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Real Estate Company-Effective Web-Design Elements

By Benjamin Massa
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Industrial Designs and Estate Business

Real Estate business is generally viewed as one of the most serious businesses an individual can start or join. Well, it also depends on the location, demographics and many other factors, but in most cases-almost everywhere, Real Estate has a very distinguished style.

Industrial Design style seems to very well suit the mood that Estate business sets in general. Some cooler greyish tones, mostly a rather strict dress code in the working environment and pretty much anything that reminds you of a serious business man or a woman.

Clearly every company has their own attitude towards how to get the job done, but in specific categories and fields like these we still have to play a bit by the rules. Clearly, our website design has to command all the emotions and aspirations from our target audiences that we need to grow the business. Let’s review some of the most basic-yet important Web-Design Elements.

Simple makes Perfect

Now, when it comes to real estate target audience, one thing is sure-they are more likely looking for a neat and clean web-design. One of the reasons could be that, imagery is a necessary part of real estate deals, right?

Now, we don’t really have much time to photoshop hundreds of images into one specific aesthetic unless we have a whole building freshly finished with 3D imagery to just show the flat’s disposition.

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Imagine, having all the imagery on a website that is completely chaotic and contains an overdose of color! Would really hurt your eyes, wouldn’t it? So, if next time monochromatic color-map seems too boring, consider the discomfort of your target audience before-hands.

Unless your real estate company works on very specific clients with very specific tastes, for the sake of general visual comfort and neatness-it’s better to go with the classic color palettes.

Imagery in Real Estate

We’ve spoken of minor imagery in the previous paragraph. The thing is, the first impression happens with the image you place on a banner. As a matter of fact, don’t hold back on searching royalty free photos on specific platforms when necessary.

We all want a fancy design, don’t we? Cooler tones are mostly the WIN WIN. And you might wonder why. Well, basic color relations have very simple formula.

Blue, Grey, Black-Business;

Orange, Pink, Crème-Pastry/Edible;

Red-Mostly Emergency Services or Stores with everything we need daily. Take a good look at such stores and you just might find a red detail at least, almost anywhere. Green is very well known to suit the ecology theme.

Certainly, it also depends on hues, but we don’t have to go that deep for now.

Typography Matters

A lot has to be read on a real estate website. Sure, the very first landing page could be ultra-minimalistic. Yet, customer is looking for info, so we have to offer them a text that is readable at the very least.

When such aspects occur-have a good look at general web-page accessibility standards. Maybe you are comfortable reading the thinnest font possible, but what if your target audience can’t? Style only will do no good, so make sure to not miss out on the functionality of your webpage layout.

Focus on Communications

Another vital part of effective webpage design is to implement the elements calling for communicative actions. As a matter of fact-timely communications do decide a lot for your real estate business deals. The simpler you make it for your potential and existing customers-the more it will benefit the budget flow of your business after all.

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By Benjamin

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