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Marketing, Branding, and the Psychology of Color

By Benjamin Massa
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What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology studies what emotions this or that color causes in us, what we associate with any color, and what feelings are associated with red, green, or black.  

When a person sees color, it awakens special memories, facts, and feelings. For example, when we see the cerulean blue color, it reminds us of swimming in the calm sea and ocean. Or red, it reminds us of blood. As a result, color psychology significantly influences marketing and branding. 

Brand and color

As we said, colors influence how we feel about things, and they define our perceptions of the brand. How this happens is the study of brand color psychology. Considering how people perceive colors is a powerful tool for brand design. 

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Some brands have formed a strong bond with specific colors, and when we see that color, we automatically remember the brand or product, sometimes even the taste or feeling. So, for example, when you see the color red, there is a big chance that you thought about Coca-cola, or if you see the color yellow, you remember the fries you ate at MacDonalds.

Why is color an important asset?

Not a while ago, scientists named the ugliest color in the world, it is Pantone 448 C. If you are picking colors for a new design, it wouldn’t be the best idea to choose this color if you don’t want to be associated with ugliness.

This is exactly how color theory helps to create a successful branding strategy for your product. Colors may evoke different feelings and emotions in different people based on culture, experience, or traditions, but some general Peculiarities are the same for every color and every person’s perception. 

Knowing these general guidelines is essential for marketing and branding. It will help you to express your central values and shape consumer behavior the way you want. 

Choosing your brand color

To pick a suitable color for your brand, you should study general rules that apply to the specific colors. But first, let us discuss some standard colors.  but we know that color pallet has millions of colors, and choosing the right color depends on the brand and not what is your favorite color.


Red is one of the most controversial colors and can trigger negative and positive emotions. So you should be very careful when choosing the red color. It is associated with power, fearlessness, energy, passion, and excitement, but at the same time, it can be linked to danger, warning, anger, and pain. 

Research shows red is one of the effective colors for sales and stimulating appetite; this is why MacDonald and coca-cola use the color red. It is also popular in the sports car because of its power and energetic feelings. 

Meaning of color changes like human behavior considering cultural differences color red may be the best or worst choice. For example, red is connected with blood, hardiness, and heroism in America and the western world. On the other hand, in China, red means luck and has a more ritualic meaning. 


White is mainly associated with purity and cleanliness; it is simple and light. However, sometimes, This simplicity may appear empty and dull. 

White is a classic color, so it often appears in modern minimalistic looks. But if not used properly, it can be uninteresting and plain. Some brands like Apple, Lexus, and Cartier are great examples of proper use of white color. 


As red color black can be radically different. In one way, it is elegant and modern, but it can also be dark and heavy. 

In branding, black is commonly used to express luxury brands like Prada. However, in fashion little black dress symbolizes a simple and elegant look. 

Using black for clothing brands is strategically correct, but operating in healthcare brands will cause association of death.


When we talk about green, we immediately remember nature and something fresh. 

If you want to be connected with health, and perceived as eco-friendly, then it is best to choose some shade of green. 

Another side of the green is linked with money. Do you remember Dollars are green? So it is a good choice for financial companies, too.  

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By Benjamin

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