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Connecting with customers – The Importance of Client Portals

Connecting with customers – The Importance of Client Portals

Definition of Client Portal

A customer portal is a website that gives us the ability to connect with our organization or company. We use different services there, have access to important information about the company, and usually have our own accounts which are secure and private.

We might have access to payment information, support mechanism and etc. but at the end of the day, we actively communicate with the company, use the services that we require, and get the desired results. And we can do it from any location, anytime.

The Most Important Attribute to Customer Experience

All customers need a fast response and problem-solving solutions. They need you to be accessible from different channels which are associated with your company. They need to know about the new services and the products that you can provide them with.

Of course, they will need to communicate with the company representatives as well, but the most important thing for all the customers is to know how to use the company tools.

That’s why self-service helps. If we can provide our customers with online support and guidance we would get maximum results in a short period of time. 


Customer Portal Benefits

Customer portals are well received by customers and gives the brand an opportunity to be informative and active in customers’ life.

Nowadays, customers have the ability to self-serve, and many of them are more than happy to do it, but they need information and comfort from our side to do so.

For example, McDonald’s Self Ordering Kiosks are part of their digital revolution, you see every available product there, you choose, you pay and then you just wait. All the customers use it, it’s simple, quick, easy, informative, and gives them control.

You can make the customers work on their issues themselves with simple guidelines and get involved directly only if they seem to struggle or ask for your help.

Customer Satisfaction Rate improves because the customers don’t have to wait for company service agents, they sort out everything based on our portal and guidelines. 

Security Should be the Top Priority of Customer Portals

Customer-centric digital transformation strategies increase our connection with them. We need to create well-designed and well-managed portals, that store their information and protect them from any risk.

Secure client portals increase user experience and client loyalty. So we can create the kind of portal where security initiatives will be embedded in the design, this way we can ensure that the design will still be attractive for our customers and most importantly secure.

Elements that all the Customer Portals Should Have

Since our customers would want to manage their accounts and products independently, they’ll require information to navigate between our webpage and mobile app, so we need to be simple. They shouldn’t spend too much time on research. To solve this issue, we can provide them with chatbots, virtual assistants, and FAQs.

Customer portals can include communities as well where the customers will be able to help each other and share their experiences. Again it’s going to increase loyalty and make problem-solving less time-consuming for them.

Getting feedback from your customers would always help you to improve yourself and see what’s important to them. You could even discover what’s the most demanded product or frequently used service from your company.

When customers are in control and involved in the ongoings of their chosen company, they are more inclined to continue working with them.

Your Portal is the Face of your Company

Most shops always use attractive window displays to gain more customers. It’s a common trick that works all the time. Because our eyes pay more attention to bright colors and we immediately notice the contrast between them, we see the style, if several parts of the text are in the same color they have our attention again.

So when we’ll know the purpose of the portal we can start working on making it memorable from the first glance. The first step is the visuals and graphics; after that, we have to work on functional design.

We have to provide customers with simple but important options. Because customers get confused with lots of information and it’s better to use straight to a point approach.

Use more simple terms, like contact us, about us, etc. Use the colors that are associated with your brand. While sharing important information use bold colors since they are more eye-catching. All in all, design is truly the silent ambassador of your brand.

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Top 3 Best Swiss Digital Agencies

Top 3 Best Swiss Digital Agencies

What makes a Digital Agency Top-Tier?

There are quite several aspects which can possibly make a digital agency rank at the top. It can be creativity, time-management, performance, efficiency etc. In most cases we get to have the combination of all these traits.

In this article we shall be reviewing 3 Best Swiss Digital agencies and break down the history of their success. You will also find out about their best campaigns and performance results. Let us analyze what makes an excellent Digital Agency in Switzerland.

Digital Agency No.1-APESOFTWARES

The APESOFTWARE is a Swiss Digital Agency is based in Horw, founded in 2018. They focus on offering Digital Strategies for Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Their major client is CreaCOSMETIC.

From their projects, the most notable one has provided Web and SEO solutions to the mentioned cosmetic institute. The client required relaunching of their Website alongside with SEO performance boost for the local target audience. APESOFTWARE has provided solutions effective enough to put the No.1 in search engines of the relative field.

Quite an accomplishment, isn’t it?


Digital Agency No.2-ZUMO SEO

ZUMO SEO is a Swiss Digital Agency based in Herrliberg, founded in 2015. Their expertise focuses on Search Engine Optimization services.

