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Digital Marketing Agency Pricing in Switzerland: How Much Does It Cost?

Digital Marketing Agency Pricing in Switzerland: How Much Does It Cost?

Factors That Affect the Cost of Digital Marketing Services

Companies can benefit a lot from Swiss Digital Marketing Agencies, but the prices, services, and many other important factors have to be considered carefully. You and your agency should work well together to develop and follow a winning strategy.   

The pricing mostly depends on different requirements and expectations. Many different pricing models are used by digital agencies in Switzerland. You can choose the one that is more suitable for you. These pricing models include hourly rates, fixed project rates, unit pricing rates, performance pricing, and value pricing models.

Expectations and Goals for Growth

Keep in mind that using the methods that were successful for other companies might not have a good impact on yours. That’s why you need a personalized digital marketing strategy to become an industry leader. Your Swiss digital marketing agency will help you with exactly what you need to turn your ideas into reality. Determine the marketing budget, goals, and approaches from the beginning. Try to understand more about your Swiss agency as well.

Packaged Pricing

In this case, you’ll have various services from which you can choose. It gives you clarity about what you can expect and what you will get. The price starts from 3 000 CHF per month but it can be customized based on your needs as well. After seeing the results, you might have a better idea about what else would you need additionally to ensure your continuous growth.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To have a good SEO you need to research important keywords, create an SEO strategy, create a content plan, do the SEO analysis, etc. The Swiss digital marketing agency is helping you with everything. Usually, when agencies in Switzerland sign a contract with you, the time frame indicated in the contract is 12-24 months.

The set price varies from 1 000 – 10 000 CHF in a month. SEO is very effective but needs time. But still, carefully think about the options presented to you. Because SEO needs time, but it doesn’t need forever to show you results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is a fast and effective way to reach your marketing goals. Also, it’s very easy to measure and track. When you want to implement this option in your strategy you might need at least 2000 CHF. But don’t be surprised when you’ll see that the prices of good pay-per-click advertising can easily go up to 10 000 CHF, or even 60 000 CHF.

Keep in mind that this is not the amount that you pay fully to your Swiss agency. Your agency is helping you with strategy in order to help you achieve success. But the agency takes approximately 15-25 % out of the whole amount that you are paying, the rest of the money is used to execute the plan.

Basically, no matter what kind of platform or ad format you are using, with PPC you need an advertising account, then you have to create ads, set the maximum cost that would be paid for each click, and pay the money when someone clicks your ad. That’s where you’ll need to use the rest of your money. That’s also the reason that makes the price so unpredictable. You need to know how you’ll use this strategy to determine approximately how much you’d need to pay.

Email Marketing

Successful email marketing can help you to create personalized content for your customers. It can help you to collect feedback and surveys, increase your sales, and communicate with your audience. It can help you reach the right people at the right time. You’d be able to provide your customers with more interesting and valuable information to enhance their loyalty toward your brand. On monthly basis, you would need a minimum of 300- 5 000 CHF.

Social Media Marketing

Your Swiss agency can arm you with many great benefits when they are using social media marketing strategy for you. For example, Edana helped Manor Centers to turn their social media channels into growth drivers. Edana’s team conducted an in-depth audit of the brand’s digital channels to help the company meet its objectives better.  

Great SMM can help you to engage with your audience, improve your brand image, increase sales and conversion rates, boost website traffic, build partnerships, etc. You’d reach your target audience more easily and introduce yourself better.

In this case, a digital marketing agency is taking care of your online presence on social media platforms where most of your customers are active. The price range is 900- 20 000 CHF. The exact price depends on what you need to do to fulfill all of your goals.

Website Design

A well-designed website is a great solution for attracting more customers. Website decides a lot when it comes to sales, conversion, customers, etc. But the prices are especially unstable here, because besides having basic requirements, like good design and user experience you might have other specific requirements.

You can discuss your requirements with your Swiss agency. If it’s not something drastic you’ll fit into certain price ranges without a problem. The minimum price for a good website is 3 000 CHF.

