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How to Digitize Your Business in Switzerland? Step-by-Step Guide

By Benjamin Massa
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Digitalization, much more than just modernization, represents a significant opportunity for Swiss businesses, whether they are SMEs, as emphasized by the Swiss Confederation, or large corporations. In this article, we will review the advantages it provides to those who implement it and detail the steps to fully take advantage of this transition, without falling into its most common pitfalls that hinder innovation, leading to significant losses to competitors who have undertaken their digitization the right way.

Swiss Context and the Importance of Digitization

Switzerland, with its robust economy and booming technological sector, stands at the dawn of a digital revolution. A recent study conducted by Deloitte revealed that over 70% of Swiss companies have integrated digital strategies into their long-term planning, demonstrating the increasing relevance of digitization in the country’s economic fabric. From industry giants to innovative startups, digital transformation has shown its potential to propel businesses to new heights.

Advantages of Digitization for Businesses

By embracing digitization, Swiss businesses can benefit from increased agility, medium to long-term reduction in operational costs, and better understanding of their data for more informed strategic decision-making.

Digitization also often translates to workplace well-being, increased quality and quantity of output, and talent retention. Digital transformation also offers the opportunity to remain competitive in a constantly evolving commercial landscape, paving the way for sustained growth and a leadership position in the market.

By investing in digitization, your business can not only keep pace but also anticipate and shape the future with confidence.

Challenges of Digital Transformation

The transition to digitization in Switzerland involves specific challenges, particularly in regulatory, data security, and organizational change management areas.

Swiss Regulations: Compliance with local laws, such as the Federal Data Protection Act, is crucial. Companies must adopt compliance management systems and seek regular legal advice to navigate this complex environment.

Cybersecurity: Faced with increasing cyberattacks, enhancing data security becomes imperative. Companies must consider data encryption, regular security audits, and employee training in cybersecurity best practices.

Change Resistance: Digital transformation may encounter internal resistance. To overcome this, it is recommended to conduct internal communication campaigns, involve employees in decisions, and designate change ambassadors to guide and reassure teams.

By addressing these areas proactively, Swiss companies can fully leverage the opportunities offered by digitization while minimizing risks and obstacles.

Now let’s look at the steps to digitize your SME or large company, as well as some concrete examples of companies that our team has supported in their digital transformation in Switzerland.

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Steps to Digitize Your SME or Large Swiss Corporation

To initiate a digital transition process and seize the opportunities that the digital realm offers to a business, several steps must be taken. The Swiss Confederation briefly outlines some of these steps on this page. We will delve further into them below:

1. Needs Assessment

By carefully scrutinizing repetitive tasks to automate, you concretely free up time for your teams, allowing them to focus on more value-added missions. Digitalization thus becomes the lever that accelerates data management, reducing input errors and optimizing workflow. By automating, for example, the invoicing process, you eliminate the risks of human errors, ensuring maximum accuracy and overall increased productivity.

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2. Strategic Planning

A rigorously defined digital strategy functions as a compass, concretely guiding technology toward achieving your business objectives. Imagine, for example, a targeted improvement in internal communication, introducing collaborative tools. This goes beyond mere modernization as it transforms your way of working. Optimized internal communication channels stimulate collaboration within your team, enhancing efficiency and creativity. This approach can also translate into more proactive external communication, leading to closer collaborations with customers and partners, thereby strengthening your market positioning. In short, a well-thought-out digital strategy becomes the concrete engine that propels your business to success. Once your objectives and their solutions are well established, it will be essential to prioritize properly to arrive at a clear and intelligent digitization roadmap.

3. Custom Application, Website, and Software Development

Custom solutions offer a user experience and functionality without any limits. Going far beyond off-the-shelf software and solutions, fully custom-built enterprise applications are powerful and provide considerable added value. Consider the creation of a custom automated billing system. Every step of the user interface (UI) development is meticulously crafted to ensure an intuitive and seamless user experience (UX). Visual elements are carefully selected to reflect simplicity and remain in line with the company’s identity, offering smooth and enjoyable navigation. The coding process supporting this is also precisely tailored, ensuring optimal performance of the functionalities and processes thus digitized. Thus, every line of code contributes to an exceptional user experience, making your automated billing system not only functional but also enjoyable to use. All of this takes time, and typically, it takes between 3 and 12 months to arrive at a finished product, sometimes more. The result is often a game-changer for a business.


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4. Implementation and Training

Transparent implementation and tailored training are the pillars of smooth adoption, particularly crucial in the field of software and mobile application development. When considering the implementation of a new custom CRM, for example, every element of the interface is seamlessly integrated, ensuring a consistent user experience (UX). The accompanying training goes beyond basic tool usage to encompass a thorough understanding of the system, thus optimizing its potential. This transcends mere coding to create a synergy between functionality and usability. Quickly, this custom CRM becomes an indispensable tool, boosting the efficiency of sales teams and redefining customer relationship management. From the design phase to production deployment through coding, implementation, and internal team training must be consistent, clear, and transparent to ensure maximum solution adoption rates.

5. Scalability and Ongoing Support: :

The sustainability of digital solutions lies in a rigorous development approach that goes beyond mere coding. Consider a custom-built platform designed for scalability: every component is meticulously structured to allow easy integration of new functionalities in the future. This scalability is not simply a matter of programming but rather the creation of a flexible architecture capable of adapting to changes. Thus, your platform can easily evolve to incorporate new strategic features in the future, supporting the continued growth of your business. Ongoing support then comes in to ensure a seamless transition, facilitating the smooth adoption of these innovations. This is how technical development translates into operational agility without sacrificing stability.

Examples of digitalizations of Swiss companies carried out by our experts

As specialists in digital transition, we have accompanied several clients in their transformation. Here are two examples, which are two case studies:

For the Filinea project, our team developed a custom web application to optimize the management of wastewater treatment processes. This innovative solution allows for effective monitoring and control, contributing to better environmental management.

In the case of Gottofrey Electricité, we created a customized business application to digitize and streamline operational processes. This application improves productivity and efficiency by automating tasks and facilitating project and resource management.

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The importance of preparing for future innovations

The digital age is evolving rapidly, driven by significant advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. AI is transforming Swiss companies’ operations, improving efficiency and providing unprecedented insights through advanced data analysis. Meanwhile, cloud computing democratizes access to powerful computing resources, enabling businesses of all sizes to adapt quickly and cost-effectively. These technologies pave the way for new opportunities for growth and innovation but also require constant adaptation and a commitment to ongoing training and cybersecurity to protect vital digital assets. Swiss companies embracing these changes position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive and globalized market.

To embrace these technological changes, companies must adopt a culture of open innovation, invest in training and developing their employees’ skills, and implement robust data security strategies. It is also crucial to establish strategic partnerships with technology providers and research institutions to remain at the forefront of innovation.

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To navigate successfully through your digitization journey and fully leverage your potential, get support from our experts. Our team, specializing in tailored digital solutions, guides you through every step, from strategy to execution, to turn your challenges into opportunities.

At Edana, our commitment focuses on building long-term partnerships because we understand that mutual success relies on close and enduring collaboration. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that truly catalyze your growth by closely accompanying you to identify and implement the most suitable digital strategies for your specific needs.

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By Benjamin

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