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Use Keyword Bidding for your Digital Marketing Strategies

Use Keyword Bidding for your Digital Marketing Strategies

Keyword Bidding Basics

When you look up and use keyword bidding, also known as search engine advertising you get your ad to appear at the top of the results page via organic searches. It is a hybrid of PPC digital advertising bidding model and the keyword targeting adapted by search engines.

When you launch a PPC campaign, you are not actually purchasing keywords, instead- you are volunteering in a bidding/auction that occurs every time a user searches for the specific phrase. This is where Google AdWords Platform comes to be handy.

Keyword Groups

Advertisers choose a maximum cost per click (CPC) for each keyword to make sure their ads show first when users search for the related term. Search engines will evaluate the ad and landing page quality in relevance to the specific term/phrase.

The ad rank is classified by combining the maximum CPC and the quality scores. During the bidding, the highest-ranking ad will appear at the top but will only pay a little higher click price than the ad which comes right after.


Functional Bidding Strategy

  • Define your Target Keywords-First and foremost, make sure you build a list of ad keywords. Best done via keyword research project in which you pick the relevant keywords and their search volumes.
  • Group keywords-Group keywords are based on two main elements: the advertising they fit with and the intent the user has while utilizing them. Ad groups can form as a natural arrangement of your campaign.
  • Determine your bidding granularity-You can set bids for each keyword, but in many cases, it makes more sense to set a bid for each keyword category or even for the whole campaign at first. They can be tweaked later based on performance and algorithm changes.

Adjust bidding depending on performance. Once your campaign is launched-you will receive feedback on the visibility of your advertisements as well as their CTR/CPC per ad and Key Phrases. You can use those insights to the advantage of altering your bids up and down in order to meet your ads target audience.

Beneficial Keyword Bidding Elements

  • Use multiple advertisements-You can use several ads inside an ad group. It is preferable to create for example four commercials and rotate them to figure out which one performs the best. You may retest by adding alternatives to the most outstanding ads and repeat the process.
  • Don’t make too many adjustments—Don’t forget to collect adequate data before making too many changes. Being patient might be challenging, but if you alter too many things too frequently, you won’t be able to examine what actually worked and what did not.
  • Use negative keywords-Once you have keyword-related data in your research outcomes, you may filter out the irrelevant terms and phrases. If your goal keyword was “Photo Editing Online” and your ad showed for “free photo editing online” you may make “free” a negative keyword to attract only people who are interested in at the very least trying out your services for the free trial means-which later gets the conversion job done quite well.
  • Raise your quality score-Keyword bidding isn’t the only thing influencing your campaign. You should enhance not only your ads, but also the overall user experience-including user behavior after they get a quick look at your landing page. The greater the quality score and the lower the cost of visitors to your site, the better the user experience. Not to mention the effective use of your overall budget for these campaigns.

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How to use PPC Advertising for the Target Audience?

How to use PPC Advertising for the Target Audience?

PPC Ads Basics

PPC Ads are also known as Pay Per Click Ads. It’s a model of Web-Marketing which involves advertiser’s payment for each click their ads get. It’s pretty much a strategy of buying views of your ads. Simply said-you pay for interaction rather than just a placement of an ad on a specific platform. Also, keep in mind, that search engine advertisement is one of the most popular forms of Pay Per Click Ads.

The way PPC Ads are presented in a search engine is well shown through Keyword Biddings. Make sure to check out our article which explains KW Bidding in far more detail. So, let’s say via using specific keywords your Web-Campaign could get at the top of relevant searches. You’re bidding on a specific keyword relevant to your product, right? Every click that your Web Advertisement gets-you pay a small fee for. If your keyword bidding succeeds, you’ll find yourself at the top of organic search results.

PPC and Target Audience

Possibly one of the clearest PPC Ads examples are You Tube Ads. Now, we are not speaking of the ones before or at the end of your video which has a specific time-span you have to watch it for. Those are the pop-ups at the bottom. If the ads are places in the right digital space, you are actually more likely to click it.


Now, we’ve mentioned Keyword bidding in the previous paragraph. To make sure your organic search goes up-you need to target right audience with relative keyword search history right? Now, imagine a pop-up ad about kitchenware which is PPC, appearing under the Beauty content videos.