Their major client is

They did a great job for their client-smart screen advertising company regarding the usage of right keywords to push up the rankings in Google and Yandex search platforms. Their work was swift and effective alongside with the help of some UX and Backend optimization.

Digital Agency No.3-Smart Cuts LTD.

Smart Cuts LTD. is a Swiss Digital Agency based in Lausanne. Founded in 2009. The agency focuses on video content production, advertising, content marketing, corporate photography and graphic design. You can clearly notice the artistic niche with this company.

They have some Top enterprises as clients, such as: Nespresso, UEFA, CNN and Rhiva.

One of their outstanding works includes the video content production for Nespresso. The project succeeded in putting great result for company’s engagement statistics.

General Overview

Now, that we’ve selected the best Swiss Digital Agencies, let’s review-what makes them so good. First off, please keep in mind, that the reviews of the Digital Agency services can differ according to what a client had been looking for in an agency, but still-there is something that unites all of the above. That trait is what we like to call quick problem-solving.

Some teams might back a little off from the projects that seem to be more difficult than average, but this way it would be impossible to actually make a change for your company. Even from their “About Us” pages you can see the determination of these teams to grab the issues and brainstorm on the ways of solving them.

Also, what we must not forget is-presentation matters! Now, if you check their homepages, you will see that mainly SEO focused companies have more plain web-design, but Smart Cuts has a bit more spice to it. Which is perfectly understandable.

It’s important to note, that SEO solutions must be plain and clear for the client, so must be the web-design of a company that offers such solutions. Fundamentally these websites are also easy to navigate through.

As for the Smart Cuts, which is focused on media content production, once visiting a website we can clearly feel the creative niche and we know what they have to offer instantly!

So, to put in summary the best ones look to be working the hardest and presenting themselves fully!

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How to pick the right Digital Agency for your Enterprise Success?

How to pick the right Digital Agency for your Enterprise Success?

It’s not easy to find the Right Digital Agency

If you’re new to picking a digital agency for your marketing strategy planning, you might think it cannot be too hard to choose a digital agency right? Well, it’s not really true. There are many things you should take into consideration before settling with an agency.

In this article we shall review several aspects of choosing process. Keep in mind, that just like individuals, agencies that consist of them also have their views, values and work ethics. It’s simply quite impossible to go along with just anyone.

Check the Digital Agency Portfolio

All of us have our own “hand-writing”. An agency is mostly focused on specific talents for specific purposes. Some agencies are more corporate-oriented and work for established enterprises, whereas others have greater experience and qualifications for working with start-up companies.

This is why you should check the portfolios before settling on a certain agency, simply because your business partner told you to do so. As a matter of fact, certain fields of business also need specific approach and you want to recognize talents are capable of creating what you have set your eyes on.


Take a closer look at the Agency Team

Now, professionalism is a must, but maybe we can sometimes turn from the classic understanding of professionalism and actually recognize the enthusiasts and real-life prodigies at work. There are often teams with big names in them, but sometimes quite unfortunately they tend to be old-fashioned and might fail to take a modern approach.

Sometimes a business wants to create something scandalous and phenomenal or maybe even neo-modern. In this case it’s really important to actually research the agency team and their individual portfolios as well, to know what’s their style and how it can serve your marketing viewpoints.

Similar Core Values

It’s an ultimate must to have similar values with the agency you decide to settle on after a long search. For a very simple example, let’s say after a couple interviews you’ve decided to observe the team’s work environment. Also, their previous projects.

The team might be great with qualification status, but let’s say you have a company that wants to support women’s rights activism, or ecology in general. Yet, you see the team obviously discarding the works of their female co-workers, or you simply see their ruthless attitude towards environmental issues. Even if they get really creative, there’s a big doubt for their campaigns to be actually genuine.

Also, keeping in mind the past works, if their recent portfolio consists of brands which still conduct animal cruelty for product testing-it’s not the best choice to expect this agency to actually understand your enthusiasm for the campaigns you want to launch.

No Superficial Promises!

Generally in marketing we tend to get over excited and promise too much on the background of these positive feelings. Even in daily life-let alone the business. Yet, there is still a fine line between excitement and empty promises.

Now, of course many agencies do a great job at their specialty, but nobody’s perfect and it’s perfectly fine. Now, imagine visiting an agency for an interview or simply holding an online one. Before even presenting the brief you see the agency promising unreal results!

