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Current Trends In Social Media Marketing Strategies For Fashion Industries

Current Trends In Social Media Marketing Strategies For Fashion Industries

SMM For Modern Fashion

Modern fashion is quite different from the one we’ve known for quite a while. It’s more about individuality and showing your spirit through how you can dress. Also, in modern era style is almost equated with a personality trait which is best seen in the target audience of Gen Z. One for all principle is no longer trending, so you must follow the rhythm as modern producer of fashion related goods. This has to surely reflect on your social media marketing strategy.

Use Resemblances

We’ve all seen tutorials on iconic makeup looks, well guess what? The tutorials on the outfits are just as trendy. Regular outfit choices are what define style in the strongest manner. So, how can we incorporate that into our social media strategies?

Research modern icons and their styling DNA. For a clearer example let’s discuss a currently trending TV series of Euphoria. The show is very well representative of how style can tell you a lot about the personality of a character. And notice how modern generation is trying to incorporate that into their daily lives!


Analyze The Fits

One of the most trending social media content is analyzing popular fits. Back with the Euphoria series. You might know the characters Maddy and Rue. What makes them so significant for your possible target audience? Accentuated style and outfits.

Don’t be shy to analyze their outfits in your social media posts and offer your alternatives or look-alikes to give a chance of cosplaying the icons of generation.

Latest makeup tutorials are literally focused on these strategies, because the public is actually very interested in how to achieve similar results in real life-so, keep that in mind!

Vintage Fashion Is Trending More Than Ever

Alongside with the rising of popularity for modern trends in fashion-simultaneously you will see numerous people feeling nostalgic over older dressing themes and styles.

If your products can possibly offer dupes for an iconic pinup girl styling-don’t hesitate to create content around it. Cherishing the legacy alongside the revolutionary concepts will only help you communicate better with a more diverse audience-thus, increasing the possible sales of your production.

Vintage is like a well forgotten old stuff that always has a buyer persona for itself.

Add Context To Your Fashion

Whether you’re a company producing goods, or a fashion influencer-it’s clearly important to have a context and backstory to your social media content.

Let’s say, you produce multiple fashion assets on the market. It can be anywhere from clothing to jewelry and bags.  When your new products are launching, don’t be shy to add a back-story to it. If you’ve decided to produce sparkly short dresses for the season, it would certainly not hurt at all to associate it with the Art Deco period and style.

Imagine how effective would that marketing strategy be for the audience that loves to look chic and present themselves as a main character at the party like Daisy from The Great Gatsby.

Implement Limited Collections

Limited production is in quite often the best-selling one. Sure, you offer the re-occurring collections to your target audience, but just sometimes you need to drop a line that won’t repeat itself.

Take a good example from Zara. Once you see them announcing on social media about some limited clothing line-the queues in shops line up instantly. Some even use specific hashtags.

Choosing a specified social media hashtag for such products will even keep you high in ranking for a needed period of times. Because, we all pay attention to those hashtags seen so often and almost everywhere.


To sum it all up, for bettering your social media marketing strategies in fashion industries you need to keep up with current icons, trends and add romantic concepts and back-stories for higher engagement levels. You’re doing this through sharing interests with your audience and living their current lifestyle and emotional rollercoaster.

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Effective Social Media Content For Hospitality Industry

Effective Social Media Content For Hospitality Industry

Hospitality And Economics

In general, Hospitality industry is one of the basic income strategies for numerous countries, but as a matter of fact, being overly dependent on tourism actually indicates that economy of a specific place is unstable. Fortunately, or not, some of our places are very well reliant on hospitality industry, which is in primary connection with tourism and F&B industries. Especially in this case, you will need great content for your hospitality business.

Digital Marketing In Hospitality

Depending on what type of a hotel or hostel you have you need different digital marketing strategies. There are many kinds of hotels, but let’s emphasize most popular archetypes and discuss which field can have a fitting digital marketing strategy. It can be Hostel. Which generally has more, so called, hipster feel; also it can be a corporate type hotel generally arranging for business visitors and meeting, a family-boutique hotel with few cozy rooms and of course-the grand luxury hotel with enormously rich feeling suites.

