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, making them a part of everyday online interactions. This integration allows businesses to reach a wider audience and capitalize on user-generated content. Also, AR try-on filters collect valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. Businesses can use this data to personalize recommendations and marketing strategies, providing a tailored shopping experience.

How can AR Try-On Filters Boost your E-Commerce Sales?

AR try-on filters have become a cornerstone of modern marketing and e-commerce. Their ability to engage customers, boost sales, integrate with social media, offer personalization, provide a competitive advantage, and serve various industries showcases their importance and continued popularity among businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age.

One of the primary challenges in online shopping has always been the inability to physically try on products. AR Try-On Filters bridges this gap by allowing customers to visualize themselves wearing or using the product. This builds confidence and trust, as shoppers know exactly how the item will look on them. When customers are satisfied with their virtual trial, they are less likely to return the product due to misfit or dissatisfaction, resulting in cost savings for the business.

AR Try-On Filters provide a fun and interactive way for customers to engage with a brand. This engagement can lead to longer time spent on the website or app, increasing the chances of making a purchase. Businesses can leverage this immersive experience to captivate their audience. Additionally, these filters collect valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. E-commerce businesses can use this data to personalize recommendations and marketing efforts.


Augmented Reality Try-On Filters Are Transforming Industries Across the Board

Augmented Reality (AR) Try-On Filters are not limited to a single industry. Fashion retailers and beauty brands were among the first to embrace AR Try-On Filters. Customers can virtually try on clothing, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

Eyewear companies use AR Try-On Filters to allow customers to see how different glasses and sunglasses look on their faces. It aids in choosing the perfect frames, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing indecision. Businesses in the home decor and furniture industry leverage AR Try-On Filters to help customers visualize how furniture and decor items will look in their homes.

In the home improvement sector, businesses are incorporating AR Try-On Filters to help customers experiment with paint colors, flooring, and decor choices. Fitness brands are using AR Try-On Filters to help customers visualize how different items fit and look on their bodies. Real estate agencies are employing AR Try-On Filters for virtual property tours. Customers can virtually place their furniture in a property to assess its suitability.

Hairstylists and salons offer filters for clients who want to evaluate different hairstyles before making a change. Optical businesses are using them for customers to visualize how different contact lenses and eyeglasses appear on their eyes and face, making the selection process easier. The adaptability of AR Try-On Filters transcends all the industry boundaries.

AR Filters as the Future of Social Media Marketing

AR filters enable businesses to create personalized and shareable content. Also, users love to share their filtered experiences on social media. This user-generated content attracts more customers towards you. Many social media platforms have embraced AR filters, integrating them into the user experience. Because of that, many brands can increase their customer base, customer engagement rates, and ROI.

As the future of social media marketing unfolds, AR filters are at the forefront, setting the stage for more interactive and personalized brand interactions. With their ability to captivate and convert, they have become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to engage with audiences in novel and impactful ways.

Famous Companies Using AR Filters

Snapchat’s Lens Studio has been a game-changer in the world of AR filters. Brands like Pepsi, Gatorade, and Taco Bell have created sponsored AR lenses that allow users to interact with their products or mascots. For example, Pepsi’s AR filter turned users into dancing hotdogs during a Super Bowl campaign, and Taco Bell’s filter transformed users into delicious tacos.

Sephora’s Virtual Artist is an AR try-on filter that allows customers to try on makeup virtually. Users can experiment with different shades of lipstick, eyeshadow, and more. This filter not only enhances the shopping experience but also helps customers make informed purchasing decisions.

L’Oréal’s AR beauty try-on filter allows users to experiment with various makeup products virtually. Users can test lipstick shades, and eyeshadows, and even experiment with hairstyles. It’s a creative way to engage users and promote L’Oréal’s product range.

Nike introduced the Nike Fit AR feature in their app, which helps users find the perfect shoe size. Users can scan their feet using AR technology to determine their precise shoe size, ensuring a comfortable fit when ordering online. These famous examples demonstrate the versatility and impact of AR try-on filters across industries, from beauty and fashion to furniture and automotive.

An Inventive Approach that Adapts to Objectives and Specificities

The right digital marketing strategy and plan make all the difference in terms of results. At Edana, we have a unique approach that allows our clients to grow quickly and sustainably according to the objectives set by their management.

We generate growth through powerful and tailor-made multi-channel solutions. Thus, we establish and/or execute global or specific strategies mainly in the following areas: SEO, SMM, digital advertising, growth marketing, PR, sales, and marketing automation.

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How to Write Marketing Copy that Generates Leads

How to Write Marketing Copy that Generates Leads

The Importance of a Marketing Copy

Marketing copy as the art of crafting persuasive and compelling text, holds significant importance in the world of business and advertising. Its significance lies in its ability to influence consumer behavior, shape brand perceptions, and drive business growth. There are several key aspects that underline the importance of marketing copy.

