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Best Performing Newsletter Templates for Digital Marketing

Best Performing Newsletter Templates for Digital Marketing

Benefits of Using Newsletters

Newsletters are frequently used for marketing purposes for multiple reasons. They help you to promote your products, increase sales and keep your customers updated. Newsletters help you to increase engagement levels as well.

When some companies struggle to organically reach their audience on social media, they decide to use newsletters. It will help you to have a general idea about your target audience.  Also, in this way, you’ll be able to constantly keep your brand in customers’ minds.

Communication and Customer Lifecycle

With newsletters, you have a great advantage to increase the awareness of your brands. You can continue to educate your customers about your brand, notify them about product launches, and seal the deals more easily.

With a good newsletter, your brand can increase orders, lay the groundwork for future purchases, maintain relationships with your customers and constantly remind them why your brand is important and what are the benefits of communicating with you.


Astra is a Multipurpose WordPress theme that has numerous templates to create newsletters. It has free themes and premium options as well. Besides design, you can achieve great quality with its help and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

It’s compatible with email marketing tools, is SEO friendly, and works well with WordPress plugins as well. Astra is built on speed and has great performance levels. This template is used by numerous different industries.



SmartMag is another newsletter theme from WordPress. You have a big choice regarding colors and images, also it has several plugins which tremendously increase its performance.

With the aid of SmartMag, you’ll have access to numerous demos with colorful designs, each demo can help you to build your content.


Newspaper is another WordPress Newsletter theme, which has multiple types of design. It has numerous features, like content blocks, ad blocks, and image blocks. It has a vast selection of colors and fonts and is highly responsive. To get the best results you just need to have a little bit of knowledge about WordPress.


Flash is another WordPress theme that can be used for newsletters. It’s free but has premium versions as well. The type of newsletters that can be created with Flash, is used by many different businesses.

Flash supports WooCommerce and other important WordPress plugins, it’s also compatible with email marketing tools. With its numerous design elements, you can create exactly what you want.


Uncode is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a newsletter demo. It has numerous important tools, flexible content blocks, compatibility with numerous plugins including Wooommerce, and so on.

One of the most important aspects of Uncode is attractive designs, which are beneficial for different types of companies to create a newsletter that will be informative and original as well. Another advantage is fast loading pages and of course, it’s highly responsive.


Another newsletter template that is frequently used for digital marketing is related to OceanWP. It’s beginner-friendly so numerous users benefit from it and create great newsletters with confidence.

It gives you flexibility when you are working on design, and contains numerous useful elements and functions. Also, another advantage that this template has is how it can follow SEO practices. It’s highly responsive and has a great support system. OceanWP has free and premium versions as well.

Choose the Best Newsletter Template for Digital Marketing

It’s not easy to choose the best newsletter template when you have numerous options, so it’s better to choose the one, that’s not just popular or famous, but is more suited to your needs. While delivering information with newsletters, you have a chance to show your originality to your customers via the visual aspects that you’ll have there.

Always try to use tools that will make your ideas seem more clear and more attractive. Most of these templates are highly responsive, have numerous tools, can help you create newsletters in no time, and ensure that the quality will be great. You just have to consider what you are aiming for and plan accordingly.

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How to build Consensus and Commitment in Business Consulting?

How to build Consensus and Commitment in Business Consulting?

What are the Advantages of Business Consulting

Business consulting is a great way to improve existing products and services and overall help you manage your company better. You have a chance to get additional information about the most important aspects that happen on daily bases around you and could have a great impact on your business.

Changes that occur around you are good since they can be used to your advantage with good strategy. With business consulting, you’ll be able to determine your problems, and main pain points, drive changes, deal with tough decisions better, and use everything to your advantage without wasting time.

Company’s Aspirations and Actions

Actions are born from aspirations that companies have. When they have specific wishes, goals, or expectations, they work on strategies that will help them, they include only the kind of actions that will bring them desired results. So aspirations are unique for different organizations and actions depend on them.