Seems too good to be true right? Exactly. Maybe best news is mostly what we want to hear, but it’s often better to hear what’s actually possible. So, if an agency promises to increase your SEO rankings by 350% in just one month, it’s a red flag actually.


In summary, all we can say is, that choosing the right agency is quite a process, but if you really trust your values and check the portfolios well, there is a huge chance you’ll find the right one after all. Just make sure to remain true to your ideas and your core-values and don’t be tricked by unrealistic promises.

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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Digital Communications?

How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Digital Communications?

AI In Modern Marketing

When we speak of Artificial Intelligence and communications strategies, the first thing that might pop-up in your head can be a chat-bot. quite logically, because we as customers have the closest and visible touch to AI through this specific communication. Yet, it’s not quite that. The funny part is, that communications do not start in chats.

Your communication with AI starts from the moment your data and behavior as a customer is starting to get analyzed. Pretty much AI automates your research strategies and later develops it into communication strategy which can be even suggesting a product of interest automatically-through algorithmic calculations.

Benefits Of AI Marketing

  • Data Analysis Efficiency
  • Data Grouping
  • Pattern and Trend Recognition
  • Real-Time Monitor Change
  • Swift Reactiveness
  • Cost-Effective
  • Saves Time For Creative Projects
  • Increased Customer Trust
  • Customer Journey Intelligent Tracking
  • Data Safety

AI and Marketing Process-Upgraded

AI-such as bots for example, can be used strategically in the marketing process if correctly programmed by your IT staff; for example- situation analysis, marketing strategy, marketing decisions regarding the choice of the most productive one and in implementation/control. The situation analysis serves the customers’ desires to be fulfilled yet.


The Key Performance Indicator provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s marketing strategies-digital or non-digital. Bots can also look for the specific keywords to learn more about the base of your customers and competitors as well. Customer behavior can be researched and re-evaluated with all the possibilities bots are giving us.

Bots Are Taking Over

Using chat bots in customer service has become very casual, they can observe and analyze the types of conversations to obtain more data about the customers’ interests and background check on the market alongside. Bots can also organize interviews with certain customers to perform quality analysis.

This is great for saving both-money and time, as the interviews can be conducted in different locations at the same time and simultaneously get analyzed and later grouped for one specific purpose.

 AI can also make predictions about the influences of marketing activities and can be used to research what will be in demand for the further future. This will surely aid with either creating a new marketing strategy for your upcoming product, or evolving the current one that doesn’t seem to be working all too well.  

Don’t Get Over-Dependent On AI

Well, as far as we’ve discussed-AI bots can precisely do most of the analytical tasks and take less time, but don’t become too dependent on the services of the bots. AI is the key to quick communications and effective-sure. But, keep in mind, that AI still cannot provide you with the same creative juices as your human team can. It’s funny how we can sometimes get lost in technology.

The point is, communications which are on more subconscious level with your customers and tend to hit on a more emotional soft-spot simply cannot be well generated by the AI. Keep track of your communications to stay human, because if you over-robotize every part of your digital communications you will sense the customers slowly losing interest in even complaining when they don’t like something. Stay in touch with the emotional aspect.

Invest More and Get More Profits

One of the greatest examples of the companies that invested in their IT department is Amazon. Kind of not surprising. Amazon pretty much never fails to keep up with the digital trends. In the latest couple of years’ Amazon has invested over 5% of sales revenue in the AI service development. This investment helped greatly with automated services and increased sales by more than 30% and collected 90% more positive reviews on customer support.

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Benefits of Customer Centric Marketing Strategies

Benefits of Customer Centric Marketing Strategies

Dedicate To Your Audience

When it comes to anything connected to a customer in general sense, dedication is the Key. It takes time and observation to not just listen to your customer, but actually hear and understand what they are trying to tell you as an individual and as a collective. Now here comes in the Customer Centric Marketing, which is quickly spreading into the digital world as well. It’s a marketing strategy which is fitted around customer’s needs and interests. It’s all about prioritizing customers over any other factor.

Good Old Customer Service

Sure, with a nice blend of intuition, statistics and common sense one might come up with a great strategy for Customer Centric Marketing, but there is one element to each-especially larger business, which never loses it’s necessity and it’s customer service. This is the most basic element of all services a brand can offer, yet the vital one.

