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Is a Creative Brief essential for a successful Marketing Strategy? 

By Benjamin
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What is a Creative Brief?

Your company needs a new marketing campaign but doesn’t know how to start. Many things must be determined in advances, such as budgets, deadlines, needs, and more. This is the stage where the creative brief is essential. 

A creative brief is a document that brings together everything you need to plan a marketing campaign. Whether an internal team working on a marketing strategy or an outsourced agency, a creative brief can help you define goals, audiences, messages, KPIs, and more.

A creative brief is a 2-3 page that helps you stick to your goals and plan any kind of advertising campaign accordingly, whether it’s for social media, outdoors, or anything else.

Why is a Creative Brief important?

If you want your creative campaign to come out exactly as you envision it, then you must spend time creating a detailed and well-written brief. 

No matter who your product’s target audience is or what type of marketing campaign you’re working on, a creative brief is essential so that your goals are clearly and precisely spelled out and all requirements are aligned. Define in advance the details that you definitely want to be considered or set restrictions. And most importantly, as a client, you should accurately deliver your wishes and expectations to the agency or team.

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How to write the best Creative Brief?

If you are planning a marketing strategy or campaign with the help of a digital agency, in this case, you as a client should prepare and submit a creative brief to the account manager.

And if the project is developing inside the company, then the project leader is responsible for writing creative briefing. In both cases, you need to know the steps you need to go through for the creative brief to be perfect. 

Before creating a brief, you should answer a few questions to know your company’s values and goals and what you expect from this campaign.

If you want your creative brief to be great then you should have answers to these questions:

Why are we doing this? 

At this stage, you should describe the general context, explain the reasons why you need a new marketing campaign or strategy, and tell about your company and the industry in which you operate.

What is the problem we want to solve?

Defining the problem is important for the success of the final results. Try to express as clearly as possible what problem the entire campaign should serve to solve. 

Who is our target?

If you don’t know who your target audience is, it’s impossible to get your message across to them, so specify every possible trait that your ideal customer will have.

What is the frame of the work?

Every project has certain limitations that must be taken into account, so be sure to highlight them.  

Where will it be used?

You must know in which channels you want to launch your campaign. The agency should know in advance which channels to adjust the marketing campaign.

When will it be done?

Deadlines are always and everywhere important. Pre-determined dates will definitely help you to achieve your goal quickly and correctly

How can we see if it was successful?

If you don’t know in advance how you measure success, it’s impossible to know how well your expectations or goals were met.

If you want your creative brief to meet your goals, then you should try your best and keep it short but informative, Do not overload the brief with unnecessary information. Also, it is essential to decide what will be your most important key benefit. Another main thing you should consider while writing your brief is to define a call-to-action and if you want to avoid misunderstandings, express all your wishes clearly. 


If creating a creative brief is completely new for you, you can find professionals who can help you with the brief, if you decide to create it yourself, you can always use the creative brief templates and guides that are plenty on the Internet.

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