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User acceptance of Virtual Reality: An Extended Technology Acceptance Model

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Importance of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has played a great role in many industries. It had been used for retail, education, healthcare, tourism, etc. Oculus as well had an affordable and high-quality virtual reality headset that was well-known to numerous people.

Virtual reality (VR) technology can be implemented in many types of industries, like entertainment, theme parks, museums, sports events, etc. An extended technology acceptance model (TAM) can explain better what are the user experiences and consumer behaviors that are related to virtual reality.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is related to advanced technologies that can show you realistic environments. The kind of artificial sensory stimulations that can be triggered with virtual reality had been widely used. For example, even on Instagram, there are filters that can show you certain objects in your own reality. This tactic is frequently used by brands to let you understand more about their products.

All the passive or interactive experiences that can be gained from virtual reality leave a great impact on customers’ minds. It could decide their future actions regarding your company. Virtual reality could help you to save time and money, enhance customer service, increase sales, and can help you to create new and collaborative experiences.

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Understanding Technology Acceptance Model

Based on the technology acceptance model it’s easy to determine several important aspects that can be very beneficial for your company. Customers always require technology. Businesses have to be well-equipped to work with a larger client base more successfully. But, when customers come across any technology, they pay attention to how useful it is and how easily they can use it.

For example, let’s say that TAM was applied to virtual tourism marketing. VR environments, in this case, would attract lots of customers, they would be more sure about the place they want to visit, they would see what should they expect and this solution would make them more interested in you. But any solution that you are presenting to your customers should be useful and easy to use.

Solution That Can Help You with Digital Transformation

Since the technology acceptance model (TAM) is designed to measure the adoption of new technology based on customer attitudes, it would be able to help you with digital transformation as well. You need to go through many options and changes when you are involved in the digital transformation process.

Virtual reality technologies could be beneficial for you because nowadays they act as an important tool for different industries like commerce, manufacturing, etc. In order to understand how you can use it and what could your customers think about it, you can use the TAM model to get clearer answers.

Software That Can Be Used for Virtual Reality

First of all, you have to determine what you want to achieve. Because anything related to virtual reality can be very creative, and it could be seen differently by different viewers. But there is software that can help you to build VR and help you decide how you’ll go about it.

For example, VR content management systems software is used to collect, store and analyze virtual content. VR software development kit is used to design, build and test VR experiences. While VR training simulator software is used in industries for employee training in different environments.

How Virtual Reality Technologies Are Used Today

VR can support sales, can help you with communication, facilitate learning, and generally can help you to boost your business. VR has a strong presence in the entertainment industry. It’s frequently used in digital marketing as well, where companies show their potential customers what certain products look like. It plays a great role in data visualization as well.

Brands such as Jaguar and BMW use the technology for early design and to get a better idea about engineering. This way car industries can save lots of money. So first of all determine what’s your goal, then use TAM to get a better understanding of everything and go through the path of digital transformation with more success.

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