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How Can You Improve Your Digital Inclusivity In Fashion Industry?

How Can You Improve Your Digital Inclusivity In Fashion Industry?

Digital Industry And Fashion

Let’s face the fact, everything is going digital nowadays and we all have to follow the floe whether we like it or not. Especially, if you have a business, informational updates are crucial for your brand’s vitality. In this case we shall be talking about fashion industry in the digital environments and how we can stay in tune with endless developments. No matter the business field, in 21st century, you need to have high quality online presence, so let’s discuss why.

But Clothing Is A Form Of Art

You will hear this phrase from almost any brand-owner who cherishes their business like an infant. Not just designers, graphic designers or jewelry stores tend to acquire this mindset quite often. Now, there’s nothing wrong with loving your creations certainly, but if you really love your business, wouldn’t you want it to have a long-run future? Well, in this case as a brand owner, you might have to set your personal principles aside and engage in ongoing processes in the field of work.


 Gate-Keeping Won’t Do

Even if you already have set up social media accounts for your brand, only showing finished products and never showing working process to your audience will decrease engagement quite rapidly. World-known brands like Chanel don’t hold back from conceptual videos presenting the process of creation of their bags and cosmetics. The spark of curiosity only turns into a bonfire if you give more fuel to it! Your educative or presentative content is exactly that fuel the curiosity of the customer needs to grow larger.

Giveaways And PR Gifts

Maybe in au-couture industry just gifting clothing doesn’t work, because in this field the outfits are only created individually in one size and only one person can wear them. But, if you create a series of works with various options, being more generous to provide the favorite influencers or celebrities of your target audience with your creations will only increase interests in your brand. This is one form of communication strategies, which we have further discussion of in our articles about influencer and celebrity marketing strategies.

Post And Repost

If an official account reaches out to you to repost the image of your product, promising to maintain credits, don’t hold back. Clearly, make sure the repost says it’s your work, but to a certain point, the reposts are almost free PR on social media. Very likely you and the given account have similar target audiences and you never know how many customers you could possibly gain from such social media activites.

Upgrade Your Showcase

Now, in one of our articles we explain why it is important to own a showcase website. Especially, when you produce the goods which have visual and aesthetical value, any form of visual presentation is a must! Make sure your showcase website harmonically matches the core concepts of your brand and don’t count pennies on photographic content.

Use All 3D Has To Offer

As 3D art is quickly reaching its new heights, and we are having more and more professional 3D artists, make sure to at least think about collaborating with them. It’s been quite a trend lately to create 3D fashion shows without models! It sounds kind of crazy, but imagine simply creating a silhouette of body-shapes your clothing is meant for and making it move in empty space via 3D modeling! Possibilities are so endless, you just need to not miss out on them.

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How Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Benefits For Your Digital Communication?

How Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Benefits For Your Digital Communication?

Omni-Channel Marketing Definition

Due to its currently rising popularity you might have not heard of Omni-Channel marketing yet, or maybe you just have not known this strategy had a specific name. To put it simple, this marketing strategy involves using all resources of organizational channels you can, to interact with your customers. This involves old-school physical and digital channels working simultaneously. The given strategy provides customers with more purchase options.

Modern Omni-Channel Marketing

Modern digital channels give a high-functioning Omni-Channel marketing strategy possibilities. You can now use multiple platforms at a time and maintain your communication with the target audience far more effortlessly than before. Even automated messages have become more productive in this matter. Consistent and constant communications play a huge role in succeeding the Omni-Channel marketing strategy.


Stay Customer-Centric

As a business owner you must know the saying: “Customer is always right”. Some of us do get a little bit upset about this viewpoint, especially those who work in service. But, maybe the phrase is not formulated quite correctly. Being customer-centric is a vital part for your sales after all. Instead of saying that the customer is always right, consider re-building this phrase into something like this: Customer always needs maximum attention. To make sure you do not have a chaotic experience with omni-channel marketing, listen closely and constantly. Might take more work than usual, but will have better results than usual as well.