Sometimes a company has to go through several gaps that are between those important aspects. Because knowing something and doing it is very different. While trying to improve, companies should keep in mind that experimentation or adaptation to certain circumstances is part of everyday organizational life. 

Consensus and Commitment

Sometimes people can agree on one idea and then do something totally different. There is this huge difference between their words and actions. But it’s simple, sometimes people agree on things because they don’t want to argue, seem bad, etc. There have numerous reasons, so as an end result they reach a consensus but don’t have any commitment at all.

Easy consensus could mean that most people have no idea what the topic is about, or they aren’t trying hard enough to understand what’s going on and are missing important points. Basically, excellence can be achieved in business when the gap between consensus and commitment is minimized.


How to Build Consensus in Business Consulting?

Reaching a consensus is important in order to move forward. The team who doesn’t know what they are doing won’t be able to continue their job. The shared efforts could increase performance levels, bring new ideas to the company, and judge the whole picture about ongoing events better.

While working on recommendations and planning new steps for future success, it’s important to go through consensus. Talking about changes and new ideas and using new business strategies, should be something that your company members can agree on full-heartedly.

First of all, it should be determined what steps are necessary to take regarding any issue and come to an agreement on what you want to do and how then make sure that your plan will work and everybody will do things the way they were planned. Key factors are determining problems, having the motivation to eliminate them, and having trust in each other.

How to Build Commitment in Business Consulting?

It’s important to understand how much this means for the relationships that could be established within your company and with customers as well. It’s an important topic that can ensure your success and better performance of your team.

First of all, facts and data that people get should be something that is interesting or valuable for them. It should be an idea that will be reached after going through differences and arguing. Those kinds of ideas actually have more importance for people, because they’re the ones that survived the criticism and came on top.

So this kind of consensus can already create a commitment that will be valid. You’ll be sure that your decision is right and will be more ready to follow appropriate actions.

The legendary General Motors CEO Alfred P. Sloan, frequently went through these topics to ensure the success of the company. If the consensus was easily and quickly reached, he would demand to schedule another meeting where his team would argue more, would have more different ideas, and would be able to analyze different options to find the best ones. The key element here was to share ideas.

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Why are Tester Products Important for your Brand’s Sales?

Why are Tester Products Important for your Brand’s Sales?

The Purpose of Test Marketing

Lots of companies adopt test marketing strategies to ensure that the quality of their product is good, is welcomed by their target audience, and can positively influence sales. Before being launched in the market on a larger scale, companies can determine the true value and demand of their product.

It’s like an experiment, that can help you determine what type of users are interested in your product and who are your competitors. After that, you can start working on a strategy that will make you stand out.

See the Interest of Your Audience with Tester Products

A great product is an important tool that increases sales and overcomes competition in the market. The product that was used by the customers successfully and left a good impression can leave the free trial stage behind and start having paying customers.

Since consumers are unpredictable, no matter how much you tested your product or tried to determine its positive features, you’ll never have a clear idea about demand until you’ll reach your audience. In practice, you might get different results, and consumers might show you different points of your product and totally change your perception.

There might be customers who just want to try your product and don’t plan on buying it later, then we have people who are really interested, no matter what you can get important information out of all of them. They will show you what’s product demand and level of interest your target audience has.

How can Product Testing Benefit Your Brand’s Sales?  

A happy customer is a key factor for a successful industry. With product testing, you’ll have the ability to determine the pros and cons of your product. This factor improves user experience which is essential for any brand. Working on your flaws will give you a chance to overcome your weaknesses and start working on the successful launch of the product.

Companies always have a lot to say about their products. With tester products, you can back up your claims, discover more traits about them, and be more sure about the quality and safety of your products.

Tester Products increase consumer engagement levels. Customers understand what you can offer them so they feel more confident while interacting with you. After this process is successfully done customers are more than happy to put more attention and money into your products. 


