Design of a business software for an electrical company

Gottofrey Electricité Sàrl contacted Edana to develop a mobile and desktop application to optimize its business processes. Our experts supported the customer in making strategic choices to optimize its operational tasks, and then designed the user experience, interface and back-end of the business tool to the highest industry standards.

Complete digitization to achieve operational excellence

We orchestrated a complete digital transformation to optimize Gottofrey Electricité’s operations. At the crossroads of CRM, project management and invoicing, the business solution we created integrates advanced task management, resource tracking and scheduling tools. Find out how our personalized approach enabled this Vaud-based company to make the leap to digitalization and achieve operational excellence.

Business processes that follow employees in the field

By offering real-time synchronization with business processes, these customized tools are designed to provide more efficient management of field interventions. Now, employees can easily access essential information, update data in real time, and accurately track projects from any location and any device.


A tool tailored to the company’s specific needs

Our tailor-made approach enabled us to create software specifically adapted to the customer’s needs, as every aspect of the solution was meticulously designed to align perfectly with the company’s processes and operational requirements. Thanks to this in-depth customization, our experts ensured optimal take-up by Gottofrey Electricité’s field and office teams.

An intuitive, multi-function central calendar

The calendar our teams created for the Goteck project optimizes the company’s operations planning. At a glance, teams can visualize, organize and coordinate their tasks. With advanced functionalities accessible on phone, tablet and computer, Gottofrey Electricité gains in efficiency and responsiveness, improving customer satisfaction and overall productivity.


Scalable, robust and secure

Our software design approach ensures our customer unrivalled flexibility to evolve with their ever-changing needs, while guaranteeing first-rate security to protect their sensitive data. The application has been designed using modern technologies such as Laravel and React. It is hosted on a high-performance private server. The company’s data is therefore secure.

A 360° business eco-system integrating Bexio and e-mail

A direct link with Bexio and e-mail synchronization via SMTP protocol were the cornerstones of our tailor-made solution for Gottofrey Electricité. Thanks to this complete integration, data and communications are now automatically synchronized, enabling the company to optimize its processes, increase efficiency and enhance its responsiveness to changing customer needs.

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