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Quick Guide to Creating a Brand Book

Quick Guide to Creating a Brand Book

Importance of Brand Book

A brand book is like a map that illustrates the maze that your brand went through while achieving its goals and is informative about numerous important aspects. A brand book is like a story of a brand and a powerful strategy.

In the brand book, numerous aspects are contained, like what’s the meaning of your logo and why was it designed that way, what are the brand colors and how they are used. A well-developed brand book is beneficial for business for lots of reasons, not only are they interesting for customers, but they also help people who work for your company and are used as great guidelines.

Brand books can help you to maintain your brand’s consistency, establish trust in your brand, boost your visibility and efficiency, and helps you to achieve growth and success.

Brand Introduction

Before you start working you should know what’s your brand’s mission, what’s your vision and how you can show your true brand persona to your target audience. This will be your brand’s introduction.

Speak clearly and confidently about your company’s mission and goals and how they can change the world, what makes you unique and what’s your history.

It’s important to show your audience your brand persona because different personas always get more attention and showing your audience a personality will make them trust you and appreciate you more.

Along with your mission and visions, you’ll be able to tell them where you are heading and besides what you show them, what they should expect from you.

Logo Guidelines and Taglines

The first thing that customers notice is visuals, that’s how they gain a first impression and make up their minds about your brand. So working on visual guidelines is very important for brand books.

The logo is the brand’s identity, one of the most important visual aspects. Most of the time, when it comes to giant industries, you just need to see the logo to know what’s the name of the company.

There are numerous logos, they are in different colors or different shapes. So the guidelines in the brand book should be specific about colors, size, and formats, it will be useful for your team as well.

Taglines are used differently by various companies, some companies frequently combine logos and taglines, and some don’t, so brand books should contain specific information about how they are used in the company and why.


Color Pallets and Fonts

Every company is associated with a specific color, like Coca-Cola with red and Facebook with blue. Colors leave impressions, they make customers feel certain emotions towards you and create associations. Brand books should clearly dictate what are the colors of your company because colors are an important part of your brand identity.

Also, like colors, fonts are unique and special as well. Every brand uses different typefaces for logos, and generally anything related to their brand. Brand books should contain several examples of fonts along with their description and meaning.

Copywriting and Page Structures

Copywriting skills are important to ensure the success of your brand. With effective copywriting, you’ll be able to strengthen your brand image, establish meaningful relationships with your customers, improve conversion rates and sales, and increase your brand’s visibility as well.

So using this skill for your brand book is crucial. You have to be sure that your content is well-written and that everything in the brand book is written in the same style.

Besides writing content, it’s important to determine how the pages will be structured because some brands need brochures and they might be folded differently. So the brand book needs to be specific about these aspects as well.

Photos and Infographics

In the brand book, you should talk more about the photos and infographics as well. It’s important to understand what are acceptable pictures for brands and what they are against.

For example, brands might be interested in more muted pictures or ones that have white backgrounds or they might prefer darker colors and pictures. So brands should talk more about these aspects in brand books.

Public Relation Policies

The part of the brand book that is about public relations policies is mostly about the representatives of the brand and contains additional information about how they can be contacted. You can also add the part about what to do, and what shouldn’t be done, in short- Dos and Don’ts.

After going through these basic guidelines make sure that your brand book will be well-designed and creative as well. This is the expression of your brand, so everything has to be unique and well-planned.

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How can Business Diagnosis Re-Define the Target Problem? 

How can Business Diagnosis Re-Define the Target Problem? 

Importance of Business Diagnosis

Business diagnosis can help you determine what are the reasons for unsatisfactory performance by finding the link between causes and effects. You’ll know why the problem occurred in the first place and how you can solve it to improve your performance on market.

You’ll be able to check the effectiveness of your existing strategies and find their strongest and weakest points. Data that you’ll get from this kind of observation will help you improve your business performance.