Digital Marketing For Hostels

So, as mentioned above-hostels tend to have a more hipster feeling. Mostly younger travelers who don’t care for extreme comfort tend to book their stays in hostels. Your digital marketing strategy must be focused on this mentioned customer base. Keep in mind, where they are more likely to look for or How should your website look? Brighter and more fun or monotonous and serious? The answer is clearly bright and fun.


Now, as for the social media content-capturing the fun moments and relaxing atmosphere in your location, for both-staff and visitors would be a great idea. Both-talents and customers you are searching for will value your sense of freedom incorporated into the work-ethic. Focus on the fun and free atmosphere as a presentation of your location. Make sure your content encourages your potential and loyal customers to visit your place for joyous time.

Boutique Hotel Digital Marketing

The basics of customer research apply to boutique hotel just the same, but keep in mind-which social media channels your customers are more likely to find you on. A boutique hotel is lovely for its cozy and family-like atmosphere.

Make sure your digital content-either marketing copy or photo content focuses on this idea. If you’re lucky enough to have a winery or a small garden nearby-don’t be shy to offer degustation and tours through your digital ads.

Visitors would be glad to find a place where they can have a peaceful stay and have a taste of home-made goods as well. Fits your theme just right.

Corporate Hotel Strategies

Certain hotels mostly work for business clients and are more likely to have very simple-plain rooms completely tailored for that corporate mood. In contrast with the hostels and boutique hotels, you’re more likely to have monotonous color-map with bolder fonts and offers/deals on your stays.

Make sure to show off and emphasize your working space, or meeting spaces in your digital content to attract the right customer space. Creating business-related webinar events is also a great idea. Even sponsoring some. Make sure you name appears in the right places.

Luxury Hotel Digital Marketing

Aren’t you just proud of your five-star hotel offering all types of services? Exactly! Now, the thing about luxury hotels is, that even though the mainstream target audience are the individuals with above-average income; many others wish to spend a night in such places.

You might have a great strategy for regular clients for the weekly or even monthly stays, but an additional strategy to offer deals or contests for a “one-night stay” is a great idea. For example-think of collaborating with a traveler-influencer. Let them create a specific contest on Instagram to win a stay at your hotel.

Leave at least a small entry for the audience who generally does not have the income suited for your services, because their posts and amount of check-ins will be just like free PR for your hotel-especially into the bigger public.

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How Multiple Social Media Accounts Can Maximize Your Business Sales?

How Multiple Social Media Accounts Can Maximize Your Business Sales?

Put Yourself Out There

Having multiple social media accounts can be managed in two ways-having an account on different platforms, or having multiple accounts on one platform. Or, both combined. To further understand why having more than one social media account is a good practice, let’s review certain examples in following paragraphs.

Space For Everything

Automated messaging and customer behavior research has led us to better understanding what type of information can be ready-made for the audience to have quick access. Informational strategies have become more competitive by the years and there is not time to be left out on any new features you could possibly acquire. You have comment sections, reactions, direct messages, reviews etc. Basically said-there is space for everything in the digital world and using it up strategically is a must.


Sales and Service

How well your customer service functions will drastically affect your future sales. A customer left with a good service experience is almost 90% more likely to come back to you, not only because of product, but also how it was handed to them.

This is where multiple social media accounts strategy comes into play. When managing social media communications, you will very likely gets lots and lots of types of messages. Some of them can be B2C related and some of them can be B2B related. Some will be complaints, or questions and so the list goes on.

Every possible aspect of your business has a corresponding segment of team that specializes in that specific problem-solving. If you don’t slack off on having a separate Customer-Service account in the beginning, later in time it will serve you well in time-management.

Sort It Out

Now, that we have mentioned owning several accounts on one specific platform for different means, let’s discuss how this can increase your brand’s visibility. First off, generating leads is far easier when there are 2-3 social media accounts posting and re-posting similar/same content for different purposes.

