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Why you should use Growth-Hacking for your E-commerce

Why you should use Growth-Hacking for your E-commerce

What is growth hacking?

In the marketing world, all things are in constant change every day, and old tactics and traditional techniques are no longer working properly. Have you noticed that every year millions of new startups and businesses are creating and trying their best to accomplish goals, but most of them don’t even exist after one year?  Why is that?

One of the main reasons for this defeat is that they can’t manage the period when the company needs the biggest boost when the company requires to grow its audience and consumer number swiftly and effectively. This is where Growth-hacking comes into the picture. 

Growth hacking is the opposite way of looking at traditional marketing. For marketing management growth hacking is as agile as for project management, this is the method that requires rapidly trying experimenting with different marketing tactics, Growth hacking doesn’t need complicated resources, or high expenses, it is a method that gives you the freedom to try and receive great results.  Even the definition of the term tells that it requires experimentation across marketing channels and product development. This is exactly what gives the most effective results. 

How to use Growth Hacking?

If you find a step-by-step guide about how to use growth Hacking, don’t believe it. No one can tell you exactly how to do experiments with your business or company. Growth Hacking is about creative ideas and seeing things outside the box. You shouldn’t limit yourself to your idea, don’t be afraid to try new things, think what are customer’s needs, test your ideas and find the best ones. 


One of the most common and latest trends of Growth hacking are some things that require a minimum from the customer, like no mandatory registration. Also one of the experienced and tested Growth Hacks is a reduction of buttons, especially “negative” ones, for instance, “remove product” and “empty your cart”. The importance Using of keywords isn’t a piece of big news anymore.  These are the little examples of the most common methods that work and give high results.  

Does e-commerce need Growth Hacking?

You may ask do we need Growth Hacking even if we are e-commerce? Why not? Growth Hacking isn’t only for startups or small businesses, Growth hacking strategies successfully helped SaaS companies, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and others.

For example, one of the Growth hacks that worked well for Airbnb was the service of professional photographers for the apartments. This service boosted bookings because quality pictures of the apartments were essential for customers. Other than that many successful E-commerce companies applied growth hacking methods to their marketing strategies, such as Dollar Shave Club, Casper, and Gymshark. 

3 Growth Hacking Strategies Your E-commerce can Test Out

  1. Encourage FOMO

FOMO, or fear of missing out, have you ever felt that you are falling behind from important events, it makes you feel missed out and unappreciated. Just offering a discount doesn’t work today. You can use this psychological weapon against your customers and make them feel they are missing something really important when they don’t shop with you. There are a few common FOMO types you can use for the first time:

  • Limited offers 
  • Exclusive deals
  • Free shipping with defined conditions
  • Applying influence 
  1. Reduce website loading time

We live in a fast world, no one has time to wait for a website before it loads, it isn’t 2005 anymore. The lower is loading time, the higher your sales number is. So start working on your website’s responsiveness time as soon as possible.

  1. Influencers can be your allies

This is the era of influencers, content marketing works better with influecers. people trust these persons almost as their friends, they believe and want what influencers say to be good.  E-commerce gives you the flexibility to work with influencers easily and effectively. So don’t be afraid of using this weapon. 

Wrapping up 

Growth – Hacking indeed started in startup and SaaS industries, but as it is a method of constant experimentation, it appeared in other industries quickly, including E-commerce. You can try and use many methods to increase sales and boost conversion rates, so surround yourself with Growth Hackers and remember that growth Hacking depends on experiments and creative ideas. 

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Music Industries

Digital Marketing Strategies for Music Industries

Marketing and Entertainment

Entertainment industries quite often set the trends for numerous other fields in our everyday lives. So clearly, in modern era it’s crucial to have right digital marketing strategies for music specifically. We will be sightly overlooking the other aspects of entertainment industry, but in this case, Music is our main focus.

Current digital marketing strategies for music industries differ from the classical ones we’ve been familiar with for a very long time. Let’s review the social media and music in the first place.

Social Media Marketing for Music

It’s undeniable that TikTok platform is currently running the role of music popularization. Trendy sounds have made a great deal of impact on how the target audience gets to hear the first beat of your track. The best thing about such platforms is, that it benefits not only musicians, but also the creators on the platform in numerous fields.