Besides that, you’ll be able to identify new opportunities that you can include in your strategy, develop new business goals, assess the potential of your employees, and improve your business in more ways.

Identify Market Problems for Your Target Problem

First of all, before diagnosing what are the target problems, the company should know what’s happening in the market generally and study all the aspects that are related to them.

Have more understanding of the market and how clients see it and get to know their reviews. First of all, determine if the market problem is urgent and how it’s connected to your company and your performance.

Business Diagnosis and Defining Problems

Business diagnosis can get very complex. While trying to understand what are the issues regarding any specific topic, you might come up with numerous ideas, however filtering them out to diagnose the problem isn’t easy.

Immediately trying to come up with a solution and solving the problem, without clearly understanding what is it, is not beneficial. So you should determine carefully what’s the problem, and then analyze all the data to know what you can focus on.

Know the history of your problem to make a good diagnosis. Because their appearance might be unexpected sometimes, but they don’t occur overnight. They have a history that could give you a better understanding of everything.


What’s Necessary for Effective Problem-Solving?

Without determining what’s the true target problem, you’ll never eliminate the cause of declined performance on market. Create statistics that will include important aspects of your company, your goals, and your performance.

Ask questions. Understand what you might need to change to reach your goal, what are products that might have low quality or less demand, what’s your target audience interested in, etc. Take care of those problems step by step. See what other problems branch off from the original one and analyze them carefully.

Describe the issues that you have and go through your own ideas about what the target problem could be. Find out how your problems emerged, when, what caused them, and what are the worst issues that you have to deal with right now because of them. Determine how you can solve the problem once and for all, for it to never occur again.

Re-Define the Target Problem with Business Diagnosis

After evaluating your business via the business diagnosis, you might be surprised by the results. You might find aspects that are troubling but never garnered your attention before. Or see the features that actually work in your favor and require more attention from you.

With the data that diagnosis will give you you can start working on challenges. Target problems could contain many aspects and could be anything. It could be the way you manage your finances or how you monitor performance because sometimes companies require additional metrics to avoid certain pitfalls.

Numerous things change around us, and so do the rules and ways of making some important aspects work in our favor. Go through technologies that you use, companies need to be more innovative to not be left behind. Integration of technologies, app development, and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in your work could be crucial for you.

Get additional help to understand complexities in your company and hear different opinions. Monitor your reputation in online and offline realms and know when you need to change and how to embrace it. A professional outside opinion could be the start of innovations for your company.

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How to build Consensus and Commitment in Business Consulting?

How to build Consensus and Commitment in Business Consulting?

What are the Advantages of Business Consulting

Business consulting is a great way to improve existing products and services and overall help you manage your company better. You have a chance to get additional information about the most important aspects that happen on daily bases around you and could have a great impact on your business.

Changes that occur around you are good since they can be used to your advantage with good strategy. With business consulting, you’ll be able to determine your problems, and main pain points, drive changes, deal with tough decisions better, and use everything to your advantage without wasting time.

Company’s Aspirations and Actions

Actions are born from aspirations that companies have. When they have specific wishes, goals, or expectations, they work on strategies that will help them, they include only the kind of actions that will bring them desired results. So aspirations are unique for different organizations and actions depend on them.

Sometimes a company has to go through several gaps that are between those important aspects. Because knowing something and doing it is very different. While trying to improve, companies should keep in mind that experimentation or adaptation to certain circumstances is part of everyday organizational life. 

Consensus and Commitment

Sometimes people can agree on one idea and then do something totally different. There is this huge difference between their words and actions. But it’s simple, sometimes people agree on things because they don’t want to argue, seem bad, etc. There have numerous reasons, so as an end result they reach a consensus but don’t have any commitment at all.

Easy consensus could mean that most people have no idea what the topic is about, or they aren’t trying hard enough to understand what’s going on and are missing important points. Basically, excellence can be achieved in business when the gap between consensus and commitment is minimized.