How to do a Campaign for Tester Products

First of all, you can choose which products you’d like to use, then determine how you want to show them to the audience. In the beginning, you might try to present it based on different concepts and observe the general audience to see how it’s welcomed.

It’s important to know what are the customer’s needs and expectations and work around them. You can also define the metrics, as in how you can measure your product. Metrics, in this case, could include the usefulness of the product, how effortlessly it can be used, visual design, price, quality, and innovativeness.

Create a clear model of your target audience. They are people who will define the success of your product so you should know what triggers their interest and willingness to purchase your product. Make sure that your tester products are of high quality and have clearly defined valuable features.

Planning a campaign is different for every product. Following one structure might not be the guarantee of success for everybody and some steps just require more innovation and originality to stand out in a competitive environment. 

Get Valuable Feedback from Your Customers

After defining the clear strategy, start the process of product testing and get feedback. Use surveys, and observation. You can use social media platforms to notify customers about tester products and turn the whole process of getting feedback more engaging and fun.

With the help of social media platforms, you can even create contests. You can share online survey links, use stories, turn this experience rewarding, and let the customers express their thoughts and emotions.

For example, make them take videos where they will describe how they used your product and what’s the most special feature that they discovered about it. The most unique and insightful answer can be rewarded.

This strategy will help you evaluate your product all over again. Analyze the data that you gathered during this process and bring a winning product on market.

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Use Quote Posts to increase your Social Media Interactions

Use Quote Posts to increase your Social Media Interactions

Power of Quote Posts for Social Media Interactions

Social media platforms actively and successfully use quote posts. They make the whole content more interesting, they are easy to read and understandable and numerous people find most of them inspiring.

Quote posts can be engaging and can help you to increase customer activity on your platforms. Quotes are different, but funny, engaging, and inspirational quotes as well will make them see more value in your brand.

Quote posts can be focused on too many topics besides inspiration, they can be related to leaders, industry trends, education, information, and more. It’s a powerful tool that can persuade your customers to see the best in you.

Quote Posts Can Be Easily Consumed and Engaging

There are occasions when companies have too much information that they need to share, it’s essential for them, but not many customers are ready for information overload. It doesn’t mean that company should withhold anything. It’s not an option.

With quote posts, you give your audience a short version of your content. On different social platforms, companies post short quotes, and people who are busy scrolling easily stop, because a quote is short and informative and when it’s well-designed, it grabs attention immediately.

After that people who get interested in more can read the longer version in the comments or check the links that are related to the post.

You can use case studies, presentations, etc. But don’t overwhelm your post with too much information about your company and don’t use too many links.

Create Quote Post That Arouses Emotional Response

Nowadays connection between the digital and the real world is strong. So when people go to social media to find something new or relax, because the use of social media is natural and is related to so many reasons, short and impactful sentences grab their attention instantly and leave their imprint on their minds.

Quotes that can arouse emotions are far more memorable and immediately make customers want to interact with you. The art of expressing sentiments and emotions has a good impact on the general audience and builds trust.


Use Inspirational Quote Posts for More Social Media Interaction

Inspirational quotes can be very memorable. You can highlight your goals and tell them a short story based on your history as well. Like how you struggled with any product or service, or when you just had a hard time and then just what you did to change everything.

You can use examples from different industries as well, but using your story as motivation for others can be very inspiring and engaging. You will give your customers another chance to relate to you and interact with you.

How to Work on Visual Parts of Your Quote Posts

Social media content actively requires visual elements; people also consume visual information faster. Posts that have more visual elements garner more attention and are easily noticed on the news feed and increase customer engagement levels.

Also, algorithms favor content that has better quality and better visual parts. Images, design and anything related to the visual part has to be chosen carefully because customers always judge how you present your brand.

Numerous apps and software give you access to editing features to create logos, edit images, and create backgrounds for your quote posts. One of the examples is Wondershare PixStudio, it’s a great platform for creating Quote Posts even when you don’t have advanced graphic design skills.

