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How To Use Multi-Modal Search For Higher SEO Performance?

How To Use Multi-Modal Search For Higher SEO Performance?

Multimodal Search Basics

Basically, multimodal search combines the aspects of keyword, concept and example searches. It can also involve the multilingual search engine development and of course-multimedia search elements like photo, video and audio. Now, to make the concept clearer, let’s discuss several possibilities of using multimodal search strategy to benefit our SEO.

Multi-Functional Content

Before you start with multimodal search, you must first have some diverse content. Now, that we’ve mentioned so many content mediums it’s important to know how they can be navigated through general search engines to pop up in more various channels.

Multi-Lingual Search

For this case, let’s take the basic example of your blog-textual content. It’s great to have customers engaged and well, if they do not know the language of your choosing, they can always refer to google translate. Yet, best option for increasing your summed up SEO results would be to actually provide the multi-lingual versions on your website already.


Here’s how it works-you have at least two language options for your original website. When writing blogposts/cornerstone content make sure to provide copies in both languages. Provide a URL for both posts in their specific languages with the keywords relevant to that native audience.

This obviously doubles up the work you put in blogging, but also surely doubles your SEO profits as well.

Concept Search

So far, in one of our articles we have discussed the importance of external links in your content. Here’s how it helps with acquiring concept search strategy. The primary reason you use external links in your content is to help the search engine understand what’s the purpose of your post. What ideas or concepts it is about. So, make sure to use relevant external links to navigate your potential customers towards your content via the general outline of its concept.

Example Search

If you write content on regular basis, you should know that you must have at least one comparative or exemplifying sentence in your blogpost or social media textual content. Such assets in content writing help interested viewers find certain keywords in the body text of your content without concentrating on headlines alone, so make sure to present some comparisons and examples in your copy next time.

Multi-Media Search

Now, media that dominates search engines is generally photos. Even before clicking the video or possibly available audio content-we need a small glimpse of what we’re about to see right? When you create a specific type of content don’t forget to edit your featured image in coherence with SEO friendliness. This is how it works:

When you add a featured image for your content you are very likely to see graphs asking you to explain the image and add the so called Alt text. Explaining the image actually helps you use your necessary keywords in multiple mediums. Some platforms offer simple wording and some require some coding knowledge, but it’s still manageable.

As for the ALT text, here is why it’s cool. The ALT text function literally helps you command your engine on when and where to make the image pop up. Let’s say you have an image on content about your Croissant recipe. You upload an image (preferably royalty free) and command in ALT text to pop up in Google SERP when searched “French Croissant Recipe” or “Real Croissant Recipe”

The previously conducted customer research and keyword research will help you understand how to control these search strategies better, so don’t hold back on using the search engine functions to their fullest.

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How Can Internal And External Links Improve Your SEO Rankings?

How Can Internal And External Links Improve Your SEO Rankings?

ABC Of Internal And External Linking

Before we get to discussing more specific benefits of internal and external linking for your SEO scores, let’s review the basic properties of both:

Internal links direct your users from your website to another page on that same website. So, basically it helps you with CTR and earns you a higher SEO score, thus letting you appear higher in search engine hierarchy. Also, you provide ease of navigation all through your website.

As for the external links, they direct your users out of your website to another website. Here, the pro is to get backlinks from those other websites trailing all the way back to yours, which also result in higher SEO rankings.  Also, the Google Robot views the externally linked content as credible.

External Linking Myths

Now, if you know little about SEO, you might think, that external linking might do you no good. This can also be result of fear of competition. Let’s say you are creating cornerstone content. It’s obvious, that you cannot just copy from someone and label it as yours, so you need to link the informational source.

Fist off, you’re getting rid of plagiarism and also showing the honesty to your viewer. The other thing is, that you need to make sure you’re using a reliable source of information. Doing that will only benefit you, as the users will be assured that you use professional resources and are more likely to re-visit your content out of trust.


Internal Linking

2 or maximum of 3 internal links are an optimal option per one landing page. Over-doing will over-saturate your content and confuse the search engine. In this case, in alliance with keywords you’re focused on-use specific and strategic internal links for the engine to understand briefly what your page is all about and its content.