It’s also just as important to mention, that the given social media platform started off with TikTok dances. You might be familiar with the first TikTok celebrity-Charlie D’Amelio. Dance and music are primarily intertwined with one-another and lay solid foundations for both industries to improve and get to the right target audience.


Now, you might think, that it only works for temporary artists, but the platform has actually revived a bunch of old 80’s music for example. How you might ask? The target audiences and creators on this social media platform have a huge variety.

For example, two songs like “Chains” by Fleetwood Mac and “Running Up That Hill” or “Babooshka” by Kate Bush were long forgotten by many individuals. Yet, specific creators fit these sounds perfectly for their content-which led to interest in 80’s music and revival of numerous hits.

­You Tube for Digital Marketing

Now, you might be thinking that You Tube has nothing special except for actually uploading a video on its platform, but that’s not true. Advertising can be conducted with recycling the uploaded content.

You might have noticed that instead of what was supposed to be in a playlist something else starts playing. You might even like what you hear all of a sudden and once you approach the playlist you see that it’s an add for a new song produced by an artist you’ve never heard of before.

Picking the right target audience when advertising your music on youtube is crucial. You have to determine a specific Genre your audience might be interested in. Imagine targeting the audience that listens to death metal and producing country music.

Well, they might possibly like your music, but not as much as the people actually interested in given Genre.

Soundtracks and Voice-Overs

In previous paragraph we were speaking of 80’s music and soundtracks have a lot to do with either reviving older hits or making new ones very popular. The point is, there is a huge perspective of adapting your music to filmmaking.

Cinematic field can be of great help, so if you happen to know a producer creating a cinematic product which could fit your music in it well enough-make sure to try this method of providing the target audience your craft.

Pick a Niche

It is just as important to stay consistent and true to your niche of choosing. Now, we totally understand, that anything that is art including Music is a creative process and experiments can lead us to certain heights. But, keep in mind, that the more you appear in specific Social Media trends or relative cinematic pieces-the more it’s likely for the target audience to slowly start recognizing your style.

Stay on track of targeting the right audience with the music you are trying to promote via digital marketing. Quite possibly-again on the example of TikTok we have a clear model of such Niche as modern artist Doja Cat. Initially her songs were widely used for TikTok dances and now some of us might indulge listening to her music without necessarily making dance videos with them.

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Marketing Lessons from Zara Fashion you should consider following

Marketing Lessons from Zara Fashion you should consider following

Everyone knows about Zara

In fashion industry it is not so easy to have a stable position in competition. Yet, Zara fashion manages to stay productive in its field pretty much consistently. It is fast fashion at a certain point, but alongside with being affordable-Zara never fails to deliver quality and trendy fits as well. Global visibility makes a huge portion of success.

Alongside with benefits-of course there is more responsibility. Almost like Coca-Cola in food industry, Zara can have to customize their products according to the interests and styles of specific target audiences in specific locations and cultures. Letting everyone dress trendy and up to date at relevant pricing-without losing the Niche is quite an achievement.

Niche Demonstration

Like we’ve said in previous paragraph-keeping your Niche is an important part of well-played marketing strategy. Now, you might wonder how does Zara maintain quite a classy niche and maintains affordability as well.

Well, first thing to note is shop placement. Take a good look at Zara shop locations and you will se that in most cases they are in Malls next to designer shops quite often. Locating yourself alongside the luxury brands is quite a statement and creates great shopping surroundings for both-potential and loyal customers at the same time.


Another thing would be general design. First-a logo. It’s a simple typography and we all know it’s unmistakable. Cooler, darker and minimalistic color map for the brand plays a huge part in how we see the brand’s status and image.

Last but not least, the arrangement of space inside the shops. Zara shops don’t tend to be very small-in fact they are mainly quite huge containing different collections. These collections are sometimes placed on multiple floors let alone the room sections.

Switching Collections

Zara is very well skilled at renewing collections in a timely manner. You don’t really want anything laying around at your shop for way too long right? But, how do you recycle your collection?

The best thing come in-the OUTLET shop. In outlet you also get quite a good amount of sale. The outlet also comes in handy for Zara, because it renews collections according to seasons for example or even every month-let’s call these sub-collections. Also, due to this strategy-customers automatically get a feeling that there are very few amounts of specific clothing pieces and tend to buy quite quickly as well.

