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Quick Guide to Creating a Brand Book

By Caroline
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Importance of Brand Book

A brand book is like a map that illustrates the maze that your brand went through while achieving its goals and is informative about numerous important aspects. A brand book is like a story of a brand and a powerful strategy.

In the brand book, numerous aspects are contained, like what’s the meaning of your logo and why was it designed that way, what are the brand colors and how they are used. A well-developed brand book is beneficial for business for lots of reasons, not only are they interesting for customers, but they also help people who work for your company and are used as great guidelines.

Brand books can help you to maintain your brand’s consistency, establish trust in your brand, boost your visibility and efficiency, and helps you to achieve growth and success.

Brand Introduction

Before you start working you should know what’s your brand’s mission, what’s your vision and how you can show your true brand persona to your target audience. This will be your brand’s introduction.

Speak clearly and confidently about your company’s mission and goals and how they can change the world, what makes you unique and what’s your history.

It’s important to show your audience your brand persona because different personas always get more attention and showing your audience a personality will make them trust you and appreciate you more.

Along with your mission and visions, you’ll be able to tell them where you are heading and besides what you show them, what they should expect from you.

Logo Guidelines and Taglines

The first thing that customers notice is visuals, that’s how they gain a first impression and make up their minds about your brand. So working on visual guidelines is very important for brand books.

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The logo is the brand’s identity, one of the most important visual aspects. Most of the time, when it comes to giant industries, you just need to see the logo to know what’s the name of the company.

There are numerous logos, they are in different colors or different shapes. So the guidelines in the brand book should be specific about colors, size, and formats, it will be useful for your team as well.

Taglines are used differently by various companies, some companies frequently combine logos and taglines, and some don’t, so brand books should contain specific information about how they are used in the company and why.

Color Pallets and Fonts

Every company is associated with a specific color, like Coca-Cola with red and Facebook with blue. Colors leave impressions, they make customers feel certain emotions towards you and create associations. Brand books should clearly dictate what are the colors of your company because colors are an important part of your brand identity.

Also, like colors, fonts are unique and special as well. Every brand uses different typefaces for logos, and generally anything related to their brand. Brand books should contain several examples of fonts along with their description and meaning.

Copywriting and Page Structures

Copywriting skills are important to ensure the success of your brand. With effective copywriting, you’ll be able to strengthen your brand image, establish meaningful relationships with your customers, improve conversion rates and sales, and increase your brand’s visibility as well.

So using this skill for your brand book is crucial. You have to be sure that your content is well-written and that everything in the brand book is written in the same style.

Besides writing content, it’s important to determine how the pages will be structured because some brands need brochures and they might be folded differently. So the brand book needs to be specific about these aspects as well.

Public Relation Policies

The part of the brand book that is about public relations policies is mostly about the representatives of the brand and contains additional information about how they can be contacted. You can also add the part about what to do, and what shouldn’t be done, in short- Dos and Don’ts.

After going through these basic guidelines make sure that your brand book will be well-designed and creative as well. This is the expression of your brand, so everything has to be unique and well-planned.

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By Caroline

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