Also, you offer users quick access to certain pages they must be interested in and save a lot of time scrolling through your options or menu. Of course, don’t forget the benefits of building organic traffic on your website which shows in further increased website engagement.


The abbreviate of E-A-T deciphers as expertise, authority and trustworthiness. These are the three main principles your external linking strategies work for. This is suitable not for individuals only, but also your engine robots of Google and Bing alike.

Don’t Forget Other Engines

The engine we’ve been discussing primarily is Google search. But, keep in mind, even though google is the most used one generally, Yahoo and Bing are not the ones to be left out from.

Your target audience needs to be researched well to at least figure out which search platform they are using most frequently. Quite logically, if your customer research shows that your users mostly use Bing, it would be non-beneficial to work only on Google SEO rankings.

Use External Links Wisely

Just dropping and popping external links simply because your content mentions a website is not enough of a reason to use external links so clueless.

We might mention Instagram or Facebook in our website content, but is it really necessary to link or Will it anyhow serve our search engine robot to figure out the purpose of our content? Not really.

So, for a better example, if you’re writing about fashion industry trends and emphasize on Vogue magazine-instead of simply linking, you can apply a more specific link from vogue website that is conceptually about the same subject as your content with similar keywords.

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Why Is Cornerstone Content Important For Your Web-Marketing Strategy?

Why Is Cornerstone Content Important For Your Web-Marketing Strategy?

The Definition Of Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone Content is the heart of your digital marketing strategies. It consists of the blogposts for example, which involve content with specific keywords that help you appear in search engines and if used correctly even go higher up in the rankings. You pretty much create consistent articles which you than optimize and make SEO friendly.

CornerStone Content Capacity

Just like everything else-visual and textual content directed to your digital marketing communications; Cornerstone Content also has its standards. Keywords play a huge part here so let’s review all the steps of creating your CS Content tailored for the SEO functionality.

Research The Examples

Keep in mind, that you are not the only one in the field, so naturally other brands and companies are writing about similar topics. One way of figuring out what works is to become a searcher for a little while.


If you already have key-words you want to use, just google them yourself and see which content (not sponsored) comes up first. Take a look at their content and analyze it, why could it possibly be so effective.

Length Of Content

Research plays another huge part here. Take a look at the general amount of words different blogs are using for their content on specific subjects. Depending on how many keywords you want to use in a particular article, you might need to write the text of specific length and in a specific manner of writing style. Generally, using up to 8-9 rank-effective keywords is a recommended amount.

Regulate Your Rankings

Just as noted in previous paragraphs, consistency is the key. You cannot just write an article here and there and expect it to give you high SEO rankings. For example, let’s consider the TikTok algorithm, which by the way is not as complicated as users want to believe. The point is to post content daily. Set the bare minimum for yourself and make time for it daily. TikTok is a video content platform.

Now, no matter how great your video content is, if you only post like, once or twice a week, it is very least likely, that content will go viral. It’s actually quite difficult to think of new ideas on daily basis, but that’s the challenge you have to overcome. Don’t be shy to take a look at others’ content. You are not to invent something new, but to present a certain well-known subject in your own unique way for YOUR target audience.

Long-Lasting Results With Cornerstone Content

To make your cornerstone content a long-lasting success, you have to consider that the content has to be fitted to almost any time it is to be searched. Sometimes you might have to update old article and re-publish them. This can also be repurposing of your content. Avoid using very specific dates for example.

If, say, you have a series of articles including dates too much, probably next year the viewer won’t even want to click the link anymore. We are always in search of something new, so if you have content that specifically states it’s for year 2019, the audience won’t even bother sparing curiosity. Relatively, your cornerstone content will always struggle staying up in the rankings.