Multiple Communications

Individual communication is very important as already stated in the previous paragraph. Now, the question is, how do we maintain such communications on a personalized level, especially-when the customer base consists of hundreds and thousands of individuals at the very least? Automated messages used to be very boring maybe a decade ago, but current technologies do give us chances to make it feel like insightful communication.

Automated Messaging

Well, generally this type of B2C communication is still being frowned upon, but we know how cool automated messaging can be if programmed properly. The ease of this digital communication, which can be acquired through social media channels as well, is that it answers a concrete question in seconds without wasting yours and customer’s time. Of course, if a question is more complex, there must be an option to be transferred to a real-time customer service representative. But, just in case, automated messaging always comes in handy.

Customer-Journey Concentrated

The content or services you offer through your Omni-Channel marketing are more functional to be customer experience based. So, in one of our articles we have discussed the benefits of negative feedback and how you can actually use it for your own good. Now, let’s say automated messages again. Collect as much insight on often happening bugs in your B2C relations, sort them out and if necessary add an option in automated messaging which corresponds to that issue. Quite soon, customers will notice this in a positive context of course.

Omni-Channel And Multi-Channel Marketing

These two sound quite similar, but in a way they are not quite the same. The thing that differentiates Omni-Channel from Multi-Channel Marketing strategy, is that Omni-Channel marketing tracks a whole span of customer’s journey around your brand. Whereas the Multi-Channel concentrates on the customers’ journey from one dot to another in a more straightforward manner.

If your experience as a customer might look like a complicated spiral, Multi-Channel Marketing will simplify it and only emphasize major curves, instead Omni-Channel marketing will go around that spiral with you completely and navigate through the exact same path.

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Use The “Bandwagon Principle” For Your Branding Strategy

Use The “Bandwagon Principle” For Your Branding Strategy

Customer Behavior For Bandwagon Principle

To put it quite simply, a Bandwagon Principle in marketing strategies is based on the habit of following ongoing trends. It’s an aspect of customer psychology that makes the principle effective. An individual often purchases a product or service simply because it’s trendy. So, for starters, to adapt the given strategy, you have to stay updated about trends in the field of your community regularly.

Quick Thinking In Bandwagon Principle

The key to this strategy is actually not yours, but the customer’s quick thinking. For some it might sound manipulative, but trends happen because in certain fields there is something every member of that community desires and admires. Bandwagon principle is used quite often in many brands-sometimes without realizing it.


Make Sure To Not Miss Out

Generally, communities who are dedicated to their purposes through brands they are engaging with, do have the will for not missing out on the news. The same should apply to you as a brand. You pretty much have to be on the same emotional wavelength with your customers. The so called fear of missing out is best showcased in IOS users.

Apple presents new product every year in September and users are making sure to stay updated on those news. It might even be a potential customer who’s waiting for the right moment to buy the best possible product on the market. Or, it could be simply someone who’s looking forward to new system updates which will suit their current needs.

Appear Everywhere

Relatively to how far your product can join the fields of market, make sure to appear everywhere you can. This involves effective Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies. In a Bandwagon Principle, those who provide updates in a timely manner on relative platforms have the upper hand.

Let’s say, if you are a Clothing brand and only use Social Media platforms, instead of researching all possible websites or blogs, where you can post your content-you’re one step behind in the given strategy. Make your brand highly visible by using all platform resources and providing content about how your brand stays in tune with current trends.

Showcase Popularity

Whether you’re already on a desirable level of popularity or not, in this strategy you must show off as popular enough for the very least. Trends are the key of Bandwagon Principle, which is associated with your fame in a direct manner. To generate the image of your popularity you might have to use some tricks. One of them can be a Social Media Marketing strategy, which involves celebrity and influencer collaborations. Start planning the budget for this one, because well, clearly it’s less likely anyone will do it for free.