How to Build Consensus in Business Consulting?

Reaching a consensus is important in order to move forward. The team who doesn’t know what they are doing won’t be able to continue their job. The shared efforts could increase performance levels, bring new ideas to the company, and judge the whole picture about ongoing events better.

While working on recommendations and planning new steps for future success, it’s important to go through consensus. Talking about changes and new ideas and using new business strategies, should be something that your company members can agree on full-heartedly.

First of all, it should be determined what steps are necessary to take regarding any issue and come to an agreement on what you want to do and how then make sure that your plan will work and everybody will do things the way they were planned. Key factors are determining problems, having the motivation to eliminate them, and having trust in each other.

How to Build Commitment in Business Consulting?

It’s important to understand how much this means for the relationships that could be established within your company and with customers as well. It’s an important topic that can ensure your success and better performance of your team.

First of all, facts and data that people get should be something that is interesting or valuable for them. It should be an idea that will be reached after going through differences and arguing. Those kinds of ideas actually have more importance for people, because they’re the ones that survived the criticism and came on top.

So this kind of consensus can already create a commitment that will be valid. You’ll be sure that your decision is right and will be more ready to follow appropriate actions.

The legendary General Motors CEO Alfred P. Sloan, frequently went through these topics to ensure the success of the company. If the consensus was easily and quickly reached, he would demand to schedule another meeting where his team would argue more, would have more different ideas, and would be able to analyze different options to find the best ones. The key element here was to share ideas.

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How can Multilingual Content increase your Social Media Reach?

How can Multilingual Content increase your Social Media Reach?

Why is Multilingual Marketing Approach so Trending?

Using a multilingual marketing approach gives businesses the possibility to be globally well-known and accessible. Worldwide interest increases sales and helps brands to break all geographical barriers. Using a multilingual marketing strategy will be another advantage over your competitors. It can also increase traffic and customer engagement levels.

Using English as the main language is understandable since you’d be able to reach a wider audience, but adding more languages would give your company more advantages. What you’ll have to do is to translate your website and your social media content into multiple languages.

This approach is trending right now because of several important benefits, like how you can reach more people and generally increase your brand awareness. Also, customers gain more trust in you, translating your content into their languages shows them how much you care about them and they have a chance to understand the whole concept of your company better.

Multilingual Digital Marketing in Business

Before expanding your reach on global levels you should know more about the specific details of cultural, geographical, and economic differences between different countries.

Expanding the audience is great, but every country has different cultures, rules, requirements, and expectations. Multilingual Marketing won’t have great results just by translating content, you have to fit in, and mix up in a new environment.

Businesses benefit greatly from this strategy for multiple reasons. It’s a great chance to get involved in foreign markets and get to know the products and services that work well there. You can get loyal customers, stay in their country’s market and provide them with not only foreign, but local products as well, or try and bring the product that you discovered there in your country. It’s a great chance to expand and move forward.


How you can Increase Social Media Reach

Multilingual content has a positive influence on social media platforms as well. You can use it to increase your reach, visibility, and popularity. Using different languages will help you to gain more followers and subscribers and will help you to connect more closely with them.

Since social media platforms offer you numerous tools to express your ideas and the status of your brand, you can get more opportunities this way. You show your customers that you respect their culture and want to improve their experience.

So multilingual content on your social media is essential to get a wider audience, be more visible and easily accessible, and create partnerships while being on foreign markets, it will increase your reputation and brand loyalty, will be cost-effective and finally, your business will grow naturally.

How to Build a Multilingual Social Media Presence

To have a powerful multilingual digital presence in numerous countries, you need a strategy containing several important factors. First of all, you need to know your audience. You need to research more about them before working on social media strategy. Look through different local companies, check international audience research, social media habits, etc.

Set your goals, there are some things you want to expect and also, some things that you should expect from a different environment, and your goals should revolve around those factors to give you results.

