Why are Brand Assets important for your Construction company?

By Caroline
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What are brand assets?

When you hear the word brand, don’t you remember logos, slogans, names, or maybe even a particular color that is associated with some companies. All known businesses have one thing in common, they have built a strong brand, and in this process, they use brand elements and assets, which are now associated with these companies. 

Every little detail, like color palette, logo, font, shape, character, and so on is your brand’s asset. This is how people recognize you and how you stand out from other similar consistent brands. If your goal is to be memorable and consistent for customers you definitely need to have a distinctive brand, with unique assets. 

Here’s why strong brand assets matter

So you may think construction companies don’t have unique futures and it is hard to find your unique style or elements to stand out from others, and so are other industries. In the modern world competition are high, no matter the field. Every industry has its winners and losers. And to be a winner you need to have a strong brand because this is the only way how customers can recognize you. 

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Every successful construction company has spent a fair amount of time, course, and effort building the common brand. If you have high quality, a nice location, and outstanding architecture, without a strong brand strategy, the customer won’t trust you. 

Imagine you are in the supermarket and you want to buy water, there are two bottles one with a plain package, without a name or logo, and the other with a nice design, all the information on the label, which one would you choose, let me guess, the one with the name right? This is how every product is selling today, even in the construction industry. 

Building the brand

If you are just starting to build a brand for your construction company, there are some important and common things to consider. 


The name is essential. As said above, no one will trust you when they don’t even know how to call your company. But here comes the different part. Every name would be memorable. There are many aspects to consider, chosen a name should be easy, respectful for everyone, not taken by anyone else, and same time associated with your work, cause you are a construction company and don’t want people to look at you another way. 

Making a logo 

Another important asset is a logo. Your logo is your brand’s image, it presents you and makes the first impression on customers. So you should be careful with it. As a name, a complex and complicated logo isn’t the best idea, this kind of logo isn’t memorable for the customer and doesn’t leave a nice impression. 


If you want to be taken seriously only social media isn’t enough, you need to have a website. In a digital world business without a presentable website doesn’t have a successful future. It is also part of the brand, so spent a considerable amount of resources to build a suitable website. 

Set mission

It is very important for the brand to have a determined mission, you should tell your customers what is your brand purpose and how are you planning to achieve your goals.


Brands should have a decisive way to talk to their customers. It is crucial to know your type of customers and choose a relevant way to talk to them. Choose your brand’s identity and it will determine your brand’s tone. A suitable tone will get you customer loyalty.  


If you ever heard about color theory you should know that every color expresses some kind of emotion. This is why it is important to have your own, unique style of color. Choose which is a more suitable color scheme for your brand’s identity and follow this line.


So as we said above, a brand is your weapon to win customer recognition and be outstanding on the wide market. Building a brand is a long journey, with many steps, choosing distinctive brand assets is the first step. Being alone on this journey would be difficult and overwhelming, but our marketing team can help you in this journey to build the most successful and unique brand. 

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By Caroline

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Caroline is a branding and communication specialist. She develops brand strategies and visual identities in line with our clients' ambitions. Innovation and performance are her watchwords, transforming your brand into a powerful vector of engagement and growth, her specialty.


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