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Content marketing will help you to keep your audience with you longer, you’ll have more trust from them, and you’ll generate more and better leads. When you have a great content marketing strategy you are closer to being a leader in your industry. Inbound marketing as well can help you to attract more people to your brand with content. It can help you to establish great relationships with your customers. The minimum price is 1 500 CHF per month.

Website copywriting as well is a very interesting and useful option. Your digital marketing agency in Switzerland will write content for you that will benefit your website and its activity. It could be blog posts, landing pages, or product pages.

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How to use SEO copywriting rules to boost your content performance?

How to use SEO copywriting rules to boost your content performance?

Importance of SEO Copywriting

Following SEO copywriting rules will help you to create valuable content with high quality. It will help you to find your company at the top of Google results. What you are creating in this case is a text, that can attract, engage, and convert leads for you.

The power of specific words and SEO rules can help you to attract a wider audience, gain more visibility and reach your goals. One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that it can help you create persuasive content that will rank well.

Find the Right Keywords

Keywords are great tools for companies. With specific keywords, you can sort out many essential factors for yourself. It’s like a link between you and your audience, because when people search for something they use keywords.

With specific keywords that suit your company and everything that you stand for, you can become more visible to people who would be very interested in your products and services. In this case, you will just give them a chance to search for you more easily and get to know you better.


Find Frequently Asked Questions

The primary goal of the search engine is to help people find what they were looking for. To create interesting content, you need to know what people think and what they want to know. Going through frequently asked questions can give you lots of great ideas.

The main goal is to have content that will help people discover what they were looking for. You can even use Semrush, Quora, or other platforms to understand what are frequently asked questions.

Identify and Satisfy Search Intent

Identifying and satisfying the search intents of people will help you to boost your content performance more. It could act as your guideline. It will help you to create more valuable content and will help you to rank well.

Google pays attention to quality a lot so your creations should always have specific aspects that will make Google differentiate them from others. Most of the time search intent can be put into several categories, including informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional categories.

Check Competitors’ Articles

Checking the articles of your competitors can help you to find more important keywords for yourself. The information that you can get can be very beneficial for you. Each keyword can build bridges between you and your customers.  

Create Linkable Assets

Generally, linkable assets are very useful for SEO and can greatly influence your content performance. Linkable assets are high-quality pieces of content that attract backlinks or social shares. High-quality backlinks are very important for SEO. You can look at your competitors again or do thorough research to understand what content format you need to choose for a linkable asset.

Optimize Headers, Title Tags, and Meta Descriptions

The very first thing that people see is your title tag and meta description. Those factors leave the first impression and determine whether people will visit your website or not. After that, they look through headlines as well. You have to make sure that you’ll be easily searched in Google with these factors.

Make sure that your title tag contains an important keyword and accurately describes the whole content. Keywords should be included in meta descriptions as well; they don’t have a huge influence on ranking, but people frequently decide whether they want to see your content or not based on them. Headers should clarify what your content is about. 

Create Organized and Easily Readable Content

Customers often seek information that will be easily understandable and well organized. So you’ll need to create the kind of content that will have a good structure. You can use headings for that, to create separate paragraphs where each of them will contain information about specific aspects.

It will be easily distinguishable and understandable for everybody. Make sure that your paragraphs have more clarity and are informative. Use simple words, write short sentences, and make sure that there is no plagiarism and that specific keywords are used as well.

Use Visuals on Your Page

Using visuals for your page is another favorable option. You can use images, videos, charts, etc. You can use specific descriptions for your images and optimize image alt text. It will make your webpage look better and will help you with SEO as well.

These SEO copywriting rules can help you to move forward and boost your content performance as well. Don’t stop here and observe more on daily basis. You’d be able to determine many important ways that would help you to reach your audience and would help them to reach you as well.  

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What is an Algorithm and how does it affect your SEO?

What is an Algorithm and how does it affect your SEO?

