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Digital Marketing Examples to inspire your Campaign

Digital Marketing Examples to inspire your Campaign

Utilizing various marketing channels, such as social media platforms, website advertisements, or email marketing, is part of your digital marketing campaign. Your digital marketing plan includes your choice of channels, your approach, and the kind of material your marketing team provides.

It may be challenging to accurately assess what works and more significantly, what doesn’t. In constantly evolve world of digital marketing. Looking at the leading businesses in the field of digital marketing and figuring out what works for them is a great way to start. 

On the other hand, there is a ton of false information and poorly implemented digital marketing tactics online. It might be challenging, but possible, to carry out a digital marketing strategy. It engages with your target audience, builds brand recognition, and boosts revenue.

Using examples of successful companies can always help you think of something creative. But be sure to keep in mind that you can only learn from someone else’s example. Using it directly is not only unprofessional but can also be harmful to the company.


Everyone knows about Netflix. This platform can be said to be number one in its market. This is due to its marketing strategy and campaigns. 

Using personalization in marketing is a good method to stand out from the competition. Netflix is using this method perfectly. More than 90% of customers claim that they are more likely to interact with companies that make offers specifically to them. Netflix not only perfectly personalizes, but it also doesn’t put too much pressure on its potential customers.


Netflix doesn’t constantly barrage its users with recommandations. It is aware that people are more likely to reply to one email that they can relate to, than to a ton of irrelevant stuff. To get stunning outcomes you should constantly stagger your communications.

Netflix provides simple-to-read, highly personalized emails and pushes alerts with a prominent CTA (call to action) button that often just reads “Play.” As a Netflix subscriber, you can get an email suggesting a movie based on your past viewing habits while using your first name.


Relationships with influencers are difficult at first glance and seem to be becoming ordinary. But Airbnb has managed to use this opportunity of influencer marketing correctly and qualitatively in its communication.

To increase buzz and brand awareness, Airbnb has worked with numerous well-known people. The first influencer who posted about her staying on Airbnb was Mariah Carey in 2015. Airbnb will remain connected with a luxurious life and, consequently, with high quality because of its alliance with celebrities.


Starbucks has conquered the world with its drinks. But behind their success is certainly marketing. Starbucks is very successful at using time-sensitive content marketing strategy to make people feel FOMO(fear of missing out). 

It’s quite uncommon for a company’s business plan to not have any time-based elements. Most businesses can come up with something that will excite potential consumers, whether it be sales, limited supply, or a unique deal.  

Starbucks is using this technique with seasonal drinks. The minute it hits fall everyone is excited about the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Other than that they have unique edition beverages for every season. People feel urgency when they see that something is limited or special and rush to buy it. 


If you take the time to consider what your audience wants to see, which platforms will help you stand out from the competition, and what idea you want to convey, your company may find itself on this list within a few years.

Do you lack the time or the motivation to do it yourself? It makes sense that way. An experienced digital marketing agency can handle every detail while producing the best marketing outcomes for you.

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Content Syndication benefits for your Online Communications

Content Syndication benefits for your Online Communications

What is Content Syndication?

To put it Simply-Content syndication is republishing you owned content to different websites. By doing this-you can increase the audience reach. Nevertheless, you also increase the general variety of your audience. Keep in mind, that a specific audience might be visiting your website, but there can be another type of audience still unaware of your website specifically, but interested in the subject of research.

Increase the Audience Traffic

Along with the benefit mentioned in previous Paragraph-Content Syndication can do a great deal to your website’s online traffic. This will help raise the awareness of your brand. Not to mention, that content syndication strategies are extremely cost-efficient. Instead of burning out your blog’s content resources try republishing it and saving some ideas for further topics.

Great enterprises like New York Times also use content syndication. Some companies do tend to shy away from given content strategy fearing their content might become the victim of plagiarism. But, the main point is to direct different audiences back to your website for more specific information on the subjects.


Third Party Content Syndication

Not only can you syndicate your content on different websites and increase traffic via doing so, you can also ask different websites as third parties to syndicate their content on your blog. Now, if you principally deny publishing third party content on your website-think again. Traffic rotations are like a double-bladed sword.

Once you syndicate the third-party content on your blog-not only do your customers start visiting their blog, but also their active users start visiting yours. Sure the source must be stated and that’s exactly what works for you again and for the third party as well.