Send PR Boxes to your community’s influencers which they can later review in their Vlogs or gift certain products with the offer of presenting those in stories for example. The more your product or service appears in influencer and celebrity content, the more you can generate the feel of popularity to your brand.

How Trends Influence Decision Making

As mentioned in the first paragraph, trends do affect customer behavior in a drastic manner. Remember all the purchases you never needed but still got because, well, everyone was buying them? That’s the example of group thinking simultaneously affecting your decision making process with the trendy concepts.

The era of Y2K was quite a great example of the bandwagon principle. Especially in beauty industry. Glitters, tan and low-waste jeans were having a sales boom and everyone just had to own one. Funny enough, most of us are even embarrassed of the pictures from Y2K now, but trends just made us do it. We have all experiences Bandwagon Strategy on ourselves in a certain way.

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How To Make Your Marketing Copy Easily Readable

How To Make Your Marketing Copy Easily Readable

Eye-Catching Marketing Copy

When we speak of a marketing copy, it’s generally a combination of the key visuals alongside with textual content. Well, did you know, that a copywriter from the members of the creative teams takes a huge part in determining what will be the concept of an image as well. Well, in this article we will be emphasizing the importance of the right choice of words. In another of our articles about Marketing Copy you can check the reviews of aesthetics of a Copy combined with the Graphic Design.

Make An Impression With Your Copy

First impressions again and again are the game-changers. The copy of your campaign is the heart and soul of the concept you are trying to deliver to your audience. Whether you succeed or not, will depend on your swift choice of words. The winning impressions can be “Aww” and “Wow”. As for the “Aww” impression, let’s remember Heinz Ketchup campaign. Heinz applied its sticker on the bottle with a degree in which customers must hold the bottle to use maximum amount of the product inside the bottle. Guess where this idea came from? Tweets of the customers. Many customers responded that is was very nice of Heinz to consider their feedback.


Swift Humor Won’t Hurt

Humor is always appreciated by your audience, of course stay away from anything that could serve offensive. Generally speaking. That is why you research your target audience really thoughtfully to know their expectations of your communication standards. Well, that depends on the time as well. Let’s review the example of Daihatsu Hijet.

It’s an old print from 1996, which says the minivan picks up five times more women than a Lamborghini. Maybe in 90’s it was not so negatively reviewed, but imagine publishing that copy now. It is offensive to the whole hard work of women around the world standing up against catcalling at the very least. So, be very careful with your choice of words and context.

Don’t Write For The Newspaper

One of the most common mistakes many brands can make due to disconnection with their creative team is to apply too much text. A marketing copy starts getting boring after the first dot placed to the very first combination of words.

Keep in mind, that these copies are likely to be used for billboards and prints and also single posts on social media. Of course, you can add text, but a headline is still to be specified. Even if the text has to be long, you cannot equally put it in the same importance. A certain piece of the text has to pop, which will automatically lead to the audience reading the rest of it. So, figure out what’s the main fragment from your message.

A Little Bit Of Slang Will Do

Every target audience has a specific dictionary they like to use. Let’s remember the early 2010’s when BRB-abbreviation for Be Right Back was so popular. You might hesitate on using it in your marketing copy, but think about the emotions or even memories that small abbreviation can float up from the viewer’s mind.

Now there is even a specific platform constantly getting updated on what type of slang is being used actively. Something we call Urban Dictionary. Especially when you scroll through the social media comments, it’s like an Easter Egg of these slangs. If your campaign concept gives you the possibility to actually use slang-don’t miss out on that one.


A marketing copy serves its purpose best when it’s customer generated and insight-best. The campaign just has to be relevant to the times you are keeping up with.

Also, we would like to emphasize the infamous catchphrase of Polaroid “Capture The Moment”. It’s still serving the purpose to this day among the lovers of film and digital photography alike.

Therefore, use professional writers for your web content (blog posts, web writing, social networks, etc.). These writers will help you with the formatting of your web content by using short sentences to improve the readability of a text. This type of content marketing is an essential part of your strategy, it will give you better results in search engines, which will generate more success.