Importance of Algorithms for Online Marketing

The information that Google has organized on the web includes the whole world. It’s hard to quickly find the information that you are looking for when you have numerous options and no way to filter them. It gets time-consuming and gives you little results.

For example, when people want to find information about certain brands, they should be able to do it quickly and efficiently. That’s where the algorithms come in. People need exact answers, not trillions of web pages and the Algorithm is a computer program, that can show you exactly what you want based on different clues.

Algorithms make the search easier and they use numerous unique signals that help people. Signals are related to the keywords that are on the webpage, the freshness of site content, and more.

After creating the content it’s important to reach as many people as possible and show them what the company can offer, so the use of algorithms is essential for online marketing.

Well-known Google Search Algorithms

There are numerous algorithms that can help you with SEO. Some of them have improved very well during the last couple of years and are actively used by many people.

PageRank was developed by Google founders and this algorithm can understand exactly what you mean and shows you the sources that will help you. It determines how important the webpage is and helps in ranking them across the search engine results.

Another option is Google Panda which checks the content of the webpage, determines the quality, and then filters out the ones that have low quality. Google Panda makes sure that the webpages with original content and good quality will have a higher ranking in a search engine, so the content that’s not informative, has low quality, and is duplicate won’t appear first while searching for any type of information.

Google Penguin is mostly against web spam and makes sure that the users won’t see the low-quality and spam sites first.


Algorithm’s impact on SEO

Understanding algorithms is important to understand SEOs because if you know how the algorithm behind SEO works, you’ll be able to follow SEO rules more easily. Without an algorithm there isn’t effective SEO, without algorithm people would see low-quality and unreliable webpages more frequently.

An algorithm is looking for unique content and analyzes it. Its main focus is to find compelling content and marketing. URLs have an impact on ranking as well and they should be clear and connected to a certain topic. Title tags are important for webpage ranking and informative Meta Descriptions attract more people to a webpage.

Google develops and improves existing algorithms all the time to satisfy new demands from numerous users. So it’s better to always monitor ongoing changes and stay tuned. Since algorithms could be called the base of the SEO and the rules of the SEO depend on what algorithm considers acceptable or not so acceptable, it’s important to have information about both of them and follow the updates regularly.

Benefits and Power of SEO

SEO makes sure that the webpage will be more visible online, so the chances of providing numerous people with your products increase. There are several important points that are related to SEO, like keyword analysis, content creation, and more.

SEO is strongly connected to users; users don’t find anything randomly, they find certain webpage before others because it has relevant information and good quality. So the SEO components have to be fulfilled to make the algorithm think that the content is important and useful.

It’s important to know how the target audience thinks, what they are interested in and how would they try and find information about anything. It’s important to use keywords as well, those keywords help the customers find your company more easily.

After understanding the target audience, studying the environment, and creating a marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the basic principles of algorithms, it will help you to use SEO more productively. The end result is great content and the attention of your target audience.

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Simple Guide to creating SEO friendly Content for your Blog

Simple Guide to creating SEO friendly Content for your Blog

Importance of SEO-Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) websites can grow your business without increasing your marketing budget and make sure that your website will be more visible to customers. With good SEO-Friendly Content, your webpage will be one of the first that they’ll see while browsing for specific products, services, or data.

Webpages that come up first get more clicks, views, likes, shares, and better customer engagement levels. So all the articles have to be SEO-friendly to ensure the growth of your business.

The biggest benefits of SEO-friendly content include the possibility of getting a higher ranking, achieving higher conversion rates, gaining social media attention, drawing more traffic, and increasing brand awareness.

Use Headlines for SEO Optimization

To make any article SEO-friendly it’s important to follow several steps. One of the most important that you should consider doing from the beginning is using headlines and sub-headers actively.

Headlines should tell the readers what the post is about. It should be informative and engaging. Keywords are an important factor as well, but overusing them might have a negative effect. Since headlines’ main purpose is to catch the reader’s attention, it has to be understandable and also help you to connect with the target audience.