First of all, it serves as the bridge between a brand and its target audience. It conveys the brand’s message, values, and unique selling propositions. Well-crafted copy ensures that the message is communicated clearly and effectively, eliminating misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Marketing copy is the primary means of communicating the benefits and value of a product or service. It explains how the product or service can solve problems, improve lives, or fulfill needs. In the era of information overload, consumers are more discerning than ever. Trust and credibility are crucial. In this case, marketing copy can help you to gain more trust from the target audience.

How to Make Your Marketing Copy Easily Readable?

First of all, the foundation of readable marketing copy is understanding your audience. Different audiences have distinct preferences for tone, style, and complexity. Tailor your copy to match the expectations of your readers. Clarity in communication should be your guiding principle.

Use straightforward language and structure your sentences and paragraphs logically. Plan your copy with a clear structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break down information into digestible chunks. Select words with precision and aim for short sentences to not confuse your readers.

Incorporate visual elements like images, infographics, and charts. Visuals can make your content more engaging. If you want to emphasize a point, use formatting techniques like bold text, or italics. Always avoid repetition, and find fresh ways to express your ideas. Also, with mobile browsing on the rise, ensure your copy is mobile-friendly. Short paragraphs, concise sentences, and clear headings are essential for mobile users.

Marketing copy that is easily readable not only conveys information but also fosters a connection between your brand and your readers. The art of making an impact lies in the clarity, structure, and precision of your words. When you master the art of readable copy, your message can resonate with, inform, and inspire your audience more effectively.


Less is More: The Power of Shortening Your Marketing Copy for Improved Customer Engagement

In today’s digital age, where attention spans are shorter than ever, the length of your marketing copy can significantly impact customer engagement. Some companies might still hesitate about shortening their marketing copy, but shortening the copy doesn’t mean that you are providing your customers with insufficient information.

The art of shortening your marketing copy, while maintaining its effectiveness, is a powerful tool for captivating your audience. The first and most critical benefit of shorter marketing copy is its ability to capture your audience’s attention rapidly. With only a few seconds to make an impression, a concise copy gets straight to the point and piques curiosity.

Shortened marketing copy contributes to a better overall user experience. Additionally, less text means that your audience can absorb the message faster, leaving them more time and energy to engage with your content in other ways, such as sharing, commenting, or making a purchase.

Shortening your marketing copy benefits customer engagement by making your message more accessible, readable, and actionable. It’s a skill worth mastering, as it can significantly enhance the impact of your marketing efforts and create a more satisfying experience for your audience.

Crafting Marketing Copy That Speaks Volumes

Many businesses successfully use marketing copies. It’s a noteworthy aspect that can assist you in creating an impact on your audience and demonstrating your worth and value to them. For example, Nike’s iconic tagline – “Just Do It” is a testament to the power of simplicity. It inspires action and aligns perfectly with the brand’s mission of promoting athleticism and determination.

Apple’s famous campaign – “Think Different” challenges the status quo and encourages creativity and innovation. It positions Apple as a brand for those who dare to be different. McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” is catchy and instantly recognizable and conveys the idea that their food brings joy and satisfaction. “Open Happiness” is Coca-Cola’s slogan that highlights how their product is synonymous with happiness and positive experiences.

“When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight”- FedEx’s straightforward promise of speedy and reliable delivery service has become a unique part of their brand identity. Mastercard’s “Priceless” campaign creatively showcases the idea that some experiences are beyond monetary value. These examples showcase the art of crafting compelling marketing copy that resonates with consumers and leaves a lasting impression. Each one effectively conveys the essence and values of the respective brand.

Driving Sales and Conversions with a Marketing Copy

The ultimate goal of marketing copy is to drive sales and conversions. Whether it’s an e-commerce product description, a call-to-action in an email, or an ad campaign slogan, a persuasive copy can motivate the audience to make a purchase or take the desired action.

A great marketing copy will help you to make emotional connections with your potential customers. You would be able to make your audience feel excitement, curiosity, etc. Emotional connections drive brand loyalty, sales, and conversion rates. In competitive markets, marketing copy will help you to stand out. You’d be able to distinguish the brand from the competitors by highlighting what makes you unique or superior.

Also, keep in mind that online visibility is a must in a digital world and in order to be easily reachable you must pay attention to SEO as well. Quality copy that incorporates relevant keywords improves a brand’s visibility in search engine results, attracting organic traffic. For businesses, investing in skilled copywriting is an investment in their brand’s voice, identity, and bottom line.

An Inventive Approach that Adapts to Objectives and Specificities

A well-defined marketing strategy is critical to the success of any business. Marketing is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses various strategies, from market research and integrated marketing communication to social media marketing. It plays a pivotal role in selling products, shaping product prices, and designing effective marketing campaigns.

Market research and search engine marketing help businesses understand consumer needs and preferences, while search engine optimization (SEO) ensures visibility in the digital landscape. Different types of marketing, from print marketing to online promotion, including social media, are part of the marketing mix, emphasizing the importance of creating a cohesive and impactful message.

In essence, marketing refers to the art of connecting with the audience, a process where the 4 Ps of marketing—product, price, promotion, and place—converge to influence consumer decisions and foster brand success. At Edana, we use a creative approach that can aid you in your projects and with all the above-mentioned aspects.