It is like being your very own search engine. Say, you have a brand that produces swimwear. It’s fashionable and quite stylish. Now, you get too many DMs about different topics, but just enough to sort them out. Let’s also say, most common DMs are about: buying the product, consulting on a product and brand concepts.

The smartest thing would be to create +2 accounts on the same platform regarding customer service and concepts specifically. It will be handier when you know what you must answer when you know what the question is even before opening your DMs.

Automation Made Easy

Auto-response management is not an easy job in general, but with a good multi-account strategy It can be more simplified and productive from the customer’s viewpoint as well. Now, imagine you’re a customer who is very loyal to a certain brand.

You received a package, but it turned out to be defective. First thing you want to do is text the seller right? Wouldn’t it be annoying to not receive a timely response only because there are other direct messages with multiple concerns? This is when you might scroll through, to find out if the brand has a separate platform to address your issue in a timely manner.

Follower Rotation

Multiple Social Media Accounts really help your engagement rates and here is how: a customer that is interested in your product and is just as close to purchasing it, will be glad to find out about your separate account where they can ask specific questions. This creates a feeling that, on that account specialists are working on a subject, which you are more likely to trust as a customer. One customer follows two accounts now. If they happen to find another account emphasizing your concepts and style updates-they will follow the account for visual and aesthetical content.


Giving your customers options to choose from is a great benefit for your smooth communications. After all, someone might just want to see your graphic posts just to please the eye and there is a great chance of them to become a customer later on. In fact, you somewhat simplify the mission to generate more leads. Interesting and visually pleasing content will earn you the rest.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The Importance Of ROI In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

The Importance Of ROI In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

ROI Definition

Social Media ROI abbreviation deciphers as Return On Investment. So, let’s discuss what it means in further detail. ROI allows you to understand how well your SMM strategy demonstrates the value of your brand. With the help of ROI you refine your brand gradually overtime to increase your returns.

How Is ROI Calculated?

Just like every other SEO attire, which measures the productivity of your Brand’s communications, ROI has the metrics as well. The most widespread ROI calculation method is comparing Net Income to the Cost of Investment. As a more mathematical formula it goes like this: Net income divided by cost of investment multiplied by 100 equals the ROI rate. ROI is starting to get profitable once it gets over 30% in summary.


Profitable Social Media Activities

Generally, we might spend most of our investments sponsoring the Social Media Posts. When doing this, certain brands tend to make a mistake of separating these ads from one another. Well, here is what we mean: most social media platforms are owned and connected via Facebook. In fact, Facebook has gained enough trust from world-wide customers to register on multiple websites via your Facebook Account. So, keep in mind, that this platform allows you to spread your sponsored posts on any other connected platform simultaneously. This also allows you to control your data in one space more effectively. So, no need to create separate sponsorships for separate platforms when they are actually connected.

Engagement Metric

In social media, engagement is the so called king of all. It’s one of our metrics that will help us understand if our Social Media Marketing campaigns are actually worth the input work or not. This also clearly affects your ROI. Content performance carves a path to your business to gain more profits, have higher returns on investments and attracting potential customers, which will make our target-audience research more and more specific by the time.

Calculate Your Budget

Social media marketing needs budget planning just like any other marketing campaign. Even though it’s definitely clear, that SMM greatly affects our productivity, we still don’t want to waste our money on campaigns which might not work on our specific target audiences. The costs could include following activities:

  • Tools On Specific Platforms (managing/creating)
  • Social Ad Costs
  • Content Creation (Tools, Gadgets and Locations)
  • Consultants Or Agencies (Optional)

Clear SMM Objectives

With clear social media objectives, you can best define the alignment of your social activites with your brand-strategy and missions. By objectives we mean clarity on what you want to achieve with a specific social media campaign and how. Quite as clearly you must have a specific target audience in mind. Some brands tend to make a mistake of over-expanding the target audience in hopes of having more engagement and visibility. This is not the best attitude towards the targeting. Specify the audience via most possible resources and individual characteristics to get an actual long-term engagement from interested people.

