Brand strategy experts in Switzerland

Brand strategy experts in Switzerland

Transform your brand into a powerful vector for engagement and growth.

Transform your brand into a powerful vector for engagement and growth.

Unleash unimaginable potential with a powerful brand strategy tailored to your specific goals and conditions. Our team delivers excellence to brands that demand the best.
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The Creative Branding Agency
that Makes Your Brand Impactful

With over 15 years’ experience, our team supports brands of all sizes and from a wide range of industries in their development in Switzerland and abroad. From strategy to execution, our branding services enable you to achieve your market objectives, making you unique and relevant to your target audience.


Our 360° Strategists Make You Unique in Your Market

Our strategy and branding consultants build cohesive and exceptional identities based on data, research and human-centered solutions.

Long-term strategy

To grow and be efficient, a brand needs a coherent strategy that offers agility and innovation over the long term.

  • Brand diagnosis and audit
  • Definition of precise and long-term objectives
  • Identification of problems and opportunities


Whether you’re talking to your employees or your customers, we use empathy to help you develop a powerful and relevant relationship with them.

  • Building unique experiences
  • 360° multi-disciplinary expertise
  • Customer journey optimization

Creative & data-driven

Our brand image and branding experts base their solutions and productions on reliable and concrete data.

  • Research and competitive analysis
  • Data, tracking et monitoring
  • Performance analysis and optimization

Using Brand Strategy as a Catalyst for Change


Our teams specialize in analysis, research, experimentation and high-impact strategies. Data-driven and performance-oriented, we use our multi-expertise to turn our customers’ brands into powerful vectors of engagement and sustainable growth.

Creating customizable, connected brand experiences through multi-channel, customer-centric design is our business. Our process is unique. Analysis, audit, research, positioning, strategy and identity are the main phases that enable us to generate high value for our customers, whatever their industry.

« Your brand is more than just your logo and graphic design. We make it powerful and show the world how unique it is. »
–   Benjamin, Co-founder of the Agency

You Need a Brand Strategy Tailored to Your Ambitions

You Need a Brand Strategy Tailored to Your Ambitions
Our experts make your brand perform
Let’s discuss your objectives and particularities

What our Clients are Saying


What our Clients are Saying

« Edana took charge of our entire rebranding, from strategy to production of the elements…

… with an aging brand, we contacted Edana to rethink our image, from branding to visual identity. Their strategists designed a strategy adapted to our sector, our values and produced our communication elements, including the redesign of our website. The result was beyond our expectations. »

Communication Manager


« An insightful and very human team with whom we had the chance to work to make our brand more successful…

… as a player in the tourism industry, we had to modernize and rethink our brand image and the way we attracted our customers to us. Edana has helped us in this process, from branding strategy to digital marketing to multi-media communication. It’s a pleasure to work with their team of experts. »

« Building our brand image could certainly not have been done properly without Edana…

… it is really reassuring to be surrounded by such professionals in the industry when setting up your strategy as a brand. Being accompanied by Edana’s branding strategists has been a very rewarding experience for us. »

Director of the division


Let’s Talk About You

A few lines are enough to start the conversation! Write to us and one of our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.

Your Brand Strategy is Your Compass. Trust it to Our Experts.

Building a unique, powerful and profitable brand requires multi-disciplinary skills that few agencies are really able to mobilize for their clients. At Edana, our teams of specialists develop your strategy and guidelines and work with you to transform your brand into a powerful tool for growth and retention.


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With over 15 years of multi-sector expertise, our multi-disciplinary team orchestrates tailor-made solutions adapted to your specifics.

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