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Which data to use for your Digital Transformation

By Benjamin Massa
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Importance of Data for Businesses

Data has esteemed value for companies and it can be seen in many real-life examples. For example, Amazon and Netflix have frequently shown others how data could play important role in understanding clients and improving business. There are certain algorithms as well that can monitor the data on customer behaviors.

The importance of data is great but there are numerous aspects that have to be considered. There are many different types of data that you can use for your digital transformation. Since digital transformation is an extensive process and requires full mobilization from your side, it’s important to consider not one but several types of data to have as much information as possible. It will help you to deal with many obstacles very easily.

Internal Data

Internal data is related to the inner world of the company. It’s about any internal function and performance. To put it simply, all data that can be found in a company’s database is considered internal data.

In this case, you’ll be able to understand more about customer behaviors, sales figures, marketing expenses, social media trends, etc. After gathering and analyzing the information you’ll be able to have more clear ideas about what are your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll be able to decide which aspects would aid you in digital transformation.

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External Data

External data can include anything that crosses the borders of the company. The kind of information that you’ll be looking for will depend on your company. For example, if you own an agricultural company it would be good to know more about weather-related data, it will help you to plan different processes. External data in this case is limitless and can benefit you greatly on your way to digital transformation.

Time-Stamped Data

While going through the digital transformation you should pay great attention to time. It’s essential for customer experience. Google is paying special attention to this metric as well. You need to know how long it takes to load a page, or how long customers stay on your webpage. Being more efficient and quick is necessary, it’s a great advantage that aids you in this transformation. It can help you to gain customer loyalty and can help you to go ahead of your competitors.

Open Data

Pay attention to everything that you might come across on Google that is related to your interests. There are lots of sources that you can use to get more official information from big industries. It’s basically everything that’s freely available. Additional sources of information will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Big Data

Big data is frequently associated with data science as well. The rise of big data helped numerous fields to evolve, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To put it simply big data is very large and complex data sets.

It comes from many different sources. Some examples are customer databases, transaction processing systems, etc. Since many businesses are adopting more complex systems right now, this kind of data can be beneficial along with others.

Real-Time Data

Real-time data is another option that could help you in your digital transformation. It provides you with information that can help you to predict the future. It can be used for navigation, tracking, and financial trading as well. In any case, with the information that you can get here, you’ll be able to analyze your environment better and will be able to make better decisions for your future.

Organize Data for Digital Transformation

There are numerous types of data that can help you on the path of digital transformation, separately and together as well. But everything needs to be structured and organized. When you are making plans for your future, make sure that you’ll have everything written down. It will help you to identify important points that could help you in the future.

Analyze all the information that you’ll get carefully to generate desired results. Data has impacted the lives of many businesses. With correct actions, you can ensure that this impact will be beneficial for you. Incorporate these different types of data into your business and you’ll be able to see how many great steps you can take toward digital transformation.

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By Benjamin

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