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How can Neuro Marketing Benefit your Sales?

By Tamar
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What’s the Definition of Neuro Marketing?

Neuro Marketing refers to measurement of different physiological and neural signals to get better insight into customer’s motivations, decisions, like and dislikes. It can help us in many different marketing areas, like to understand what should we work on, what’s the most important point to focus on and also to understand our customer’s needs even when they have hard time understanding it themselves.

Like for example, all of us know Mel Gibson and most of us remember “What Women Want”. Due to an electrical accident he was “blessed” to hear every woman’s thought around him, he could know without additional research what’s going on in their pretty little heads. Unfortunately, we can’t read minds, but we can research, measure and discover so much more.

Neuro Marketing and Emotional Memories

Why is Mel so involved in women’s activities? He heard and discovered so much that he became emotionally involved. Like emotion is a powerful tool, it creates impact, also let’s not forget that emotions boost memories.

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If something is important enough to arouse our emotions, it must be important, that’s basically what our brain thinks so it automatically saves the data for us. Since the customers never really know why they buy and most of their decisions are based on emotions, we need to have a way to understand clearly what they want even when they have no idea about it.

How does Neuro Marketing Work?

Neuro Marketing research uses technologies that observe brain activity and biometrics (heart rate, eye movement, facial coding and etc.) to discover how people react toward certain marketing messages.

If our product supports animal causes, people will feel better about it. If we are affordable and comfortable choice for them of course they are going to be happy about that and also, if we are Gucci and don’t want to decrease the prices and just work with people who can buy us, we will still have happy customers on our doorsteps. Neuro Marketing research can be divided in several categories:

  • Techniques that register physiological activity of the central nervous system.
  • Techniques that register physiological activity of the peripheral nervous system.
  • Other techniques that register behavior, conduct.

Neuro Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Now if we combine Neuro Marketing techniques, the emotional responses that we can get from our customers and add all the available tools around us, like marketing strategy, digital strategy, business model etc. we’ll discover, if the customers are aware of our true potential and benefits. Are they sure that our brand can fulfill all of their needs and wishes? Are the customers advocating for our brand?

Structure Content Using Neuro Marketing Principles

Use the research to understand more about emotions, thoughts and instincts. Each trigger in the outer world creates different reaction in brain. Why not create an intro which will make everybody intrigued from the first sentence?

Promote Benefits and Build Trust

“What’s in it for me?” everybody wants to know that, even if they won’t ask they are going to think, so we can always remind them how they can use our services beneficially and be in winner position. Since trust is another neuro marketing component for successful sales, we can depend on the information that we know about their needs and wants and actively communicate with them or just send clear messages frequently so we’ll be able to gain their trust and loyalty.

Keep Your Message Consistent

People come to us because we are memorable, helpful, beneficial for them, we helped them with our products and we create emotions, memories in them. They will get accustomed to us, with our colors, words, strategies, habits, but after some time every industry grows, time changes so do we. So consistency is a great way to make all the progress and changes that you want, but also to be still memorable and easily recognizable for your loyal customers as well.

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