Generate These Elements For Google Friendly Content

  • Keywords and Keywords again.
  • Headlines Including Key-Phrases
  • SEO Landing Page
  • Related Content

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The Importance Of Suggestions Panel On Your Brand’s Website

The Importance Of Suggestions Panel On Your Brand’s Website

Suggestions Simplify Choices

If you’re a big enterprise with a website including multiple landing pages-suggestions panel is necessary for your sales strategies. Our customers tend to be quite indecisive when it comes to making the final checkout on their purchases. We as customers also always want to make the best of our shopping. Even when it comes to service industry, somehow consulting with your customer and suggesting them the best fit for their interests will ensure your sales to be checked out.

How It Works

Let’s say you have an online shop that sells shoes. The shoes can be any kind according to color, size, style and season. It’s great to offer so many options, but having so many choices sometimes confuse us. A customer is looking through a bunch of stuff before they decide on something and using the data collected from this search is exactly what will help you offer the matching product to the taste.

If you see a customer constantly scrolling through Mary-Jane style shoes you can suggest them the variety of the products on their profile. Eventually a customer will like at least one of those and even find the one they couldn’t notice before.


Example Of Netflix

Choosing a movie or TV series for a relaxing evening can be quite exhausting. It’s actually funny in a certain manner, how searching for something that’s meant to be relaxing can actually give you anxiety for a moment. This is why Netflix asks its users what type of movies they are generally interested in before generating the related landing page for that exact individual.

That’s for starters, but through time the website collects data about which genre you watch most frequently, or maybe the cast that seems to appear in every film you decide on. Later the data refreshes your suggestions and offers you new content. This shows the importance of keeping updates on the search options of each profile.

Suggestions Boost Your Sales

Thinking too much about the choices can create a dilemma in a customer’s mind, thus leading to making no choice at all and deleting the items from their shopping cart, if they have even added any in the first place. It could sound a little bit unfair, but the actual concept of constantly suggesting likeable products, serves the purpose of not making the customer overthink their decisions, so that they will eventually select an item to check out.

Use Suggestions To Appear In Suggestions

Keep in mind, that any search and activity on the internal space of your website shows itself in the broader range of search engines outside of your landing pages. For a simple example let’s consider your website offers a variety of services in housing.

It can be anything from repair to actually finding the housing. The more suggestions and options you generate to scroll through using the relevant keywords-the more likely it will be for you to appear in Google Search Engine as well for potential customers who do not know of your services just yet.

The Right Place For Suggestions

Making and strategically grouping suggestions fit to an individual customer is one thing, but choosing the right space on your landing page to place these suggestions is another. Depending of course on what kind of products or services we are talking about, suggestion placement can be either on the entry web-page or on the profile. Maybe even both. Just try not to be too annoying, and sharply accurate.

We don’t want our audience to feel like they are being stalked. In case of Netflix, options are right in front of you, once you enter the platform. Yet, Amazon offers suggestions on an individual user’s profile. Both strategies work on the target mission to sell a different product to maybe the overlapping target audience. Make sure to create browsing comfort zone for your users, not a chaotic bunch of options.

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How Researching Keywords Improves Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

How Researching Keywords Improves Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Keywords Are Vital

When creating a content for your brand’s campaign, posts etc. consider researching the right keywords. Also, don’t forget the importance of a key-phrase. The point it, the usage of keywords, even if researched tightly, will be downgraded if their alignment is not considered.

Now, let’s say your service focuses on creating great posters/prints. Next, you researched the keywords your target audience uses to find services like yours. The keywords turned out to be “printshop” and “posters”.

Creating content without correctly stating what’s the point of addressing your Printing Agency instead of another would be an error to your digital communication.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a Digital Marketing Strategy, that focuses on potential customers, who want to find a company or a product Online. Inbound marketing comes into play when the brand notices that a certain product doesn’t have enough reach to the target audience through offline channels.

For great Inbound Marketing you need a productive and functional web-content. Interactive elements prove to be most useful to generate higher CTR, interest in potential customers and as a result-engagement.


Brand Visibility Through Inbound Marketing

Generally, online communication and web-content marketing has become the source of visibility for modern brands. This is one of the key benefits of inbound marketing. Well, what this strategy does is: With SEO-Friendly content, possibly maximum amount of targeted individuals reach your web-content.

