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How to hire the right Front-end Developer for your Company?

By Jonathan Massa
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What do front-end developers do?

The front-end developer converts data into an interactive Web site. By using CSS, HTML, and javascript, Front-end developers provide graphically attractive user interfaces that are technically adapted. 

Front-end development is the process of creating websites adjusted to users’ interests; front-end developer makes every detail simple but enjoyable plus functional for the customer’s best experience. In addition, Front-end development makes more dynamic and attractive pages by adding all the design elements. 

Why hire a front-end developer?

If you have the goal to create a design that is user-focused and underlines their interests, you definitely need a front-end developer. They also build personalized features for your website users, also maintain updates on every industry trend and advancement. 

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Another important task for front-end developers is providing standard code that can be used as a foundation for future projects. Finally, the front-end developer must perform all these tasks to a quality standard. 

Essential qualifications for front-end developers

indeed, every company and business has different requirements to develop their desired product, but there are some common skills that are a must to have for every front-end developer. 

The most common and crucial programming languages for a front-end developer are HTML, CSS, and javascript. HTML and CSS make up 80% of the work, but Javascript is the language to make all the designs into life and makes them dynamic.

Other than that good front-end developer should have some more basic skills, such as debugging and testing in an IDE, the compiler for CSS, like Sass or SCSS, version control systems, CSS frameworks, browser developer tools, basic knowledge of SEO, also front-end developer should be ready to do muck-ups of the website and final prototype. 

Classification of front-end developers

As everything else in this world, front-end developers come in different types. The most popular programming language is Javascript, which gives various frameworks to work with. The framework is already made code structure that can be used to create a site. This feature makes it easier to develop the website and focus on other details rather than start coding from scratch. 

The type of developer depends on which framework they are using. There are three main frameworks: React, Angular and Vue. they are all equally good but depending on the project, one of them may appear to be better to use. 

React developer

React is one of the most popular frameworks at this time. Up to 80% of developers use it. It is commonly used for more specific sites with less complexity because it is a very flexible framework. 

Vue developer

Vue is the most accessible framework to master and is used in all kinds of projects, whether large or small, but it is the best to use when creating a one-page site. 

Angular developer

Angular is the second most popular framework after react. It is best to use when creating larger websites with more complicated features.

How to hire Front-end Developer?

When hiring a front-end developer, you should consider everything above, but another important thing is that developers differ in their qualifications. Therefore, we can combine them into three groups: fresher front-end developers, experienced front-end developers, and highly professional front-end developers. 

Before hiring a developer, define your company’s needs, what you expect from the front-end developer, and how complex your goal is.  

Freshener front-end developers don’t have considerable experience, and they know basics like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, this kind of developer is best to hire when you already have a team and need another helping hand with your browser development. 

An experienced front-end developer can help you with more complex work, and they must know more than just javascript. For example, ECMA Script Programming Language (ES6) has more features than javascript and gives developers more possibilities. 

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By Jonathan

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