How to Choose the Best Quote Post for Your Social Media Platform?

First of all, you have to consider what is your message and how would you like to share your visions. Determine from the beginning what kind of target audience you have, and what’s their general personality and interests.

Based on this information you can determine what kind of quote is more suitable for you. You might have to use funny quotes one day because there is a holiday coming and everybody is in high spirits. You can also inspire, and motivate them.

Use famous sayings, use more positive quotes, there are numerous ways. However, don’t use only one option, and don’t make your content seem repetitive. While inspiring quotes are good, an overdose could have a negative effect. So choose what fits your company the best, design it for your social media account and then go viral.

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7 Basic Brand Naming Principles 

7 Basic Brand Naming Principles 

What makes a Brand’s name successful?

An effective brand name is crucial for any industry. Since it’s the first thing that gives the target audience idea, about what are you representing and what are your services or products. Brand name could be one of the most important reasons for success.

The brand name needs a couple of steps to ensure the success of any company. A good name will help the company to be competitive and seem more valuable to customers. It must be easy to remember and distinctive. Since most of the successful companies start operating in other markets as well after some time, don’t use the brand name that will tie you down anywhere.

Importance of Alternate Spelling

Spelling is one of the most important aspects that could play a crucial role in the brand naming process. For example, Google sounds very fun and can be pronounced easily, but its spelling is very interesting. It’s based on googol, the term used by many mathematicians that refers to a very large number. Founders just kept saying that they misspelled it.

What’s clear from this example is that spelling always matters and different spelling variations bring different results. There are other examples of alternate spelling in the brand naming process, for example, Lyft and Fiverr.

Use of Compound Words in Brand Naming

Compound names are actually used frequently by different companies. Basically, compound words are a mix of two or more words to create one single word or phrase that acts like a single word. They have distinctive meanings that could be very different from the words that they are made of.

For example, Snapchat is a brand name that combines the most important ideals of the company, to take pictures (snap) and then socialize (chat). Other brand names, like FedEx and Microsoft, are based on this principle.


Two Words

Two-word business names effectively combine important keywords to leave a lasting impression on the target audience. Also, don’t restrict yourself and try to choose which side of your company would be more intriguing and memorable for customers, and try to put that idea in your brand name.

You can make it simple and catchy. A good brand name is always able to evoke strong visual imagery in the customer’s mind. For example Facebook and Bitcoin.

Benefits of Brandable Names

You have to stand out, and be more memorable than your competitors. The right name makes a business more successful. Most of the time brandable names don’t have any specific meaning at all, they are mostly made-up, like Pinterest for example. But while developing a brand name, following this principle could give you unique results.

These types of names have less chance to be associated with any other company, they are original and can aid the brand to be more memorable and recognizable.

Non-Native Wording for Brand Naming Process

Non-Native words are frequently used as well in the brand naming process. Good examples are Toyota and Audi. The name Toyota is related to the founder Sakichi Toyoda, it’s different because is related to the country where the brand was born and the whole world uses it.

There are lots of stereotypes and assumptions related to numerous countries. Stereotypes can be used as a powerful tool. For example, Germany is known for quality engineering, so a German name could convince customers that the products produced by a certain brand have high quality.

Using Real Words for your Brand Name

Most companies search for important keywords and emotional phrases to use as brand names, however, there is another solution. Using simple, real words.  This simple approach is another way of highlighting your brand’s importance.

It could perfectly capture the essence of your brand. Since brands connect to the audience for different purposes, it’s important to determine why you want to connect with them and which product or service would play a crucial role in this interaction. So creating a brand name that would be simple could be catchier for you. Examples of real wording are Apple, Amazon, and more.

Short Phrase as your Brand Name

Phrases used as brand names can be familiar or invented, but they most definitely have to be meaningful. Using this principle for the brand naming process could give you a chance to add more personality to your brand and generally give customers a clear idea from the beginning, so they’ll know what they are dealing with. For example, 7 For All Mankind is the name of a clothing brand.