Perfume Collections

Zara is generally a clothing store, but another popular product is its perfume collections. Not only are they affordable, but for many customers some of their aroma products can be dupes for very highly priced ones on the market.

One of the greatest examples is Red Temptation by Zara. The shop has had a booming sale for this perfume, because it turned out to be the dupe for Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s “Baccarat Rouge”. If you compare pricing-Baccarat Rouge is maybe at least 10 times more expensive.

Zara takes into consideration, that its target audience is not only interested in dressing up, but also applying scents in order to perfect the feel of niche to the outfits they are regularly purchasing.

Adding products like this along with your arsenal is a great choice of marketing strategy and also brings additional target audience to your shop.

Digital Marketing Strategies

As for specifically digital marketing strategies-when it comes to Zara and its eCommerce-timeliness and relevance are the main game-changers. Zara is very well known for sending relevant E-Mails to their target audience. The same goes for push notifications and specific status updates.

Also, keep in mind, that most of these digital marketing strategies are automated and take as little time as possible.

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E-Mail Automation tools for effective Digital Communication

E-Mail Automation tools for effective Digital Communication

What is E-Mail Automation?

To put it Simply-E-Mail Automation is what it sounds like exactly. You set the e-mails with universal textual content, which reaches out to the target audience automatically at the right time. Well, of course setting the guidelines for right activity is necessary and this is what we will be discussing in the next paragraphs.

Also, it can be very useful to acquire E-Mail Automation tools simply to save some time on certain E-Mails which contain most general information or have to be sent to customer base on specific times.

Automated E-Mail Options

Clearly not all types of E-Mails can be automated, especially those in customer service. Yet, even in this field you can create an automated text for informing the customer that their complaint has been delivered and it will be soon overlooked by a CS representative.


First of all, make sure your customer base is properly sorted. It can be classified by age, date of registration, gender, geographic position etc. After you have all the data in the right places, keeping it updated of course-have a good look at your e-mails and sort them according to the customer base.

Retail Banking

Now, in for a more practical example-let’s review retail banking. We are supposed to provide our internet and mobile banking apps of the confidential information and e-mails. So, our basic information is what we give first.

Let’s say we own a credit card. Our information has to have been sorted in the bank’s customers’ data via name, last name, birth date, mail, account number and monthly payments calculated regularly.

Let’s say every end of the month we get an E-Mail informing us of our CC card bills. It’s an automated message surely. Especially the greeting part of it. Now, it’s synchronized with our billing information which fills is the number gaps in the e-mails automatically and quickly delivers information.

This is clearly an example of swift and effective digital communications. Imagine an individual sitting at the office manually inserting such information in every E-Mail. It would be chaotic! Not to mention, most likely filled with mistaken billing information.

Happy Birthday E-Mails

It can seem weird at times, but we all like to be remembered and told a “Happy Birthday”. You might think no one cares for a birthday e-mail, but that’s not true.

First of all, via sending such messages you earn appreciation from your customers by giving it to them in the first place. You can never go wrong with showing attention.

These e-mails are automated and linked to the names and birth dates of customer data. Than you simply create a copy for congratulation and you’re good to go!

Also, let’s say it’s somewhat pleasing to get e-mails regarding subject except from service and product sales related texts.

Increase your Conversion Rates

One of the basic keys to increased conversion rates is active and consistent communications. Digital communication platforms have given us an option of automated solutions. Consistent e-mail campaigns will help you convert more leads eventually.

Like we’ve discussed in previous paragraphs-casual e-mails for celebrations, or holidays or simple appreciation texts can increase the customer’s interest in your company.

Also, keep in mind, that you can send promotional offers to long-term customers based on the registration data you have had classified in the first place.

So, make sure you don’t miss out on e-mail marketing automation tools for the benefit of your sales and engagement rate simultaneously.

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Meta Verse Marketing-Promising Futuristic Tools for Marketing Strategies

Meta Verse Marketing-Promising Futuristic Tools for Marketing Strategies

Meta Verse for Future Marketing

Meta Verse has only begun to establish itself, but it’s very likely to become leader amongst the marketing platforms. The audience does not still have a specific model of how Meta Verse can possibly work, so here we are awaiting its features and functionality. Augmented reality is getting more and more attention, which also indicated Meta Verse becoming the popular platform to enroll in virtual reality. Let’s review several examples, how can Meta Verse become the marketing leader in closest future.

