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What kind of Prices can a Swiss Branding Agency charge?

By Caroline
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Various Prices Seen in Swiss Branding Agencies

Whether it is for strategic support or the implementation of your ideas, there are many reasons why you should seek the help of a Swiss branding agency. Regardless of the size of the company and its objectives, a branding agency aims to accompany its clients toward success through specialized and tailor-made support.

More and more Swiss agencies are offering branding services today and choosing one of them can be a laborious process. This process is made even more laborious because most of these companies offer different prices for the same service. This practice results in confusing businesses looking for a branding agency. The majority of companies and most of our clients are generally confused by the various prices offered on the Swiss market.

The aim of this article is to help you in your decision-making. We will review the different rates available on the Swiss market and the main elements to take into account in order to choose the best branding agency and have a better return on investment.

Each Branding Strategy is Unique

Each branding strategy is different from the others and contains many unique components. They could be beneficial for specific brands but not for others. You might need to change your logo or you might need to use more social media trends and styles. You might want to craft your brand message, or you might be interested in brand positioning and brand equity.

A branding agency could help you analyze your industry and help you determine the right brand voice for yourself. Clearly define the goals and interests from the beginning to avoid confusion later. You might come across many offers with less price and many promises, but pay attention to quality. If the work lacks even one essential component, you’ll get a solution that might resolve problems for you in your present but won’t help you in the future.

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Brand Packaging Pricing

Packaging prices differ based on your requirements and also the overall quality of the work. If you want to pay less you might find options that would satisfy your immediate needs. But you might come across issues when it will be time to print. A price range that happens to be made of very small numbers doesn’t reward you with quality at all.

When you are working with an established Swiss branding agency that can help you properly you’ll need a minimum 2 000 CHF per packaging design. In this case, you can be sure that you’ll see the appropriate quality and will avoid unpleasant surprises as well. Prices change based on specific requirements that you might have, but after talking with your agency, you can clarify facts about how the work will be done and how much you’ll need to pay.

Brand Identity Price

Working on brand identity includes logo designs, color palettes, typography, icons, shapes, etc. You need to do a serious investment here because the final results determine the improvement of your brand identity and visibility. The prices here start from 2 000 CHF. You have to consider what you need to do with your brand.

Because, generally new brands need different approaches and have different requirements, while bigger and more experienced brands have absolutely different needs. The price would be different for everybody here because all the processes that are related to brand identity are unique for every company.

Cost of Branding Guidelines

Everything depends on the depth of guidelines. Style guides which only consist of 3-4 pages could cost you less. However, if you want to have a more detailed guideline that could be used more successfully in the future as well, the price range could increase. You’ll need at least 2 000 CHF in order to get this process done efficiently and successfully.

Brand Development Cost

Brand development costs heavily depend on what you need to do. It could be a logo design, a webpage design, or it could be related to brand positioning. So of course, the prices will be different based on what you need to do to achieve your goals. Prices here start from 10 000 CHF and the exact amount that needs to be paid depends on how small or established the specific business is.

Creating a brand or improving it is a very taxing process, where you have to consider your target audience, loyal customers, and your long-term goals. Also, you need to consider more aspects of your products or services. You just always need strong brand management. Working with the Swiss Agency can help you understand exactly what you need to have a strong brand image that will make people perceive you in a new light.

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By Caroline

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