That’s not the most relative choice for sure. Well, PPC ad is still like a double edged sword, so let’s get deeper into that.

Why or Why Not PPC Ads?

Now, PPC has its upsides and downsides. Like we’ve mentioned-it’s great to pay for interaction and it’s a small fee, but does it automatically guarantee your conversion rate progress? Well, there is a chance, but it’s not guaranteed.

The thing that PPC ad is supposed to do-is to get you the interest of the audience. The rest that follows is up to your website or blog or whatever platform you are introducing to the potential customers.

So, it’s great if you need to increase traffic on your platform for specific reasons, like SEO improvement, but for conversions? Not the best way to go. Also, consider it as a pain to the budget if you were planning to balance out the PPC spendings with the hypothetic possibility of this audience purchasing your product or service. Consider PPC Ads as a simple introduction to the target audience of your offerings.

PPC Keyword Research Strategies

To research matching and functional keywords for your PPC Ads, here is the list of following strategies:

  • Relevant-First and foremost, of course keywords must be relevant to the purpose and function of your Ad. You need to pick targeted keywords which can lead to a increased PPC click-through rate and of course-with effective cost per click for your budget.
  • Exhaustive-Your choice of keyword research should involve not just the most trending and frequently searched terms of your field, but also to the long tail key phrases. Long-tail keywords are relatively specific and target-oriented. Keep in mind, that they are also less competitive, because many companies opt for short-tail keywords for higher search volume instead of specific targeting. Which also means-long tail keyword strategy is additionally more budget-friendly.
  • Expansive-You need to continuously re-define and expand your campaigns, create a digital environment where your keyword search volume is constantly increasing and adapting the algorithm.

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Improve your Advertising with Google Ads Assistant

Improve your Advertising with Google Ads Assistant

Online Advertising Now

Currently, online advertising is the most flexible form of ads available. The great thing about Google ads is, that it actually helps you target just the right audience in a more simplified format. This platform will help you develop your advertising experiences and make the ads campaigns far more productive. An ace of Google Ads is the huge data-base from potential customers all over the world searching right about anything!

Target Audience with Google Ads

So, how does Google Ads assistant help us connect to the right users? When launching an ad  campaign, Google Display Network targeting gives you a choice of criteria for ideal audience. This is why you need customer/buyer persona research in the first place. You can select elements such as: location of the campaign, personal interests of the customer, age, gender etc. This gives you a better chance to place your campaigns on relative digital platforms.

Target the Competitors

Another research necessary before launching you campaign is one of your competitors in the industry. Have a good look at their marketing campaigns, both-best and worst performance indicators. Google Ads allows you to target the keywords also used by your competitor companies. Keep in mind, that lately Google Ads has also restricted the amount of branded keywords in a marketing copy.


Dynamic Search Ads

You can also improve your Google Ads campaign is by inserting Dynamic Search Ads. In this campaign you need the copy material from your website to target your audience. Dynamic Search Ad web elements are founded on textual details and photos from your website. If you have a well-organized website contents, make sure to try this google ads strategy. This is a great chance to fill the gaps of your keyword-based online ads.

Quality Score Improvement

Mostly your online campaigns are ranked in the search engine by their quality scores. What determines the score is-relevance of your ad, landing page SEO friendliness and CTR (click through rate). Having these fragments organized will help you achieve higher rankings in the Google Search pages. Google Ads platform has clear guidelines on achieving remarkable quality scores. Make sure to check your scores by looking at your keywords report.

Google Ads Campaign Automation

Automated actions help us save some time and plan new projects coming up. The automation of your online campaigns is very well likely to help you grow business at a fast pace. There are millions of data points to be analyzed and constantly changing algorithms. Fortunately Google Ads inform us about these changes to act quickly enough.

Exact Match Keywords in Google PPC Ads

Before now to use a keyword productively on Google Ads platform, businesses had to use very specific keywords without misspelling of course. However, right now synonyms for example work out just as well alongside with functional words and paraphrases.

If you have a good base of right keywords alongside the relevant synonyms, there is a huge chance your ad pops up far more often than expected. Make sure to avoid irrelevant keywords to not downgrade the productiveness of your exact match keywords-which will likely shake your consistency in the rankings.