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How Does Shortening Your Marketing Copy Benefit Your Customer Engagement?

How Does Shortening Your Marketing Copy Benefit Your Customer Engagement?

Marketing Copy Basics

A marketing copy is basically your written introduction of the product to your target audience. How your copy is written will definitely affect the first impressions of your potential customers.

Not to forget the desire of your loyal customers to continue using your products or services. Marketing copies might be tricky to assemble, especially through time-when you have to offer something new without losing the touch of your core ideas and principles.

Don’t Be Boring!

It’s a well-known fact, that we don’t have too much time nowadays to make our product attention worthy to the customer. Remember the times of TV ads just ruling over the whole globe? People had TV on all the time, so extra 1.5 minute of explanations how your fridge works didn’t seem as boring.


Well, times have changed and the rhythm of life has become far faster than before. Some of us even get annoyed when a TikTok video is longer than 30 seconds. The challenge is to spark the curiosity in a matter of seconds.

Choose Your Dictionary Accordingly

The choice of words and dictionary in a marketing copy has to be chosen wisely to send clear messages to your target audience. Now, for fun example-let’s consider that your audience is about 20-35 of age.

Imagine creating a marketing copy that uses words from the Shakespeare novel. Well, if some of your audience has read the Romeo and Juliet novel-they might understand your message, but how about the rest of the people? You cannot address their needs in a form of dictionary they are not likely to even understand.

Longer Words and Less Sense

Now that we have discussed the importance of right dictionary, let’s get to the main point of this article-make your copy shorter but just as functional! The more words are in a marketing copy-especially the ones that serve no purpose except for making it awfully larger-the less customer shows interest to read it through to the very end of it.

Imagine writing a blogpost for example-for your company news. You want to showcase your growth, but write just too much. The article that could be a page long, has turned into a multiple-page document that praises a company for too long. After the middle at the very best, the “WOW” effect will be long gone.

Make Your Copy More Fun

Considering the fact, that rhythm of life is already quite stressful, it would be productive to implement fun elements into your marketing copy. Swift humor will leave an unforgettable impression on your customer and the desire to check out some more of your copies.

Less Words-Not Unfinished Sentences

It might seem funny, but the mistake of providing unfinished sentences in the process of shortening the copy is far more common than you can imagine.

Well, sometimes it has a strategic meaning to be fun for the customer or giving them a chance to actually end the sentence to their liking. Yet, sometimes the content is so short-you’re left with more questions than answers. This causes confusion in your customer’s mind and uncertainty later to purchase your products or services.

Infographics-Modern Copy Strategy

In one of our previous articles we have discussed the benefits of incorporating infographics in your social media and web-content.

The great thing about this communication strategy, which is mostly held on Social Media is its combination of visual and textual elements. Well, of course they have to be harmonically fitted for one-another.

Not only do you have a chance to split your marketing copy in a more pleasing graphic manner, but you can also engage your customer to swipe right and left through your posts to find out more about you and your services.

The simplicity of this strategy is exactly what makes it perfect-especially for modern times. A customer gets full information completely by their own will, in a split format-positively affecting your engagement and CTR rates.

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How To Maintain Strategically Correct Marketing Ethics?

How To Maintain Strategically Correct Marketing Ethics?

ABC Of Marketing Ethics

The collective of moral principles your branding strategy is guided by, is what we call the Marketing Ethics. The ethics you decide upon are there to serve the interests and expectations of your targeted customers. Potential and loyal ones alike.

Ethics determine how long your customer would want to stay connected to your brand. It’s just like what we value as individuals in a co-working space. Quite often we don’t want to do business with an individual who has poor work-ethic right? Same goes for marketing.

5 Elements Of Good Marketing Ethics

Correct Ethics of Marketing are based on five major components: Empathy, Honesty, Transparency, Promise-Keeping and Sustainability. If you lack even one out of these five, it will surely show up in your progression in engagement and sales. These five elements are as crucial as the well-known five elements of nature in alchemy.