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Marketing Lessons from Starbucks Coffee

Marketing Lessons from Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is a Truly Outstanding Company

Starbucks ranks as one of the world’s most profitable as well as widely recognized companies. They provide high-quality coffee and an unparalleled customer experience. But, customer interest isn’t high only because of coffee. Starbucks knows how to deliver products to consumers and what kind of marketing strategy will help them.

Good marketing research would clarify many other factors that are important. For example, they don’t only use traditional marketing to sell products or services. They use many different types of marketing as well, including inbound marketing and content marketing.

Additionally, many locations have been modernized to include more warm lighting, welcoming colors, couches, etc.  To add to its uniqueness, there are also outside seating areas. Starbucks provides a completely original and exceptional experience for customers.

Define Clear Vision

It is critical for successful marketing to develop a clear vision, strategy, objectives, and targets. To be productive and effective, you must carefully consider the 4 Ps of Marketing, which are product, pricing, place, and promotion. It’s tough to figure out many different attributes about your products without specific goals in mind.

Currently, Starbucks Coffee Company is one of the biggest leaders in its industry. Starbucks’ motive was quite evident from the very beginning. They managed to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of the highest-quality coffee while staying true to their beliefs. Furthermore, Starbucks consistently aimed to be far more than just a brand. Starbucks is a way of living for a number of customers.

Define your goals and what you want to accomplish. What do you desire to symbolize in the coming years for the wider audience? This way, you’ll be able to turn your company into an industry leader more successfully.


Product Diversification and Personalization

One of the biggest and most notable aspects of Starbucks is its originality. It appears through multiple minor aspects but supplies the brand with tremendous strength altogether. Starbucks is known for its exceptional level of diversity as well as personalization.

They transformed a simple coffee into a full-fledged brand featuring distinct names, flavors, and customizations. Diversification made it possible to boost potential gains, stabilize financial results and improve customer relationships.

Starbucks is the “leading source of the finest coffee,” because it targeted peoples’ preference for personalization. Many customers, for example, are able to alter their drinks depending on their personal tastes. Distinguish yourself from the other businesses around you with fresh marketing techniques as well as unique digital solutions, much like Starbucks.

Giving customers the capability to alter and customize things is certainly something you could do as well. You might be able to improve engagement and brand loyalty. You could, for example, provide customized packaging, custom engraving, or the opportunity to select from an array of other possibilities.

Use social media platforms frequently. You’ll be able to share information about your latest developments with greater efficiency with your potential customers. Gather customer feedback, respond to customer inquiries, offer personalized promotions and discounts, and overall reinforce your relationships with them.

A Consistent Brand Experience

Starbucks’ key marketing technique for gaining loyal customers is brand consistency. Even though certain locations provide regional variations, the vast majority of the menu is exactly the same across the entire chain. Customers can visit Starbucks hundreds of miles from their homes. But still get the same cup of their favorite coffee they generally drink on a daily basis.

People find stability to be comfortable, so most of them appreciate the captivating familiarity that Starbucks possesses. Additionally, consistency is showcased by their logo, colors, fonts, and other visual components that makeup brand imagery.

The design has been modified from time to time. However, the original symbol remains immediately identifiable. It has been a driving force behind many profitable scenarios. Brand consistency will help you to improve the visibility of your products and brand loyalty.

You can increase customer satisfaction and your revenue with it. For instance, they attempted to alter their morning menu a couple of years ago. But they went back to their normal drinks because suddenly a lot of customers lost interest in them.

Ethical Marketing

Starbucks’ social networks are constantly bursting with content devoted solely to ethical themes. Many customers recognize them as an ethical premium coffee location. Starbucks is especially passionate about human rights, equal work opportunities, and improvements to healthcare. They are extremely dedicated to fulfilling their social and environmental duties.

They frequently present their efforts on social media. This tactic works quite effectively. Besides enjoying a great cup of coffee, numerous customers feel as if they are contributing to society whenever they visit Starbucks. Ethical marketing should assist you to stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

Rich History of Communication and Interaction

Starbucks has a long and illustrious history of engaging with its customers, most notably through social media channels. Starbucks employs a multiplatform social media strategy involving Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Every single one of them is utilized in a quite distinct manner. Starbucks actually developed an Instagram account for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It was a very fun and creative approach and became popular very quickly.

Another big win that they enjoyed was the Unicorn Frappuccino campaign. It generated hundreds of tweets and mentions, transforming customers into an online social media army. Everybody was eager to get hold of the color-changing, flavor-changing beverage.

So, using social media platforms will be beneficial. Also, you could let them know about the promotions including, discounts and contests and attract more people towards you.

Packaging and Aesthetics

Starbucks uses its products as a direct source of advertising and a means of increasing brand recognition. Their combination of minimalist creativity and traditional color palettes effectively tell their consumers their core beliefs. The coffee cups are an excellent representation of this strategy.

On the surface, they appear to be quite simple. Yet despite this, the components they contain express the brand’s message. Its cups are immediately identifiable due to a unique siren image.

