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How much do Swiss web design Agencies Charge for their Services?

By Benjamin Massa
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Your Website is a Crucial Part of Your Company

A well-designed website is crucial for your company. Successful web design will help you to achieve success and become an industry leader. Your website is the representation of your company in the online realm. This type of online presence should be able to showcase all the advantages and benefits that your company can give to your customers.

When you’ll talk about this with your Swiss Web Design company you’ll be able to determine what are the most important factors for you and how you can achieve your goals. You might discover certain aspects that didn’t seem important to you before but could be very beneficial for you.

Factors That Are Important for Web Design

Every company has different requirements based on its goals. But several important factors have to be always considered while working on Web Design. First of all, your web design is the reflection of your brand and can help you establish a strong brand identity. Every element, color, and image that is displayed on your webpage can have a great influence on what people will think about you.

You should look through colors to determine what are they associated with and how they could benefit you, then you have to determine what kind of layout will be suitable for your webpage, choose fonts and typography, and make sure that your website is accessible to everybody and has a good user experience.

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The price of Showcase Website with Swiss Web Design Company

In Switzerland, the prices of web design are generally high. First of all, just talk with your Swiss company to determine more important aspects for you.  In Switzerland, showcase websites can be done for 700- 30 000 CHF. The price range is huge, but that’s what you’ll come across more frequently. Just keep in mind that the options that start from 3 000 CHF give you better results. Edana has done a showcase website for the Swiss organization –Éducation Inclusive, you can check now how their digital image was redesigned to improve the company’s image and customer experience.

The price depends on the size of the site, the number of pages, features, etc. If you’ll provide them with more elements, for example, something related to design, the cost will be lower. A good Swiss web design company will always consider what you want to do, but on top of that, they can let you know what you need as well. So find a company that can help you to accomplish what you want and can advise you as well.

Mobile Applications and Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile applications and PWAs are generally very beneficial for companies and cost a lot as well. But, the pricing starts from 15 000 CHF and it mostly depends on the complexity and functionalities that you require.

Just think about what kind of application you need. You might need one that will be compatible with Android and iOS and will be more simple. You might require an option that would have a unique design and features and would be more complex. Think about what you need.

For example, École Moderne is another organization based in Switzerland, that needed a mobile application for Fide Exam candidates, to help people learn the French language. An entire team of business consultants, designers, engineers, and developers worked together to finish the project successfully.

Graphic and Video Prices

When it comes to graphics, the prices mostly start from 2 000 CHF. The price might change based on what are your requirements. As for the creation of short videos, the minimum price is 3 000 CHF.

Everything depends on what needs to be done. Make sure that you’ll go through every detail with your company to avoid misunderstandings later because these processes consist of many little but crucial details.

Basic Web Design

Some websites need more complexity, some need less. It depends on specific companies and their target audiences. In this case, your business will have a simple web design, and the minimum price will be 700. But what you have to consider is that at this price you won’t have a strategy, your web design won’t be good, and might be even damaging to your company’s reputation. It could be based on poor templates as well.

You might hear that it’s unique but even simple research will show you that it’s not true. So a basic and cheap web design that you can do for only 700 CHF is not a good option. If you’ll see it somewhere be careful because you might be spending an extra 700 CHF on nothing.

Intermediate Web Design

In this case, the design is more unique and generally, the website is more performance-driven. It might have an additional content management system as well or any other system that could be useful for your company. Basically, it contains every element that is essential for a good website.

Generally, when you want a good web design the minimum that you need to pay is 3 000 CHF. You can be sure that it’s a good option and will give you results. Anything under 3 000 CHF needs consideration, especially if it’s closer to 700 CHF.

Advanced Web Design

Advanced web designs cost at least 20 000 CHF. This type of website has more advanced features. You have a better strategy, quality, and unique design. Your Swiss agency will do coding for you because it’s a very important part of the website that can be seen by search engines and social media sites. You’ll have all the features that you and your target audience might need.

For example, you might be interested in database integration, e-commerce functionality, etc. Having more advanced web design will give you a huge boost in your sales and conversions. The prices can be higher than 20 000 CHF as well, it’s not surprising. But it’s better to speak with your Swiss web design company to determine a clear answer about the budget that you’d need. Just keep in mind above mentioned suggestions to avoid “solutions” that could only waste your time and money.

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By Benjamin

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