Magic Of Marketing Ethics

For a fun example, let’s say you’re an alchemist (Brand Owner), you need to make a philosopher’s stone (excellent marketing strategy) and you need five elements of nature (five elements of marketing ethics). Basic ingredients cannot be replaced, or you will get a completely different stone which will not serve you for long.

Marketing Ethics And Work Environment

After some fun of the alchemic examples let’s get back to more realistic aspect of the creation. Your marketing ethics will surely affect your working environment. It’s not just how your customers see you, the perception of your team matters just as much.

Honesty plays a huge role in this case. Just imagine telling your creative team to write a copy about the product that is not completely true. They might do it, but most likely the team will be first to lose trust in you and your brand. This generally leads to the loss of great, professional team-members.

Element 1 – Empathy

Your customers are not just people buying your stuff. These are the individuals who granted you their trust and support by purchasing and engaging with your brand. Keep in mind, that your target audience has some common interests and issues which you can address at least through social media and make your audience feel heard. Do not neglect the emotional aspect of communication.

Element 2 – Honesty

Honesty is valued highly and it’s a fact. You might have heard tons of complaints about numerous brands, that they earned the trust of audience and decided to slack off on quality after a certain period of time. Some customers might continue to buy that product for a little while until they find another alternative.

Try to stay honest about your production and not disappoint the audience. Clearly, mistakes can be made on the road, but don’t try to blame a third party for them. Be honest, admit and try to make up for it as timely as possible.

Element 3 – Transparency

Transparency can be showcased in many ways. One of those is live sessions on social media to demonstrate the working environment or making the product. Some brands decide to gate keep the inner space of the company.

Of course everything that makes you exclusive cannot be published into the world, but showing at least some of your creative process creates the feeling of transparency, which gives you the trust from your audience.

Element 4 – Promise Keeping

Means what it sounds like. Keep your promises. When putting a product out in the world, we provide the audience a certain solution with it. So, verbally or not, we promise that our product can do something to better some aspect of their daily routine. Make sure it’s not just an empty promise and stay true to the purpose of your product and brand.

Element 5 – Sustainability

And here we are with the final element of marketing ethics. Quality has higher value than quantity. This goes for your product as well. You could provide audience with numerous low-quality products, but they can never make up for a single high-quality product.

Sustainability is best exemplified in Car Productions. We all know at least one car model that can over-rule many lower quality models. Customers tend to prefer paying a good amount for high-quality product once, then for numerous ones which cost less and last for a shorter period of time.

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How To Sell Your Brand’s Ideas To The Target Audience?

How To Sell Your Brand’s Ideas To The Target Audience?

Define The Brand Idea

Clearly, when it comes to branding, the idea it stands behind is the crucial part to finding the right target audience that you can later define your marketing strategies for. These digital strategies help you to better sell your products or services online, which translates into better sales.

Keep in mind, that people buy from you exactly, because it’s the identity you offer them in the first place and a special feeling.

You might ask, what is that special feeling? It can be freedom, luxury, exclusivity etc. The idea that you define beforehand is a base to all the rest of your marketing strategy.

The Audience Wants More

Your customers, doesn’t matter what type of business you have-want more than just a fancy product. The unique feeling of your brand is shown through packaging, business-cards, digital or printed advertisements, blogposts etc.

Even the color palette and aesthetics which some brands do not pay much attention to-can drastically upgrade your engagement and sales simultaneously. In case of neglecting this part of communication, sales and conversions are more likely to downgrade.


Finding Your Brand’s Idea

It’s quite famously known, that great ideas change the lives of people for the better. Now, you might think, there are so many ideas out there already being occupied by other brands, what else could you possibly offer right? Well, not right.

Every brand can take an idea, but interpret it in a unique way. Just because there is someone else out there with similar ideas, it doesn’t stop you from adapting this idea to your own unique thinking and your product.

