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How can Digital Experience Platforms Improve your Brand’s Performance?

By Benjamin
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Capabilities of Digital Experience Platform

A digital experience platform is a set of tools that help companies to manage and improve the digital experience across different channels and devices. It can be used for content management analytics, asset management, and data management. It’s basically a new kind of business architecture.

The primer goal of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is to improve the user experience for all types of customers from different platforms. DXP can give the company a better understanding of customer expectations so lots of marketing teams use it to pinpoint the immediate needs of customers and make interaction with them better.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Experience Platforms

Businesses greatly benefit from DXP since it gives them the possibility to deliver a richer and more personalized experiences to their customers. Lots of industries are adopting different digital strategies to create smarter and more sustainable ways to operate.

A Digital Experience Platform is one of the ways that can make your experience more interesting, there are several different types of DXP and you can choose the best one for yourself depending on your needs and interests.

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Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform

Liferay’s DXP can help you to create more incredible online experiences that will connect you with your target audience. As your business grows managing, organizing, and creating content becomes more critical.

With this DXP you’d be able to have a unique set of tools that will help you to manage your content, and your accounts and generally make communication more efficient.

Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform will help you connect with your customers on a personal level. It could help you out with online commerce platforms as well and create more digital shopping experiences that will positively influence the satisfaction levels and loyalty of your customers.

Pimcore’s Digital Experience Platform

Pimcore’s DXP software is a great way for managing and delivering a better, personalized experience for different customers. One of its unique features is how it can connect content and commerce to each other.

Pimcore’s DXP is very flexible and has a very intuitive interface that can help your company with content management and marketing campaigns as well. So you’ll have a chance to integrate data and marketing processes with each other and ensure that the quality of your work will be high, while the costs will be minimized.

Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe Experience Platform can give your customer experience management ecosystem a new life. It helps you to manage your customer data across different applications and you can always use numerous tools to engage the audience and be more creative.

Adobe Experience Manager has the ability to collect data across different channels and helps you to understand the customer data lifecycle with advanced data management tools. By building new services with its help company can improve its products, sales and visibility as well.

How to Choose DXP

After deciding that it’s necessary to use DXP, you have to determine which one you need. First of all, it’s critical to know which problems would you like to resolve with DXP. Then narrow down your options, because there are lots of good DXPs but you need the one that’s more suitable for your business.

Go through your list again and compare all the options that you have. Try to leave only two or three options and then try to get the opinion of an experienced organization to ensure that you’ll make the correct choice.

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