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Is TYPO3 better than WordPress?

By Benjamin Massa
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The Importance of TYPO3

TYPO3 is a free content management system that aids companies with numerous services, including the creation of websites, mobile applications, etc. It’s used by small and large corporations as well. But the same can be said about WordPress as well, so sometimes it’s hard to determine at the first glance which one is better.

No matter what kind of projects companies have, simple or complicated, with TYPO3 they are always able to choose how different aspects will be managed with more freedom and flexibility.

Features of TYPO3

TYPO3 has multiple features that help you with website creation and with content models. It has multilingual support and can help you with data management and analytics as well.

It’s armed with digital content planning and management features. It can manage metadata, marketing campaigns, and digital assets as well. So with this option, you can go through numerous aspects of your company.

TYPO3 Benefits

It’s extensible and flexible, which means that users can push the limits of TYPO3 to get desired results. Also, you can use TYPO3’s templates or create different ones with the help of TypoScript.

TYPO3 is compatible with numerous software and applications that might be used in digital marketing campaigns. TYPO3 has numerous users from all over the world and helpful communities as well.

WordPress Benefits

At first, WordPress was mostly related to blogging, but it evolved over time and now can create any website for any type of company. It’s a flexible platform and most of the users find it easy to use.

It has a wide variety of tools and designs, and adding website content and making updates is easy. With plugins, like security, SEO, and page builder plugins you can be sure that you’ll do anything for your website.

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Portal Management by Multiple Users

There are several key features that are important for business, and one of them is the management of the website. Most companies have teams, which consist of various professionals, and they manage the website together. All of them need direct access to the platform.

TYPO3 has very clear rules regarding this aspect, while WordPress is a little bit complicated and you might need additional plugins. Think about the roles of your team members and what are their responsibilities, based on that you can determine more easily which system will benefit you and your team.

CMS Extensions and Plugins

Most of the functions that are important to use are already on CMS, but for additional features, you can use plugins. TYPO3 includes numerous plugins from the beginning, its functions are related to the creation of newsletters, and it has advanced analytics and e-commerce functions as well.

You can have access to numerous plugins via WordPress, but the main difference is that WordPress plugins are easy to use, and TYPO3 plugins are mostly for developers. External plugins sometimes aren’t secure; you still need a professional to determine what will be used for your company. In this case on TYPO3 you won’t have to worry about such cases.

How Easily CMS can be Used

The content management system is important for numerous companies. CMS should be easy to use and understandable for companies. In this case, TYPO3 and WordPress have intuitive dashboards that can be used easily. At first glance, TYPO3 seems more complicated than WordPress, but it gives your team more control.

Web Templates with Good UX

A good UX is a key parameter that should be always considered when planning important steps for your company. Websites that are created for companies, need to be mobile friendly, and templates have to fulfill all company’s requirements.

WordPress has too many templates, choosing the best one for yourself might take some time. It’s better to know exactly what you need and filter them with that guideline. On TYPO3 you can create your unique template if you know exactly what you want and don’t want to go through choosing process.

TYPO3 vs. WordPress

At first, TYPO3 was created for larger businesses, while WordPress was used as a blogging platform, so TYPO3 was mostly for experienced users, while WordPress always had beginners in mind.

You need to decide what you need for your company because both of them can have advantages for you. But, when you are working with WordPress you need to research the necessary plugins that will be used for the company, on TYPO3 you are armed with all the necessary tools from the begging and professionals can bring you better results.

WordPress has been developing as a universal solution for different types of companies, while TYPO3 stays as the loyal assistant of bigger companies and organizations.

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