Re-Market Google Ad Campaigns

It’s actually a great strategy for gaining re-visiting users to start remarketing your campaigns via Google Ads. You can have a better track of the engaged audience and the bounce-back rate. Consistency of your ads and constant visibility will have a positive impact on the remembrance of your services and products.

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The Benefits of “Hook Effect” in Marketing Strategy

The Benefits of “Hook Effect” in Marketing Strategy

Purpose Of The Hook Effect

When it comes to using the hook strategy in your digital marketing environment, keep in mind, that all of your content-graphic or textual have to be well aligned. Better gather up the creative team and start working out the hooks for your potential customers. Now, this strategy is more likely to obtain new customers, rather than concentrating on loyal ones. Refreshing your customer base is always necessary-especially when you want to repurpose your digital conytent as well.

What Does The Hook Effect Do

The strategy itself already sounds like it’s supposed to lure the customer in. Well, it’s basically what it sounds like. When thinking of a hook strategy, keep in mind, that emotions play the biggest part here. It’s a well-known psychological fact, that emotions of an individual drive them to press the “purchase” button.


Fish In The Ocean

In one of our articles we have spoken in detail about taglines and slogans. Exactly these taglines and slogans are the first element a customer sees before they attach to the hook. When looking for new customer base, make sur you give your copywriter a clearly organized Brief, about the targeted audience. Many brands tend to make a mistake of thinking that, there is plenty of fish in the sea and new customers will just walk to their brand themselves. Well, that’s not the case certainly.

Emotions Drive The Action

No matter how enthusiastic we might be doing our business and marketing, still profits are what show our success in numbers. Funny enough, such an abstract thing as emotion determines our numeric success. Whatever you choose to use as graphic presentation for your hook content, making it over-organized and too professional will only bore a customer and leave a robotic feel to the communication. This will be a doomsday for our communications and sales at the same time.

An Example Of Hooking

Let’s review an abstract example of what hook strategy can be. Let’s say your brand produces socks. Regular warm, woolen socks. Now, you need to turn them into something more than just socks. You need to give it a meaning and an emotional one, so that a customer has a nostalgic feeling driving them to buy your product. Let’s review several steps:

  • Collect Insights about what kind of feeling your targeted audience can have connected to woolen socks. Maybe it’s a generation that used to have their knitted wear, including your product, made at home-by grandmothers for example.
  • Think of a slogan and a tagline. Keep in mind, that a tagline sells your brand, and a slogan sells your product. So far as tagline is permanent, find an emotion or experience your brand can be connected to. As for a slogan, if we go for Grannies story and insights, “Just Like Grandma’s” would perfectly fit the occasion.
  • Figure out the aesthetics of your visual design. Do you want it to be photographed? Or maybe create vector art? Depends on your target audience and their preferred visual aesthetics. If they are for example into film cameras-it would be hook-worthy to use a photograph edited in similar style as film camera product.

Make Everything Come Together

The final product that is supposed to lure your customer to purchase your goods, has to be well put together and a concept must be clear and understandable. Anything out of context will be easily noticeable. Make sure to create hook strategies on the same core idea, yet through different mediums. It can be SMM post, Blog Post, Print, Billboard etc. Yet, all the elements have to showcase connection to same concept. That exact concept built on emotional trust will surely benefit your sales and communications as well.

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Use E-Mail Marketing To Expand Your Customer Base

Use E-Mail Marketing To Expand Your Customer Base

E-Mail Marketing Basics

E-Mail Marketing is basically targeting the audience via their electronic mails boxes. Now it seems simple at a first glance, but don’t neglect this element of digital marketing in your company. It’s like a widespread stereotype, that people don’t check their mails anymore. But, have you ever thought that maybe an email itself is not interesting enough?

First Impressions Happen Once

Well you’re most likely familiar with the fact, that the first thing that pops up receiving an E-mail is it’s subject. Here is where a good copywriter comes into the game. Email marketing helps you engage with your customers to upgrade your brand and maximize sales. You can do a bunch of things with emails, including selling products, sharing important updates and improving your storytelling related campaigns.

Be Clear On Your Subject

Just as stated in the previous paragraph, subject options determine the curiosity of your loyal customers to continue their connection with your brand and potential ones to start it with a feeling of a certain benefit. In one of our articles we are also speaking about content segmentation and here is where this segmentation comes in. Let’s review certain examples.