Your content is not plainly promotional, but most importantly productive or informative. That’s a way to gain customers’ trust on the market. Competition is quite tough and correct Search Engine Optimization plays a huge part to be ranking among leaders.

Keywords and SEO

As stated in the first paragraph, Keywords and Key-Phrases have a lot to do with the optimization process of your web-content. There are several online platforms offering SEO services.

No good optimization can be done with correct keywords. If you want to try researching keywords for personal experience, try to be a customer yourself. When creating content for your website-ask yourself a question; If I were a customer of my brand, would I share this content? Like, on social media for example?

Think Like A Searcher

When looking for something as regular individuals we don’t look for keywords in a robotic manner. Let’s say, we are looking for a veterinary service. What we most likely search on Google for example would be “Veterinary Clinics that work 24/7 in [blank] city”. Now, we see what a customer is looking for right? Not just a veterinary clinic, but the one that’s accessible at any time, in a specific area of residence.

So, when creating our web-content we need to make sure we positively respond all those needs. Well, of course if the veterinary clinic does work 24/7. We need to include categorized information, especially about our brand/enterprise.

Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

Except for visibility, earlier stated in this article, let’s review several other benefits of the given Marketing Strategy:

  • Expert Positioning On The Market-Ranking as an expert can be achieved through quality content that is being published consistently. Inconsistent posting will negatively affect your visibility in the search engine.
  • Trust Bond-Once you’ve created a base of quality and consistent content, trust is being developed between you and your customers. They become a form of community that is waiting for updates about the field through your web-content.
  • Regular Reports-The product of constant and real-time research is the report. Reports are practically your mathematical equations of your online presence that show themselves through Click Through Rates for example. Earlier reports can also be very useful for further researches of customer behavior.

Automate Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve covered the basic stages of your inbound marketing strategy, you just might let yourself relax a bit and automate it. From customer research and reports stated previously you start having a guide to the audience you should rather target.

Without wasting time and resources you will be able to create more specific content for a more specific group of individuals. The automation process focuses on selling more effectively and in greater numbers.

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How To Improve The Voice And The Authority Of Your Brand?

How To Improve The Voice And The Authority Of Your Brand?

Improve you Brand Voice

In an article about excellent copies, we have spoken about the brand tone, but the brand voice not quite the same. Like we said tone of your brand the emotional accompaniment to what you have to say in a certain campaign, either it’s a service or a product. Yet the voice of a brand is description of a company’s full on personality. Tone is to match the campaign’s core ideas, but the voice is the part of the core idea. Just like every other communication element-maintaining a consistent brand voice will further affect your authority in a positive manner.

Expand the Authority of your Brand

The authority of your brand is measured by the trust you’ve earned among customers, and the degree to which they see your brand as a subject-matter expert in the field. A variety of factors can influence authority, including robust and compelling content, an active online presence, and engagement over social media. So, when we speak of consistency, this is where the absence of it shows itself. Like we discussed in a previous paragraph-the voice has to be constantly heard, otherwise another factor-such as authority will be under bigger pressure.


Use your Authority Wisely

Trust is a pretty difficult thing to earn among individuals and it has to carefully taken care of. In all types of communication strategies are based on emotional bonds, they are for sure stronger when you communicate with a loyal customer. This is the level of trust you don’t want to lose, because the downfall of losing this privilege is losing many others along the way. The thing is, when one loyal customer feels disappointed they start to actively share their thoughts in certain communities connected to your services. The loyal customer base is also a primary community to start from. For example, MSI is one of the leading brands in gaming community. Now imagine, if MSI company decided to pay less attention to quality to one of their models, yet advertising it as brand new, stronger, more effective etc. The MSI customers would be shortly disappointed, that their favorite brand used the trust of loyal public to just sell the one time goods and now retaining that trust will take longer than it has taken to obtain it in the first place.

Be Careful with your Communications

A trustworthy brand can launch many campaigns which don’t only promote their products and services, but also can promote a certain idea, lifestyle, a choice in general. Being a-board with the community is a huge advantage to not launch a communication based on the ideas which could actually irritate the audience. Based on the example of MSI, it’s most possible, that loyal users are active on the Discord platforms. The point is to take time to observe the behavior and needs of your loyal base through the platforms they are most likely to share their thoughts and ideas. That way, it will also be helpful to update your new target audience except for the loyal customers you already have.