The basic design brings out its outstanding quality, and eco-friendly materials emphasize the ethical nature of business operations. Starbucks’ designs not only differentiate its offerings as premium products but also set it ahead of other beverage brands.

Edana’s Suggestions

Edana is a Swiss-based digital marketing company. We have an extensive group of highly qualified professionals. They are determined to take on the challenges you’re facing and assist you in achieving your goals.

As it has been defined marketing is one of the best solutions to improve your business with entirely novel approaches. Our Publications provide great pieces of advice regarding topics that involve Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Why is Digital Marketing Healthy for Healthcare Industries?

Why is Digital Marketing Healthy for Healthcare Industries?

The Rise of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industries

Digital marketing has established a strong presence and is highly valued in the healthcare industry, proving to be a dependable ally for any Med Tech-based solutions as well. With the emergence of digital health/digital healthcare and remote patient monitoring (RPM) in the modern world, it is necessary to adjust marketing strategies to ensure the success of novel concepts, products, and services in the market.

Healthcare businesses can take advantage of the many different digital marketing solutions to reach out to their potential customers, patients, and representatives through different online channels. Digital strategies allow them to provide their consumers with the right information. This type of marketing offers a cost-effective way to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. It also helps them to market their products and services more effectively, increasing their visibility in the market.

The use of digital marketing tools has become increasingly popular among healthcare companies in recent years. This is due to the benefits it can offer, such as increased presence in the global market, the ability to offer more products, and the ability to build a larger, more loyal customer base. This has made it an invaluable asset for those in the medical industry looking to boost their performance.

Digital marketing refers to many concepts and solutions, so while choosing which path to follow, traditional marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, or something else entirely, it’s easy to get confused. Health care Industry has lots of specific aspects and requires careful marketing research.

While considering different types of marketing and all the additional solutions you should not forget about the 4 Ps of marketing as well, which are Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. All the above-mentioned solutions and other options that will be discussed in the article would benefit greatly from the addition of the key factors of the 4Ps. Using all the available options in a smart way to promote different health care services will help you to build brand loyalty as well.

The Pharmaceutical Business is Switzerland’s Growth Engine 

To demonstrate how you can leverage the power of digital marketing in the healthcare industry, contemplate the pharmaceutical business, which in itself is Switzerland’s growth engine. There are numerous types of pharmacies, and it is important to take into account this factor when developing a digital marketing strategy. The solutions for all of them differ.

Several solutions are required to use the power of “digital” to enhance your pharmaceutical business. To begin with, it is essential to produce value-driven pharmacy content because people possess complete access to various social media platforms and are exposed to a wide range of information daily. It’s hard to surprise them.

Nevertheless, value-driven content will instantly grasp their attention and will make them perceive you in a favorable light. You can share this content with them via different social media platforms. Also, you could enhance your webpage with the benefits of SEO to be on top of Google search results and present yourself to customers better.

In the age of e-commerce and online shopping, you could even collaborate with influencers. Numerous people struggle with making decisions, particularly when they haven’t tried certain alternatives. This means that they might make decisions based on suggestions made by influencers. Also, use an online messaging app to better interact with your target audience and make them see you as a trustworthy and dependable assistant.

Paid advertising, which can be done with Google ads or Facebook ads, is another excellent alternative. Choose the social media platforms that your target audience uses the most to keep them updated and interact with them more easily. It is essential to conduct extensive research because many important factors vary and require a different approach depending on particular regions. For example, in Switzerland, it’s important to consider at least the language factor while working on specific cantons.


The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior

The healthcare industry has undergone significant changes. It underwent extensive development, became accustomed to new trends and innovations, and established new goals. Any factors that can affect customer experience have changed as the industry has evolved. Individuals with an interest in healthcare organizations or anything else no longer pay only for services. They pay for their satisfaction as well as the quality of services. In the modern environment, where information can spread rapidly from one part of the world to the other, digital marketing is among the best ways to boost your business, gain more market visibility, and be regarded as more trustworthy by customers.

People frequently seek advice from others. Humanity has always relied on “word of mouth,” to transmit information through oral communication. People still rely on this option, but it has taken on more digital forms. For example, social media platforms are one of the best ways for businesses to increase consumer awareness of their brand. Customers will be able to interact more easily with you, will obtain valuable understanding and awareness of a wide range of topics, and will develop more faith and confidence in you. You can also get feedback from your customers, which will help you grow your business. The digital revolution created a “digital consumer”, so you’d need more digital solutions to successfully interact with them.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare

It’s vital to create a good strategy that will be more suitable for your industry, because using solutions that appear to be effective for other industries, will not produce good results for you. To begin with, digital marketing draws more people to you via various communication channels. Since people frequently choose different medical organizations and personnel with the help of digital solutions, it’s a frequently used option by your competitors as well. Not using it will decrease your competitive advantage and market opportunities. After attracting more customers towards you, strategies such as retention marketing will help you to increase your fidelity rate along with your credibility.