Social Media Investment Creates Value

In the very first paragraph, we have defined ROI as a metric of your Brand’s value in the digital platforms. Now, the question is-how exactly can it show the values. One thing is to calculate ROI itself for profit research, and defining the brand’s value is another. Here are some of the value research examples:

  • Conversion Rates-This involves mostly lead generations and subscriptions to product or services for regular communication.
  • Brand Awareness-Simply said, the bigger picture of customer behavior analysis and creating customer-generated content on the base of that very knowledge.
  • Customer Experience-Best customer experiences mostly end up with the loyalty. That’s how you know, you are giving a good customer experience.
  • Employee Trust-The inner core of the company decides its outward success just as much. Make sure to support your team.
  • Partner Confidence-Choose your business partners wisely. It’s quite distracting when you decide on the one you don’t quite trust, right?

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Types Of Video Content For Social Media Marketing

Types Of Video Content For Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Pros

Clearly modern marketing ought to have the Social Media Marketing strategy. It’s no longer optional. You must really care for the visibility of your brand and Social Media gives you exactly that.

Right now we have many types of Video Content you can upload on different platforms in order to engage your target audience.

Always think of blog posts for example, but start promoting your products or services by publishing video content on media. This content strategy, which consists in publishing videos on different online platforms (facebook, instragram, twitter, tiktok, etc) will give you many competitive advantages.

In this article we shall be reviewing some of them. Keep in mind, that for being known to the public that needs you, social media is the key to those doors.

Video Content On Different Platforms

Just like images, video content also has its standards throughout different platforms. As a very multifunctional space, we can be considering Instagram. Currently this is the most active Social Media Platform. The platform enables you to record and publish almost all kinds of video content. Here are some of them:

  • Stories
  • Reels
  • Vlogs
  • Instagram TV
  • Tutorials
  • Live Stream

Now, let’s review these on different platforms.



This is the type pf video content which is maximum 15 seconds long for one shot. You can use the stories on Platforms as Instagram and Facebook. Currently Youtube has the alternative of Youtube Shorts to achieve more engagement of a platform that is entirely concentrated on Video Content. Quite Recently the brand Louis Vuitton used the functionality od stories quite well. The promoted stories with quite HQ quality served as an invitation to follow them on the Instagram platform. Which, was quite creative actually.


Instagram Reels, also like Facebook Watch have a capacity to upload videos which are approximately 1-minute long for optimal engagement. Keep in mind, that Instagram content can be connected to Facebook and simultaneously uploaded on both platforms to avoid confusion on updating your customers on the news about your brand or quick reviews on new products.


Now, here You Tube takes the lead. Vlogs are expected to be far longer than regular TikTok Videos for example. Vlogs are useful to provide necessary and informative content for your target audience for as long as you like. A Vlog can be from 15 minutes long to any relevant amount of time. For example, if your brand produces electronic devices-to perfectly explain the functions of your product in depth, you will need some time for sure. Making a vlog too short will not do. In fact, you can make a story or a reel which will transfer the customer to the Vlog and get engagement on both platforms.

Instagram TV & Livestreams

The cool thing about Insta TV and Livestreams is its ability to engage with customers in real-time. Of course, these livestreams can be recorded and posted later for the other viewers to see. The best part about this type of video content is that even after the recording is over and posted, audience can still comment on your content and update you about their experiences. As for the emphasis of Live communication, Discord is a great example-especially when it comes to Gaming Community.


Tutorials, depending on how complex is the product we are talking about, can be recorded via almost all mediums listed above. Well, maybe stories would not provide a full info, unless it’s a series of stories which have to be seen one after another. Tutorial type videos have a highest rate of engagement specifically in beauty industry and even more specifically on You Tube. This is where the sharing act of information can be manifested the best.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How Can Influencer Marketing Boost Your Company?