Show Social Proof

Testimonials can be highly useful tools for improving authority for your brand. Every testimonial or online review provides an opportunity to explore the products or services you offer and the impact you have on customers. They can also provide your business with several types of social proof. One creative way to position your brand as an industry leader is to host an online event or conference. Make your audience feel exclusive. Make sure to invite the right speakers to your events and conferences. This shall help you reinforce the leading position of your enterprise.

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Proactive Corporate SEO Solutions For Your Company

Proactive Corporate SEO Solutions For Your Company

Larger Business-Larger Strategies

The process of improving your website in the direction of search engine optimization is quite time-consuming and takes a full-on concentration on the process of monitoring this procedure, especially in real-time. When it comes to corporate SEO solutions, which are more fitted for larger companies, the right guess is-it doesn’t get easier. Creating a proactive SEO strategy for larger enterprises takes specific approach and this is what we shall dive into.

Improve Visibility on Google

There is a metric of Visibility, which is used to measure and compare how certain websites perform online. Corporate SEO is not simply about keywords which need to be used. It must understand the User’s search habits and how search engines rank content in a more accurate manner. Let’s say, corporate SEO is a more advanced type. Even with more need for accuracy and a few complications, the goof visibility formula stays the same: Users look for relevant and trustworthy content and search engines look at sites with higher user engagement and reliable, processed content.

Frequency of Interaction

We most certainly know, that one-time interaction is not enough for high visibility rates, the frequency of visits from our users affect the metric we were speaking of in previous paragraph. Interaction is monitored through how many landing pages one viewer decides to scroll through and get acquainted with our services/products. This is where reliable content plays a huge role.


Keep up with the Algorithm

Naturally, the tweaks search engines make on their algorithms, can affect corporate SEO strategies. Algorithm affects your visibility, if you’re lucky-sometimes for the best, but it’s not too common, so stay updated on these tweaks to adjust your further strategies and keyword research. Fortunately, Google for example gives us warnings on algorithm tweaks, so it’s not really as much of an emergency issue, but timing is still a must.

Corporate SEO Visibility Practices:

  • Update content to align with search intent
  • Optimize meta descriptions and meta tags
  • Include target keywords in anchor text
  • Benchmark top-ranking pages
  • Integrate images and videos
  • Have strong UX
  • Ensure mobile friendliness

Use THE Model and Progress it

In this case we will be talking more in detail about benchmark top-ranking pages. This practice involves using the existing high-ranking content as an example of why it attracts so many users and how it gets high visibility rankings. This practice is going to help you edit your website and make necessary changes for improved performance.

Mobile Readability is Essential

It must be addressed, that most of the individuals are lately relying on their smartphones more, than the computers or notebooks. The important detail is, when do people generally start searching for something and right about anything? Maybe when they are on a long ride in the bus, in a queue waiting to go in a certain room, in their couches-just chilling around scrolling to finally research something they didn’t have enough time for before.

In all these scenarios it is more likely to see these people with phones in their hands, rather than laptops on their laps. It’s clearly mandatory for a proactive corporate SEO strategy to be mobile-friendly. To have a comfortable mobile mode for your website, research the ratios which are generally appropriate for the phone screens. Something like the one size-fits all. It’s difficult, but not impossible, just takes more effort than usual.

Reports, Reports and Reports Again

Just like we discussed in previous topic, the search engine algorithm is not completely on our side, it’s like a neutral player in this visibility/invisibility tournament. Staying updated is cool, but detailed reports will navigate you through the tweaks of tweaks, if analyzed properly. Update constantly, but don’t forget to re-analyze and review the past events and algorithm changes.

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B2B Digital Marketing Strategies For Further Success

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies For Further Success

B2B and B2C Marketing

In comparison to reaching out to the individuals, Business to Business A.K.A. B2B marketing strategies need a totally different approach, or should we say specific.