Maintain The Customer Through E-Mails

Let’s say you are sending an E-Mail to your loyal customers’ base. You have offered them some good sales on your website, Social Media platforms and through your Social Media and E-Commerce streams.

What do we do with an E-Mail now? Leave yourself an Ace up your sleeve as a Promo Code for example. Something your customers will additionally have access to only through E-Mail Marketing campaigns.

Obtaining The Customer Through E-Mails

As for a potential customer, please stop using headlines like: The Best, Suited For You etc. We get lots and lots of E-Mails saying they are the best and suited for us. Instead use the insights and feedbacks on your potential customers. Insights can be the interests your customers are showing towards functionality of your product and the purpose for it.

As for more practical example, let’s suppose your brand produces Energy Drinks. More or less, we know students consume most of energy drinks, especially nights before deadlines.

If you have not considered targeting students yet, start researching insights about their lifestyles and when they are more likely to have midterms or finals. Target your audience at the right time. Possibly-Spring Break would not be the best time right?

Insightful Headings

As for the students’ example, we must keep in mind, that the more time goes on-the more creativity is applauded for in Digital Marketing Campaigns. If you say in the subject that you offer the customers tastiest and most caffeinated energy drink, they might not pay much attention.

But, imagine using a fun line in your subject, like [No Deadline Is Too Close With Brand-Name Energy Drink] that is more likely to capture attention. The point is, make it fun and engaging. Call a customer to action immediately and offer a solution to their issues via your product at the same time.

Build Functional E-Mail Base

Create a subscription form on your website. When people visit your website for starters and like what they see, they’ll want to get updates about your products and services. This will help you collect customer data from your viewers.

You can also offer some online events as well and give access through links via e-mail. This must increase subscription interests. As exemplified in all options above, E-Mail marketing can be just as great and functional if you use it right, so make sure you don’t sleep on it’s potential.

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Paid Advertising Benefits For Your Brand

Paid Advertising Benefits For Your Brand

Paid Advertising is Underrated

Paid-also known as digital advertising is referring to any strategy that focuses on potential customers with certain interests regarding their product or services. This can also be based on their previous interactions with the brand. The main part is experiences at this point.

Now, it’s great to reach your engagement heights via multiple communication strategies, but let’s think about how cost-effective is it? At a certain point time is money and what we mean is-you might just waste your time trying to literally force people into recognizing your brand or service, when in reality you have to start with the ones-already interested. It’s almost like a snowball principle-they start telling others about how great your services are and referrals join the group chat!

Research Customer Behavior

Like we’ve already mentioned in the 1st paragraph-your paid ads strategy depends on your potential customer’s interests, desires, past experiences-which we can call Customer behavior in general.

Now even that behavior can be passive or active, which not always, but in most cases still depends on the consistency of your social media posting habits. Instagram and Facebook give us a great tool of activity insights on a business profile or a page. There you see the audience’s basic habits.

Basic Insights On Audience

Sometimes, even though we had a plan or strategy we thought was extremely productive and even worked out for a while-turns out to wear itself out on quite a short run. Why-you might ask. There can be a lot of environmental factors along the way. Some products and services even depend on seasons-let’s say tourism for certain countries. Maybe Egypt is one of exceptions-they have tourists all year round. As for insights, we were talking about Facebook and Instagram Platforms. Once we access the insights we see almost everything available in the norms of general privacy policy. We see the approximate statistics of our viewers’ genders (which they chose on a platform), time of their activity (most and least) weekdays/weekends and even exact hours. We also see the nationality of our audience and many other interesting details that can serve us well.


Developing a Strategy

Keep in mind that developing such strategy is in a way more profit oriented and cost-effective. Somehow due to algorithm constantly tweaking-it’s becoming a bit harder to reach the so called “organic views”. Probably now known viral content generally gets the most organic views but just as unfortunately the type of content that is likely to go viral-is least likely to do anything for marketing strategies. It’s very seldom for an unplanned and unorganized content posting to become a key to success. Some of us are not that lucky!

Basic Steps

Now that we’ve spoken about sheer luck, let’s discuss basic Paid Ads strategy construction in its realistic form.

