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5 Digital Twin Software You Should Know

By Benjamin Massa
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Importance of Digital Twin Software

A digital twin is a virtual model that can accurately reflect a physical object. The virtual model gets updated about the characteristics of the physical object and knows about its performance, after that virtual model is ready for simulations. Information that will be gained from this process can be used to improve physical objects.

With digital twin software, you can improve customer satisfaction levels, improve product quality, drive sustainability efforts, enhance supply chain agility and resilience, drive operational efficiency and improve productivity.

Types of Digital Twins

You can choose one specific digital twin software for your company or use several of them together. Component Twins are the digital representations of a part of a system or a product, Parts Twins are almost the same as well, but less crucial.

Asset Twins let you study the combinations and interactions of two or more components that work together. System or Unit Twins let you see how different assets form a functioning system. Process Twins reveal how systems work together to create an entire production facility.

When choosing which software you should use for your company, think about what are your goals and what would you like to achieve with this new addition to your industry. All of their features are useful and have numerous advantages, but you must determine which will work best for your aspirations.

aPriori Digital Manufacturing Simulation Software

aPriori is manufacturing software that delivers strategic insights for manufacturers, with its help you can decide how to design your product and where to manufacture it to increase your company’s financial situation.

This platform can combine several important factors for you and help you with product cost management, help you with design as well for manufacturing and sustainability, and supplier collaboration capabilities. It contains numerous regional economic models and manufacturing process simulations.

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SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

SAP has numerous services that are based on the Digital Twin model representation. Businesses benefit greatly from this software because they can use IoT data which is enriched with the help of digital twins. You can use these options for the most critical processes of your company.

With this software, you can give your customers new options and better experiences, redefine your ways of working, optimize your productivity, create new business models and overcome any business challenges.


Predix is another software that can be very useful for your business. It’s an operating system for the Industrial Internet and is aiding industrial businesses, that have an active role in the global economy.

Predix consists of numerous tools and features, it has IT/OT connectivity, its analytic tools can help you with various application needs, and you can use customer-developed analytics as well.

Predix’s functions include data visualization, dashboarding, alerting, case management, and many more.

Ansys Twin Builder

Ansys Twin Builder is a great option for predictive maintenance, it can optimize your product’s operation and also can help you to manage your finances and insurance costs as well.

It’s a great solution for creating and deploying digital twin models. You can quickly create any twin model of your asset to ensure that your company will stay competitive and will have more advantages over others.

Digital Twin Intelligent Automation Platform

Digital Twin Intelligent Automation Platform can help your business with numerous services, including real-time tracking, tracing, and monitoring of digital assets, and many more. It’s provided by NetObjex.

This software can be one of the most incredible tools for you on digital marketplaces because it can help you to manage the power of IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies. It can be used very effectively by medium and large enterprises as well.

The Future of Digital Twin

Existing operating models are drastically changing. Asset-intensive industries actively go through numerous digital processes to change operating models and improve their performance levels. To ensure the success of the digital revolution, they integrate multiple pieces of equipment and different processes. Digital twins in this case play a very crucial role.

Digital twins are constantly improving because they have a nearly limitless future and almost every industry is eager to use their capabilities to ensure a successful and innovative future for themselves.

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