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How can Teaser Content boost your Brand’s Sales and Social Media Engagement levels?

By Nicole
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Importance of a Successful Teaser Campaign

Whenever new products or good news are coming from different companies, they don’t give up information straight away. The main purpose of the teaser campaign is to create curiosity in the target audience.

One of the advertisements of Mercedes is a great example of Teaser Content. Instead of showing the new car model, you see two friends talking over a car. One of them wants to buy it and is making his friend envious since nobody has bought this car yet and he’ll be the first. At the end of an advertisement, you can just judge the whole situation and imagine for a second how great it must be to have a car like that, but still, they don’t show you the car.

Begin Early and Utilize All Channels

Communicating early and describing how new products can benefit your audience and staying mysterious is a big effort that ends with profitable results. While delivering news, it’s important to imagine how the readers would feel, and what would they be interested in.

Customers should feel anticipation about what’s coming, which means keeping a nice balance between being informative and being teasing. New teaser content should bring excitement and the company should be ready to actively share news via different channels.

Don’t reveal too much too soon but make it worth it

People love solving puzzles, if you’ll make them believe that this interesting process is worth of their time, they’ll be more than happy to follow you.

It’s important to use the language of urgency. It’s not important to complicate things, even very simple words can trigger desired results. The idea of teaser content is to make the customers believe that if they won’t start following you, subscribing to you, or getting to know your brand now, they’ll miss a big opportunity. There is no better time than now to be with your company.

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Increasing Social Media Engagement Levels

Posting teasing content in interesting ways always attracts attention. You can do it with images, videos, articles and etc.

For example, you can just post an image, where only one part is visible and ask the followers what it could be in their opinion. You can turn it into a contest as well to attract more attention.

Share small parts of videos or just take some words that are used in the video and create another post from them and share.

Teaser content can be about old services or products as well. This way you can show off them in a new light. Like for example take any product that was popular before but you can’t sell now. Think about what was the value before and how can it be used now. Ask the customers via social media any question that’s related to your product without revealing what it is. Say a couple of words about how it can be used now and when you’ll think it’s time, reveal it.

This way company doesn’t need many finances, nor much time, basically there’s nothing to lose and there’s something that can be gained.

Increasing the Brand’s Sales

The most interesting part is how the human mind tries to deal with puzzles. Puzzles have to be completed, everybody knows that, but we do the same thing with everything. As in when there’s a new movie and you don’t know the ending, it’s only natural that halfway through it you’ll start thinking about how it’s going to end. If you’ll be right, you’ll be happy.

The main reason why teaser content works so well and as end result becomes very beneficial and profitable for the Brand’s sales is our above-mentioned habit.

People like puzzles and mysteries and they like predicting how they can be solved. When you show them your unfinished product image and they don’t know what it is, they’ll start predicting what could it be. And since the teaser content will have many positive elements and will be designed from the beginning to create excitement, people will start finishing your product in their minds with that excitement.

Teaser content gives the company great freedom to assert its audience again and increase its income.

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