To create a winning strategy for yourself, you must consider all aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, and many others. Search engine optimization would help you with content creation and performance optimization, but keep in mind that the best SEO strategy is always based on tailor-made audits and strategies. Social media strategy would help you to increase customer engagement levels, leads, and followers.  

With paid advertising, you’d be able to optimize conversion rates, increase profits and rapidly improve your performance in the market. You have to keep in mind that the best strategy is always the one that was specifically created for you. Also, keep in mind that digital marketing agency pricing in Switzerland mostly depends on different requirements and expectations that certain companies have. You just need to figure out what is the best solution for you.

Best Digital Marketing Practices for Modern Healthcare

In order to make your marketing strategy effective you need to plan it correctly and avoid some pitfalls. The main best practices to follow are a bit different from other industries. However, a lot of crucial points are shared with other verticals. So, first of all, let’s review the basic foundations of successful digital marketing campaigns:

  1. First, you need to define the right target audience and study them. This segment of people should represent the ones who are really inclined to buy your products and services.
  2. Then you need to determine the right communications channels where you can capture their attention.
  3. Then you need to find and deliver the right marketing message. The message could be different depending on the channel where you are broadcasting it. It helps you to convince the target audience to do business with you.
  4. Pay special attention to content. It will clarify what you represent, and what your true value is. You’ll reach more customers and will increase your sales.
  5. Be attentive and follow the newest trends. The strategy needs adjusting after some time because new trends, strategies, and digital developments always demand more innovation. Basically, you have to keep up with the time, which flies very quickly in the business world.

Now let’s see how this can concretely apply to a typical healthcare industry company. We will take the example of a B2C company manufacturing skin cream and selling it both directly to end-consumer through its own e-commerce solution and through a network of resellers across the globe. First of all, when defining the target audience, you’d have to research the age, social status, demographic characteristics, and views related to them.

Identifying the target audience, identifying their characteristics, understanding more about their interests, and finding ways to reach them better will make the sharing of your products and services easier. Taking actions that are well aligned with your audience will help you to have more strategic goals and will boost your visibility as well. You can showcase your own advancements and they can benefit more from you.

Using the correct communication channels with the correct people will help you to find the right marketing message that would demonstrate the professionalism, dedication, reputation, and trustworthiness of your company and team and would help you to satisfy every single inquiry of your target audience. You’d be able to create a solid ground for success for your company no matter what kind of communities, regions, companies, or consumers you are dealing with.

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Edana is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Switzerland. The specialists of our team develop and implement the most appropriate growth strategies not only in Switzerland but worldwide as well. To learn more about digital marketing and what it can do for you, read on publications of Edana. Contact us at any time to discover even more and decide on a course of action. Our team can assist you through the digital world to produce outcomes that are equivalent to those achieved by industry leaders.

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Digital Marketing Agency Pricing in Switzerland: How Much Does It Cost?

Digital Marketing Agency Pricing in Switzerland: How Much Does It Cost?

Factors That Affect the Cost of Digital Marketing Services

Companies can benefit a lot from Swiss Digital Marketing Agencies, but the prices, services, and many other important factors have to be considered carefully. You and your agency should work well together to develop and follow a winning strategy.   

The pricing mostly depends on different requirements and expectations. Many different pricing models are used by digital agencies in Switzerland. You can choose the one that is more suitable for you. These pricing models include hourly rates, fixed project rates, unit pricing rates, performance pricing, and value pricing models.

Expectations and Goals for Growth

Keep in mind that using the methods that were successful for other companies might not have a good impact on yours. That’s why you need a personalized digital marketing strategy to become an industry leader. Your Swiss digital marketing agency will help you with exactly what you need to turn your ideas into reality. Determine the marketing budget, goals, and approaches from the beginning. Try to understand more about your Swiss agency as well.

Packaged Pricing

In this case, you’ll have various services from which you can choose. It gives you clarity about what you can expect and what you will get. The price starts from 3 000 CHF per month but it can be customized based on your needs as well. After seeing the results, you might have a better idea about what else would you need additionally to ensure your continuous growth.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To have a good SEO you need to research important keywords, create an SEO strategy, create a content plan, do the SEO analysis, etc. The Swiss digital marketing agency is helping you with everything. Usually, when agencies in Switzerland sign a contract with you, the time frame indicated in the contract is 12-24 months.

The set price varies from 1 000 – 10 000 CHF in a month. SEO is very effective but needs time. But still, carefully think about the options presented to you. Because SEO needs time, but it doesn’t need forever to show you results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a fast and effective way to reach your marketing goals. Also, it’s very easy to measure and track. When you want to implement this option in your strategy you might need at least 2000 CHF. But don’t be surprised when you’ll see that the prices of good pay-per-click advertising can easily go up to 10 000 CHF, or even 60 000 CHF.

Keep in mind that this is not the amount that you pay fully to your Swiss agency. Your agency is helping you with strategy in order to help you achieve success. But the agency takes approximately 15-25 % out of the whole amount that you are paying, the rest of the money is used to execute the plan.