Also, choose the right platform and decide how do you want to post. You can have separate accounts for each language, have multiple translations in one post or post separately in different languages on the same account.

Embrace Social Media Tools and Trends

There are numerous social media scheduling tools that are free to use, and help you to manage your platforms and social media campaigns as well. You can read more about this topic in one of our articles _ “Best Free Social Media Scheduling Tools to Boost your Social Media Campaigns!”.

The core of any successful social media strategy is high-quality content. New trends that are visible on platforms could be used to make customers more active on social media as well.

Find the right hashtags and keywords, something that’s suitable for your chosen country. Use images, and visuals that have high quality. Images tell stories but in different cultures, they tell different stories, so make sure that they are suitable for customers and don’t contain any sensitive content.

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Why are Tester Products Important for your Brand’s Sales?

Why are Tester Products Important for your Brand’s Sales?

The Purpose of Test Marketing

Lots of companies adopt test marketing strategies to ensure that the quality of their product is good, is welcomed by their target audience, and can positively influence sales. Before being launched in the market on a larger scale, companies can determine the true value and demand of their product.

It’s like an experiment, that can help you determine what type of users are interested in your product and who are your competitors. After that, you can start working on a strategy that will make you stand out.

See the Interest of Your Audience with Tester Products

A great product is an important tool that increases sales and overcomes competition in the market. The product that was used by the customers successfully and left a good impression can leave the free trial stage behind and start having paying customers.

Since consumers are unpredictable, no matter how much you tested your product or tried to determine its positive features, you’ll never have a clear idea about demand until you’ll reach your audience. In practice, you might get different results, and consumers might show you different points of your product and totally change your perception.

There might be customers who just want to try your product and don’t plan on buying it later, then we have people who are really interested, no matter what you can get important information out of all of them. They will show you what’s product demand and level of interest your target audience has.

How can Product Testing Benefit Your Brand’s Sales?  

A happy customer is a key factor for a successful industry. With product testing, you’ll have the ability to determine the pros and cons of your product. This factor improves user experience which is essential for any brand. Working on your flaws will give you a chance to overcome your weaknesses and start working on the successful launch of the product.

Companies always have a lot to say about their products. With tester products, you can back up your claims, discover more traits about them, and be more sure about the quality and safety of your products.

Tester Products increase consumer engagement levels. Customers understand what you can offer them so they feel more confident while interacting with you. After this process is successfully done customers are more than happy to put more attention and money into your products. 


How to do a Campaign for Tester Products

First of all, you can choose which products you’d like to use, then determine how you want to show them to the audience. In the beginning, you might try to present it based on different concepts and observe the general audience to see how it’s welcomed.

It’s important to know what are the customer’s needs and expectations and work around them. You can also define the metrics, as in how you can measure your product. Metrics, in this case, could include the usefulness of the product, how effortlessly it can be used, visual design, price, quality, and innovativeness.

Create a clear model of your target audience. They are people who will define the success of your product so you should know what triggers their interest and willingness to purchase your product. Make sure that your tester products are of high quality and have clearly defined valuable features.

Planning a campaign is different for every product. Following one structure might not be the guarantee of success for everybody and some steps just require more innovation and originality to stand out in a competitive environment. 

Get Valuable Feedback from Your Customers

After defining the clear strategy, start the process of product testing and get feedback. Use surveys, and observation. You can use social media platforms to notify customers about tester products and turn the whole process of getting feedback more engaging and fun.

With the help of social media platforms, you can even create contests. You can share online survey links, use stories, turn this experience rewarding, and let the customers express their thoughts and emotions.

For example, make them take videos where they will describe how they used your product and what’s the most special feature that they discovered about it. The most unique and insightful answer can be rewarded.

This strategy will help you evaluate your product all over again. Analyze the data that you gathered during this process and bring a winning product on market.

