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What are the 10 Key Steps in Generating Demand?

By Benjamin
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Importance of Demand Generation

Generating demand is always one of the main interests of any company. It’s the process that can help you to make customers more interested in products and services. You will understand more about your customers and their preferences and gain vital information for your business.

Generating demand is always related to processes that increase awareness of the product amongst a general target audience, it can help you to increase engagement levels of customers as well. All the aspects and processes that are related to demand generation are very beneficial and rewarding.

Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales departments should always work very close to each other to exchange ideas and determine the best ways of operating for generating demand. Combining marketing techniques with sales knowledge will give you maximum benefits. This way you’ll be able to generate demand, keep the customers loyal to you, and determine the next steps for your future.


In order to determine how successful you are or how your strategies are working, you need solutions that will help you to measure more important aspects. KPIs will help you to measure any aspect related to generating demand to determine how effective they are.

It can help you monitor lead quality score, customer lifetime value, content conversion rate, etc. This way you’ll determine what is working for you, what needs improvement, and which strategies should be canceled. With KPIs, you’ll see the connections between the demand generation efforts and the growth of your business.

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Create Interactive Content

Interactive content is a very important factor. It’s the solution that grabs the attention of customers very easily, so it should be very good. Interactive content could help you to drive traffic and generate qualified leads. You can use quizzes, interactive infographics, interactive webinars, films, videos, etc. Actively engaging your audience to interact with you will help you to make connections and increase demand.

Increase Brand Awareness

First of all, promote your interactive content. Your customers should be interested in your content and should find it engaging. Content should not make a one-time impression that will fade over time, customers should always remember the good feelings that they got from your content.

To increase your brand awareness, you can use several solutions. You can use your website, social media platforms, email, and communities that are related to you. Be as visible as possible and use all the options around you. Social media platforms can do magic for most companies when they are trying to create demand and become more popular.

Use Promotions to Drive Your Target Audience

In the beginning, it’s necessary to use paid promotions. The main goal is to attract as many people as possible. After reaching that goal you’ll see numerous other options that can aid you in continuous growth. You can use social media platforms to reach your loyal customers and also attract the attention of new ones.

Offer Free Products or Services

People always get interested in free products and services and are more than happy to use them even when they aren’t loyal customers of the specific company. Also, it helps you gain the trust of your target audience, promotes a positive brand image, and also you can understand more about the buying habits of your customers. You can do contests, and giveaways via social media platforms, engage your customers, gain their trust, and generate demand.

Use Free Tools and Resources

In this case, you can use software, apps, etc. There are lots of free options that you can use for different purposes. There are tools that help you with website tracking, lead capturing, and many more. Also, you can use solutions that will help you create compelling content, which you will be able to post on blogs, on social media platforms and gain the attention of your customers immediately. Depending on what’s your goal, you can use the tools that will help you monitor the activity of your customers or help you create visuals.

Content Syndication

It’s another solution that could help you with demand generation. Content syndication is about giving your content to someone else, while you of course still have the full copyrights. You can grab the attention of the wider audience effectively. For example, Quora and LinkedIn have some posts which at the end tell you how this post was on a different webpage before. You can use this tactic as well and become more visible.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is also known as split testing or bucked testing and can help you to compare two variations of the same element. You’ll understand which variations are better for generating demand. You can compare different campaigns and determine the next steps as well for the future. With A/B testing you’ll see which options work better for you.

For example, you can decide if you should post during morning hours or evening, if you should use long captions or short, if you should use more videos or different types of content, etc.

Optimize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great solution for spreading information about your products or services. You can highlight the most important aspects of your products, nurture long-term relationships with your customers and effectively promote your brand. With good emails, you can effectively improve the sales cycle and generate demand.

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