Set Your Campaign Objective

Figure out-what you are trying to reach with your content exactly. Is it views, engagement or maybe even share-worthy content to be found on people’s news feeds? Keep track of what exactly you are trying to accomplish

Choose The Best Platform

Now let’s say-your targeted audience generally uses the Instagram platform and views more reels than Facebook posts. Wouldn’t it be silly to choose any other platform when you know where the treasure box is? Also-certain platforms are connected, so advertising on one platform sometimes ultimately means it will appear on another platform automatically.

Hone in On Your Target

And here we are with customer behavior again. Find the most information you can about your audience’s engagement habits and tailor your communications onto those.

Refine Again and Again

Just like any other marketing strategy-paid ads needs refreshments constantly. Most logically speaking-there is no human/customer on earth who never changes their behavior-especially when it comes to social media engagement. Make sure to monitor and update your strategies constantly!

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Marketing Strategies For The Telemedicine Industry

Marketing Strategies For The Telemedicine Industry

Telemedicine Marketing After The Pandemic

The pandemic surely left our daily lifestyle changed quite a bit and even our health-related habits. During global lockdown we started seeing the necessity of using internet communications far more actively.

Now, there are actually a lot of benefits to it, which we found out only after the pandemic. Telemedicine had less of a reputation before, but the need of it has created a wider number of customers who got a chance to try and overview their thoughts about medical services online.

Changes and More Changes

We are not really very fond of changes, even when we keep saying that we want something new in our daily lives. The biggest challenge Telemedicine industry had-was to obtain mutual trust. The same was going on about online classes, but guess what? Now even Harvard University offers officially certified online courses which actually teach you a lot and more comfortably.

Like stated previously-lockdown made us do it and then we saw how much we were missing out on. Sometimes it would take months to get a medical appointment. Now we don’t have to go from one city to another or from state-to state just to get a consultation and a prescription. Isn’t it obviously cost-effective?


Telemedicine Marketing-Best Practices

Show Care Through Your Communication

Remember that your patients are real people with unique challenges.. Be realistic and careful when providing solutions to their situations and wrap your messaging style to speak directly to their specific symptoms.

Educate Your Customers

Create a detailed guide that brings patients through every step of the process, from how to set up an appointment to what type of technology they’ll need. Use video tutorials to make it easier. And make your patients feel more comfortable by sharing a page with doctors and providers that they may see during their online-appointment video, including headshots, bios, and credentials.  

Subtle Digital Experience to Increase Conversion Rates

The pre-visit workflow is vital to telemedicine success. You don’t want to wait until the day of their appointment to learn that they have a technical issue, which makes them ineligible for visit. Make sure that your pre-visit workflow includes steps to assess and test their technology and ability to reach out.

Share Telemedicine Options with Current Patients

Take the time to hone specific messaging for your ongoing base of patients and send them the resources and educational content you’ve assembled. This could be in the form of a newsletter or email blast, promoted blog post content, etc. You can even segment your patients and provide them with content oriented on their particular cases. For older patients, or people with outstanding appointments, call them by phone and offer to schedule their next appointments as online appointments.

Telemedicine can be an Integral Service

Telemedicine makes it possible for healthcare providers to use their time more productively and connect with more patients. It lets continuity of care between providers.

Benefits Of Telemedicine

Accessible Patient Care-Virtual, yet simple, on-demand care – without the usual waste of time and cost. Patients who live in faraway locations, or who can’t leave home or just can’t take off time from work, can access care digitally.

Cost Effectiveness & Savings-Telemedicine also reduces unnecessary non-urgent visits and maximally lowers transportation expenses for monthly checkups for example.

Better Patient Engagement-Not only do virtual visits reassure patients that their providers are available and involved, it makes it easier for them to ask quick questions, report early warnings and make a follow-up appointment to make sure they’re not in any danger.

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Online Presence In Digital Marketing

Online Presence In Digital Marketing

Online Presence is a Modern Must

An Online presence is simply your activity through-out the digital platforms you’ve decided to take over to communicate with your target audience. Digital Presence may include all your activities on numerous profiles and your connection and engagement with the audience and their feedbacks in general.

Digital Activities Are Taking Over

Being present has numerous meanings generally. It’s actually really important to present yourself, especially in social situations where it’s beneficial for you to be. The right time and the tight place principle goes digital way too. If you compare the generational statistics of digital activity-it’s very obvious, that potential customers almost always start searching on internet platforms first.

