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How to build Consensus and Commitment in Business Consulting?

By Tamar
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What are the Advantages of Business Consulting

Business consulting is a great way to improve existing products and services and overall help you manage your company better. You have a chance to get additional information about the most important aspects that happen on daily bases around you and could have a great impact on your business.

Changes that occur around you are good since they can be used to your advantage with good strategy. With business consulting, you’ll be able to determine your problems, and main pain points, drive changes, deal with tough decisions better, and use everything to your advantage without wasting time.

Company’s Aspirations and Actions

Actions are born from aspirations that companies have. When they have specific wishes, goals, or expectations, they work on strategies that will help them, they include only the kind of actions that will bring them desired results. So aspirations are unique for different organizations and actions depend on them.

Sometimes a company has to go through several gaps that are between those important aspects. Because knowing something and doing it is very different. While trying to improve, companies should keep in mind that experimentation or adaptation to certain circumstances is part of everyday organizational life. 

Consensus and Commitment

Sometimes people can agree on one idea and then do something totally different. There is this huge difference between their words and actions. But it’s simple, sometimes people agree on things because they don’t want to argue, seem bad, etc. There have numerous reasons, so as an end result they reach a consensus but don’t have any commitment at all.

Easy consensus could mean that most people have no idea what the topic is about, or they aren’t trying hard enough to understand what’s going on and are missing important points. Basically, excellence can be achieved in business when the gap between consensus and commitment is minimized.

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How to Build Consensus in Business Consulting?

Reaching a consensus is important in order to move forward. The team who doesn’t know what they are doing won’t be able to continue their job. The shared efforts could increase performance levels, bring new ideas to the company, and judge the whole picture about ongoing events better.

While working on recommendations and planning new steps for future success, it’s important to go through consensus. Talking about changes and new ideas and using new business strategies, should be something that your company members can agree on full-heartedly.

First of all, it should be determined what steps are necessary to take regarding any issue and come to an agreement on what you want to do and how then make sure that your plan will work and everybody will do things the way they were planned. Key factors are determining problems, having the motivation to eliminate them, and having trust in each other.

How to Build Commitment in Business Consulting?

It’s important to understand how much this means for the relationships that could be established within your company and with customers as well. It’s an important topic that can ensure your success and better performance of your team.

First of all, facts and data that people get should be something that is interesting or valuable for them. It should be an idea that will be reached after going through differences and arguing. Those kinds of ideas actually have more importance for people, because they’re the ones that survived the criticism and came on top.

So this kind of consensus can already create a commitment that will be valid. You’ll be sure that your decision is right and will be more ready to follow appropriate actions.

The legendary General Motors CEO Alfred P. Sloan, frequently went through these topics to ensure the success of the company. If the consensus was easily and quickly reached, he would demand to schedule another meeting where his team would argue more, would have more different ideas, and would be able to analyze different options to find the best ones. The key element here was to share ideas.

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