How Can Influencer Marketing Boost Your Company?

Contemporary Influencer Marketing

Reviews and recommendations play a big role when it comes to choosing, using, or judging the product or service. If the feedback comes from influencers, it has even more power. Influencer marketing is a mainstream SMM strategy nowadays. It utilizes the influence of individuals who have a large social following or the ones who are considered to be experts in their field. It is a highly successful method of spreading the word about your company and increasing your brand’s social media reach.

Influencer Concept

Influencer marketing involves a prominent individual working with a company to promote its service or product. They have put in a lot of time and effort to build a following. They build trust and recognition. Their social media profiles attract new followers on daily basis. They use their knowledge, beauty, sense of aesthetics, and skills to become and stay relevant.  That is why, when collaborating with an influencer, you get an opportunity to leverage their social power.

Types Of Influencers And Their Influence

There are different types of influencers and their influence varies. Choosing the one that best fits your company is the key. Social influencers, such as Youtubers or Instagrammers, have gained popularity because of the content posted online. This makes them authentic and relatable. They have a deep understanding of what internet users like or dislike, and what attracts traffic to their websites.  Using their influence, they are able to post content they know will get people talking.

Industry Influencers

Industry Influencers such as beauty bloggers are often viewed as experts in the field. They have the knowledge and experience to judge the product. Their followers tend to trust their judgment as it is based on their expertise.


Celebrity Influencers

There are also celebrity influencers, who are the most well-known, but the least relatable. Fans love to see them. But there is no strong bond as people are more interested in their careers or personal lives. However, lots of celebrities have devoted fans and their influence is stronger on them. Choosing the right star to advertise your business might contribute to your company’s success.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertisement

According to studies, word-of-mouth advertising creates twice as many sales as a sponsored promotion. Even if you provide the greatest services and goods on the market, you may not have as much impact as businesses advocated by influencers.  Their followers trust them and this gives them the power to encourage and persuade people to, for instance,  buy the advertised item. When a business has a valuable message to share with the world,  content creators can help communicate the message effectively.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

To be effective with influencer marketing, you should collaborate with the influencers who attract your target audience. Collaborations with influencers on your market will provide the audience you need for further business development.


Partnering with influencers can also enable you to reach people in your market who you would not otherwise be able to reach. It may be especially effective if you seek to build your consumer base in a different demographic. Being exposed to new audience results in more traffic and better prospective customers.

The Creators

Content Creators persuade their audience to believe in you and your company. People become aware of your brand as a result of influencers putting you in the spotlight. It encourages more people to visit your website, improves your Google search ranking, and provides you with the option to convert this traffic into customers.

Better Than Conventional Advertising

Traditional advertising methods lack the flexibility of digital marketing, which allows you to drill down to a specific audience and target people based on their preferences or demographic groups. Conventional advertising methods can still work for small businesses to reach local consumers. However, if we consider how fierce the competitions are nowadays, we will agree that it is not enough to stay on the market.


Influencer marketing has exploded over the past several years with the rise of social media start.  Influencer marketing entails more than just social media likes and shares. Think about it as a very trusted individual recommending your business to thousands of people and you will see how powerful this strategy can be.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How To Use Celebrity Marketing For More Success?

How To Use Celebrity Marketing For More Success?

Celebrity Marketing

Celebrity advertising is a marketing approach that promotes a company or product by utilizing a celebrity’s popularity and image. The idea is to pair the relevant celebrity with the right product and put them in the proper advertising campaign. Choosing the right celebrity can result in massive profits and an immediate shift in a company’s public image.

Raise Recognition

Celebrity marketing is a strategy that raises brand recognition. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of business and creative ability. The advertiser should be appealing to the target audience in areas such as physical appearance, talents, athletic ability, or lifestyle, depending on the advertised product. Celebrities who seem appealing increase the memorability of the promoted brand.