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Why you should use Growth-Hacking for your E-commerce

Why you should use Growth-Hacking for your E-commerce

What is growth hacking?

In the marketing world, all things are in constant change every day, and old tactics and traditional techniques are no longer working properly. Have you noticed that every year millions of new startups and businesses are creating and trying their best to accomplish goals, but most of them don’t even exist after one year?  Why is that?

One of the main reasons for this defeat is that they can’t manage the period when the company needs the biggest boost when the company requires to grow its audience and consumer number swiftly and effectively. This is where Growth-hacking comes into the picture. 

Growth hacking is the opposite way of looking at traditional marketing. For marketing management growth hacking is as agile as for project management, this is the method that requires rapidly trying experimenting with different marketing tactics, Growth hacking doesn’t need complicated resources, or high expenses, it is a method that gives you the freedom to try and receive great results.  Even the definition of the term tells that it requires experimentation across marketing channels and product development. This is exactly what gives the most effective results. 

How to use Growth Hacking?

If you find a step-by-step guide about how to use growth Hacking, don’t believe it. No one can tell you exactly how to do experiments with your business or company. Growth Hacking is about creative ideas and seeing things outside the box. You shouldn’t limit yourself to your idea, don’t be afraid to try new things, think what are customer’s needs, test your ideas and find the best ones. 


One of the most common and latest trends of Growth hacking are some things that require a minimum from the customer, like no mandatory registration. Also one of the experienced and tested Growth Hacks is a reduction of buttons, especially “negative” ones, for instance, “remove product” and “empty your cart”. The importance Using of keywords isn’t a piece of big news anymore.  These are the little examples of the most common methods that work and give high results.  

Does e-commerce need Growth Hacking?

You may ask do we need Growth Hacking even if we are e-commerce? Why not? Growth Hacking isn’t only for startups or small businesses, Growth hacking strategies successfully helped SaaS companies, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and others.

For example, one of the Growth hacks that worked well for Airbnb was the service of professional photographers for the apartments. This service boosted bookings because quality pictures of the apartments were essential for customers. Other than that many successful E-commerce companies applied growth hacking methods to their marketing strategies, such as Dollar Shave Club, Casper, and Gymshark. 

3 Growth Hacking Strategies Your E-commerce can Test Out

  1. Encourage FOMO

FOMO, or fear of missing out, have you ever felt that you are falling behind from important events, it makes you feel missed out and unappreciated. Just offering a discount doesn’t work today. You can use this psychological weapon against your customers and make them feel they are missing something really important when they don’t shop with you. There are a few common FOMO types you can use for the first time:

  • Limited offers 
  • Exclusive deals
  • Free shipping with defined conditions
  • Applying influence 
  1. Reduce website loading time

We live in a fast world, no one has time to wait for a website before it loads, it isn’t 2005 anymore. The lower is loading time, the higher your sales number is. So start working on your website’s responsiveness time as soon as possible.

  1. Influencers can be your allies

This is the era of influencers, content marketing works better with influecers. people trust these persons almost as their friends, they believe and want what influencers say to be good.  E-commerce gives you the flexibility to work with influencers easily and effectively. So don’t be afraid of using this weapon. 

Wrapping up 

Growth – Hacking indeed started in startup and SaaS industries, but as it is a method of constant experimentation, it appeared in other industries quickly, including E-commerce. You can try and use many methods to increase sales and boost conversion rates, so surround yourself with Growth Hackers and remember that growth Hacking depends on experiments and creative ideas. 

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Music Industries

Digital Marketing Strategies for Music Industries

Marketing and Entertainment

Entertainment industries quite often set the trends for numerous other fields in our everyday lives. So clearly, in modern era it’s crucial to have right digital marketing strategies for music specifically. We will be sightly overlooking the other aspects of entertainment industry, but in this case, Music is our main focus.

