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The Best Database Systems for Swiss Companies

By Jonathan Massa
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The transition to digitization is a crucial step for Swiss companies wishing to remain competitive in the current landscape. One of the fundamental decisions in this journey is the choice of the database system. At Edana, we understand that a robust database is reliable and is the pivot around which modern data management revolves. In this article, we explore the best database systems, reviewing their respective advantages and disadvantages, while emphasizing the importance of business applications in the digitization of companies and the secure processing of sensitive data in Switzerland.

MySQL : Reliability and performance

Advantages of MySQL: As an open-source database management system, MySQL offers maximum flexibility and is supported by an active community, ensuring frequent updates and responsive support.

Disadvantages of MySQL: However, it has limitations for complex queries and can use table locking, impacting performance in concurrent environments. Despite this, its high performance, ease of use, and replication features make it a solid option, although scalability may depend on adding hardware resources. MySQL’s efficiency for managing unstructured data may also be lower compared to other specialized solutions.

In summary, MySQL is a robust choice to consider based on the specific needs of each project.

PostgreSQL : Scalability and advanced transaction management

Advantages of PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL, as an open-source database management system, offers high power and flexibility. Known for its compliance with SQL standards, PostgreSQL excels in managing complex transactions and handling varied workloads. Its robust replication and partitioning architecture, combined with an active community, ensure high availability and regular updates.

Disadvantages of PostgreSQL: However, PostgreSQL may have a steeper learning curve due to its rich functionality, which can be challenging for less experienced users. Although it offers excellent transaction management, it may be less performant than other systems in scenarios requiring extremely high processing speed.

Despite these considerations, PostgreSQL remains a solid option for applications requiring advanced data management and strict SQL compliance.

MongoDB: Flexibility for Unstructured Data

Advantages of MongoDB: MongoDB, as a NoSQL database, shines with its flexibility and scalability. Its document-oriented data structure allows for storing unstructured data, offering exceptional adaptability for scalable and dynamic applications. MongoDB’s high performance in handling large amounts of data and horizontal scalability make it a preferred choice for applications requiring maximum agility and scalability. Its easy replication and management of geospatial data make it a versatile tool.

Disadvantages of MongoDB: However, MongoDB may pose challenges in terms of data consistency, given its eventual consistency model. Additionally, its indexing may sometimes require special attention to optimize performance. Although flexibility is an asset, it can make managing data structure more complex in environments requiring strict schemas.

In summary, MongoDB stands out for its flexibility and high performance, but its consistency model and indexing considerations require careful evaluation based on the specific requirements of each project.

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Oracle Database: Proven Power for Large Enterprises

Advantages of Oracle: Oracle Database, an industry leader, offers exceptional power and reliability. Its ability to handle complex transactions and ensure high availability makes it a solid choice for large enterprises.

Disadvantages of Oracle: However, high costs, both in licenses and infrastructure, as well as management complexity, can pose challenges, especially for small businesses. A thorough assessment of specific needs is recommended before opting for Oracle Database.

Sensitive Data Processing: Security at the Heart of Digitization

Protecting sensitive data is a major concern. Just as doctors and healthcare professionals can use Health Info Net AG (HIN) to secure their email communications and share documents, intranet databases and business applications designed by Edana incorporate advanced security measures, such as data encryption, strict access mechanisms, and regular audits, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with regulations.

Need an Interactive Database? Think Business Application!

Beyond databases, custom business applications are essential for complete digitization. They centralize and streamline processes, providing a single point for storing, manipulating, and analyzing data efficiently. From automated workflows to interactive dashboards, business applications designed by Edana are tailored to meet the specific needs of each Swiss company.

Examples of business applications we have developed for these Swiss companies

Our team of software engineers and database experts has designed several data management systems and business tools that allow our clients to digitize their processes, automate their operations, and enhance the security of their data.

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At Edana, we understand that digitization goes hand in hand with robust databases and smart business applications. Our team of experts works closely with each client to create tailored solutions that drive digitization while ensuring efficient data management. Make your digital transition a success with Edana, your partner in custom software development. Contact us now to discuss your needs and goals. An expert will be happy to advise you.

By Jonathan

Technology Expert


Jonathan Massa

As a specialist in digital consulting, strategy and execution, Jonathan advises organizations on strategic and operational issues related to value creation and digitalization programs focusing on innovation and organic growth. Furthermore, he advises our clients on software engineering and digital development issues to enable them to mobilize the right solutions for their goals.


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