Basically, no matter what kind of platform or ad format you are using, with PPC you need an advertising account, then you have to create ads, set the maximum cost that would be paid for each click, and pay the money when someone clicks your ad. That’s where you’ll need to use the rest of your money. That’s also the reason that makes the price so unpredictable. You need to know how you’ll use this strategy to determine approximately how much you’d need to pay.

Email Marketing

Successful email marketing can help you to create personalized content for your customers. It can help you to collect feedback and surveys, increase your sales, and communicate with your audience. It can help you reach the right people at the right time. You’d be able to provide your customers with more interesting and valuable information to enhance their loyalty toward your brand. On monthly basis, you would need a minimum of 300- 5 000 CHF.

Social Media Marketing

Your Swiss agency can arm you with many great benefits when they are using social media marketing strategy for you. For example, Edana helped Manor Centers to turn their social media channels into growth drivers. Edana’s team conducted an in-depth audit of the brand’s digital channels to help the company meet its objectives better.  

Great SMM can help you to engage with your audience, improve your brand image, increase sales and conversion rates, boost website traffic, build partnerships, etc. You’d reach your target audience more easily and introduce yourself better.

In this case, a digital marketing agency is taking care of your online presence on social media platforms where most of your customers are active. The price range is 900- 20 000 CHF. The exact price depends on what you need to do to fulfill all of your goals.

Website Design

A well-designed website is a great solution for attracting more customers. Website decides a lot when it comes to sales, conversion, customers, etc. But the prices are especially unstable here, because besides having basic requirements, like good design and user experience you might have other specific requirements.

You can discuss your requirements with your Swiss agency. If it’s not something drastic you’ll fit into certain price ranges without a problem. The minimum price for a good website is 3 000 CHF.

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Content marketing will help you to keep your audience with you longer, you’ll have more trust from them, and you’ll generate more and better leads. When you have a great content marketing strategy you are closer to being a leader in your industry. Inbound marketing as well can help you to attract more people to your brand with content. It can help you to establish great relationships with your customers. The minimum price is 1 500 CHF per month.

Website copywriting as well is a very interesting and useful option. Your digital marketing agency in Switzerland will write content for you that will benefit your website and its activity. It could be blog posts, landing pages, or product pages.

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What is Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing?

What is Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing?

Importance of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is related to monitoring and managing a brand’s image using online tactics. Monitoring reputation is a great chance to evaluate how your customers are viewing your brand. Following specific guidelines will help you to improve your relationship with your target audience and will let them see your brand as a pillar that they can depend on and benefit from.

Monitoring and Managing Key Media Categories

There are several key media categories that are important for brands. Owned media which refers to your website, blog, and social media platforms is great for understanding how your customers react to your brand’s information.

Earned media has great importance as well, since customers frequently research brands and always pay attention to information that they come across. Shared media will help you to understand what people are saying about you.

While monitoring paid media will let you know if other businesses are trying to affect your reputation in some way. Constantly monitoring and managing these aspects is rewarding and informative.


Maintaining a Good Brand Image

Nobody is safe from bad reviews or negative comments, no matter how good they are. Also, they appear unexpectedly and might have a bad influence on some good and beneficial projects that you are running now.

But there are solutions, that you can use from the very beginning to deal with everything immediately. There are several important factors that could help you to develop a good Online Reputation Management Strategy.

Reputation Research

The power of the internet will help you to determine numerous things about your reputation, like how people look at you, what they expect from you, etc. Use keywords for your research and think about how others might look for you on Google or social media platforms. For example, it could be your business name, major products or services, or any term associated with your business.

The Connection Between ORM and SEO

Whenever customers are trying to make a buying decision or want to check out different services, they are turning to search engines to get as much information as possible. ORM strategy ensures that they will get only positive news regarding your brand.

The content that the company creates is very important, but it needs to be visible as well in the online world. Following SEO guidelines will help your content to be on the top of search results. Using SEO is very important for a successful ORM strategy.

Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management

ORM requires constant attention and quick thinking. Dominating search engine results pages (SERPs) with great content is good, but generally managing more aspects of the online realm is as important.

Being an active participant in social media conversations regarding your brand will be very helpful. Numerous software can help you to monitor these kinds of interactions, like Mention, BrandWatch, etc. You can also monitor branded hashtags, mentions, tags, etc.

Use 1/9/90 Rule

Based on this rule out of billions of people who use the internet on daily bases only 1 % create active content, and 9 % might share, comment, or rate the content. While 90 % watch, observe and read without commenting or anything like that. So focus on that 90 % and try to improve your online reputation through them as well.

Set a Framework for Negative Comments

Numerous famous brands go through scandals and misunderstandings but good communication is key here. No matter what’s happening you should be able to maintain the connection with your customers. Being careful with words, and strategies are essential, but in any case, you’ll need to have a framework that will help you to deal with negative comments.

You’ll need to respond to negative comments with class, turn the most critical people into your loyal customers and be able to apologize wholeheartedly as well if something that you did greatly disturbed your audience.

Highlight Your Positive Aspects

While working on this strategy you’ll go through steps that will help you to be more visible. So again make sure that besides good content, you’ll be able to highlight your positive aspects as well. There are some things that you know are very good in your company and you want everybody to know as well. Use the ideas that your company was based on and the aspects that you developed and are proud of.  