Current digital marketing strategies for music industries differ from the classical ones we’ve been familiar with for a very long time. Let’s review the social media and music in the first place.

Social Media Marketing for Music

It’s undeniable that TikTok platform is currently running the role of music popularization. Trendy sounds have made a great deal of impact on how the target audience gets to hear the first beat of your track. The best thing about such platforms is, that it benefits not only musicians, but also the creators on the platform in numerous fields.

It’s also just as important to mention, that the given social media platform started off with TikTok dances. You might be familiar with the first TikTok celebrity-Charlie D’Amelio. Dance and music are primarily intertwined with one-another and lay solid foundations for both industries to improve and get to the right target audience.


Now, you might think, that it only works for temporary artists, but the platform has actually revived a bunch of old 80’s music for example. How you might ask? The target audiences and creators on this social media platform have a huge variety.

For example, two songs like “Chains” by Fleetwood Mac and “Running Up That Hill” or “Babooshka” by Kate Bush were long forgotten by many individuals. Yet, specific creators fit these sounds perfectly for their content-which led to interest in 80’s music and revival of numerous hits.

­You Tube for Digital Marketing

Now, you might be thinking that You Tube has nothing special except for actually uploading a video on its platform, but that’s not true. Advertising can be conducted with recycling the uploaded content.

You might have noticed that instead of what was supposed to be in a playlist something else starts playing. You might even like what you hear all of a sudden and once you approach the playlist you see that it’s an add for a new song produced by an artist you’ve never heard of before.

Picking the right target audience when advertising your music on youtube is crucial. You have to determine a specific Genre your audience might be interested in. Imagine targeting the audience that listens to death metal and producing country music.

Well, they might possibly like your music, but not as much as the people actually interested in given Genre.

Soundtracks and Voice-Overs

In previous paragraph we were speaking of 80’s music and soundtracks have a lot to do with either reviving older hits or making new ones very popular. The point is, there is a huge perspective of adapting your music to filmmaking.

Cinematic field can be of great help, so if you happen to know a producer creating a cinematic product which could fit your music in it well enough-make sure to try this method of providing the target audience your craft.

Pick a Niche

It is just as important to stay consistent and true to your niche of choosing. Now, we totally understand, that anything that is art including Music is a creative process and experiments can lead us to certain heights. But, keep in mind, that the more you appear in specific Social Media trends or relative cinematic pieces-the more it’s likely for the target audience to slowly start recognizing your style.

Stay on track of targeting the right audience with the music you are trying to promote via digital marketing. Quite possibly-again on the example of TikTok we have a clear model of such Niche as modern artist Doja Cat. Initially her songs were widely used for TikTok dances and now some of us might indulge listening to her music without necessarily making dance videos with them.

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Marketing Lessons from Zara Fashion you should consider following

Marketing Lessons from Zara Fashion you should consider following

Everyone knows about Zara

In fashion industry it is not so easy to have a stable position in competition. Yet, Zara fashion manages to stay productive in its field pretty much consistently. It is fast fashion at a certain point, but alongside with being affordable-Zara never fails to deliver quality and trendy fits as well. Global visibility makes a huge portion of success.

Alongside with benefits-of course there is more responsibility. Almost like Coca-Cola in food industry, Zara can have to customize their products according to the interests and styles of specific target audiences in specific locations and cultures. Letting everyone dress trendy and up to date at relevant pricing-without losing the Niche is quite an achievement.

Niche Demonstration

Like we’ve said in previous paragraph-keeping your Niche is an important part of well-played marketing strategy. Now, you might wonder how does Zara maintain quite a classy niche and maintains affordability as well.

Well, first thing to note is shop placement. Take a good look at Zara shop locations and you will se that in most cases they are in Malls next to designer shops quite often. Locating yourself alongside the luxury brands is quite a statement and creates great shopping surroundings for both-potential and loyal customers at the same time.


