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Trending Software for Generating Art by Artificial Intelligence

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Why is Artificial Intelligence Important for Art?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to generate art and also analyze it. The connection between AI and Art was established after the invention of the computer and numerous graphic designers benefit from it now. Nowadays AI-generated art is in advertising, architecture, fashion, film, etc. 

AI-generated art includes numerous realistic and high-quality images and animations. Artists use AI as an important tool and work with algorithms to create high-quality art while staying original. This solution gives the artist capability to generate unique graphics and make art with merely a code.

NightCafe as AI Art Generator

NightCafe is a famous AI Art Generator where you create art with numerous options regarding the desired art style or texture. You can create your image in several minutes and purchase images as well that you liked. You have full copyright ownership and you choose if you want to show your art to the general public or not.

NihtCafe has impressive community features as well, you can follow other users, participate in daily challenges, comment on your favorite creations, turn your creations into collections, etc. You’ll have access to numerous algorithms and have a text-to-image art service as well, which understands your words to create a unique image for you.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream can help you to make more realistic images with Artificial Intelligence. It’s user-friendly and just requires uploading images before the tool will be able to generate a new image based on the original. Because of the different painting styles that Deep Dreams has, most people use it to create artwork.

Deep Dream has several different styles, on top of that creates realistic images, has text-to-image service, can interpret a painting style as well, and is good for creating abstract art.

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Artbreeder AI Art Generator

Artbreeder is used to modify portrait and landscape images, and can greatly enhance the quality of images. Also, some users combine several images to create a new one. Some of the tools can change skin color, eye color, etc.

With the aid of Artbreed, you can create new images from a base image, download them, and recreate well-known images and it needs only several minutes to process your photographs.

Fotor GoArt

Fotor is another option with numerous users and is frequently used to create NFT art as well. It’s beginner-friendly and you can get accustomed to it without much technical or design experience.  Also, you don’t need an account to create or download images.

Again you can just upload an image and choose a style of art that you’d like to apply to it. You can create NFT art more quickly, use different styles and editing options, and also have access to numerous tools that will help you perfect your images.


With WOMBO Dream you can play with different styles and use it as an NFT creator as well. You can use complex algorithms to turn your words into unique pieces of art. You can go for futuristic landscapes as well.

Some of the main features that could make your experience more unique include surreal designs that can enrich your artwork, also transform photos into cartoons, and use various art styles.

How your Business Can Benefit from AI-Generated Art?

AI Art can be one of the biggest steps towards another success, another improvement. With Artificial Intelligence you’d be able to create fascinating characters and develop a story, which will bring your message to your target audience. People love stories and companies always benefit when their storytelling is more creative.

Numerous companies develop games, books, and ad campaigns based on AI. AI-generated artwork is great for developing websites and mobile apps. Another benefit is the influence that it could have on marketing since creativity and marketing are always connected. You could create logos and other branding elements.

Software that generates art can be used in numerous ways, after determining what’s your goal, you can choose the one that could make your brand stand out via different services.

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