Start from reconsidering if your website actually meets the needs of your business, a little help from your team can never be extra. Carefully look through your website data and make sure it’s up to date in the first place.

Inspiring Communication

Double check how relevant is your communication for your target audience, improve mobility and response quality. Include clear messages which call to action, such as:

  • Request a Quote
  • Schedule a Demo
  • Download a White Paper

Feature the links to your Social Media pages, of course don’t miss out on the LinkedIn when working on this one, which is one of the best platforms for B2B communications.

Consistency is Important

Just like the individual customer oriented digital marketing strategy, also make sure to maintain regular, real time monitoring and updates.

Do the research! Keep in mind, that in some cases you might actually need to switch the target audience.

Good Blogging leads to better Sales

And of course, SEO is a must! As mentioned above, B2B digital marketing strategies can be quite specific, so consider looking for outside engagement as well. For example, guest blogging opportunities, that link back to your blog and website.

Don’t forget the Visual Media Content which can have the educational value for your potential customers. At the moment, TikTok is a platform not to be missing out from! 15 second short videos just might do wonders on the statistics of your engagement.


Engage Online and Offline

Integrating your online and offline marketing can be extremely helpful as well. Such integration can be:

  • Direct offline activity online using a landing page, QR code or keyword
  • Gather email addresses at offline events such as conferences or networking events
  • Use custom URLs on offline marketing activities so you can track activity

Check the Modern Tendencies

Tapping into social media is a modern tendency which is undeniably useful. The uses for social media can be to provide industry tips, news, pain point solutions and updates on your products or services.

Creative Solutions

You must keep in mind, that all the communication you use for your B2B strategy, must be entertaining for the target audience to stay interested in your updates. FAQ and SAQ posts are just as important to understand how to have a better tone in the digital communications. Let’s say-if your target audience is more of a young/fun persona, a strictly business tone would actually push the potential collaborations away.

For some, a tone that’s too familiar in any of your blog-posts might represent you as not serious enough to make a business deal with.

Research Again!

Leveling up your communication will take a while, all the good stuff is generally more time consuming, which means-you will have to sometimes go back to all the steps mentioned above. Stay up to date, because in another case you just might realize at the finish-line, that all your efforts have led to no results, because you didn’t update the vital elements to your effective digital communication.

Re-Define & Re-Organize

It’s obviously time to redefine our views on digital marketing and broaden the horizons, digital world is constantly changing and so should we to give better services and develop as a result. Yet, keep in mind, that digitalizing the service doesn’t mean de-humanizing it. The dialogue might be code-based, but communication is still human.

Our Role in your further Success

Our team can provide you with the necessary services to develop and successfully re-activate your brand’s engagement status. Recently we had a great experience working with the With the right marketing and design plans we made it possible to increase Google Ranking by 800%, +300% Click through rate on Ads and +1000 Targeted Followers on Social Media. For more detailed information feel free to contact us on and don’t forget to scroll through some of our finished projects.

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How Can Digital Marketing Boost NGOs

How Can Digital Marketing Boost NGOs

Digital marketing plays a huge role in growing awareness and building global reach for the companies and it is a cost-efficient method compared to traditional forms of marketing. Digital marketing is in many fields and it also reached none governmental organizations (NGO).

Why is digital marketing important for your NGO?

There are several reasons why digital marketing is good for your NGO:

  • It helps get volunteers, donors and funds using social media platforms
  • It helps you deliver your story and influence on people’s perception of you
  • You will get cost-effective and instant feedbacks that will help you better your services and have a stronger impact on your audience

Digital marketing strategies

There are 10 tips of how you can achieve a good digital marketing strategy:

  • Build a website for your NGO

Website is the number one thing you should build, since audience will be able to find you on search engines such as google or bing. The website helps you enhance the user experience. If you create a good looking website, which will be informative for the audience they will do the donation. A good website also helps you reach audience globally.

  • Build a blogging platform

Blogging allows you to share your story. It will help others relate to you and raise an awareness regarding the cause of fundraising.


  • Pay per click advertising

PPC is a very effective way to be noticed by a large audience without paying much money. You can use google grants to advertise your services and carry out missions efficiently.