Subheaders improve the reading experience; they contain keywords that have a huge effect on SEO. It’s not necessary to only use keywords for sub-headers, but using them at least once or twice will help you out.

Optimize the Length of your Article

When your text is long enough, Google can determine more easily what your post is about. While writing you can use keywords and key phrases several times, it will make the search of your post easier. When text is longer you can add more links, sub-headers, and images as well.

When a post is short, Google automatically considers that the content isn’t so useful and since all the search engines try to provide users with the best information, your post won’t have a high ranking anymore.


Choose your Keywords Wisely

First of all, before working on any article, you can just think about the keywords that you can use, depending on what you want to write about. It’s best to consider generally which keywords would have search traffic potential. As in you have to choose the keyword that’s frequently searched for.

Most people have a specific interest while browsing through Google. They want to find a specific blog, buy something or learn something. So it’s important to determine how the content that you are creating could be related to topics that are mostly researched by people. If people frequently don’t research any specific information, Google doesn’t rank that topic higher.

Optimize Images for SEO

First of all, choose the right format. Make sure that the pictures are original and have high quality. Make sure that you have descriptive, keyword-rich file names for your images, it’s very important for SEO.  Image file names alert Google and other search engines about the content of your article.

URL Structure for SEO

URL should be related to the main keywords that are used in the article. Also, it has to be simple, because it’s better to have a URL that will be easy to read and less confusing. SEO-friendly URLs should contain 1-2 keywords and be descriptive and meaningful.

Write High-Quality SEO-Friendly Content

Search engines always reward sites that have better quality and interesting, engaging content. Quality is one of the most important aspects of SEO-friendly content, because it’s helpful for users, ranks well in the SERPs, and helps you against competitors.

For your blog to gain more attention and increase the quality of content, it’s important to make your content original, trustworthy, useful, interesting, insightful, engaging, and informative.

Think about what makes your blog unique and different, and how can you make your blog stand out. Avoid making content that has little or no originality at all. Find features that make you competitive and different from others.

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How to Recover Your Website from being Blacklisted?

How to Recover Your Website from being Blacklisted?

Is your website seeing a sudden decline in traffic, or are your web pages not being indexed by Google?  This article will teach you how to keep your website off Google’s Blacklist website.

You are not alone. Every month, Google administers about 400,000 manual fines. This does not even take into account the websites that are penalized by core algorithm adjustments.

What exactly is Google’s Blacklist?

As one of the leading online search engines, Google is dedicated to providing its customers with a secure online experience. It regularly scans the internet for websites that have malicious information and flags them as potentially harmful to users.

Websites that are suspected of introducing junk code or collecting personal information from visitors are then de-indexed. Google continuously blacklists sites that engage in phishing or other fraudulent activities.

As a result, over 90% of the website’s bounce rate decreases, lowering its reputation on the internet. This results in significant traffic loss, which reduces the company’s sales and income. 

When does Google blacklist a website?

Google uses the algorithm to search websites for unlawful material, viruses, spam pages, copyright violations, and over-optimization of SEO keywords.

Any of these features that violate Google’s security standards are deemed hazardous for visitors and Blacklisted.

However, when relevant domains are hijacked in cybercrime, they end up in this state.


The majority of Google penalties are the result of an algorithm update. There are two sorts of algorithm changes: Panda and Penguin. They are continuously updated to eliminate any unnecessary websites from search engine rankings.

The Panda update is often focused on the overall quality of your website—”it” prevents weak and bad content from appearing in search results.

Backlinks are the foundation of the Penguin update. It detects bad links which make the website appear authentic.

The duration of your Google punishment is determined by your infraction and how quickly you attempt to remedy it. These are some of them: manual link spam penalty, algorithmic penalty, excessive reciprocal linking site-wide penalty, and private blog networks.