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Use Popular Pantone Color Trends for Branding

Use Popular Pantone Color Trends for Branding

Importance of Brand Colors

It’s interesting to find out what’s actually hiding behind colors and how much they influence people. Colors give customers specific feelings about your brand, and one of the first things that your target audience remembers about you is your color.

Like when you remember Facebook you automatically think about the color blue, when it comes to Starbucks it’s green. Every little thing about them contains these colors. They are important because they arouse emotions and create a specific mood. Emotions influence the decision-making process.

Choosing the right branding color is one of the most important factors to improve your sales and general performance on market. Different colors are associated with different meanings and have a specific impact on people.

While working on marketing material for your business and branding strategies, even something as simple as color could play a crucial role in the overall performance of your brand.

Make an Impact on Your Audience with Colors

Besides the classic colors that are always associated with certain brands and emotions, you can also use their different shades, make your brand look unique, and create an association for your target audience, which will connect specific colors to your brand and nothing else.

The right colors show off your brand’s personality. You can actually give your customer an idea about yourself, even without too much information. You can create connections and show them how they can rely on you and see you.

Based on this you can seem like a company that’s more focused on family-oriented products, or has a more glamorous nature, maybe your brand is outdoorsy and is interesting for people who love camping. No matter what, you can give them a message with your brand color.

Find Your Pantone Color for Branding

You can have access to more than 15 000 Pantone colors, so it’s not easy to go through all of them and choose the best one for your brand. However, after finding your Pantone color, you can confidently use it in branding, fashion, and product design.

Also using contrasting colors could help you to seem more unique and people would think that you are trying to show them your individualistic expression. Pantone colors are known as a certain combination of numbers, after that, you might see the letters C or U, which stand for shiny coated paper and matte uncoated paper.

For example, Pantone 18- 1664 is a Fiery Red, it’s a red tone that is related to energetic intensity, Pantone 14- 0756 is Empire Yellow, which is a luminescent yellow that simply radiates joy.


Trendy Pantone Colors for Graphic Design

In our visual society, it’s important to be presentable in both online and offline realms. So make sure that your colors will be actively used on your social media platforms as well. There are several colors that are actively used in graphic and packaging design.

For example, a mix of cool and tasteful teal with mid-tone gray is frequently used, it’s an interesting combination and also sometimes has rich coppery gold in the mix as well.

For cosmetic brands, to bring forth the strength of feminine beauty, you can use metallic red, soft but robust romantic pink, and elegant wine red. Basically, with each color combination, you can tell your audience a story of your brand.

Pantone Color of the Year 2023

The trendiest Pantone color for this year is Pantone 18-1750, also called Viva Magenta. This color is vibrating with different vigor, it’s a pulsating color, that creates a joyous and optimistic atmosphere.

It’s a powerful and memorable color. Animated red can manifest as a stand-out-statement in your branding strategy. As Leatrice Eiseman, an executive director of Pantone Color Institute and international color guru mentioned, the inspiration came from nature and is related to cochineal, one of the dyes from the natural dye family.

Colors that can be used in your branding strategy can come up from any source, any feeling, and any part of nature. You can combine all of your values and messages in them and inspire your target audience to follow you in your goals, discoveries, and progress.

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7 Basic Brand Naming Principles 

7 Basic Brand Naming Principles 

What makes a Brand’s name successful?

An effective brand name is crucial for any industry. Since it’s the first thing that gives the target audience idea, about what are you representing and what are your services or products. Brand name could be one of the most important reasons for success.

The brand name needs a couple of steps to ensure the success of any company. A good name will help the company to be competitive and seem more valuable to customers. It must be easy to remember and distinctive. Since most of the successful companies start operating in other markets as well after some time, don’t use the brand name that will tie you down anywhere.

Importance of Alternate Spelling

Spelling is one of the most important aspects that could play a crucial role in the brand naming process. For example, Google sounds very fun and can be pronounced easily, but its spelling is very interesting. It’s based on googol, the term used by many mathematicians that refers to a very large number. Founders just kept saying that they misspelled it.