Why should you try out Meta Verse?

Currently all we have to do is observe and try some features for ourselves. Keep in mind, that meta company has a service called Meta for Business. This indicates that their products including Meta Verse itself are going to develop further platforms of service for enterprises.

The Meta Verse is promising its potential users to blur the lines between digital and physical solutions. Imagine all the newbie marketing strategies that can potentially evolve from this approach and especially how it could benefit your business if you’re the first to try!


Current Meta Marketing Strategies

  • Insert yourself natively within the platform.
  • Parallel real-life and virtual environment.
  • Virtual Goods and Digital Avatars
  • Your own virtual venue.
  • Immersive experiences.

In following paragraphs, let’s review these strategies individually and how they can benefit the communications and sales of your business.

Native Platform

By inserting yourself naturally in the platform, for example say-You Tube, allows you to communicate with potential customers without interrupting their viewing experiences. The point is to not annoy the customers, or general viewers.

We do get annoyed with pop-ups for example, when watching a specific video-especially, when we are very focused on the content. To avoid this irritation, insertion in the native platform has a potential to be the greatest solution.

One of the greatest examples of in-platform advertisement can be found in gaming industry. Coca-Cola for example inserted its virtual billboards and Coca-Cola participates as a beverage of refreshment during breaks in the scenes from the mobile game “Wild Rift” by Riot Games.

Isn’t it creative? Now, Meta offers general virtual reality platform and imagine how many ways this can marketed! Gameplay realism campaign has earned Coca-Cola an increase of sales in 12% ratio.

Parallel Virtual and Real Life Marketing

A good kick-starter to adapt to virtual reality is to basically replicate your physical marketing strategies before establishing new completely digital ones. The digital avatars are likely to multiply from time to time. After research of virtual customers you can either replicate your marketing strategies, or create new ones virtually corresponding and engaging-yet, connected to your physical marketing models.

Virtual Goods Sales

Well, traditionally we have customers with traditional needs and interests for specific products. What you will need to do on Meta Verse platform is to create digital goods relevant to the needs and interests of the avatar. Certain brands like Balenciaga have already started collaborating with Meta Verse for creating a one of a kind virtual shopping experience.

Personal Virtual Venue

The whole fun thing about Meta Verse is that you can basically open your virtual 3D shop on a platform. This can become a fun experience for your sales team as well. There are huge possibilities of designing such digital environment, so feel free to let the creativity flow. This will help you communicate your ideas visually on a higher level.

Immersive Experiences

The possibility of creating virtual venues and avatars gives us another chance to offer brand-new experiences to the customers. Immersive experiences have a great potential of engaging the customer base to a whole new level.

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How To Create A Powerful E-Commerce Website That Actually Sells?

How To Create A Powerful E-Commerce Website That Actually Sells?

Modern E-Commerce

Shopping has changed its form completely over the years. At the beginning, when E-Commerce introduced itself to a global community it was a little bit suspicious even to the potential customers.

But, now E-Commerce seems to overpower the traditional form in multiple ways. It’s a great comfort to be able to shop anywhere any time. But, as an E-Commerce shop representative you must offer high quality service to stay competitive in the growing industry. Let’s discuss how you can actually do this.

E-Commerce and Order Tracking

One of the best features E-Commerce website can have is the order tracking. We have all used online shops at least once in our lives and the most exciting part is the actual wait for the arrival.

Now, it gets pretty annoying if it’s getting delayed, but still-it’s simply good to know where it is. If you still don’t have this feature on your website, make sure to add one. Keep in mind, that it will also save you from answering hundreds of messages and emails regarding the given subject.


HQ Photography And 3D Examples

Not every shop clearly has the luxury of creating 3D models of their products for a better showcase. But, HQ visual content is what you must have. Especially if it’s a clothing line-make sure to have models wear them and get photographed in all basic positions like: front, back, side and ¾. Focus on better presenting of your product.

QR Code/Linked Payment

Even though the security of credit card credentials is truly on its highest level, some of us still are not very fond of entrusting our CC card information on a website.

For such specific cases, make sure to integrate the service of payment via QR code or external link that is focused on the transfer of the money itself and does not require remembering the card credentials.

This makes it easier to finish up orders especially for social media commerce like Instagram shops for example. With low risks involved, a customer will be happier to purchase your products online.

