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How do Immersive Technologies influence Businesses? 

By Benjamin Massa
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What are immersive technologies?

Have you ever heard about immersive technologies? 

Immersive technology helps one to be part of the virtual, artificial world, It is the way to unite users’ sound, sight, and touch and makes a completely different digital experience.  

Not long ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created a virtual world called the Metaverse. This is the most famous example of immersive technologies. More businesses are moving into the Metaverse world, exhibitions are taking place, companies are putting up advertising banners, etc. 

But is it the future of the business industry? Should we consider connecting our company to immersive technologies? As everything is developing at lightning speed, you never know what will happen next. You should be aware of everything new, so your business Never falls behind the trends. 

Immersive technology divides into two main principles: Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  

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Augmented reality 

Augmented reality uses machine learning and the utilization of computer vision to blend reality with virtual reality; This makes it possible for the customers to get real-life experiences of the product while online shopping or searching for some service. 

Augmented reality is a growing field. It is predicted that the AR industry will reach 60$ billion By 2023. All this, clearly shows how important it is to be close to innovative technologies.

Virtual reality

You may have seen VR glasses. Virtual reality is a part of immersing technologies, that offer various digital displays to experience the virtual environment. Numerous companies already using virtual reality quite successfully, for example, PlayStation 4, or oculus rift. 

Virtual reality allows users to feel part of the artificial world, to be in another place without moving. 

Because of all the opportunities, virtual reality offers it is expected that spending on VR technologies will be 71% higher in 5 years. 

Mixed reality 

Mixed reality is also part of immersive technologies that combine AR and VR. 

Mixed reality is successfully used in employment training because It allows participants to make mistakes. After all, they are in a virtual world. It is like an experience in the real world, so it helps with learning new processes. 

Walmart and Tyson already mixed reality technologies in employee training. As AR and VR Mixed reality, is rapidly growing. It is expected that mixed reality will reach 2.8$ billion by 2023.

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality for Business

VR, AR, and MR technologies already offered the world innovative ways of problem-solving. Immersive technologies can be used in any industry and every step of product development, starting from product testing and prototyping to content creation. 

More and more businesses are integrating AR into their services. AR is successfully used in retail, as well as in the tourism industry. Various companies already using virtual try-on opportunities, such as Rolex. Also, Amazon and IKEA offer their customers to see how certain subjects will look in their houses, using AR technologies. 

Virtual reality is perfect for the real estate industry. It will allow customers to explore places, from anywhere. VR technologies are often used by automotive companies. They offer their customers virtual test drives, without scheduling meetings, or coming into their shop. 

What is next?

Professionals know that while talking about the future of our world, it automatically embraces the digital world. Sooner or later, most businesses will make immersive technologies an integral part of their business. 

Immersive technologies are everywhere. Healthcare, retail, automotive, marketing. Every field is impacted by AR, VR, and MR technologies. this influence will grow as more and more people get access to technology.  

One of the main predictions is that Metaverse will become the biggest virtual world, every business will take place there, people will have their avatars it will become our second “home.”

Next time you plan innovations for the development of your business, be sure to consider the integration of immersive technologies. 

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By Benjamin

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