Recovering a Blacklisted Website

To avoid the Google Penalty and protect users from harmful assaults, developers must use Google Webmasters tools. Furthermore, the device provides a wealth of information about website health. However, you may undo the Google Blacklisting by doing the following recovery measures.

Get rid of malware content

Examine the potentially damaging website material, locations, or security issues. Scan the webpage for malware to determine your Blacklist status. Finally, wipe up your site and repair the polluted file copies. 

Increase website security

Install a Firewall for web applications to provide secure browsing and protect the site from harmful assaults. Hacked websites are unstable.Keep your website safe from vulnerabilities by updating security software regularly, and discouraging junk backlinks to your site.

Work to restore the website’s reputation

Restoring the website’s trust is a lengthy process. Nonetheless, recovering traffic loss is not impossible. In the long term, effective websites combined with good SEO tactics and regular security plugins and themes can help you climb the Google ranks.

Notify your website for whitelisting

After you have completed the cleanup of malicious material, it is time to notify the authorities of Google Search Engine and request a review to remove your site from the Blacklist. Typically, it takes about a month to examine your report on how you resolved the difficulties.

Wrap up

Google Penalty may be perplexing to website owners.  To understand what is going on with your website, you must conduct extensive study and analysis.

Consult a professional if you are confused in any way; you do not need to be alone through this! If you choose to resolve a penalty without taking correct measures, you may end up causing greater damage to your website. 

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Which Google Analytics Report is the best for your Company

Which Google Analytics Report is the best for your Company

In the world of business, your level of productivity is directly tied to your ability to monitor and watch over the vital statistics of your company. And in the online business world, this means using Google Analytics to its maximum potential. 

Today, we are all busy and have much to do, so it’s difficult for us to monitor the growth of our company. However, Google Analytics helps monitor our website performance. It provides us valuable data on how we are doing concerning our competition, business goals, audience needs, and other essential marketing activities. But which report is the best one? 

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the most necessary tools that help you to see and analyze the required data together. It combines different reports that gather all the information you need so you don’t miss a single detail.

To have all the insights in front of you at any time, Google Analytics reports capture all the steps you take in digital channels to reach your target audience. 

Reports in Google Analytics not only combine different types of information but at the same time analyze them and provide you with ready-made data.


5 key types of reports you need 

Google Analytics has a wide variety of reports, all of which you may need at some point to increase conversion rates or reach other goal, but here are the most important google analytics report that you will most likely need all the time.

Audience report

As you know, a correctly defined target audience is an essential component of success in marketing. The audience report helps you get all the valuable insights you need for audience research.  It gives you demographic and psychographic insights, the number of users, sort them into categories, so it will be easier for you to understand who is your ideal customer.

Site speed overview report

If you’ve been following our articles, you’ll know that slow-loading pages are the number one enemy of sales. Users have neither the time nor the willpower to wait for a long time for a website to load. That’s why you should monitor how fast your website is. Google site speed overview report will help you to improve your website’s loading time.

In addition to showing you which pages are loading slowly, this report also provides suggestions on how to fix the problem. From this report, you can find out how fast your site loads on different browsers, in different countries, how many seconds it takes to load, etc.

Bounce rate report

Your website may not have a slow loading problem, but people are still leaving quickly, or not going to the area where the main content of your site is. The bounce rate report shows you the way to control this.  

From this report, you will know how often visitors leave your site. If this number is high, you need to think about solving the problem

Goals overview report 

The results may be great, and your site’s performance may seem successful at first glance, but in reality, it may not match your goals at all. A goals overview report will help you to control it

A goals overview report can be said to be the most necessary and important. Here you can see an overview of the time frame you want, check how well the results and goals match each other, compare old and new data, and more.

Keyword analysis 

Keywords are very important for your website to appear in search engines, and with this report, you can control how suitable your keywords are for your content, see how users react to these keywords, and  Use this information to optimize your content and site.


In the end, it all comes down to you. You have to understand your company’s needs and know the type of information necessary. If you are focused on keyword performance indicators, look for reports like keyword analysis.