Choosing A Celebrity

The celebrity’s credibility is a critical factor in marketing. It determines how customers perceive the brand or the product. If the celebrity has a positive image in society and demonstrated essential knowledge about the brand, the collaboration is bound to be successful.

Choose For YOUR Audience

Celebrities do not have to be internationally well-known. Of course, world fame is a big advantage, but it is always a better idea to choose someone who is known to the target audience.

Types Of Celebrity Advertisement

A classic example of celebrity advertisement is when a celebrity not only appears in the ad, but also uses the brand’s products or services, and demonstrates his commitment to it. This has a profound impact on the audience, and it makes it easier for them to trust the brand.


Honesty Is The Key

However, some companies choose a different approach. The only thing they want the celebrity to do is to be the image of the company. In this case, the face of the stars and their reputation are the most significant factors. People buy the product because their favorite superstars’ names are on it, without knowing if they really use the product or not.

Increased Sales

Celebrity marketing drastically boosts sales. When a prominent face is included in a campaign, companies enjoy a 4 percent increase in sales. Celebrities who actively use social media usually have a large following. These platforms provide us with a glimpse into their daily lives. Everything celebrities wear, use or talk about becomes the latest craze and the sales immediately go up.

Connections On Emotional Level

People are emotionally attached to their favorite stars, and their admirers trust them. If they utilize your product, it demonstrates to their fans that it is a worthwhile purchase and develops trust in your company.

Other Advantages

Business competition can be fierce and it is important to be distinct. That is why having a celebrity represent your brand helps stand out. It also helps people remember your brand name and when they see it again in the future, they will recognize it.

Productive Partnership

Partnering with the right celebrity can help your business reach a new market, or different demographic or expand internationally, as the world’s population is familiar with most celebrities. Since we know that customers are more likely to buy a product when they see a known face in advertisements, most people feel it must be a high-quality product since they see certain references.

Influence And Statistics

It is also a good idea to assess the influence and statistically analyze it. It helps the company see how the partnership affects its revenues and determines what should be the next step.

Celebrity marketing has been used on TV, on the internet, and on paper. The key has always been finding and using the right one. Having a gut feeling about a certain star is never enough in marketing. That is why it is crucially important to do research in advance. Numbers never lie. Taking the risk often pays off, but calculated risks will never fail you.

Reach Your Target Audience

Businesses are always modifying and upgrading their marketing tactics in order to successfully and emotionally reach their target consumers as their needs and expectations increase. Companies should collaborate with celebrities to make their brand more visible, relevant, and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. With a history of effective advertisements influencing customer views, behavior, and sales, there is a wonderful potential to make a profit and gain recognition with this marketing method.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility With Social Media Trends

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility With Social Media Trends

Stay Up To Date

Social Media trends have a pattern of changing quite rapidly, so keeping up is a must. Every field of creation has its own trending filters and sounds. In the case of working with trends, the issue is researching and reporting. The speed of changes could not give you quite enough time to showcase the exactly calculated engagement statistics so sometimes, you might have to just go with the flow.


Now, of course the trend gives you certain rules to follow. Something like a dance, or how you should film a certain content matching the trending audio. But, these rules are not quite so unbreakable. In most cases improvising and giving the trend your own feel makes it more likely to be engagement worthy. Imagine being the viewer yourself, seeing hundreds of similar posts and suddenly coming across one that offers some twist to the action. It is far more memorable in a long term perspective.


Trendy Audio

Trendy songs, like Doja Cat’s repertoire have a tendency to repeat themselves through times. Just make sure you have the sounds saved even when they go a little low on the charts. Video communications like Instagram reels and TikTok allow us to enjoy the modern trends as much as we desire to.

Make Variations

Don’t limit yourself in the amount of content you can create around one trendy tune. First off, it helps your visibility. The algorithm tops your content when you frequently use the trending sounds. And, the fun part is-you can use those sounds for multiple videos. If the song is not associated with one event only and it can be sampled for other type of content, why not?