Another thing would be general design. First-a logo. It’s a simple typography and we all know it’s unmistakable. Cooler, darker and minimalistic color map for the brand plays a huge part in how we see the brand’s status and image.

Last but not least, the arrangement of space inside the shops. Zara shops don’t tend to be very small-in fact they are mainly quite huge containing different collections. These collections are sometimes placed on multiple floors let alone the room sections.

Switching Collections

Zara is very well skilled at renewing collections in a timely manner. You don’t really want anything laying around at your shop for way too long right? But, how do you recycle your collection?

The best thing come in-the OUTLET shop. In outlet you also get quite a good amount of sale. The outlet also comes in handy for Zara, because it renews collections according to seasons for example or even every month-let’s call these sub-collections. Also, due to this strategy-customers automatically get a feeling that there are very few amounts of specific clothing pieces and tend to buy quite quickly as well.

Perfume Collections

Zara is generally a clothing store, but another popular product is its perfume collections. Not only are they affordable, but for many customers some of their aroma products can be dupes for very highly priced ones on the market.

One of the greatest examples is Red Temptation by Zara. The shop has had a booming sale for this perfume, because it turned out to be the dupe for Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s “Baccarat Rouge”. If you compare pricing-Baccarat Rouge is maybe at least 10 times more expensive.

Zara takes into consideration, that its target audience is not only interested in dressing up, but also applying scents in order to perfect the feel of niche to the outfits they are regularly purchasing.

Adding products like this along with your arsenal is a great choice of marketing strategy and also brings additional target audience to your shop.

Digital Marketing Strategies

As for specifically digital marketing strategies-when it comes to Zara and its eCommerce-timeliness and relevance are the main game-changers. Zara is very well known for sending relevant E-Mails to their target audience. The same goes for push notifications and specific status updates.

Also, keep in mind, that most of these digital marketing strategies are automated and take as little time as possible.

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E-Mail Automation tools for effective Digital Communication

E-Mail Automation tools for effective Digital Communication

What is E-Mail Automation?

To put it Simply-E-Mail Automation is what it sounds like exactly. You set the e-mails with universal textual content, which reaches out to the target audience automatically at the right time. Well, of course setting the guidelines for right activity is necessary and this is what we will be discussing in the next paragraphs.

Also, it can be very useful to acquire E-Mail Automation tools simply to save some time on certain E-Mails which contain most general information or have to be sent to customer base on specific times.

Automated E-Mail Options

Clearly not all types of E-Mails can be automated, especially those in customer service. Yet, even in this field you can create an automated text for informing the customer that their complaint has been delivered and it will be soon overlooked by a CS representative.


First of all, make sure your customer base is properly sorted. It can be classified by age, date of registration, gender, geographic position etc. After you have all the data in the right places, keeping it updated of course-have a good look at your e-mails and sort them according to the customer base.

Retail Banking

Now, in for a more practical example-let’s review retail banking. We are supposed to provide our internet and mobile banking apps of the confidential information and e-mails. So, our basic information is what we give first.

Let’s say we own a credit card. Our information has to have been sorted in the bank’s customers’ data via name, last name, birth date, mail, account number and monthly payments calculated regularly.

Let’s say every end of the month we get an E-Mail informing us of our CC card bills. It’s an automated message surely. Especially the greeting part of it. Now, it’s synchronized with our billing information which fills is the number gaps in the e-mails automatically and quickly delivers information.

This is clearly an example of swift and effective digital communications. Imagine an individual sitting at the office manually inserting such information in every E-Mail. It would be chaotic! Not to mention, most likely filled with mistaken billing information.

Happy Birthday E-Mails

It can seem weird at times, but we all like to be remembered and told a “Happy Birthday”. You might think no one cares for a birthday e-mail, but that’s not true.

First of all, via sending such messages you earn appreciation from your customers by giving it to them in the first place. You can never go wrong with showing attention.

These e-mails are automated and linked to the names and birth dates of customer data. Than you simply create a copy for congratulation and you’re good to go!