Make Your Digital Presence Appealing

It’s extremely important to have appealing visual side to your digital platform. Now imagine having a digital post about how your service functions and let’s say it’s about clothing industry and fashion trends. Somehow you manage to feature an image of a needle and a thread. Is that really an optimal choice? Or maybe you should consider something more fancy like a beautiful pattern or an image of latest fashion-sense approved outfit. That’s one aspect of functional digital presence. As for your media profiles-make sure they are not chaotic. Messiness is not something a potential customer wants to deal with, especially if you’re a well-founded enterprise.


How to Increase Your Online Presence Reach

  • Modern Attractive Website
  • Update Your SEO
  • Target Keywords-Business Blog
  • Have a Limit to Platforms
  • Focus on Audience
  • Make a Shareable Post
  • Stay Active
  • Populate Every Field
  • Maintain Your Listings
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Search Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Google Local Service Ads
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Use Guest Posting
  • Use Video Communication
  • Engage Employees
  • Make Accessible Content
  • Make it Diverse
  • Be Mobile-Specific

Benefits Of Online Presence

  • Get discovered – a digital presence allows you to reach a wider audience.
  • Market your business Day/Night – your digital presence runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Save Money – you can do wonders with the right digital strategy.
  • Get more Conversions – calculate the conversion rate on your website and measure the impact of your marketing efforts.
  • Earn Google’s Trust – this will allow you to be better referenced and gain the trust of your target audience.
  • Perfect your Customer Journey – to make the customer experience satisfying.

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Modern Marketing Tendencies In Cosmetic Industry To Take Into Account

Modern Marketing Tendencies In Cosmetic Industry To Take Into Account

Decorative and Skincare

For decades decorative and skincare cosmetic brands have been pointing out to their own importance or superiority over one-another-that’s what we call the marketing wars. Now, one or another offers a product, result of which is to be seen by the eye, just hearing is most obviously not enough. Here is where all forms of Visual Communication come in. For the latest decade the social media has changed a lot and that is what we are going to talk about.

Old School & Modern Marketing for Cosmetics

Back in the days we all remember judging the cosmetic product’s quality by looking through catalogs or checking out the banners outside of Sephora-thinking that we want to look just like that. Through time this strategy wore off its efficiency.

Not that we don’t like seeing Rihanna’s eyes at a Fenty Beauty Stand anymore, it’s just that modern society isn’t striving to look just like a model on a banner anymore. In the era of Vloggers on YouTube and modern day reviewers on Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels accompanied by body positive movement has pushed the limits of Core Ideas a makeup brand can possibly stand for and of course a bigger focus is on quality. Have you seen the so called Brutal Reviews on makeup brands? Now that’s something you don’t want to be a part of.


Inclusivity is a MUST

So far we have spoken about pushing the limits of Core Ideas a makeup brand/skincare brand can stand for and right now is the best time, because possibilities have become endless. Keeping up with modern day issues your target audience has to face a huge part of creating proper communication strategies.

Now, let’s speak of certain brands that has quite an issue deciding to stick with their prestigious names and didn’t bother to be in the moment. Anyone who’s into cosmetics surely knows about YSL. So far they have numerous beautiful lipstick shades which stand out with their pigmentation and longevity, BUT; In the later 2010s (2017/2018) the brand was called out for not having enough foundation shades, especially in darker skin tones, which led to a very harsh critique from their own target audience.

To this day, the issue on acceptance, especially when it comes to an individual skin color, is still hard on people’s lives and to have such a huge brand not even trying to do their part in resolving this issue-thus, ignoring the problem their customers have to face in real-daily life is a huge No-No.

Influencer Marketing in Cosmetics

Social Media has formed a huge base of information on skincare and makeup for all the audience that’s interested in it. Influencers play a huge part in this communication strategy. If you scroll through Reels, TikTok or Makeup Channels on You Tube, you will see hundreds of influencers receiving the PR Boxes from certain companies.

The most viewers are watching influencers who tell the truth. They focus on maintaining the trust of audience, rather than receiving more PR Boxes from luxury brands for their own good. If you want to go for Influencer Marketing strategy-that’s the type of a blogger/vlogger you are looking for.

