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Use Paywall to Increase Your Content Engagement Level

By Jonathan Massa
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Definition of a Paywall

A paywall is a digital payment barrier that most online businesses are using right now while delivering their content and services via the help of the internet. It makes sure that not everybody will be able to use and see online content unless they are willing to subscribe to their online channel or just pay the fee.

Hitting the paywall part isn’t pleasant for most of the customers, because most of the time the customers are using the free trial to see if they really like the content or the service, so after getting used to receiving everything for free, paying money for it doesn’t make them comfortable straight away.

But in this digital world, there are lots of things we have to get used to. For example, if buying the newspaper in the streets would cost you money, why reading the same newspaper online should be free?

Many publications, like The Atlantic, Wired, and Bloomberg along with others have been using paywalls actively for several years now.

Seeing the Value in the Paywall Ecosystem

It’s important to consider the opinions of our clients and plan everything carefully. Paywalls are good options and profitable as well, but without careful planning, they might have a negative effect.

Also in today’s world, it’s nothing confusing or unimaginable, but delivering it in the best possible way always ends up with more subscribers and better results.

First of all, the clients should see the value in their subscriptions, and feel proud that after passing the paywall barrier they are involved in something great and have the information that not many people have around them. They should be sure about themselves and proud of being fully involved with the company. They have to pay for the service, so before they do they have to be 100 % sure that it’s worth it.

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Improvements behind the Paywall Models

Implementing paywalls is something that lots of companies use, but if the content that one company has can be found in another one as well, it automatically gives us negative results. If the customer has to pay the company a certain amount of money to read the post or watch the movie, which is free and available at all times on other web pages, of course, they won’t subscribe to the first company.

So the main point is to improve the content, give the customers something special, original, that can’t be easily duplicated, and then start working on the kind of paywalls which just add to the reputation of the company, as in are safe, well designed and well structured.

Focusing on providing the content that matters and being fully informed and engaged in it, will automatically help us to attract more customers, share better experiences and make sure that they’ll stay loyal to us. In any case, the paywalls give the company a good idea about how many people are truly interested in their content and willing to follow each of their services and post.

Client Engagement Level and Its True Value

When the clients are following certain companies and industries and improve themselves with them, it’s great. The company has an educated client, who is monitoring the new trends and the news and after witnessing important industry developments, they are bound to grow themselves and come up with new ideas, which are always enlightening and welcome.

The key factor that the customers are looking for is all the potential hidden behind the paywalls. Increasing opportunities for loyal subscribers to gain access not only to the content but also to new industry intelligence tools improves the sense of exclusiveness and user experience as well. So when the clients are ready to subscribe, they should know about the true values that they’d be able to use.

Good content has value, when the clients see and feel the true worth of what they are getting involved in, the financial aspects are the least they will worry about. They will support the brand and publication financially when they’ll see just how valuable their experience is with you.

Optimizing your Paywall Strategy

Integrating the paywall method into your content is a very important step. It’s important to analyze first of all what kind of wall design is available now and how it can be improved later. Some light changes are always welcome, like adapting to national or international holidays, different seasons of the year and etc.

The paywalls have to look good, be well structured, and create a sense of reliability. So when the customers look at it, they should see that it is unique and has high quality. The first impression is important, otherwise, they might lose the trust and don’t feel so safe about the payment.

Customers should be assured that certain companies are trustworthy and reliable, otherwise, they won’t risk anything. So they have to be well informed and see the right price. A price that’s not so different from similar web pages and also goes well with the content.

Moving easily through the webpage and also seeing the easy and understandable structure that can be navigated independently will help the customers to feel safer and assured in a company.

Sending personalized emails, making them feel welcome and encouraging communication between the customers always makes them feel more involved in the company and makes their experience more fulfilling.

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By Jonathan

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Jonathan Massa

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