Enable Text Support In Reviews

Textual reviews can be scary sometimes, thinking of what the customer might say, sometime out of thin air and quite inadequate occasionally. Well, it’s clearly better to have an explanation why someone decided to give you a one-star rate.

If it’s reasonable or not is up to the perception of another customer scrolling through those reviews. All you have to do is to stay in touch with disappointed customers and show that you actually care. Simultaneously you’ll be happy to read positive reviews and especially if they have detailed insight on the quality of the product and speed of its delivery.

Go Global-Market Only Grows

Whether you like it or not, E-Commerce is very likely to go outside your location. Possibly-that’s the challenging aspect about it. Make sure you research the shipping regulations to different countries from your local post-office as well.

If something is on internet, even when optimized and advertised only on a specific area, you cannot stop different audiences from viewing your product-related content.

Marketing copies ought to be made easier as well, because it’s well known-Google automatically translates certain pages. If the content is complicated the translating robot can mess it up and result you in losing a potential customer.

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Growth Hacking, or Hacking for Growth?

Growth Hacking, or Hacking for Growth?

Hacking Doesn’t Have To Be Illegal

Now, the term “Hacking” is very well frowned upon, or viewed as a heroic act by rebellious groups of specific purposes. Well, as a matter of fact hacking at its core means to untangle the issue or a mystery. For our growth and well-being as individuals or companies, we often have to hack the so called success formulas. Take a better look at those who are thriving and catch up to them or maintain the high ranks we are currently holding on to.

Growth Hacking ABCs

Growth hacking is also known as the Growth Marketing. In one of our articles we are reviewing the benefits of this Marketing Strategy in further detail, so make sure to take a look. It’s the functional usage of resource-minimal and cost-effective digital marketing options to help increase and also maintain the active customer base, maximize sales and gain visibility. So, growth hacking is pretty much a form of optimization to profit your brand activities in numerous ways.

Examples Of Growth Hacking

Air BNB, Uber, You Tube, Instagram-who doesn’t know about these giants in their own fields. What unites all these brands in different fields is the effective growth hacking strategies that brought them to current positions on the market. All of them used specific, customer-oriented communication or retail strategies that gained them the high ranks still in maintenance. Let’s have a quick review of each of them.


Air BNB “Hacks” For Growth

Air BNB has just the ordinary startup story of persistent, but temporarily broke founders with priceless ideas. The need of rooms when hotels were filled up, fueled the idea of creating this service. Simultaneously offering a service that makes a room-seeker find a place that feels like home. Great combo right? Of course it was not the great success from very beginning, but after thorough analysis the growth element for AIR BNB turned out to be simply improving imagery content to develop better visual communications.

Uber “Hacks” For Growth

Uber is great at taking specific approaches to the customers in different areas of their services. Being inclusive and doing a well-organized customer-behavior/lifestyle research has become an ace up the company’s sleeve. Guess, listening to customers closely has become the basic fundament for Uber’s success.

Instagram “Hacks” For Growth

Instagram is a great example of being customer oriented but in rather different way than Uber. Social interactions are a base of human behavior and Instagram just knew it all too well. Also, consider the right timing which is so vital for the business to work out! With Facebook slowly losing its Activity-Instagram just jumped in with a different User Interface enabling a way for visual story-telling. Right timing of the product execution alongside with customer-fitted UI design has become Instagram’s hack for the growth.

YouTube “Hacks” For Growth

Youtube’s genius lies in its simplicity entirely. Considering by the time youtube was creating, publishing a video online was not such an easy task as it is today. Video content is actually so common to us thanks to this giant of visual communications and storytelling. Well, we have simplicity and right timing again, quite like Instagram. But, what is more specific here, is monetization opportunity.

The monetization of your Youtube content motivates you as a creator to produce engaging content, which automatically benefits the platform as well. Implementing ads with click-through purpose and here you have the profits for a seemingly free platform. Swift chain of profitable and engaging interactions strategy has become the key to Youtube’s vitality.

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How Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Benefits Your Digital Communication?

How Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Benefits Your Digital Communication?

Omni-Channel Marketing Definition

Due to its currently rising popularity you might have not heard of Omni-Channel marketing yet, or maybe you just have not known this strategy had a specific name. To put it simple, this marketing strategy involves using all resources of organizational channels you can, to interact with your customers. This involves old-school physical and digital channels working simultaneously. The given strategy provides customers with more purchase options.