Read The Lyrics

The fun part about peaking sounds from the trending section is finding certain lyrics your content creator could possibly lip-sync to. Or maybe yourself, whoever is willing to appear in the content. But, beware of the hidden meanings behind the lyrics. Before using that trendy 15 second cut from a full song, make sure you know what it is fully about.

Let’s say you have entertainment business for juniors. You decided to film video content with the trending song on TikTok. Sometimes parts of lyrics seem harmless and quite fitting for he juniors, but when you listen to a full song it could be just about anything. And considerably, using any sound that is supposed to contain adult messages-it would be a great trouble if proper research is not done.

Hashtags And Followers

We’ve spoken just about enough about the Video Creation. Hashtags have become one of the most beloved follower/engagement raise tools. Especially for influencers and especially in beauty industry. With hashtags on social media you attract just the right target audience that is already interested in the subject you’re putting a hashtag with. It’s almost like content automation, but beginner’s level. Keep in mind, that hashtag placements also have their separate strategies.

Hashtags For Branding

Except for single individuals, like influencers, brands can use hashtags just as effectively to boost their online performance. The hashtags are not only the tools you use to sell products; you can also start a whole other campaign with it!

Show What You Value

Such marketing campaigns help us inform a customer about the values, purpose and ideas of our brand through several simple words with a hashtag prior to them. Do you remember the #mybodymyrules campaign? It’s a good example of Social Media Activism and marketing collided into one another.

Join The World In Real Time

After The launch of this campaign many brands that stood by the idea of body positivity and body autonomy started posting content with this hashtag. Thus expressing their position on the market as the activism supporters. This type of activity, that forms itself into a trend when enough people get enrolled-is not a thing to miss joining.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How To Use Instagram Stories To Boost Your E-Commerce

How To Use Instagram Stories To Boost Your E-Commerce

E-Commerce And Instagram

Quite rapidly we are getting used to comfort of buying the desired products online. Especially when they offer home-delivery services as well. Some are even worried we might stop going to real shops for buying stuff. Of course that’s not quite true, some stuff just needs to be tried on before buying. Anyway, E-Commerce and Social Media Commerce is taking over. In this article we want to emphasize Instagram, as the Social Media Platform best suited for sales. Let’s discuss, why and how this Social Media Network works so well for almost everything.

Tags And Mentions

Have you ever taken a close look on a post that had products on its display? There were times we would have to screenshot an image and search via Google Photo Search. Or, we would read the whole caption until we could find the exact name of the product. Now you just press the post once and it automatically pops up-the names and price tags of products that transfer you to the shop without even leaving the platform.



Stories, Shorts, Snaps etc. These forms of temporary communication have become very successful. The point of a story is, that the same one can only exist for a maximum of 24 hours. Limited time-frame of informational access is a great way to call a customer to action. Also, this form of communication creates a certain feel of exclusivity.

Of course the algorithm of your preferred program takes into control what is the desired content for you as well. Even tinder app has encrypted ads when you’re swiping left and right. Funny enough it’s most likely the Fast Food Ads. Maybe Tinder jokingly offers snack options for Netflix and Chill?

Swipe Up Function

Now that we have discussed the fun aspect of swiping left and right on one of the dating platforms-let’s speak about the Swipe Up option on the Instagram stories. The swipe up is generally used to simplify the navigation of your potential customer from a social media platform to your website.

Just think about it-what would be more comfortable? Holding the story image still until you memorize the name of a website or just making this one small swiping motion and be automatically redirected to a website of specific interest.

HQ Images

Many options of visual posting on Instagram give you an opportunity to visually present your product at its very best. You can post multiple images in one post as well, to make it more simple for your customer to find your posts. Well, in this case saving the post with the save button in the right corner would be smarter.

But still, too many images of the same product on the Instagram profile grid make it confusing to remember which was THE one. Don’t forget about the infographics we have discussed several times in our articles. The quality and UI simplicity of Instagram Platform gives us the most effective E-Commerce tool. Especially, if you are willing to try this for the first time.