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A recent trend in advertising is Viral Marketing

A recent trend in advertising is Viral Marketing

Importance of Viral Marketing

The goal of viral marketing is to inspire your customers to share information about your products and services via simple communication or the internet. In this case, your customers are sharing a marketing message which is directly related to you and can be used as a great sales technique.

The importance of viral marketing was clearly highlighted via social media platforms as well, where you can see viral messages in different formats, like for example memes. It can increase your reach and customer base but needs a specific approach to give you good results.

How Your Company Can Benefit from Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing has numerous advantages that could benefit your company. First of all, you can lower advertising costs. When you have a proper customer base, viral marketing can make your customers do the promotion for you.

Vital Marketing can help you grow in very little time but everything doesn’t have to happen in one day. Steady improvement will reward you with long-lasting results. Brands that go “viral” gain credibility, recognition, and trust easily. You’ll attract more customers as well because people always feel attracted to trending topics.


How Viral Marketing Can Be Used?

Numerous famous companies use viral marketing to maintain their great performance in the market. For example, ALS used viral marketing very successfully when they started Ice Bucket Challenge. They managed to increase the awareness of people and gathered donations as well.

Lay’s has used viral marketing as well with the help of popular bloggers. Viral success stories are related to Dove, Oreo, and many others. Viral marketing can be a little bit unpredictable. You need to know your audience and consider what would make them engaged with your viral content.

Viral Marketing Characteristics

Viral marketing is related to several important aspects that will help you to take another successful step in your market. Those aspects are the message, messenger, and environment. You can use just viral marketing or make it part of your new campaign, but anyway paying the necessary attention to those aspects will show you better results.

You can use several tools to gain the attention of customers and make them more emotionally involved in your campaign. You can use videos, games, images, etc. It’s a quicker and less expensive option for your company.

What You Have to Consider

Viral Marketing can help you grow rapidly because it has a huge place in social media platforms and people share viral content frequently. It will increase your customer base and will help you to reach new markets as well. But in order to become more visible, you need the right tools as well.

The content itself is very important. You should be simple, understandable, and interesting because people don’t like complicated things. You should create a positive and beneficial environment, and avoid negativity as much as possible. Also, customers should be sure that sharing your content won’t affect their privacy and will be secure.

How Can You Make Your Brand Go Viral?

Viral marketing is driven by emotions, and so are the customers. So focusing on emotions and all the emotional triggers hidden in your content is crucial. In order to evoke emotions, you need to tell stories as well. Make them get to know more about you and make them interested in sharing your content.

Be creative and create content that will differ from others. Give them a chance to be more interactive. You should be active on social media platforms as well; your activity will affect your customers’ activities as well. Also, be more transparent with your customers.

How to Start a Viral Marketing Campaign

First of all, you should know what your main goal is. Some of the companies that use viral marketing are already well-known around the whole world, so you need to know, do you want to improve the brand’s image or just want to increase brand awareness.

Find out more about your target audience, what are their interests and expectations, and determine from where can you reach them more easily. You can use different trends and hashtags as well to get attention, but you should be more attentive toward the content to ensure that a wider audience will get the correct messages.

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How to use Dupe Tendencies to attract Various Target Audiences?

How to use Dupe Tendencies to attract Various Target Audiences?

Importance of Dupe Tendencies

Dupe tendencies/dupe products are among the most widely utilized alternatives to entice numerous different targeted customers. Countless brands have been using dupes and social media platforms to encourage sales. You could indeed try to use dupe tendencies to draw additional consumers to you once you’ve established what are the special characteristics of your products and how they could be related to more famous brands’ products.

To attract loyal customers, you must have strictly outlined aspirations, thorough knowledge of your goods and consumers, and outstanding abilities to communicate with the target audience. Your brand image can become more compelling and interesting through dupe tendencies. Dupe products have many similar characteristics to many more well-known items on the marketplace, yet they’re less expensive and far more easily obtainable, resulting in the ability to draw in more buyers and increase sales.

The Rise of Dupe Culture in Online Business

Duplicate products are widespread on social media platforms and always grab attention. A significant proportion of dupe products are almost always connected to fragrances and beauty products. Influencer activity on multiple social media networks, such as TikTok, led to the development of Dupe culture and provided entirely different significance for a variety of online businesses. 

The younger generation, for instance, is very interested in them. They regularly use social media to search for items that have characteristics comparable to much more premium brands yet are more budget-friendly to them. Most of them might not have a massive budget, however, they all want to have a distinctive flavor and aesthetic appeal which will be connected to quality, elegance, as well as value. 

Marketing those very products would therefore bring in a significant amount of consumers. A successful marketing approach could very well enable you to retain them as regular customers. 

Using Dupe Tendencies in Marketing Strategy

Dupe products possessed by your company only require a good marketing strategy in order to become more noticeable on the market. You must clearly communicate to your customer base that you’re offering a product that really is comparable to more successful and well-known products and that it could be bought more effortlessly from your company.