  • Enable google webmaster

Using google webmaster tools will help you understand why visitors visit your website and will determine the metrics to measure the performance.

  • Build an online presence using google my business

This is the best way to improve your SEO ranks and engagement. It sets the first impression for the users and having customer reviews displayed under the app will increase the reliability.

  • Have an online presence on social media

Social media is the best way to introduce yourself to a big audience. 90% of world population uses internet and surfs through social media to find out the news going on around the world, so it would be in your best interest to use it as an advantage.

  • Build traffic to your website

One of the best way to build traffic to your website is to use search engine optimization, since optimizing your website ensures that people will discover your organization. There are several practices you can use to improve the searching process:

  1. Make a mobile-friendly website
  2. Improve the speed of page loading
  3. Make sure that the website is easily understandable
  4. Create a good SEO strategy
  5. Work on enhancing the reputation of your website through backlinks
  • Create personalized mailers

Nowadays, people like to receive emails that are directly addressed to them instead of general ones, and it raises the success rate of getting leads. You can indicate strong calls in your email to grab attention instantly, for example:

  1. Do the donation now or donate now
  2. Make a difference today and make tomorrow more meaningful
  3. Be the reason of someone’s smile by helping.
  • Collect the reviews from donors, volunteers and other members

Reviews are the best way to find out how much impact you have as an organization on customers’ minds. Reviews not only give you the information about what to improve, but also influences others to join as well.

  • Make small investments in social media advertisements

As we have mentioned above, social media is the best place to advertise your organization and making small investments on ads will have a higher probability of reaching targeted demographics or community.


With the change of times, changed the marketing methods, so in order to stay on top of search engines and raise awareness of the issues that the world is facing, your NGO will need to adapt digital marketing. This way you will reach bigger audience around the world and work for a greater good.

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Mistakes Insurance Companies Need to Avoid While Using SEO

Mistakes Insurance Companies Need to Avoid While Using SEO

We can all agree that growing an insurance company can be difficult. With the advancement of technology you have to provide services to the customers in a manner that will help you stand out from the competitors.

You may know your insurance business in and out, but digital world is new to you, that’s where you need a search engine optimization (SEO), but if you do not have any experience and use it unwisely it can backfire you. Working on not-so-relevant information and do not providing the necessary one can put your agency in a tough situation, SEO errors can stop the growth of the company. You need to avoid making expensive mistakes if you want to improve the traffic of your website and increase the ROI.

SEO mistakes not only stop the growth of the agency but also put you in a financially difficult situation, because when you fail to optimize your website the visitor number will also stay the same instead of growing.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that insurance agencies make:


Content that appears more than once on the web and is located within a unique website is called duplicate, which can have an impact on your ranking. To save yourself from that just use canonicalization, which means to convert data that has more than one representation into “standard” form.


Incorrect citations

Many companies make mistakes of illegitimate citations, if there are online pages that contain incorrect information, the business may have some trouble. It may be time-consuming to check everything, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Not user-friendly website

Another important factor to consider is that the website should not be slow and difficult to work with. If it will be, the clients will get impatient and leave, plus search engines also take into consideration metrics like bounce rate, so if it does not work perfectly it will have an influence on your company.

Not having clear marketing strategy

Before taking any action, you need to first of all have a clear insurance marketing strategy, you need to study your cliental, and answer to their needs. Without a good strategy, keeping the loyal customers and finding potential ones will not be possible.

Connect with SEO professionals

Mistakes can be done, but some have a huge consequences, it can cost you your business, hence realizing the mistakes and finding a solution is a step forward to success. Getting help from professionals is the best way to get good results. At Edana, our team of experts helps you to get your website to the top of the Google results, thanks to our different SEO related services.

In conclusion

We saw that it is not easy to grow a company online. There are many factors to take into consideration. We all know that satisfying the customer is the main goal but the quality of the products that you offer are not the only criteria they choose you by. They also consider the services and information you provide, with which they are able to find connection with you and choose you instead of the competitor. Knowing how to influence your client’s opinions using SEO will be advantageous for your insurance agency.