Skincare Routines

Nowadays it’s almost a must to have a day/night skincare routine. Both Makeup and Skincare are now conditioned to avoid animal cruelty at all costs, or at least have a vegan-friendly version of their products. Again, this is how a brand shows that they care for their customer’s essential concerns.

Back in the early 2000’s even skincare was fragranced and the package was all too heavily designed, but now-Minimalism is taking over. If you have a closer look at current skincare products which are popular on the market, like: Ordinary, Attirance, Tula, Dermalogica, Beekman etc. they all have a clean design and have if not completely not fragranced, than at least mildly smelling products.

Like we mentioned in previous paragraphs, there has been a competition on which one’s more important-skincare or makeup. Yet, modern influencers have shown the audience, that both are important for healthy skin. Prepping, Decorating and Refreshing is the procedure we need both types of cosmetics for.

Less is More

After a roller-coaster of trends like extreme KKW contouring, with harshly contoured brows-followed by strobing and bushy eyebrows like Cara Delevingne-here we are finally, trending to embrace our natural features and use only necessary amount of products. Right now the classic “Less is More” principle is on the rise.

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B2B Digital Marketing Strategies For Further Success

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies For Further Success

B2B and B2C Marketing

In comparison to reaching out to the individuals, Business to Business A.K.A. B2B marketing strategies need a totally different approach, or should we say specific.

Start from reconsidering if your website actually meets the needs of your business, a little help from your team can never be extra. Carefully look through your website data and make sure it’s up to date in the first place.

Inspiring Communication

Double check how relevant is your communication for your target audience, improve mobility and response quality. Include clear messages which call to action, such as:

  • Request a Quote
  • Schedule a Demo
  • Download a White Paper

Feature the links to your Social Media pages, of course don’t miss out on the LinkedIn when working on this one, which is one of the best platforms for B2B communications.

Consistency is Important

Just like the individual customer oriented digital marketing strategy, also make sure to maintain regular, real time monitoring and updates.

Do the research! Keep in mind, that in some cases you might actually need to switch the target audience.

Good Blogging leads to better Sales

And of course, SEO is a must! As mentioned above, B2B digital marketing strategies can be quite specific, so consider looking for outside engagement as well. For example, guest blogging opportunities, that link back to your blog and website.

Don’t forget the Visual Media Content which can have the educational value for your potential customers. At the moment, TikTok is a platform not to be missing out from! 15 second short videos just might do wonders on the statistics of your engagement.


Engage Online and Offline

Integrating your online and offline marketing can be extremely helpful as well. Such integration can be:

  • Direct offline activity online using a landing page, QR code or keyword
  • Gather email addresses at offline events such as conferences or networking events
  • Use custom URLs on offline marketing activities so you can track activity

Check the Modern Tendencies

Tapping into social media is a modern tendency which is undeniably useful. The uses for social media can be to provide industry tips, news, pain point solutions and updates on your products or services.

Creative Solutions

You must keep in mind, that all the communication you use for your B2B strategy, must be entertaining for the target audience to stay interested in your updates. FAQ and SAQ posts are just as important to understand how to have a better tone in the digital communications. Let’s say-if your target audience is more of a young/fun persona, a strictly business tone would actually push the potential collaborations away.

For some, a tone that’s too familiar in any of your blog-posts might represent you as not serious enough to make a business deal with.

Research Again!

Leveling up your communication will take a while, all the good stuff is generally more time consuming, which means-you will have to sometimes go back to all the steps mentioned above. Stay up to date, because in another case you just might realize at the finish-line, that all your efforts have led to no results, because you didn’t update the vital elements to your effective digital communication.

Re-Define & Re-Organize

It’s obviously time to redefine our views on digital marketing and broaden the horizons, digital world is constantly changing and so should we to give better services and develop as a result. Yet, keep in mind, that digitalizing the service doesn’t mean de-humanizing it. The dialogue might be code-based, but communication is still human.

Our Role in your further Success

Our team can provide you with the necessary services to develop and successfully re-activate your brand’s engagement status. Recently we had a great experience working with the With the right marketing and design plans we made it possible to increase Google Ranking by 800%, +300% Click through rate on Ads and +1000 Targeted Followers on Social Media. For more detailed information feel free to contact us on and don’t forget to scroll through some of our finished projects.