What’s clear from this example is that spelling always matters and different spelling variations bring different results. There are other examples of alternate spelling in the brand naming process, for example, Lyft and Fiverr.

Use of Compound Words in Brand Naming

Compound names are actually used frequently by different companies. Basically, compound words are a mix of two or more words to create one single word or phrase that acts like a single word. They have distinctive meanings that could be very different from the words that they are made of.

For example, Snapchat is a brand name that combines the most important ideals of the company, to take pictures (snap) and then socialize (chat). Other brand names, like FedEx and Microsoft, are based on this principle.


Two Words

Two-word business names effectively combine important keywords to leave a lasting impression on the target audience. Also, don’t restrict yourself and try to choose which side of your company would be more intriguing and memorable for customers, and try to put that idea in your brand name.

You can make it simple and catchy. A good brand name is always able to evoke strong visual imagery in the customer’s mind. For example Facebook and Bitcoin.

Benefits of Brandable Names

You have to stand out, and be more memorable than your competitors. The right name makes a business more successful. Most of the time brandable names don’t have any specific meaning at all, they are mostly made-up, like Pinterest for example. But while developing a brand name, following this principle could give you unique results.

These types of names have less chance to be associated with any other company, they are original and can aid the brand to be more memorable and recognizable.

Non-Native Wording for Brand Naming Process

Non-Native words are frequently used as well in the brand naming process. Good examples are Toyota and Audi. The name Toyota is related to the founder Sakichi Toyoda, it’s different because is related to the country where the brand was born and the whole world uses it.

There are lots of stereotypes and assumptions related to numerous countries. Stereotypes can be used as a powerful tool. For example, Germany is known for quality engineering, so a German name could convince customers that the products produced by a certain brand have high quality.

Using Real Words for your Brand Name

Most companies search for important keywords and emotional phrases to use as brand names, however, there is another solution. Using simple, real words.  This simple approach is another way of highlighting your brand’s importance.

It could perfectly capture the essence of your brand. Since brands connect to the audience for different purposes, it’s important to determine why you want to connect with them and which product or service would play a crucial role in this interaction. So creating a brand name that would be simple could be catchier for you. Examples of real wording are Apple, Amazon, and more.

Short Phrase as your Brand Name

Phrases used as brand names can be familiar or invented, but they most definitely have to be meaningful. Using this principle for the brand naming process could give you a chance to add more personality to your brand and generally give customers a clear idea from the beginning, so they’ll know what they are dealing with. For example, 7 For All Mankind is the name of a clothing brand.

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Branding Lessons from the High Fashion Industry

Branding Lessons from the High Fashion Industry

The High Fashion Industry is Changing

Many industries had to go through lots of changes because of how technology evolved and right now many companies try to observe different online behaviors. Also let’s not forget how many brands are in existence, old and new as well.

The fashion industry is highly competitive and requires great activity. That’s why a good marketing strategy is necessary.

More frequently used marketing strategies are related to runaway shows, e-commerce marketing, and more. Also, activity on social media keeps many customers updated about the latest fashion trends. But since the industry is so demanding, every brand needs unique and powerful marketing strategies to be on top.

While working on the marketing strategy you need to have an understanding of the buyers, how individual customers make decisions, psychological influences on the decision-making process, and of course how to classify customers and sociological influences.

Marketing Research for High Fashion Industries

It’s important to know what the target audience wants and expects from you to become the leader of the long competitive chain. Information can help you to maximize your profits and give your brand more popularity. A lack of information can create mistakes, and sometimes only one mistake is enough to reach financial ruin.

Having accurate and up-to-date information will help you to avoid unnecessary setbacks. To ensure the success of this step, you can start researching prices, distribution, and promotions. Do trade analysis, also do product research, consumer research, and market research.