Modern Omni-Channel Marketing

Modern digital channels give a high-functioning Omni-Channel marketing strategy possibilities. You can now use multiple platforms at a time and maintain your communication with the target audience far more effortlessly than before. Even automated messages have become more productive in this matter. Consistent and constant communications play a huge role in succeeding the Omni-Channel marketing strategy.


Stay Customer-Centric

As a business owner you must know the saying: “Customer is always right”. Some of us do get a little bit upset about this viewpoint, especially those who work in service. But, maybe the phrase is not formulated quite correctly. Being customer-centric is a vital part for your sales after all. Instead of saying that the customer is always right, consider re-building this phrase into something like this: Customer always needs maximum attention. To make sure you do not have a chaotic experience with omni-channel marketing, listen closely and constantly. Might take more work than usual, but will have better results than usual as well.

Multiple Communications

Individual communication is very important as already stated in the previous paragraph. Now, the question is, how do we maintain such communications on a personalized level, especially-when the customer base consists of hundreds and thousands of individuals at the very least? Automated messages used to be very boring maybe a decade ago, but current technologies do give us chances to make it feel like insightful communication.

Automated Messaging

Well, generally this type of B2C communication is still being frowned upon, but we know how cool automated messaging can be if programmed properly. The ease of this digital communication, which can be acquired through social media channels as well, is that it answers a concrete question in seconds without wasting yours and customer’s time. Of course, if a question is more complex, there must be an option to be transferred to a real-time customer service representative. But, just in case, automated messaging always comes in handy.

Customer-Journey Concentrated

The content or services you offer through your Omni-Channel marketing are more functional to be customer experience based. So, in one of our articles we have discussed the benefits of negative feedback and how you can actually use it for your own good. Now, let’s say automated messages again. Collect as much insight on often happening bugs in your B2C relations, sort them out and if necessary add an option in automated messaging which corresponds to that issue. Quite soon, customers will notice this in a positive context of course.

Omni-Channel And Multi-Channel Marketing

These two sound quite similar, but in a way they are not quite the same. The thing that differentiates Omni-Channel from Multi-Channel Marketing strategy, is that Omni-Channel marketing tracks a whole span of customer’s journey around your brand. Whereas the Multi-Channel concentrates on the customers’ journey from one dot to another in a more straightforward manner.

If your experience as a customer might look like a complicated spiral, Multi-Channel Marketing will simplify it and only emphasize major curves, instead Omni-Channel marketing will go around that spiral with you completely and navigate through the exact same path.

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How Does Shortening Your Marketing Copy Benefit Your Customer Engagement?

How Does Shortening Your Marketing Copy Benefit Your Customer Engagement?

Marketing Copy Basics

A marketing copy is basically your written introduction of the product to your target audience. How your copy is written will definitely affect the first impressions of your potential customers.

Not to forget the desire of your loyal customers to continue using your products or services. Marketing copies might be tricky to assemble, especially through time-when you have to offer something new without losing the touch of your core ideas and principles.

Don’t Be Boring!

It’s a well-known fact, that we don’t have too much time nowadays to make our product attention worthy to the customer. Remember the times of TV ads just ruling over the whole globe? People had TV on all the time, so extra 1.5 minute of explanations how your fridge works didn’t seem as boring.


Well, times have changed and the rhythm of life has become far faster than before. Some of us even get annoyed when a TikTok video is longer than 30 seconds. The challenge is to spark the curiosity in a matter of seconds.

Choose Your Dictionary Accordingly

The choice of words and dictionary in a marketing copy has to be chosen wisely to send clear messages to your target audience. Now, for fun example-let’s consider that your audience is about 20-35 of age.

Imagine creating a marketing copy that uses words from the Shakespeare novel. Well, if some of your audience has read the Romeo and Juliet novel-they might understand your message, but how about the rest of the people? You cannot address their needs in a form of dictionary they are not likely to even understand.

Longer Words and Less Sense

Now that we have discussed the importance of right dictionary, let’s get to the main point of this article-make your copy shorter but just as functional! The more words are in a marketing copy-especially the ones that serve no purpose except for making it awfully larger-the less customer shows interest to read it through to the very end of it.