If you need more in-depth data on a specific section of your website look for the goals overview data. The best Google Analytics report will always be the one that delivers what you need and answers all of your questions.

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The best Five Paid SEO Tools

The best Five Paid SEO Tools

Why do you need SEO tools?

Keeping up with trends in the modern world is quite tricky, especially in the digital industry, which is hugely shifting. Without SEO tools, marketing specialists would have to spend hours researching suitable keywords and analyzing data. This process would make it impossible to create quality content and focus on another aspect of marketing and branding. 

SEO tools give your reports about where the problem is, what works, and what fails. Also, SEO tools generate keywords related to your brand and product. It helps you to see your website performance better. 

Also, in case you have multiple websites to keep up with, SEO tools are the best assistance. It guarantees accurate data and reports without any mistakes. 

While the competition for organic ranking is higher than ever, marketers need some helping hand to achieve their goals. This is exactly why you need an SEO tool with beneficial features. So while you choose between tools, you should consider that powerful SEO features don’t come for free, and if you want all the valuable attributes, then you have to set aside a certain budget. 

Which tools are the best?

SEO software comes in so many different forms and functions, but there are five best tools on the market today, to optimize your website.


This tool lives up to the name of a spy because it is one of the most excellent tools when you want to see what your competitors do, what works for them, search the keywords they are using, and so on.

 Spyfu is one of the most popular SEO tools because of its numerous features. It has everything you may need to work on SEO. it is all in one, it has keyword tool,  SERP checker, as already mentioned competitor research. 

The start price for Spyfu is 33$. 


Yoast premium

Another popular tool is Yoast, it has a free version, but if you want to take your SEO to another level Yoast premium is essential. 

Yoast premium provides content ideas, and keyword research tools, and helps with link building as it offers you interlink recommendations. 

Yoast premium isn’t that expensive, it is just  89$ to have Yoast premium as long as you want.


Ahrefs is the best tool when want to work on the off-page profile of your website.  Ahrefs provides an all-in-one toolset, that allows you to do any SEO job easily. 

This tool has features to track your competitors’ websites and helps you with backlinks and content. 

If you thinking of investing in this tool, the price of Ahrefs starts from 99$.

MOZ pro 

If your main goal is to know everything about your website’s technical performance then MOZ pro should be your first choice. 

MOZ pro offers you website rank tracking and backlink analysis, and also it will provide technical site auditing. 

The price starts from 99$, but every plan has very useful extensions and features to improve your SEO.


If you are familiar with SEO, and the digital world, maybe you heard about SEMrush, it is one of the most famous tools, because it easy interface which holds all the important tools, you need. 

SEMrush has features for organic keyword research, finding content ideas, it will analyze competitors, also do reports of your work, etc. 

The cost of SEMrush starts at 199.95$ per month. It is more expensive than others, but if you have SEMrush you don’t need any other tools, SEMrush will cover everything for you. 

To sum up

If you are planning to develop your SEO, you definitely need a quality SEO tool. To pick the right one, you should know what is your company’s weaknesses and strengths, what you want to advance more, and what doesn’t require lots of attention. 

If you don’t have the budget, but want to grow your ranking in SERP and have optimized SEO, then you can start with free trials of the mentiond tools or check out our blog about the best Free SEO tools. 

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Five Free SEO tools for your Business

Five Free SEO tools for your Business

Why is SEO important?

If you have an ambition for your website to appear in a Google search, then you should know about the search engine and how it works. Not only know about but spent considerable time to optimize your website or app to appear on the first page of google search. 

SEO is the primary tool to prove the relevance of your website and interact with search engines like google. Millions of sites are created every day, the number of competitors increases, and it becomes more and more important to be shown to your users directly. 

The search engine is responsible for which websites appear online and which don’t. It uses specific algorithms to choose from these numerous websites, and these algorithms will decide between your and your competitors’ website. This is why it is so essential to work on search engine optimization.