Phygital Experience in the High Fashion Industry

Phygital experience is another great aspect of the high fashion industry. The world is becoming more digital, and “digitalization” is a mantra for many industries now. That’s how the word Phygital became so important, it’s the mix of “physical” and “digital” and basically means the combination of digital and physical experiences.

While shopping all customers have a choice, they can make their shopping experience physical or digital. This combination ensures easy access to products for all types of customers. It’s part of a new era and the high fashion industry actively uses it.

Numerous luxury brands use this combination, and since luxury is always related to compelling and memorable experiences all the luxury brands maintain their excellence in online and offline realms.

Chanel actively uses the Chanel shopping app, customers can choose what they like the best and also schedule appointments for tryouts at the nearest boutique.

Co-create and Democratize

It’s important to bring people closer to the brand.  Co-creating and democratizing basically refer to the fashion industry opening up its doors to a wider audience. Even Vogue provided the general public with tickets to see their show. Creating an environment where editors, influencers, and loyal customers are sitting together creates a more lasting impression on the general audience. Also same goes for the online environment, information should be accessible to any type of customer.

One of the best examples of this principle is related to Michael Kors, one of the leading American designers, whose runway shows could be witnessed even outside, the general public was able to witness the models and the collection without any issues.

Interaction Builds Loyal Customer Community

When a brand actively communicates with its audience, they feel special and appreciated. They feel closer to their favorite brand that has value in their eyes. Activity is a key factor and lots of famous fashion brands keep that in mind.

No matter how popular any brand is, without activity customers will forget about them and other active brands will catch their attention. That’s why so many fashion brands and models actively ensure that they’ll be able always visible and ready to interact with the audience.

Since the fashion industry evolves on daily bases it’s important to constantly adapt and again be on top of the competitive chain. Trends move fast, brands must as well.

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Marketing Lessons from Apple for your Brand Strategy

Marketing Lessons from Apple for your Brand Strategy

Why is Apple such a successful brand?

Great product. Great Marketing. Apple has reinvented the products that existed on the market and have given them new life. It’s associated with dreams, personal experiences, and status.

Apple uses several core principles that ensure its success and it’s not really easy to copy its marketing strategies as well. However, there are several main points that should be considered by every brand that would like to achieve the kind of Marketing Excellence that Apple has.

Importance of Customer Experience

Apple always paid special attention to its customers, as Steve Jobs said once: “You’ve got to start with Customer Experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” And truly apple has long-lasting relationships with its customers all over the world.

Apple has a simple but very persuasive way of keeping customers long-term. Apple frequently uses its stories to share Brand Messages. Peculiar experiences and innovations that come with Apple aren’t easily forgettable.

As a result, now you can pay with Apple, put it in your pocket or on your wrist, and do other activities. But the only thing that customers need is one device.


Sales and Marketing Should Be Based on Customers, not Product

Apple has its own community. Customers who “think differently” and are full of revolutionary ideas. That’s what Apple is advertising. Let’s not forget how it helps the customers with educational programs and constantly seeks new ideas from them.

Apple targets- education, government, and SMEs. Their Sales Teams work on specific types of customers and they are never solely focused on selling the product. Also if a sales rep had a financial services background, they’ll work with banks and other financial institutions to promote the brand. This way Apple ensures that the sales rep really knows the target audience and can relate to them.

Unpack Simplicity

Apple is the master of minimalism. As Steve Jobs has said before “Let’s make it simple. Really simple”. He wanted to have a simple logo, a simple design, and simple support functions as well to ensure that everybody would use it.

Tech companies are for creating technologies, but again they are creating everything for people. So if it’s complicated, too pricy, and not secure, no matter how many functions it might be able to contain, still it won’t be an important part of so many people’s lives.

So doing research to improve technology is something that every company should do, but they have to consider the customers and their benefits as well. Without that crucial part, we just have the product and no customer.

Start with the Why

Apple knows that its inventions have to fulfill the wishes of its community. They should be inspired to improve their relationship with the customers and gain more with their productivity and vision.