Also, let’s say it’s somewhat pleasing to get e-mails regarding subject except from service and product sales related texts.

Increase your Conversion Rates

One of the basic keys to increased conversion rates is active and consistent communications. Digital communication platforms have given us an option of automated solutions. Consistent e-mail campaigns will help you convert more leads eventually.

Like we’ve discussed in previous paragraphs-casual e-mails for celebrations, or holidays or simple appreciation texts can increase the customer’s interest in your company.

Also, keep in mind, that you can send promotional offers to long-term customers based on the registration data you have had classified in the first place.

So, make sure you don’t miss out on e-mail marketing automation tools for the benefit of your sales and engagement rate simultaneously.

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Meta Verse Marketing-Promising Futuristic Tools for Marketing Strategies

Meta Verse Marketing-Promising Futuristic Tools for Marketing Strategies

Meta Verse for Future Marketing

Meta Verse has only begun to establish itself, but it’s very likely to become leader amongst the marketing platforms. The audience does not still have a specific model of how Meta Verse can possibly work, so here we are awaiting its features and functionality. Augmented reality is getting more and more attention, which also indicated Meta Verse becoming the popular platform to enroll in virtual reality. Let’s review several examples, how can Meta Verse become the marketing leader in closest future.

Why should you try out Meta Verse?

Currently all we have to do is observe and try some features for ourselves. Keep in mind, that meta company has a service called Meta for Business. This indicates that their products including Meta Verse itself are going to develop further platforms of service for enterprises.

The Meta Verse is promising its potential users to blur the lines between digital and physical solutions. Imagine all the newbie marketing strategies that can potentially evolve from this approach and especially how it could benefit your business if you’re the first to try!


Current Meta Marketing Strategies

  • Insert yourself natively within the platform.
  • Parallel real-life and virtual environment.
  • Virtual Goods and Digital Avatars
  • Your own virtual venue.
  • Immersive experiences.

In following paragraphs, let’s review these strategies individually and how they can benefit the communications and sales of your business.

Native Platform

By inserting yourself naturally in the platform, for example say-You Tube, allows you to communicate with potential customers without interrupting their viewing experiences. The point is to not annoy the customers, or general viewers.

We do get annoyed with pop-ups for example, when watching a specific video-especially, when we are very focused on the content. To avoid this irritation, insertion in the native platform has a potential to be the greatest solution.

One of the greatest examples of in-platform advertisement can be found in gaming industry. Coca-Cola for example inserted its virtual billboards and Coca-Cola participates as a beverage of refreshment during breaks in the scenes from the mobile game “Wild Rift” by Riot Games.

Isn’t it creative? Now, Meta offers general virtual reality platform and imagine how many ways this can marketed! Gameplay realism campaign has earned Coca-Cola an increase of sales in 12% ratio.

Parallel Virtual and Real Life Marketing

A good kick-starter to adapt to virtual reality is to basically replicate your physical marketing strategies before establishing new completely digital ones. The digital avatars are likely to multiply from time to time. After research of virtual customers you can either replicate your marketing strategies, or create new ones virtually corresponding and engaging-yet, connected to your physical marketing models.

Virtual Goods Sales

Well, traditionally we have customers with traditional needs and interests for specific products. What you will need to do on Meta Verse platform is to create digital goods relevant to the needs and interests of the avatar. Certain brands like Balenciaga have already started collaborating with Meta Verse for creating a one of a kind virtual shopping experience.

Personal Virtual Venue

The whole fun thing about Meta Verse is that you can basically open your virtual 3D shop on a platform. This can become a fun experience for your sales team as well. There are huge possibilities of designing such digital environment, so feel free to let the creativity flow. This will help you communicate your ideas visually on a higher level.

Immersive Experiences

The possibility of creating virtual venues and avatars gives us another chance to offer brand-new experiences to the customers. Immersive experiences have a great potential of engaging the customer base to a whole new level.

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