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How could the Manufacturing Sector utilize Extended Reality?

By Benjamin
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Importance of Extended Reality (XR)

The modern world is a mix of numerous physical and virtual aspects. That’s why businesses that want to leave a lasting impression on the modern world try their best to reach digital excellence. In this case, with the help of extended reality, you’d be able to discover new ways of interacting with products, services, and people.

It refers to a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. So XR is another great solution for your business that can reduce the difference for you between the real and digital worlds. XR can help you to deliver unique experiences, it can provide your users with more realistic views, can help you in employee training, and can help you to deal with your data more easily as well.

Three Technologies Related to Extended Reality

Extended reality is related to three unique technologies. Augmented reality can show you certain objects in your natural environment, it’s using small virtual elements that can be implemented in your reality.  Virtual reality shows you a reality that is entirely digital. Mixed reality is a mix of real and digital worlds. This type of reality is based on advancements in computer vision, input systems, and cloud computing, along with others.

Extended Reality in Manufacturing Industry

Generally, manufacturing industries benefit a lot from extended reality. It can help lots of professionals in the industry to benefit more from complex technologies and tools. With XR you can create better processes that will help your employees and will reduce risks in your factories. It can be used to speed up time-to-market as well, can help you with product development processes, and many more.

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Training and Guidance with Extended Reality

People who work in manufacturing industries work on various machines on daily basis. They need specific knowledge in order to safely and efficiently use different tools. Training employees takes time and could be expensive as well. But with XR you can train your employees, guide them and do it in a more cost-effective way. You can make them use MR and AR glasses, this way they’ll be able to understand more about their environment and the technologies. Also, they will be able to accomplish certain tasks with fewer mistakes.

Better Maintenance and Repairs

With extended reality, you can improve many processes in your industry. It’s important because even one single aspect could have a huge influence on a whole line of production. For example, Japan Airlines is actively using VR and AR tools for customers and airline mechanics as well. They are able to improve their efficiency and maintenance staff as well. The devices that they are using can help you to receive information via visuals and audio guides as well. This solution is used in car companies as well. For example, engineers at BMW can identify more easily which cars need repair or have small problems.

Rapid Product Development

You can experiment and discover a lot with the help of extended reality. After discussing ideas with your team, you can use extended reality to evaluate them. It’s a frequently used solution in the modern world because it can help you with product assessment and can help your customers in the decision-making process as well. After creating a basic model of your product, with help of extended reality you can evaluate all of its aspects. For example, you can use augmented reality to see certain products in your room and understand how it really looks in the real world.

Remote Customer Support

When customers seem to struggle with certain products and require assistance from technicians, it’s easier to use XR technologies. For example, during these kinds of situations, technicians would be able to use different XR equipment, like smart glasses, to check products and evaluate what’s wrong with them without changing their location. Remote customer support would help you to deal with multiple customers at once. You won’t waste your time and resources and will be more productive this way.

Better Data Analysis

Data is an important aspect and plays a great role in the improvement of the digital environment. XR has the capability to evaluate customer behavior and their experiences via different tools. Like XR tools can determine how customers are connected to certain items, what makes them buy certain products, and what kind of content attracts them.

After gathering this information, it will be easier for you to determine how you can change or improve certain processes. Your company would be able to change everything for the better and go through the kind of transformation that would make them more competitive in a modern, digital world.

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