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How to Measure the Effectiveness of your UI/UX Design?

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Importance of UI/UX Design

Having good UI/UX design is essential for any company and plays a crucial role in web development and customer experience. Nowadays customers have high demands, they want to have better, faster experiences in the online world.

With UI/UX design you can take care of the most crucial factors that are related to your webpage and increase the chances of getting more traffic. First of all, you can create well-designed graphics and colorful aesthetic parts for your webpage to make it more attractive and memorable.

With effective UI/UX design you can increase user engagement on your webpage, and it will help you to build your brand as well. The benefits that you get from UI/UX design ensure that your company will get more satisfied customers. Also, effective UI/UX design contains elements that are related to SEO, which is important for higher ranking in Google search results.

Research and Analyze Data

User behavior data combines the general characteristics, likes, and dislikes of your target audience. Understanding this information will help you to cover the gap between users and your company, this data helps you to make their expectations more realistic.

Researching and analyzing data will bring you more ideas, which will lead you to innovations. But to determine if your UI/UX design is effective, you have to check several important aspects.

Use UX Metrics and KPIs to Measure Effectiveness of UI/UX Design

UX Metrics and KPIs aren’t the same and have several key differences which should be remembered. KPI can measure the success of your business. It can let you know more about average order values as well and generally help you monitor your progress. After you get enough data you’ll know how to adjust or improve your approach.

UX metrics can tell you how users interact with your brand and products. You can get to know more about user experience and their satisfaction and engagement levels.

While working on UI, keep in mind that error prevention is important, also users should be able to navigate themselves on the webpage easily. Try to provide them with tips as well or documentation, that will act as their guideline.

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Monitor Real User Metrics When Your Webpage is Used

Real User Monitoring Metrics determine the importance and value of digital products. This way company is able to determine what troubles users generally, and what they seem to struggle with and helps you to improve customer experience.

In this case, you are generally tracking how many users used your webpage, or downloaded your app and then used it, also you’ll know how frequently your customers used them.

UX Metrics Related to User Engagement

You can check in this case how your target audience generally engages with your company, and how they value your services or products. Engagement metrics include clicks, taps, page views, screen views, shares via social media, comments on blog posts, etc. You’ll be able to determine if your customers get what they want from your company.

Usability and Adoption Metrics

Usability metrics clearly show you how well customers use different features and functions that are related to your webpage or app. Customers, who find interacting with you easy and beneficial might adopt some aspects related to your company in their daily life.

Adoption Metrics clearly show you how much your customers added your products to their lifestyle, it’s a clear indication of success. You’ll see the true value of your product and how it can be used.

Retention Metrics

User Retention Metric measures how many people returned back for your product or service, so high performance and good results are essential for this part. If more people come back for your product, it’s a good sign. However, if retention metrics don’t show a high return ratio, you should start working on a strategy that will change this scenario.

Behavioral KPIs

It’s interesting to see how people interact with digital products and what they really think about them.  With behavioral UX KPIs, you can understand how well your users can do core tasks and also how much time they need.

Via search patterns, you’ll understand what’s your target audience interested in and also understand how easily they find the desired information. Also, check the user error rate to see what they seem to struggle with the most.

Attitudinal KPIs

Understanding your target audience isn’t easy, however, there are solutions for that as well. With Attitudinal KPIs you can measure what your customers like or dislike the most on your webpage, understand more about their satisfaction levels regarding your product or service and know if their expectations are met.

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