Benefits of free SEO tools

As we are talking about free SEO tools, having no cost is one of the benefits. The only thing You will pay for is your time. But if it brings you relevant users, then be sure it’s worth it. Another benefit is that good SEO strategy will boost the acceptability of your website.

Also, most importantly, it attracts customers exactly from your target audience, and Free SEO tools help you find keywords for your business.

Free tools 

Just because something is free doesn’t mean it isn’t considerable. Some Free SEO tools are great when you just start exploring search engines. However, if you don’t have experience and want to learn more about how the search engine system works, you should definitely try these five free SEO tools as starters. 


This first tool is for keyword research. This tool also offers on-site audits for checking SEO performance. The primary preference of Seobility is its daily updates. This tool provides you with different keyword rankings. 

Another great feature of Seobility is link explorer, which assists in keeping track of SEO backlinks.  It also allows you to set a country or even city and search for more specific keyword ideas. This is an excellent tool for searching and tracking keywords, data visualization, and analysis. The Software is for the web, but it also has mobile applications. 


This is another great software for keyword analyzing and tracking. It originated for marketers and SEO specialists. 

SeoPoz collects information about how users interact with your Site and visualize all this data to show your website performance. 

SeoPoz has a built-in backlink audit, which allows you to get a complete summary of your website’s power and backlinks. SeoPoz is all Web-based software.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is an excellent tool for managing your website campaigns. It has a LinkAssistant feature, which helps you to discover third-party websites appropriate to your business. This feature helps you with the link building process and improves your website’s authority and power.

SEO PowerSuite software also helps with keyword research. By using this tool properly, you can evaluate the structure of your website. 

SEO PowerSuite is also a Web-based platform but has an application for desktops.

Screaming frog 

Screaming frog is a software platform that allows companies to evaluate and optimize the visibility and authority of their website.

You can use Screaming frog to perform technical SEO, find broken links, and picture website architecture. In addition, this tool offers auditing for your website and shows problems related to SEO, for example, improper links, slow page loads, copied content, etc. 

Screaming frog has a desktop application for Windows and Linux. 

Google search console

If you are starting your SEO journey now, using Google tools is the easiest way to improve your website work. 

 One of them is the Google search console. It is an excellent start because the console will help you to understand everything about search engines and website optimization. 

Google search console has many valuable tools, such as mobile usability tools and search console reports; also, it offers to analyze engagement and impressions of your content. 

You just need a google account to access the Google search console. 

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How does Organic Search improve your Digital Marketing Strategies?

How does Organic Search improve your Digital Marketing Strategies?

What is Organic Search

Organic search is part of the SEO tools you need to acquire for addressing specifically the less performing marketing strategies and campaigns. You check the rankings on Google Search Engine mostly. Your target aspects of SEO for organic search are: keywords, links-internal and external and content creation methods and consistency.

Below Average Performance

Sometimes we put a lot of energy in creation of specific content, but they still end up being dysfunctional or unproductive. We might find ourselves questioning the whole strategy, but in most cases it’s raw relevance of content that turns out to be the problem.

Keep in mind, that Google Search Algorithms tend to switch and change quite so often and in the process of content creation it’s crucial to pay attention to such changes. Along with the algorithm can change certain keyword values or links can simply become irrelevant by the time we decide to launch a campaign or publish the blogpost.


Organic Search Results

So, how do we control the outcomes of our content and what can possibly be the organic search results? Organic Search of keywords for example, showcase the relevancy of your content for your users. You can make notes on least performing ones and optimize them adequately to improve your SEO.

Also, not only do the Organic Searches indicate least performing content on your blog, but also the unpaid search results rankings. The first to pop up in Google SERP is paid advertisements. The rest after that is what naturally pops up within the search volume of your key phrase of choice.

So, how do we upgrade our rankings in organic search and stay relevant for our potential and active customers?

