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Everything you Need to Know on Six Sigma

By Benjamin
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Importance of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a process that can analyze and reduce errors and defects for you based on statistics and data analysis. With this process, you’ll have better chances of reducing manufacturing defects and decreasing total waste.

You’ll be able to improve your efficiency and quality, and it will help you to save money, time, and resources. This process can be applied to any industry, like healthcare, manufacturing, etc. With its tools, you’ll be able to manage your business better and improve general performance as well. The six sigma model consists of several important principles.

Focus on the Customer

This is the first principle of Six Sigma and is mostly focused on customers since they are the life force for any market or company. The biggest goal here is to satisfy the needs of customers and give them maximum benefits.

The most important thing that you should know in this case is what your customers want, what they are interested in, and also what are the market demands.

Measure the Value Stream and Find Your Problem

Collect the data that will help you to determine the areas of waste and discover the specific problem area that can be addressed or transformed. Have clearly defined goals and be focused on what kind of data to you need to gather and how you will do it.

Analyze the data, ask necessary questions and find the root problems that you have to deal with. This way you’ll be able to effectively measure the value stream and find out what you have to work on.

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Clearing the Junk

Once the problem is found, you have to start working on processes that will help you to remove defects. During this step, you have to ensure that you’ll successfully get rid of everything that’s not benefiting the customer value.

By removing the junk, you’ll be able to improve your quality, your efficiency, and get rid of issues that were caused by it. By the end of this process, you’ll create better options for yourself to reach organizational goals.

Keep the Ball Rolling and Involve Your Team

In order to solve your problems, you might need the assistance of other people as well. In this case, your team can give you additional ideas about what are the problems and how they can be solved. The whole team could have better results for the improvement of operational efficiency.

Create a Flexible and Responsive Ecosystem

The main goal of Six Sigma is to transform the business. Successful transformation comes with flexibility and responsiveness to changes. Besides the specific aspects that go through these changes, the team has to be considered as well. They should adapt and get accustomed to the innovations that the Six Sigma process can bring into your company, to truly see the improvement that it can bring you.

DMAIC Methodology

DMAIC is one of the most important six sigma methodologies. DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. This strategy is mostly focused on improving existing products or services.

While working with this methodology, you have to define the problem, measure process performance, analyze what could have caused the defects, improve performance with problem elimination and control the improved process to ensure future success.

DMADV Methodology

DMDAV is another six sigma methodology that stands for define, measure, analyze, design, and validate. It’s a data-driven quality strategy that focuses on the development of new products, services, or processes. This method is often used when companies implement new strategies.

During the first phase important project goals are identified and business problems and goals are defined. After that, you have to understand customers’ requirements and analyze the whole situation to create the best design model, that will be well-suited to customers’ demands. After that, you create the design model which will be studied in the validation phase, where it will be tested.

Six Sigma Techniques

You can use several techniques to get the desired results from the six sigma process. With brainstorming you’d get lots of new ideas, it’s frequently used in DMAIC methodology. Also, the 5 Whys Technique is frequently used as well to find the core issue.

Customer feedback too will help you to define the problems and possible setbacks. The 5S System will help you to get rid of waste effectively, whereas the Kaizen Technique will help you to further improve your business. There are numerous other techniques that can be beneficial for your company.

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