You can start promoting them on social media platforms as well as make them part of blog entries. You can spread information regarding them by means of various pictures, video content, and other methods. You may also utilize user-generated content, which would be content that your customers share regarding your products. People appreciate and value this kind of content.

You have to choose many aspects of your marketing strategy based on your target audience. You have to consider their age, nationality, interests, etc. Also, find out which platforms they use more frequently. These aspects will help you to create a strategy that will be more beneficial for your business.


Understand More About Your Products

When Zara launched “Fabulous Sweet” people started speculating that it was a dupe for Amani Rouge Malachite, but in fact, there are people who say that despite having some similarities with Armani, it looks more like a perfume from Paco Rabanne, Lady Million Fabulous.

Cherry Smoothie by Zara for women is a floral, fruity fragrance. But it smells like Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. There are countless examples such as this one readily available to us, and many businesses implement these discoveries into their campaigns and daily operations.

What distinguishes Zara is the fact that it is not a cheap imitation, it’s got originality, it’s able to charm you just as well as a more famous brand, and it’s also more affordable for a broader audience.

You must understand what distinguishes your product and exploit any obvious parallels it might share with other brand products. Those common characteristics may become very valuable for you, increasing the worth of what you sell in the eyes of your customers and making you more productive in your industry.

Become More Visible on Social Media Platforms with Your Dupe Products

Social media platforms are extremely good for increasing your online visibility and improving lead generation. With a good strategy, you can boost your conversion rates and afterward start implementing retention marketing to keep customers as long as possible.

First and foremost, take into account your target audience and their unique qualities. Then choose which platform is more effective. Also, it’s vital to think about the content as well as how you’ll market your products.

Contemplate the posts and how you’re going to develop them; as a visual aspect, it needs to be meticulous because customers will be interested or would scroll past you based on them. Monitor and analyze your results all the time.

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Edana is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Switzerland. The specialists of our team develop and implement the most appropriate growth strategies not only in Switzerland but worldwide as well. To learn more about digital marketing and what it can do for you, read on publications of Edana.

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How Retention Emails Can Easily Increase Your Company’s Sales

How Retention Emails Can Easily Increase Your Company’s Sales

Importance of Retention Emails for Your Company

Retention emails ensure that customers whom you gained will stay with you and won’t stop interacting with your company. One of the most important aspects for companies is to make sure that besides gaining new clients, they won’t lose their old ones.

Emails shouldn’t be scarce and not very frequent as well. To determine what would make your customers more involved with your company and keep them at your side, you need a good email marketing strategy. As an end result, you won’t lose your audience and also you’ll be able to improve your performance levels.

Email Marketing and Retention Strategy

Customer retention revolves around several important factors, including customer satisfaction and customer engagement. You can provide your existing customers with retention emails and make sure that they will stay loyal to you.

When written correctly emails can become powerful retention tools for businesses. Using retention emails is a cost-effective solution, and also it keeps you active in customers’ minds and life. Also, you have a chance, to show more of your character to them.

Reach Out to Your Customers

While going through the mailing list, you might see that you have customers who haven’t interacted with you properly for various reasons. Instead of giving up you can use numerous options to remind them again of your value and try to establish a connection with them.

At first, you provide your customers with welcome emails, you can introduce yourself to them, notify new customers about your products and services, and generally make a good first impression.

You have to identify customers who are in limbo and remind them again what’s your value, how they can benefit from interacting with you and why should they stay with you.


Get Your Subject Line Right

Reaching out to customers is important, but if they won’t open emails, no matter how much you send them, it won’t have any positive results for you. The subject line could be crucial for you, it’s the part that triggers the interest of your audience or makes them delete your email.

The subject line should be short, but it should be able to let the customers know what your email is about. It should be engaging, intriguing, and eye-catching.

Communicate Product Value with Retention Emails

It’s essential to let know your customers that your products are valuable and they will benefit from purchasing from you. A well-planned email has the power to showcase your value and increase your company’s sales.

Let your customers know how you can help them to overcome their pain points and how you differ from your competitors. Give them suggestions, and options, tell them about the wide array of uses of your products in a friendly way, don’t bombard them with extra information, and be honest. It’s necessary to establish good communication to avoid being seen as overbearing and pushy.

Leverage What’s Working for Your Existing Customers

Your existing and satisfied customers are a great source of information for you. Based on their feedback and by observing them, you can always conclude how your products satisfy their needs and expectations. You can use this information for your retention emails and ensure the improvement of your company’s sales.

Optimize Your Emails with Templates

Templates that are used to create engaging emails are one of the biggest advantages that companies use. In this case, you have multiple choices to design your emails the way you want, use additional tools to enhance their effectiveness, and ensure the success of your company.

Templates have different plans, free and paid ones as well and each of them has unique features. They can provide you with analytics as well and generally help you to manage your mailing lists better.  You just have to choose the content of your retention email, what are you going to promote, and how you are going and reestablish your connections with your customers.

To understand more about this topic, you can check another article as well about – “Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms for Your Business”.

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