It’s necessary to remember that customer service improvement mechanisms can be online and offline. Just like target audience, this particular service strategy cannot have only one side to it and needs to spread around the environment as much as possible-here’s what we mean:

Inclusivity Again

Customer service can be more or less digitalized, it’s important to note that even to this day some of your audience might not have a very high functioning smart phone, so their digital reach to you could be quite limited and guess what happens when a customer doesn’t have the right communication with you? It generally results in disappointment, bad reviews and negative discussions on your brand in the outside world. So to avoid all of this, a good business has a classical model of customer service as well-a good old call-center.


Stay Connected

In a good old customer service basics, the best possible option to please the customer is to be in the reach 24/7. No-one knows when a product for example could have an issue, so for every customer it’s almost an emergency to call the provider and inform them on that particular issue immediately. Now, you might not be able to fix this issue straight away but the fact itself, that someone picked up the phone, or texted back at 03:00AM is simply a relief and especially when operator says that this issue shall be taken care of as a first thing priority at the beginning of work hours. It’s important to stay connected and give your customer the feeling that they are being heard anytime whether it’s a problem or maybe they just want to drop a good review-which doesn’t happen as often, but still there are some exceptions.  

Always Ask

Even in regular day to day communications, whether we answer the question or not, it’s pretty pleasing to hear someone asking about your well-being. Sometimes we answer with the “I’m Fine” to avoid a prolonged conversation, but that’s not the case when it comes to a customer. It’s vital for your audience to ask them how satisfied they are by your products or services. Let’s say, for example-a customer has purchased your product-online in this case and you have their E-Mail. In a week make sure to text them via E-Mail, how they like the product and if there’s anything to improve about it. Or maybe you have their Cell-Phone Number. Answering incoming calls is a must, but don’t forget to call back after a while and ask-show interest in their feelings (customer-wise) and demonstrate it through active communication.

Uncover the Desires

Advocate for your customer’s needs-research their desires. Now the simplest way to do it online is to have a Q&A page on your websites, almost like a forum to sort out the most important and popular needs of your customers. Use all communications you can offer and the best part about this advocacy strategy is, that a customer feels free to share their positive experiences as well, not just on your platform, but also on various social media websites.

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A Complete Guide to International Marketing Strategy

A Complete Guide to International Marketing Strategy

International marketing means to apply marketing principles to the product for international promotion.

Nowadays the distance is not an issue and you can promote your products worldwide. Due to enormous demand there are several reasons why businesses are attracted to the international market:

  • Increase of economic sales
  • Huge market share
  • Huge profits
  • Untapped international marketing
  • Elongated product life

International marketing has its own characteristics:

  1. International marketing has no boundaries and everything can be obtained easily
  2. There is an intense competition due to high demand
  3. There are many factors that you can’t control, like political or geographical and the only solution is to adapt to the environment


Type of customers in international market

Before you decide to enter an international market, you need to do some research about your customers, since foreigners may have different buying habits and preferences.

First of all you need to find out what they prefer, create marketing strategy and then present your product.

Customers are not the only thing that you need to consider when entering international market. There are some challenges you will have to face, for example:

  1. Traffics

You need to consider the fact that taxes and duties imposed on guest companies may be different from the local ones and sometimes they can be really high so it would be challenging to make profits there.

2. Politics

When entering the market you need to consider political stability since it plays a huge role in international marketing and directly influences on the success.

3. Slow growth of development markets

Developed markets are currently facing slow growth but in several regions such as Asia, Africa and America, are facing the growth of development.

4. Growing competition

Since the market is huge, the amount of companies are big and it continues to grow rapidly, you need to focus on expertise to succeed.

5. Different exchange rates

Every country has its own economy and currency, so for trading purposes you need to exchange the rates.

6. Culture

Every country has its culture. It is an important factor to consider, since one thing that is acceptable for one nation does not mean it will be accepted worldwide. You need to consider each and every one of them individually and apply it to your business.

There are several ways you can overcome an international barriers:

  • Choose a market that has a low trade sanctions and develop new products
  • Choose value-added activities like after-sales, which is not subjected to tariffs
  • You can do export but do not do import , instead try to do your own manufacturing locally
  • Get government subsidies, which will add appeal and will justify increased prices
  • Try to do partnerships with other companies
  • Stay for short term, since you never know when political situation will change


When entering global market you need to consider several things. First of all, you need to follow their regulations. Then you have to do some research, identify what the locals are missing and find how your product can address those issues. Do not forget to consider their culture and language barrier. Be prepared for everything beforehand for this to be successful on the competitive international market.