Don’t confuse the Google Search Engine

It might sound a bit funny to be able to confuse a Google Engine, but it’s possible and here’s how:

Let’s say you have a website dedicated to cosmetics and beauty in general. Now, that most of your cornerstone content is published and you’ve acquired quite some rankings in the search engine-you decided to change content a little bit. Maybe, spice it up? Or demonstrate how many other aspects your industry is connected to?

The issue here is to not lose track of your content becoming irrelevant for the general description and context the Google robot has figured out your website to be about. For an even more specific example, suppose you decided to start posting about makeup during WW2.

As a matter of fact makeup did play a huge part back in those times, but if all of a sudden your several blog posts become overloaded with WW2 related information and have very little cosmetic related keywords-you will notice changes in your organic search results.

The reason is simple-your content has become irrelevant to your whole website concept. Well, it’s not quite so easy to mess up, but we are speaking about extremes in this case. So, to maintain your high scores and organic search results-make sure you don’t go way overboard with the general content.


In summary, let’s say that relevance is key for high organic search results. Just make sure you place links and keywords in the right place with the right context to avoid popping up in irrelevant searches and targeting a totally different audience instead of the actual target. After all, it’s also very likely uninterested audience will NOT visit your website and that affects your SEO just as much.

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Content Syndication benefits for your Online Communications

Content Syndication benefits for your Online Communications

What is Content Syndication?

To put it Simply-Content syndication is republishing you owned content to different websites. By doing this-you can increase the audience reach. Nevertheless, you also increase the general variety of your audience. Keep in mind, that a specific audience might be visiting your website, but there can be another type of audience still unaware of your website specifically, but interested in the subject of research.

Increase the Audience Traffic

Along with the benefit mentioned in previous Paragraph-Content Syndication can do a great deal to your website’s online traffic. This will help raise the awareness of your brand. Not to mention, that content syndication strategies are extremely cost-efficient. Instead of burning out your blog’s content resources try republishing it and saving some ideas for further topics.

Great enterprises like New York Times also use content syndication. Some companies do tend to shy away from given content strategy fearing their content might become the victim of plagiarism. But, the main point is to direct different audiences back to your website for more specific information on the subjects.


Third Party Content Syndication

Not only can you syndicate your content on different websites and increase traffic via doing so, you can also ask different websites as third parties to syndicate their content on your blog. Now, if you principally deny publishing third party content on your website-think again. Traffic rotations are like a double-bladed sword.

Once you syndicate the third-party content on your blog-not only do your customers start visiting their blog, but also their active users start visiting yours. Sure the source must be stated and that’s exactly what works for you again and for the third party as well.

Also, don’t forget that it’s pretty rough to run a blog with multiple authors. Sometimes stylistically consistent content becomes a bit of an issue. If you see a blogpost so perfectly fitted for your ideal content-there’s nothing wrong about asking an influencer for example for the syndicate permission. In fact, an individual is very likely to be honored by such proposal and publish separate content to promote their work on YOUR website!

Self-Service Syndication

Another cool thing about syndication is that you can syndicate your own content. Now, this sounds a little bit off-track but don’t get confused. Here is what self-service syndication involves:

One of the greatest ways of Self-Service Syndication is to re-publish your content on LinkedIn platform. Here is where most B2B communications happen. Also, keep in mind, that when creating a LinkedIn post-you have an option of an article. So, it will not look like an unprofessional post or you won’t have to upload a Word or PDF file. This is a great way of re-publishing your content on your account but a different publishing platform.

Syndication Win-Win Strategies

  • Publish syndicated content from relevant posts on your blog.
  • Syndicate your content on relevant blogs.
  • Write specific content for relevant sites.
  • Re-Publish your content on B2B Platforms.

Content Syndication for SEO

At first sight syndicated content can seem almost scattered and we might question its functionality for SEO purposes. The great aspect of it is-that syndicated content is not equal to duplicated content. Google’s actually supporting the syndication strategy-just make sure to include the external link back to the original website. As we’ve discussed about internal and external links in one of our articles-used correctly, they do nothing but good to your SEO quality.

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