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How to use the “Golden Circle’’ theory to boost your business

By Benjamin Massa
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What is the Golden Circle theory?

While people’s decisions to favor one business over another may be unclear, Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle hypothesis argues this is not the case. From the eyes of the customers, it may seem as though firms only care about their bottom line and have no care for their core principles or “why.”

Companies like Nike, Tesla, and others take a completely different strategy by beginning with their “why” before talking about their goods, as well as the “how” and “what.” these are the components of The Golden Circle hypothesis that are pretty simple to understand, but sometimes difficult for the company to identify. 


Perhaps there is a need in the market that your company will address, or perhaps you just have an original vision for the future of your sector. Your company could have a personal or mission-based “why.” which will define why you create your product and services. What is behind your business, should be translated into the “why”. 

It would be best if you gave consumers and your team a compelling reason to support the business by defining the “why” behind your brand, which should go beyond the bottom line.


The Golden Circle theory’s following section discusses how your brand accomplishes its “why”. This might include the procedures or infrastructure that set your company apart from rivals. 

“How” is the process of implementation “why”, so it only matters when you are taking actions. Everything your brand does should be connected to your main goal and how it will be connected is defined in the “How” circle. 

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What your business performs in terms of the goods or services it offers is the final phase of a Golden Circle. This part of the Golden Circle concept should position your business as a distinctive and forward-thinking market leader.

Whatever it is that you are “selling,” it must be related to the main goals and objectives of the business. Having a clear understanding of the “why” will enable you to develop compelling brand messaging.

The benefits of using the Golden Circle model

The reality is that a lot of businesses will simply concentrate on product sales to make a profit if they don’t understand their own fundamental beliefs and inspiration. 

Any type of business can benefit from using the Golden Circle framework to communicate more effectively with customers and create a bigger picture for the future of the business.  Here are the main benefits of utilizing the Golden Circle theory to create a distinctive brand for your company.

Maintains consistency in brand message

Every element of how your firm runs, from service quality to workplace culture, will reflect the values and reasons it promotes.

This implies that your communications, marketing, and news releases will all adopt a unified, distinctive tone for your brand. The Golden Circle may aid in directing customer interaction strategies by honing the emphasis on email, social media, and content marketing.

Direction is clearly provided

By defining ground principles and an underlying purpose from the beginning, the Golden Circle model aids in framing the direction that your firm will take in the future. Your business will have a clear route ahead to manage today’s hypercompetitive environment if you consistently follow your goals.

You will already be aware of exactly what your firm stands for, what it aspires to achieve your goal, and how it means to get there, while other businesses battle for brand awareness or better profits.

Makes your business stand out

People can recognize a company that genuinely cares and one that only thinks about the bottom line. Businesses that adhere to the Golden Circle principle have a higher chance of standing out from the competition and gaining a devoted following of clients who share their values. Your business will eventually start to develop a distinct brand identity from all of its rivals, ensuring that your word never gets wasted in the crowd.


Will your company’s stock ever hit Apple or Tesla levels? Perhaps, perhaps not, but if you constantly follow your “why,” “how,” and “what” in all you say and do, your brand message will undoubtedly be on par. You might be able to communicate with your clients in a far more significant and memorable way if you focus all your marketing efforts around your company’s Golden Circle.

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