Also, don’t forget that it’s pretty rough to run a blog with multiple authors. Sometimes stylistically consistent content becomes a bit of an issue. If you see a blogpost so perfectly fitted for your ideal content-there’s nothing wrong about asking an influencer for example for the syndicate permission. In fact, an individual is very likely to be honored by such proposal and publish separate content to promote their work on YOUR website!

Self-Service Syndication

Another cool thing about syndication is that you can syndicate your own content. Now, this sounds a little bit off-track but don’t get confused. Here is what self-service syndication involves:

One of the greatest ways of Self-Service Syndication is to re-publish your content on LinkedIn platform. Here is where most B2B communications happen. Also, keep in mind, that when creating a LinkedIn post-you have an option of an article. So, it will not look like an unprofessional post or you won’t have to upload a Word or PDF file. This is a great way of re-publishing your content on your account but a different publishing platform.

Syndication Win-Win Strategies

  • Publish syndicated content from relevant posts on your blog.
  • Syndicate your content on relevant blogs.
  • Write specific content for relevant sites.
  • Re-Publish your content on B2B Platforms.

Content Syndication for SEO

At first sight syndicated content can seem almost scattered and we might question its functionality for SEO purposes. The great aspect of it is-that syndicated content is not equal to duplicated content. Google’s actually supporting the syndication strategy-just make sure to include the external link back to the original website. As we’ve discussed about internal and external links in one of our articles-used correctly, they do nothing but good to your SEO quality.

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Attract More Customers With Brand Content Marketing

Attract More Customers With Brand Content Marketing

The ABC of Brand Content Marketing

To put it in a short Description-Brand Content Marketing is linked with the Enterprise in a direct manner. It’s No.1 purpose is to build awareness about the brand among the targeted audiences and find ways to communicate with potential customers. Needs to be said, that this marketing option is not primarily supposed to be for a specific product or a service.

Communicate Through Your Brand

Now, in the first paragraph we made a note-that it is not necessary to use Brand Content Marketing for a specific product or Service. In this case a Brand that already has its name and image alongside with its voice, tone and authority has to reverse the regular content marketing strategy and make itself the epicenter of communication in the name of creativity rather than just entertainment. I guess you might get confused on small details, but we shall review it as well.


Every Customer’s a VIP

When you’re a brand you do not just offer a product or service. You offer them a lifestyle, ideas and daily concepts. Customer is a general term, but your customer feels special when you make them feel special. Now, it will be difficult to explain otherwise, but let’s visit the fashion industry.

Currently Balenciaga in conquering numerous Mount Everests in Fashion Industry and wearing it in today’s world is a certain statement for sure. Also, let’s take a look at people wearing their clothes. If we consider celebrities like Kanye or Justin we know quite well they are bold and daring.

Also-the customers which are loving Balenciaga Clothing seem to update their fashion sense quite in a rhythm or recycle the old stuff in a very creative way. In this case-it almost feels like the brand and its customers are like one whole organism cooperating in perfect harmony.

Branded Content

From the great beginnings of Y2K to the modern period-branded content has been a great part of brand awareness process. This is also known as branded entertainment and it stands for the content produced either by an advertiser or funded by one.

Of course the tactics have changed with time, but certain basics still stay. It’s practically a chain reaction and here’s why: If we go back in time there were not as many influencers, so brands had to hind smooth ways to appear in the world. All those Met Galas, Golden Globes and any type of luxurious events-where celebrities mostly had to dress in designer clothes was quite a branded content-especially once it would flow through the press.

Afterwards there was an era of random pink themed blogs providing newly adapting internet users some branded content and let’s not even get started on You Tube Make-Up and Fashion Guru Era.

Currently Trending

Nowadays brands have far more space to roam through when it comes to any type of digital marketing strategy. Also it’s more fun and helps the customer connect with you on a personal level. Currently Branded Content is more focused on video advertising. Let’s discuss some.

Probably you have noticed, that many brands-especially in fields of: Beauty, Fashion and Education have had their YouTube channels far more active than before. Let’s Say-Vogue Magazine.

Vogue is a Classic which has been on the market for decades. You know the brand’s Vlogs with celebrities? Some are Q&A and some are certain self-care routines which could include right about anything. Branded Content is also those reels you often see on Instagram where influencers review a certain product and it also obviously says that it’s been sponsored and posted on their social media Platform as well.

After all discussion let’s summarize types of branded content.

  • E-Books
  • Case Studies
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blogs

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