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Basic Principles of a great Product Design

By Caroline
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Importance of a Product Design

Product design is the key process that helps us to mix up user needs and business goals to create consistently successful products for different brands.

First of all, we have to go through the research phase, we’ll be researching: people, machines, environment. People include our loyal customers, potential customers, producers, sellers, etc. Everybody could be related to the product life cycle and make some impact there.

Researching machine includes discovering how the human-machine relationship works and getting more information about the current market products and their status.

As for the environment, every object is used in a specific space for different purposes, at different times. 

After that, based on the information that we gathered we need to analyze what could be the potential need of the users and discover how we can follow current trends. So we’ll be able to determine the future of the product and its main purpose and be ready to start working on detailed design.

Balance the Quality and Beauty

Product design sets you apart from other companies, so gaining more in-depth knowledge of your product is a must. Paying more attention to the uses of your product and working on them will increase the quality. But let’s not forget how we get more attention with good product design. When people see something they like, they are more motivated to get it. So when we have a modern and attractive product design, we have a competitive product.

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Make the Product Design Innovative

When we are purchasing something we do it with intent, we know what’s our basic requirement and look for products that will fulfill them. However, with so many companies around us, we need to stand out. Innovative product design and sending correct messages to customers are important to make them understand the real significance and uses of our product.

Conducting the User Research

We need to know how many companies would be able to compete against us, and how popular our product is. Would our company make a profitable decision? Would we be able to create something different and useful? After gathering information about our loyal and potential customers we’ll have a better understanding of our course of action.

Design Local, Think Global

It’s not easy when we want to make our product design accessible to the world, because we’ll be dealing with lots of cultural differences and each part of the world will have its own opinion about us. So the explanatory text which comes with the product should be understandable for at least several countries.

Be attentive toward colors, images, advertisements, and other visuals. Analyze your business model to know which countries would be beneficial for you, get to know how Marketing Strategies work in different countries and what kind of Branding Strategies would be available for you.

Modification of your Product Design

When you have a specific direction regarding the future of your brand, changed product design is something that will make improvements easier for you. The world changes around us, trends change, so we have to follow the new steps.

It’s always good when we have information about how other companies are functioning as well because we can observe their products, marketing strategies, their budgets and get some interesting information from their experience.

The process of Designing the Product

It’s important to capture the whole essence of your idea in colors, textures, and looks. Again you have to ensure that your idea wasn’t developed or used before. It’s essential to create sketches about all the ideas you have, to highlight important points, to write about them, and think about how they will be perceived.

After working on the basic structure our work has to become more detailed, it’s important for many different brands, it could be about jewelry and its eye-catching parts or portable consumer electronics. After getting the idea final picture of the product design is as close to reality as possible.

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By Caroline

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