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When should I Hire a UX/UI Designer for my Business?

By Benjamin
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Who is a UI/UX designer?

In the modern world if you have a company and developing a product there is no dispute about whether you need a designer or not. The main question is which one is more relevant for your company. In the designer’s world, there is a variety, like UX, UI, UX/UI, product designers, graphic designers, and even designer-developer, so you should know which one is the most suitable for your business, before hiring one.

UI designer

UI stands for user interface, so UI designers are people who approach aesthetics and designs for your target audience. Everything started with colors and fonts chosen by a UI designer. They make an appearance on your website and make it as user-oriented as possible. Here are the things UI designers are best at:

  • Making your product attractive
  • Knowing and understanding design trends
  • Using the color and composition theories
  • Balancing the art and technical side to make the perfect product 

UX designer

UX designers are more likely to analyze and strategize things for your website. Their job is to make the user experience more pleasant, friendly, and attractive.

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To do that they have to know everything about the market, audience, and preferences. UX designers are also proficient artists. They have to make prototypes and outlines for your website. 

When UX and UI designers work together they can make your website digitally stunning. There is a strong side of UX designers:

  • Analyzing user research and making products more user-choice.
  • Making the product usable.
  • Categorizing software functionality into steps.

UI/UX designer

Some people combine both UI and UX skills. When you need both, UI/UX designer is the best choice. One person who does two jobs is cheaper, and one knows UI can make the user experience more appealing from the early stages. It is easier to talk about UI/UX designers’ strong sides.

How to decide?

Firstly, you should look objectives of your product, especially considering the product’s cost optimization and smooth developing process, don’t forget about a target audience, and be sure that your product will reach the correct one. And last but not least, create intuitive and reliable software. 

In the early stages of developing a product, UX designers are mast. They make your platform easy to use and customize it to be user-friendly. They explore a weak spot of your website and correct them for the best experience. 

Who likes a bad-looking website, appearance matters, and UI designers are people who make them look nice. Every time a visual change is essential, UI designers are a must.

If you want good looking website or mobile app that is technically right and easy for users, then you need a UX/UI designer who will do both for your product.

How to hire a UX/UI designer?

Before starting the hiring process, you should consider that Design as in every other profession has levels of professionalism. Designers are classified as junior, middle, and senior.

Junior designers are less experienced, commonly, they have just finished their studies and training. Because of the lack of proficiency, they require to be in a team or have a leader who will give them directions. If you already have a designer’s team and have additional tasks to be done, you should hire a junior UI/UX designer. 

Middle-stage designers are people with little more experience. They have already been working for a few years. They can do more difficult and big tasks. So they can be a good help in the product development process But they need weekly validation from a leader. 

And lastly, senior designers are professionals with years of experience. They will identify problems that are related to a product and solve them independently. If you need someone to develop a product from scratch or handle complex and different tasks you should hire a senior UI/UX designer. 

Wrapping up

There is no debate that if you want to make a serious product exactly for your target audience you need a designer, but If you are still wondering which one is the correct choice, our team of marketers and designers can help you make the right decision.

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