Imagine writing a blogpost for example-for your company news. You want to showcase your growth, but write just too much. The article that could be a page long, has turned into a multiple-page document that praises a company for too long. After the middle at the very best, the “WOW” effect will be long gone.

Make Your Copy More Fun

Considering the fact, that rhythm of life is already quite stressful, it would be productive to implement fun elements into your marketing copy. Swift humor will leave an unforgettable impression on your customer and the desire to check out some more of your copies.

Less Words-Not Unfinished Sentences

It might seem funny, but the mistake of providing unfinished sentences in the process of shortening the copy is far more common than you can imagine.

Well, sometimes it has a strategic meaning to be fun for the customer or giving them a chance to actually end the sentence to their liking. Yet, sometimes the content is so short-you’re left with more questions than answers. This causes confusion in your customer’s mind and uncertainty later to purchase your products or services.

Infographics-Modern Copy Strategy

In one of our previous articles we have discussed the benefits of incorporating infographics in your social media and web-content.

The great thing about this communication strategy, which is mostly held on Social Media is its combination of visual and textual elements. Well, of course they have to be harmonically fitted for one-another.

Not only do you have a chance to split your marketing copy in a more pleasing graphic manner, but you can also engage your customer to swipe right and left through your posts to find out more about you and your services.

The simplicity of this strategy is exactly what makes it perfect-especially for modern times. A customer gets full information completely by their own will, in a split format-positively affecting your engagement and CTR rates.

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Which Marketing Strategies Work For Potential Customers?

Which Marketing Strategies Work For Potential Customers?

Define Your Strategy

A well-defined marketing strategy is critical for every kind of business’ growth and development. To attract more customers, you must reach them. Therefore, digital marketing is the lead tool for that. By reaching out to more people, your chances are more to increase your profit and engagement.

Stay Up To Date

Considering the fact that the digital marketing is constantly expanding, it is not enough just to let your service or product speak for itself. The term “Marketing strategy” is often used on the digital market but not everyone fully understands it.

Creating A Strategy

Marketing strategy is to plan all actions to promote the service, brand, or product. Besides that, the results of your campaigns should be observed for better analysis. Furthermore, having a marketing strategy means that your product or your service is advertised to the potential customer in a best possible way: Delivering value to people with what you provide and recommend solutions.


Useful Elements

For sure, everyone must keep in mind that marketing strategies are not only about involving campaigns and releasing them. It is a set of elements that can create a mindset to interest people in your product/service and make them to purchase it.

Now that we have already discussed what Marketing strategy is and why it is important, we can move to the tools which can be used to create marketing strategies for potential customers.

Choose Your Fit

Of course every business has its individual customers and maybe not all the actions will be right for every kind of businesses but still these are the most common strategies to use:

  1. Blogging – By blogging you can write articles which will help your audience to learn more about your product or your service.
  2. SEO – There is no point to have a website or blog if it wont reach the targeted audience. That is why you will need to apply Search Engine Optimization in your posts, so by that way your posts will appear in different kind of search websites like Google for example.
  3. Email Marketing – Nowadays, many people do not agree that email marketing is an efficient strategy but in reality it is efficient if you design your email accurately. It can be designed as a newspaper and that way can be sent important information or news about the product or service.
  4. Social Media – In general, it is one of the best channels to communicate with people, mainly because everyone uses it. As a marketing strategy you will need to understand where you need to post, which social media is used mostly by your customers? And the most important thing is that your social networks also need to provide content that adds value to users.
  5. Video Channel – Are you aware that part of the audience on internet prefers to watch video content than to read it?! This is the reason that platforms like YouTube has grown so much during the recent years. Truth to be told, whenever you make a video, you can transmit worthy information to your audience and they can access it very easily.
  6. Sponsored links – These are the links on other pages, which are related to your service or your product. The main point of this links is that whenever people will search for similar to yours but still do not know about your product or service, will be able to find you on other blogs.
  7. Radio, TV, magazines and newspapers – This is the definition of classic advertising. In this case, it depends what kind of business do you have.
  8. Events – Regardless your business is physical or online, hosting events to connect with the market is one of the efficient strategies and also it is a great way to advertise your brand.
  9. Partnership – Nowadays, we have many influencers and youtubers on the social media. Paid partnerships with them will help you to increase your business’ reach.


We hope this article may helped you to figure out which strategy works the best for you. It is very important to measure everything to find out which one of them fits you the most.

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