Stay True To Yourself

The vital part of acquiring an idea for your brand and tailoring it to your own interpretation is to also stay true to it. What we mean by this is, that if you speak up about certain subjects using your brand’s authority-don’t make it a one-time thing.

Only using an idea when it gets trendy will surely lead you to losing your customers. Also, some brands tend to walk down the path of silence, which is just as dooming for your brand’s identity.

An Advocate For Your Customers

For a more specific example, let’s say you are a brand that stands up for the idea of gender equality. Your product inspires both-male and female to be the customer that is being heard and spoken up for. Many brands make a huge mistake of not thinking big and globally.

Advocating for the equality only in a small shell of a city or state is not enough. Let’s say you live in a small town and your content only speaks for your community-which is very limited in quantities. Meanwhile globally people are facing gender inequality consequences and you don’t post about it. There we have selective support, which your customers will notice and dislike.

Don’t Limit Your Brand

Quite often, brand owners tend to become scared of pushing the limits of their business. It may be communication-wise, strategically or aesthetically. Especially, if the first shot at branding succeeds, the company tends to stick to the narratives which have the habit of expiring throughout time.

Some aspects of old marketing tools and ideas can be useful to create a nostalgic feeling, or emphasize your loyalty to your base and core ideas; But, additions must be made and the brand has to evolve along with its ideas to stay up to date with customer’s interests.

The Idea Is What Sells

We measure brand’s success through sales, conversions, CTR, engagement, commercial statistics, social media statistics and so on this list goes. All of the elements that create conceptually agreeable product for your target audience primarily derive from your core idea.

So, what you actually sell-is your IDEA. We have emphasized that through-out the whole article and in conclusion, we can say, that in most cases such abstract element of branding gets to the heart of your audience. The concept of your brand’s function on the market is exactly what helps it stay and strive on the market.

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Which Marketing Strategies Work For Potential Customers?

Which Marketing Strategies Work For Potential Customers?

Define Your Strategy

A well-defined marketing strategy is critical for every kind of business’ growth and development. To attract more customers, you must reach them. Therefore, digital marketing is the lead tool for that. By reaching out to more people, your chances are more to increase your profit and engagement.

Stay Up To Date

Considering the fact that the digital marketing is constantly expanding, it is not enough just to let your service or product speak for itself. The term “Marketing strategy” is often used on the digital market but not everyone fully understands it.

Creating A Strategy

Marketing strategy is to plan all actions to promote the service, brand, or product. Besides that, the results of your campaigns should be observed for better analysis. Furthermore, having a marketing strategy means that your product or your service is advertised to the potential customer in a best possible way: Delivering value to people with what you provide and recommend solutions.


Useful Elements

For sure, everyone must keep in mind that marketing strategies are not only about involving campaigns and releasing them. It is a set of elements that can create a mindset to interest people in your product/service and make them to purchase it.

Now that we have already discussed what Marketing strategy is and why it is important, we can move to the tools which can be used to create marketing strategies for potential customers.

Choose Your Fit

Of course every business has its individual customers and maybe not all the actions will be right for every kind of businesses but still these are the most common strategies to use:

  1. Blogging – By blogging you can write articles which will help your audience to learn more about your product or your service.
  2. SEO – There is no point to have a website or blog if it wont reach the targeted audience. That is why you will need to apply Search Engine Optimization in your posts, so by that way your posts will appear in different kind of search websites like Google for example.
  3. Email Marketing – Nowadays, many people do not agree that email marketing is an efficient strategy but in reality it is efficient if you design your email accurately. It can be designed as a newspaper and that way can be sent important information or news about the product or service.
  4. Social Media – In general, it is one of the best channels to communicate with people, mainly because everyone uses it. As a marketing strategy you will need to understand where you need to post, which social media is used mostly by your customers? And the most important thing is that your social networks also need to provide content that adds value to users.
  5. Video Channel – Are you aware that part of the audience on internet prefers to watch video content than to read it?! This is the reason that platforms like YouTube has grown so much during the recent years. Truth to be told, whenever you make a video, you can transmit worthy information to your audience and they can access it very easily.
  6. Sponsored links – These are the links on other pages, which are related to your service or your product. The main point of this links is that whenever people will search for similar to yours but still do not know about your product or service, will be able to find you on other blogs.
  7. Radio, TV, magazines and newspapers – This is the definition of classic advertising. In this case, it depends what kind of business do you have.
  8. Events – Regardless your business is physical or online, hosting events to connect with the market is one of the efficient strategies and also it is a great way to advertise your brand.
  9. Partnership – Nowadays, we have many influencers and youtubers on the social media. Paid partnerships with them will help you to increase your business’ reach.


We hope this article may helped you to figure out which strategy works the best for you. It is very important to measure everything to find out which one of them fits you the most.

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Targeted Marketing Strategies For Your Company

Targeted Marketing Strategies For Your Company

Marketing Game-Changer

Everyone will agree that marketing plays the one of the biggest roles in the company, because sales of the company and expansion of the customer base fully depends on it. Accurately pointed marketing strategy helps company to achieve the goals they have. This marketing strategy must be focused to pull a particular gather of customers.

Developing A Strategy

To develop a target marketing strategy correctly, we must first understand its importance. As we have mentioned, a targeted strategy is directed at a specific group of users. The strategy is mapped out based on the demographics, which are suitable for the product or the service that company offers.

Sales And Sales Again

Sales development is inextricably linked to marketing. Strategies are combined by segments that we create according to the information about the potential customers that we want to attract. If we focus on that specific segment, we can pursue the marketing campaigns that will help to develop sales and expand the product.


Targeting strategies form the foundation of a business, so they are important for planning budget growth and product development. A business that creates a targeting strategy has a better chance of reaching potential customers.

Plan Your Way

Marketing planning helps businesses define and clarify their brand message and it helps to develop strategies like social media and advertising campaigns. Accurately pointed strategy helps us to gain the trust of the audience that we try to attract.

As we already mentioned, the targeted market is the group of people that we want to bind. We can consider some of them by using the pointed information:

  1. Demographical – The market is often defined by the elements such as: age, educational background, type of employment etc.
  2. Location – When we choose the segment, we include the information about location. Location may be considered inside or outside the base region. Location is one of the important parts to create a strategy as for international and non-international companies.
  3. Statistics of purchasing – The market can be segmented according to the amount of purchasing. There may be places or any other characteristics that will give you the information about increased purchasing on your product or service. This might be helpful to develop the sales.
  4. Lifetime views and mentality – In addition to all the points that we discussed, customers might be segmented based on their cultural and religious views.

There are several steps we must take to create an ideal strategic plan:

• Identification of the current target market

Determining the market area will help us to learn the characteristics of existing customers and, based on this, decide whether to continue to find new ways to reach this market.

• Create a customer profile

To make decisions about marketing efforts, companies create a sample of consumers based on their target market. Customer profiles are created with detailed characteristics of a fictitious but realistic potential or existing customer.

• Data analysis

To understand that strategy is working, we need to analyze it. It helps us to find out if our targeting is accurate enough to be efficient. Data analyzing will give an opportunity to update the information and make the strategy more reachable.

We can implement the developed strategy and reach the voice of the potential customers by using several marketing tools.

The Tools

  1. Content creation – Content can be named on every way that we use to share the relatable information to a targeted audience.
  2. Email Marketing – Try to create a registration field on your website for your customer to register and subscribe. Subscription to the website will help them to stay informed about the product or the service that we offer.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Shortly used as SEO, helps the company to expand the traffic on the website by using keywords which are suitable to the targeted market.
  4. Digital advertising – Advertising on social medias and google ads helps us to reach out more effectively to the targeted audience.
  5. Traditional advertising – By traditional we mean something that is old, but still might be counted as efficient. Radio advertising, TV commercials can be effective tools to gain the popularity through the targeted audience.