Increase Your Reach

Obviously, additional platforms bring additional customer engagement. This makes your products easily discoverable as well, which leads to attracting more and more potential customers after all.

The ease of communication through this platform makes your customer service more timely and effective. Probably direct messaging is one of the best ways to actually earn your customer’s trust and not leave a feeling of robotic Q&A dialogue.

Connect With Shoppers

You must take into consideration, that some individuals are just professional shoppers. Depending on the field, every market has a customer that is experienced in buying the right products. Make sure to research what kind of products these shoppers like to purchase.

The Collections function on Instagram shop is a great way to showcase your product in a more organized manner. Collections let you plan the tour of your online shop by adjusting products into categories, like brand new, outlet, spring or winter season etc. Of course the adjustment specifics will depend on your product itself.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

How To Collaborate With Influencers Productively?

How To Collaborate With Influencers Productively?

Influencers In Modern Living

As a modern Brand you just have to have the Social Media Marketing Strategy. Today’s customer spends most of their free time scrolling through popular platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok. At the same time YouTube Gurus of various fields have transformed their online presence and started to adapt to the platforms used by their target audiences. Influencer Collaboration in social media marketing is one of currently most popular and effective strategy. The best thing is, that you target audiences match!

Find The Right Influencer

When it comes to actually finding an influencer that suits your brand image and core ideas, it’s much harder than it seems. Every brand has its niche and even though the fields of product or service match up, it doesn’t mean that your concepts and ideas will. Let’s review an example like this one: Say you’re a Brand that produces very fancy and elite kitchenware. Your frying pans are highest quality and decorated delicately. Now, you want to promote your product on social media via collaboration with an influencer. Finding those who review the quality of kitchenware is not difficult, but finding the influencer who cooks the dishes that are suiting to these products aesthetically will narrow down the list. Afterwards you want to check their content. Their ideas, color choices, filming style or environment might not be on the same line with your brand image. The list grows smaller every time until you find the right one and of course visual side of this process is not enough.


Views, Likes and Followers

Obviously, the influencer’s social media activity plays a huge part and their target audience statistics as well. This is when it gets really tough to choose. Some influencers have many followers, but have no engagement when you scroll through the posts. People like their content and briefly react to it, but they don’t seem to be very active in comments section. Another influencer might have only a few hundred subscribers, but have very high engagement rates and the target audience is showing quite a lot of interest in their crafts. Depending on whether you want to sell your product or make it more popular, you will make a choice after all. If you want people to be introduced to your product, the one with more followers is the way to go. But, if you are concentrated on sales, engaged audience is more likely to be fuller or Buyer Personas and referrals who will possibly recommend your product to someone else interested in high quality kitchenware.

Collaboration Models

After choosing the influencer to work with, it’s time to choose from collaboration options you want them to agree on. Let’s review 4 basic collaborations, which are: Sponsored Media Content, Sponsored Blog Posts, Guest Blog Posts and Brand Ambassador Programs.

Sponsored Media Content

In this case, an influencer you have chosen fit for your social media campaign will create content referring your brand. Of course you must have clear ideas and guidelines on what type of content you want an influencer to offer the audience. Creativity is great, but you don’t want them to fall out of context, so for the comfort of both parts, have a plan on what you want.

Sponsored Blogposts

This works almost the same as the previous collaboration technique. In this case the promotion has a textual form. Certain target audiences prefer to read on the field of their interests. Keep in mind, blogs take longer to be written, consider the time-frame necessary for your campaign before you opt for the blogpost strategy.

Guest Blogposts

In this case the influencers write for your homepage. It will include more links to your original webpage and that’s what makes it a separate strategy, but of course make sure it doesn’t look too much like an advertisement.

Brand Ambassador Programs

This strategy has been gaining more popularity lately. It works for a long-run and what you do is: give your Brand Ambassador certain promo codes to your products and service benefits as well. They buy your products for lowest price possible and promote every purchase. Posts can be daily, weekly or monthly. Depending on your agreement of course.

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