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How can digital transformation affect modern marketing?

By Benjamin Massa
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Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital transformation helps companies to grow and evolve. But the transformation process requires lots of attention and planning in order to end with desired results. When digital transformation and marketing are combined, most of the attention goes to fully harnessing the digital enterprise.

Basically, it means using technology to improve different business models. Using the principles of digital transformation in modern marketing could be very rewarding for companies and could help them find their formula for success.

Main Areas of Digital Transformation

There are several different areas where you can focus. You can implement new technologies to improve your processes with process transformation. You can go through a business model transformation or focus on domain transformation to have better online areas. For example, Amazon created Amazon Prime for that.  

Another important area is related to cultural and organizational transformation. Determine your company’s goals, try and focus on different areas and go through digital transformation step by step. It’s important to determine from the beginning what you need to do. It will help you to move more easily in the modern marketing realm.

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Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can reward you with numerous benefits when it comes to modern marketing. It’s a solution that could help you to improve customer acquisition and retention levels, and help you with e-commerce operations as well. Digital transformation plays a great role here because with its help modern marketing can be more flexible.

Flexibility gives your business an opportunity to adapt easily to many different cases, like the changing needs and expectations of customers. You’d be able to respond to world trends better as well and you’d be able to go against your competitors’ actions more easily.

Benefits of Modern Marketing

Modern marketing is rapidly growing and evolving because most people are consumed with different technologies and spend most of their time being online on different platforms. It can give customers from all over the world different solutions. Since modern marketing is dealing with so many people, it’s only natural that digital transformation has numerous benefits for it.

Both of these aspects revolve around bigger groups of people and transforming organizations, so their combo sometimes is the greatest power for many companies. If you’ll adapt your marketing strategy based on digital transformation, you’ll be able to improve yourself more quickly. Also, you will be more agile and will have better interaction with customers.

The Digital Funnel

Digital transformation can affect the funnel a lot. The funnel generally includes several stages, like awareness, interest, consideration, intent, and decision. These stages give you an understanding of how customers think and what they do before they reach their final buying decision. With digital transformation, businesses can control these stages better to get desired results, because they’ll be armed with more important tools, like analytics for example.

Personalized Content for Customers

Having personalized content for individual customers is very beneficial. But the personalization process itself needs a great deal of attention. You’ll need to know what your customers are interested in, and what they are purchasing more frequently. Then you have to suggest something similar to them. When you are tracking every important aspect of your platforms you’ll always distinguish what’s more important and beneficial for you.

Importance of Data in Digitization

Data is very important for marketing and digital transformation as well. It helps your company to identify new opportunities and can help you to make better business decisions. Based on the information that you can get from your social media accounts you’d be able to improve your customer experience, become more innovative and improve your operational efficiency as well. You can also read one of our articles – “Which data to use for your digital transformation” to have more information about this topic.

Impact of Digital Transformation on Interactivity

Interactivity is an important aspect of the new digital era. Digital transformation transformed it in a very good way. It gave the customers chance to evaluate better what they would like to consume, how, and with whom they’d share this. For example, social media platforms allow you to have more communication with brands.

Right now interaction in online realms is very different and more engaging. It mostly evolved because of digital transformation. This type of interactivity is great for modern marketing and gives companies chance to increase their customer bases and improve performance.

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By Benjamin

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Benjamin Massa

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