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Branding & Communication

Eco-Friendly Oriented Marketing Strategies

Eco-Friendly Oriented Marketing Strategies

Green Marketing

The growth of environmental awareness is heightening the demand for businesses to implement green techniques and methods in order to meet market expectations.  Green marketing helps businesses attract new consumers. It also offers an opportunity to keep loyal customers happy and satisfied. In order to show commitment, promoting sustainability is as important as practicing it.

Green marketing is more than an advertisement. It involves a range of activities and responsibilities you will have to take on.  There are a few strategies to put your intentions into play.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is far more eco-friendly than conventional marketing such as direct mail or printed advertising. It refers to all of the strategies a brand could utilize to advertise a business online in a sustainable and ethical manner, and it is also more accessible.

Social Networking Benefits

Social networking is a low-cost option to engage with current and potential clients. Publishing content and advertisements on well-known social media platforms helps to build a brand and establish its credibility. It goes without saying that one of the most notable perks of e-marketing is the potential to reduce your carbon footprint.

Financial Upsides

Digital marketing allows you to save expenses and have more creative freedom with your aesthetics, as well as reach target markets that might otherwise be inaccessible.  To raise awareness of your sustainability initiatives, make sure your message appears in both your marketing campaigns and on your website.

Recycling & Paper Packaging

Recycling is an essential aspect of any eco-friendly marketing plan. Choosing paper packaging made from recycled materials could help you advertise your company’s environmental credentials.

Recycled paper, a well-known resource conservation method, is a simple approach to gently convey that your company is environmentally conscientious. Printing brochures, flyers, or business cards produced on recycled paper is nearly as cheap as conventional paper.


Eliminate Plastic

Furthermore, eliminating all types of plastic and, in certain situations, contemplating “naked packaging” is a good enough reason for a green brand to stand out. Unsustainable packaging has the tendency to deter customers from purchasing environmentally friendly products.

Culture of Sustainability

Green campaign awareness is all about convincing your audience that you’re in it for the right reasons and to truly make an impact, you must implement environmentally conscious practices throughout your company. It is essential to spread this concept among your workforce and ensure they understand where your raw materials are coming from and who your distributors are.

Stand Out In Green

Only then, you pave the path by starting to highlight your company’s environmental benefits. This might include addressing how business operations can serve society in the long run.  You may interact with employees, customers, and prospects using technology and the marketing approach outlined above, and discuss how the initiatives your business has adopted or plans to implement will affect them and their community.

Raise Awareness

Raising awareness of what you are doing right will undoubtedly create a chain reaction in which employees adopt eco-friendly practices, consumers are drawn to your company,  and competitors follow in your footsteps. You can take all the steps necessary to achieve sustainability, but you must also take advantage of every chance to spread the word about what you are doing.

Avoid ‘Greenwashing.’

Be cautious and avoid “greenwashing.” It happens when a company devotes more effort and resources to presenting itself as environmentally friendly than to actually reducing its environmental effect. Even if a company has noble intentions, it might engage in greenwashing.  To avoid harming your company’s reputation, only use verifiable data and make clear and accurate statements. If certain products or services are not eco-friendly, do not utilize the color green or pictures from nature, such as trees and flowers. The key is to keep it authentic. Genuine and real green marketing is the way to go.

Future Growth

Sustainability might be hard to accomplish, but it inevitably leads to future growth. Consumers demand organizations and companies to do more to minimize environmental impact.

Stay Consistent

There are many companies trying to prove that they are environmentally cautious. It is common knowledge that not every business can become eco-friendly overnight. However, there are ways to make sure you are being mindful and are taking meaningful steps to minimize the impact on our home planet.


If you practice what you preach, your consumers will trust you and the decisions you make. Green businesses earn more in the long term, as they have a reputation for being trustworthy and environmentally friendly.

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