So Apple starts with the question “WHY?” to connect with customers. Understand their needs, wishes, and culture. One great example would be how the brand used red packaging for Chinese New Year when red isn’t really their color. It had very simple symbolism, in China red is associated with luck and fortune and is often used around that time of the year. Apple assimilated with the culture and community very well.

While being friendly and in touch with customers on regular bases, Apple gets a chance to keep a loyal community and always have information about customers’ needs and expectations.

Do What Is Right

It’s not easy to determine what’s right and what’s wrong and many people are often misled by wrong assumptions.

For example, many people knew how Apple Music could be streamed for 3 months, without any payment. But looks like the artists weren’t getting paid at all. Taylor Swift wrote to them about how unfear it was for the young artists and Apple changed its tactics.

It wasn’t really beneficial financially at first, but the results that followed were more than worth it because people saw again how fair Apple was.

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Branding Non classé

Why is Competition in the field Important for your Brand’s Growth?

Why is Competition in the field Important for your Brand’s Growth?

What you should know about Business Competition

Competition could be related to prices, designs, sales, status, etc. However, running away from it and finding a simple path to walk on isn’t the best solution. Other companies should desire to compete against you, you should be that special.

Most of the competitors have the same products and the same target audience, so the main interest is to go ahead of others and highlight the point that makes you stand out. For example, McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC, are in the same industry, have the same products, and use similar services.

In that case, what they do is understand the needs of customers, and realize their strengths and weaknesses. They have to constantly improve themselves so other similar companies won’t be able to leave them behind.

Competition between brands brings up many innovative ideas, many companies find their competitive advantage that can be utilized against others. What’s more important is that it can develop the business.

Vulnerability isn’t a Weakness

Despite wanting to seem as perfect as possible in front of the customers, it’s not that simple. Not everybody expects that every leading company will have extraordinary service or product and being honest about simple vulnerabilities is one of the winning steps, because customers feel more trust and appreciation for such companies.

One of the greatest examples is set up by Burger King. Numerous people have absolutely different ideas about it, however, the whole concept that they showed us was something that not many companies have dared before. Before the advertisement was created, the whole world was filled with rumors of McDonald’s non-rotting meat. So they showed the customers how their burger can be spoiled after some time because it’s made of fresh ingredients and is healthier. After seeing the video, you won’t forget it easily. No matter how you’ll look at it, it’s memorable and makes the company stand out.

Now following others’ footsteps isn’t a solution but learning from them could be important for any company. Because the concept is great but it shouldn’t be disturbing for the target audience. This type of campaign should be planned carefully to avoid any misunderstandings and help you to connect with the customers.


Defining Brand Value

It’s important to define the most important values of the company, it can be a tool that you’ll use against your competitors. Every ideal that’s used in brand action and generally is related to brand identity will help the company to stand out.

Let’s imagine the scenario where Coca-Cola’s assets disappeared all over the world and they have to start from zero again. Lots of people would be convinced that they would do it without issue. They have their values, identity, and status, so lots of their consumers even would be able to help them rise up again. Because loyal customers always support their brands.

Maintaining Competitive Advantage

It’s interesting to know what’s the true value of certain brands in people’s minds. How much of their attention and memory capacity is related to them? Not everybody can remember any small details about any brand, but they always remember what’s most important to them.

Finding answers to their needs and getting a clear image of your brand in their minds, is another advantage that you’d be able to use to improve your customer experience and competitiveness as well.

Competition helps the Brand Grow

Competition is a driving force that improves not only one brand, but the whole industry. Without competition, the market is still. Without creativity and action brands have long-lasting damage and when there is no competition and zero motivation for improvement as well, we see dire results.

Healthy competition improves brands and helps them grow. It helps them to explore themselves more and discover new values that they can share with customers. What’s more important, it forces the brand to come out of its comfort zone. As an end result customers get more benefits as well.

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