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Importance of Social Proof Theory in Digital Marketing

By Caroline
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Definition of Social Proof

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon that basically describes how people tend to mimic the actions or just adopt the beliefs that their trusted group of friends or their role models have.

This theory emphasizes just how much people tend to follow specific groups and share their opinions. To put it simply, if we have to choose between two options, we’ll choose the one which our friends have recommended.

Power of Persuasion in Marketing

People are social creatures and it’s necessary to be accepted and liked in society. In unfamiliar places and situations, we imitate others. The psychology behind social proof is very simple, for example, if a certain brand is famous and people around us like it, we can admire it as well.

Many companies use the Social Proof method for their landing page strategies. The influence of social proof starts from the reviews and the trust icons that are visible on web pages. It’s one of the best ways to build trust with your loyal and potential customers and boost brand authority as well.

Ways to Use Social Proof in Digital Marketing

So when we want to work with the Social Proof Method we have to enhance trust and influence. Many customers just read online reviews before making a decision, then they check the stories where companies describe how their product or service would be good for them.

Reviews should be firmly implemented in any strategy because potential customers always want to hear what loyal customers have to say.

When people get recommandations from professionals and authoritative figures they are more inclined to follow them.

Also if customers notice that a certain brand is respected among other similar brands, of course, people will be immediately intrigued and ready to share their impressions.

Emphasizing that your products are in limited quantity right now or that they’re “Trending Now” is a message that directly influences us and makes us think that if so many products were sold, it must be good and we have to get them. This sense of urgency works well for many companies.

For example, using the kind of psychological language that tells the whole community to “Join the 100 000 other businesses that benefit from Marketing” is another evidence of using the social proof method.

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Reviews and Trust Badges

It should be easy for customers to leave reviews on the company webpage. The location of reviews should be very strategic. It has to be simple, and informative and should be on the high-traffic part of the webpage.

Trust badges, also known as trust seals, are an excellent way to highlight the security of the brand. Even when the customers have heard about certain companies, it’s always better for them to see how influential they are and the trust badges always help with that.

Statistics and Figures

Displaying the achievements of the company and showing the customers the statistics and the figures is always beneficial and lots of people gain more confidence in a brand like this.

If thousands of people are interested in certain products, and services and generally brand-based statistics look impressive, it immediately influences the customer’s judgment and impressions.

The importance of trust that the Customers have in Brands

Since we live in the digital era of business, it’s only natural that many of the strategies and plans regarding brand improvement always use different online-based skills and are prone to turn to websites, and mobile applications and pay attention to the smallest details displayed in them.

But trust can be gained and displayed in many creative ways. Social proof is based on trust, and so is the brand image and the future of any company.

Amazon actively shows us the ratings of their products, reviews, and what are similar items that could be purchased as well. Every element has a vital role in this case.

Using the help of the influencers is another smart strategy since people watch them, connect to them and they always seem to have their favorites. Influencers that are popular in their age group or in their social circle. If they watch them frequently, that means that they are trusted and well-liked.

Another strategy is to work closely with other companies and work on the target audience together. The loyal customer would always be interested in another company if they are associated with the one that they trust.

When the company is sure about its marketing goals and has a clear idea of their importance and benefits, it becomes easier to gain loyal customers all over the world.

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